-  2010 - U.S. To Wage War Throughout The World



 -  A Bold Proposal to Fix U.S. Foreign Policy


 -  All Wars are Bankers' Wars!


 -  All Wars are Well Planned Banker Wars... Including WWIII


 -  Alta Tensión Rusia-USA - Rusia Responde con Fuerza a las Amenazas de EE.UU.


 -  America has Been at War 93% of the Time - 222 Out of 239 Years - Since 1776


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 -  Big Money Behind War - The Military-Industrial Complex


 - "Blood Money" - Meet the Top 20 Companies Profiting from Endless War


 -  Brookings Announces Next Move in Syria - War



 -  By Design - French Mali Invasion Spills into Algeria


 -  Can The U.S. Triumph in The Drug-Addicted War in Afghanistan? - Opium, The CIA and The Karzai...

 -  Cause for Concern - Civilians Killed in Coalition Strikes


 -  Colapso del Imperio - La tecnología de Misiles Rusa deja Obsoleta a la Marina Estadounidense de un Billón...


 -  Colombia - ¡Basta Ya! - Memorias de Guerra y Dignidad...



 -  Colombia en La Geopolítica Imperialista - Las Bases Militares Norteamericanas en América Latina


 -  Cómo Hollywood y el Complejo Militar Industrial Colaboran


 -  Cómo Salir de la Guerra contra Siria


 -  Concealing The Risk of An All Out Nuclear War - Real Versus Fake Crises


 -  Confronting Both China and Russia - U.S. Risks Military Clash With China In Yellow Sea


 -  Costa Rica - The Lowest Form of Military Aggression


 -  Crossing the Rubicon - The Inevitable Emergence of Military Robots


 -  Dangerous Crossroads - "This is Not a New Cold War... Nobody Will Win World War III" - M.Chossuodovsky


 -  De Militar a Militar - Rebelión de los Generales del Estado Mayor Conjunto de EE.UU.


 -  Desde 1945, Estados Unidos ha Matado ‎entre 20 y 30 Millones de Personas


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 -  Earth - 248 Armed Conflicts after WW2 - U.S. Started 201 (81%), Killing 30 Million


 -  EE.UU., Canadá y México Militarizan el NAFTA - Investigaciones del Proyecto Censurado 2009


 -  EE.UU. Utilizó el Cáncer Como Arma de Guerra - La Guerra Radiactiva en Irak y en Los Balcanes


 -  EE.UU. y Teherán Se Posicionan Para La Guerra - Plan de Ataque


 -  El Ascenso de las Arpías de Guerra - Las Mujeres que Destruyen Nuestro Mundo


 -  El Desenlace - Sepa Porqué Usted Está Parado Sobre La Tercera Guerra Mundial


 -  El Gran Rearme Planetario


 -  El Mayor Contaminador del Planeta - El Departamento de Defensa de EE.UU.


 -  El Negocio de la Guerra es la Causa de la Guerra


 -  El Ocaso de la Guerra


 -  El Origen de Las Guerras


 -  El Plan ‘B' de Los Que Solían Ser Los Poderes Fácticos


 -  El "Terrorismo" Como Herramienta de La Nueva Conquista Militar - Frentes de Conflicto - Agenda Secreta...


 -  Empire Destroying Wars are Coming to America Under Trump


 -  Endless Wars Have Cost Americans $1.6 Trillion - Report Finds


 - "Estados Fallidos" - Arma de Encubrimiento de los Estados Unidos


 -  Estados Unidos Planea Apoderarse del Petróleo de Venezuela


 -  Estados Unidos Prepara una Guerra entre Latinoamericanos


 -  Europe's Five "Undeclared Nuclear Weapons States" - Are Turkey, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands...




 -  Expanding The Afghan War - The West's Insatiable Appetite for Global Military Domination


 -  Explosiones de Tianjin - Un Ejemplo del Nuevo Tipo de Guerra

 -  Fascism and War - Elite Tools to Crush and Kill Dissent

 -  Former U.S. Policymakers Promote War on Iran


 -  Former White House Official Says U.S. Already at War with Russia and China


 -  For Money, For Oil? - Why Wars Really Happen


 -  Fortaleza Américas


 -  Fortress Americas


 -  Geopolítica Tras La Falsa Guerra de Estados Unidos en Afganistán


 -  Global Deception - "The War on Terror" is a Campaign for Permanent War and Terror


 -  Globalización y Militarización - La Causa Raíz de la Guerra a Nivel Mundial contra la Humanidad


 -  Global Justice or World Domination


 -  Global Warfare USA - The World is The Pentagon's Oyster - US Military Operations in All Major Regions...


 -  Global War on Terror, Military Interventions and Destabilizing Nations


 -  Government and Media are doing Exact Same Thing they Did to Start Iraq War - And Americans are Buying It


 -  Guerra de Cuarta Generación


 -  Guerra, Drogas y Política - Elementos del Mundo Bipolar - Conferencia de Noam Chomsky en México


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 - ¿Ha Financiado Alemania las Armas Nucleares de Israel?


 -  Heading for War with Russia?


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 -  How Hollywood and the Military Industrial Complex Collaborate


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 - "Hubris" - New Documentary Reexamines The Iraq War "Hoax"


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 -  La Geopolítica de Obama del "Pivote" Chino - China en La Mira del Pentágono


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 -  La Guerra del Futuro - Las "Bombas Étnicas"


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 -  Our Global Neighborhood - Report of the Commission on Global Governance - A Summary Analysis


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 -  Pentagon Fails its First-ever Audit - Official Says...


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 -  Permanent Aggression - War on The Horizon in Latin America


 -  Plan 'B' of The Powers That Were


 -  Porqué la Tercera Guerra Mundial se Vislumbra en el Horizonte


 -  Porqué los Banqueros Odian La Paz


 -  Porqué Nos Quieren Llevar a una Tercera Guerra Mundial...


 -  Preparando La III Guerra Mundial - Objetivo Irán


 -  Preparing for World War III - Targeting Iran


 -  Preparing to Attack Iran With Nuclear Weapons - "No Option Can Be Taken Off The Table"


 -  Prevent World War III - Civil Resistance Sole Way to Stop US Government Aggression


 -  Prompt Global Strike - America's Imperial Design - World Military Superiority Without Nuclear Weapons

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 -  Rusia y China invierten en Infraestructuras - Estados Unidos en cambio gasta en Elementos Militares


 -  Russia and China Invest in Infrastructure - U.S. instead Spends on Military


 - ¿Se Está Planificando Ya La III Guerra Mundial?


 -  Señales de que Rusia se está Preparando para Ganar una Guerra Atómica con EE.UU.


 -  Ser y Actuar de un ex-Soldado


 -  Signs that Russia is Preparing to Fight (and Win) a Nuclear War with The United States


 -  Sudamérica Bajo Amenaza - EE.UU. Instalará una Nueva Base Militar en Perú


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 -  The Actual Iran Case - The Beginning of World War III? - Main File


 -  The Actual Syrian Case - Main File



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 -  The U.S. Policy Coup Explained by 4-Star General Wesley Clark


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 -  Totale Pazzia - Cresce l'Ombra di una Possibile Guerra Nucleare


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 -  U.S. Unlawful Wars is 'Emperor's New Clothes' Tragic-Comedy - Defining 'Clothes,' 'Wear,' 'Self-defense'


 - ¿Va Estados Unidos a Ir a La Guerra con Siria por Causa de un Gasoducto?


 - "Vamos Camino de la Tercera Guerra Mundial" - Expertos Financieros de Todo el Mundo Advierten


 -  War in The Caucasus is As Much the Product of An American Imperial Drive as Local Conflicts - Russian...


 -  War is A Racket


 -  War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery… and Fighting Back is "Aggression"


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 -  Watson Institute - Human Cost of the Post-9/11 Wars

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Additional Information



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 -  Israel Usará a Los Iraníes y Pakistaníes Como Chivo Expiatorio en Un Sucio Complot Nuclear


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 -  KONY 2012 Psy-Op Collapsing


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  Los Hombres Que Salvaron al Mundo

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 -  Many Insiders believe Military Tribunals for 'Deep State' will Happen any time Now

 -  Marine Animals are going to Be Genetically Modified and Work for the U.S. Military

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 -  Military Intelligence has Weaponized Democracy Worldwide


 -  Missing Nukes From The U.S. Air Force - Treason of The Highest Order


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 -  Pentagon Secretly Goes to War With The Internet



 -  Perfil Estratégico de Chávez - Ni Tan Revolucionario ni Tan Demonio - La Suma De Los Factores


 -  Ponerology - The Science of Evil - Main File



 -  Porqué el Capitalismo Hace la Guerra y No el Amor - El Factor Primario


 -  Primeras Interpretaciones al Ataque de EE.UU. a Siria... - ¿Todo es Puro Teatro?


 -  Primeros Observadores de EE.UU. llegan a Argentina para Instalar Bases Militares


 -  Puppets in Revolt - Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and The United States


 -  Reportero Renuncia a la NBC por el Apoyo de la Cadena a la Guerra sin Fin


 -  Report on War on Terror Amid Crackdown on Whistleblowers - James Risen Prepared to "Pay Any Price"...


 -  Return of Cheney's One Percent Doctrine



 -  Rusia provee la Tecnología de Espionaje necesaria a EE.UU... ¡para que Espíe a la propia Rusia!


 -  Sepa Porqué Usted Está Parado Sobre La Tercera Guerra Mundial - El Desenlace


 -  Six North Korean Atomic Bombs Located in Japan - Five Have Been Seized by The Police


 -  Sixth Generation Warfare - Manipulating Space and Time

 -  Sociocultural Behavior Analysis and Modeling Technologies for a Phase 0 World


 -  Solar Cycle and Wars


 -  Summary 2018 National Defense Strategy of the ‎United States of America


 -  Syria War Will Empower Future Global Government



 -  Targeting Iran - Is The US Administration Planning a Nuclear Holocaust?


 -  The 239 Year Timeline of America's Involvement in Military Conflict


 -  The Afghanistan Protocol - Explosive Leaks Provide Image of War from Those Fighting It


 -  The Anglo-Saxon Mission - The Third World War and The Inheritance of the New World


 -  The Anglo Saxon Mission - The Timeline - Letter from a Whistleblower…

 -  The Challenges Posed by The Militarization of Law Enforcement


 -  The Chances of A War With China Are Rising


 -  The Condition of Human Rights at The International Setting


 -  The Criminal Cabal is Creating Incidents Everywhere in A Bid to Start Martial Law in The West

 -  The Critical Law of Armed Conflict Academy as an Islamist Fifth Column


 -  The Decade's Biggest Scam



 -  The Doomsday Project and Deep Events - JFK, Watergate, Iran-Contra, and 9/11


 -  The Doomsday Project, Deep Events, and The Shrinking of American Democracy


 -  The Ecuadorian Coup - Its Larger Meaning


 -  The Global Banking Cartel Has One Card Left to Play - The Road to World War III


 -  The Global Elite's Digital Agenda Played Out as Censorship and Cyber Warfare


 -  The Globalist Rule of Law


 -  The Global Union


 -  The History of Using Children to Push for Agendas


 -  The Internet War


 -  The Lack of Major Wars May Be Hurting Economic Growth


 -  The Mediterranean Union - Emergence of A New Order - World Geopolitics and The Battle for The...


 -  The North America Union - Main File


 -  The Obama Killing Machine in Afghanistan - The "Under-Reporting" of Civilians Killed by Foreign Forces


 -  The Real New World Order - Bankers Taking Over The World


 -  The Road to Disaster - US War on Iran - The Worst Mistake in American History


 -  The Strategic Counteroffensive



 -  The Tri-Command Strategy and Merging U.S.-Canada Arctic Foreign Policy


 -  The Ultimate Delusion - The United Nations - Main File


 -  The U.S. Air Force Wants to Monitor, Track and Analyze Everything Done on The Internet Around The Globe


 -  The War On Waste - Defense Department Cannot Account For 25% Of Funds - $2.3 Trillion


 -  The West's Greatest Fear is A Peaceful Resolution in Syria


 -  Think Tank financiado por Soros/Koch se Opone a la "Guerra para Siempre" de EE.UU.


 -  To Avoid a Nuclear War With Iran - Speech at Cuban Parliament by Fidel Castro - August 2010


 -  Tony Blair and George Bush's Phone Conversation a Week Before Iraq Invasion 'Must Be Released'


 -  Top Contractors Dominate The Market With Billions in Government Business


 -  Towards a Culture of World Peace


 -  Towards an "Alternative New World Order"


 -  Towards a Pre-emptive Nuclear War? - Why Moscow Does Not Trust Washington on Missile Defense


 -  True Stories of Violation - Border Patrol (100 Miles From The Border)


 -  Trump, la Tercera Guerra Mundial y el "Dilema del Prisionero"


 -  Trump No Incluye a Rusia en la Lista de Prioridades de Defensa de EE.UU.


 -  Unidades Policiales Chinas Comienzan a Entrar a Estados Unidos Para Proteger Bienes

 -  United Nations Listing of Terrorist Organizations


 -  United States as A Global Power - New World Disorder


 -  Un Tercio de los Norteamericanos Apoyaría un Golpe Militar


 -  U.S. at War Since 1950 - A New Year's Meditation


 -  U.S. Government Officially Conscripts Google into the Military Industrial Complex


 - "U.S. is Reviving Terror Scare with ISIS to Promote the Terror War Industry" - Says FBI Whistleblower


 -  U.S. Military World's Largest Polluter - Hundreds of Bases Gravely Contaminated


 -  U.S. Presidents Charged With Crimes Against Humanity as Universal Jurisdiction Dies in Spain

 -  U.S. Senate to Declare "International Martial Law" - Give President 'Unlimited' Military Powers


 -  Varios Ataques con Armas Químicas del Gobierno de Los Estados Unidos de Los Cuales No Quieren...


 -  War - A Balance of Profit and Fear



 -  War and More War… - Trump's National Security Strategy (NSS)


 -  War is Peace - The Theory And Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism


 -  War on Drugs in Afghanistan Revealed As Total Hoax - U.S. Military Admits to Guarding, Assisting Lucrative...


 -  War or Peace? - World Entering Epochal Period of Geopolitical Change


 -  Was September 11 2001 The Start of World War III? - The March to War


 -  We Are Watching The US, Israel and The United Nations Destroy Syria


 -  Who's Who of The Elite



 -  Who Will Rule The 21st Century?


 -  Why is the Pentagon interested in UFOs?


 -  Why WikiLeaks Is Good for Democracy


 -  WikiLeaks and The Worldwide Information War - Power, Propaganda, and The Global Political Awakening


 -  Wir sehen zu, wie Syrien Zerstört wird von USA, Israel und UN


 -  Wisconsin Report - Dr. Beter Audio Letters - Main File



 -  World War 3 Is Here - A Prediction



 -  Zbigniew Brzezinski and The Trilateral Commission - Main File




 -  AFRICOM - La Invasión de Los Ejércitos Corporativos OTAN


 -  Al-Qaeda, Eterno Auxiliar de La OTAN


 -  A Military Mafia - NATO - The World's Gendarme


 -  Choosing Hegemony - Turkey, NATO and The Path to War


 -  Cinco Razones por las la OTAN No Puede Vencer a Rusia


 -  Coups Inside NATO - A Disturbing History


 -  Crece la Tensión - Rusia es Capaz de Ocupar el Báltico en Dos Días... y la OTAN Podría Responder con...


 -  Defeated NATO Dangerously Desperate in Syria



 -  Descent Into Barbarism - The US and NATO Wage War on The World


 -  El Virus de la OTAN se está Esparciendo Agresivo e Inmune a Cualquier 'Antibiótico' de Lógica


 -  Expansión de La OTAN - Despliegue de Misiles y Nueva Doctrina Militar de Rusia


 -  Full Circle - NATO Completes Takeover of Former Yugoslavia


 -  Gli Eruditi del "Deep State Rhodes" creatori della NATO

 -  Global Military Agenda - Increased US-NATO Military Presence in Southeast Asia - Completing Plans For...


 -  Imperial NATO - Before and After Brexit


 -  Injerencia Absurda en América Latina - Santos anuncia Formalización de Ingreso de Colombia a la OTAN

 -  It's Time to Reimagining the NATO Alliance

 -  Japanese Military Joins U.S. and NATO in Horn of Africa - When Empires Join Hands


 -  La Ignorancia Organizada - Peligros para el Hombre y el Medioambiente en la Víspera del Siglo XXI


 -  La NATO di Fronte 'L'Ingratitudine' Dei Libici - Il Neocolonialismo per il Petrolio


 -  La NATO sta Preparando Una Grande Operazione di Disinformazione


 -  La OTAN Ante La 'Ingratitud' de Los Libios - Neocolonialismo Por El Petróleo


 -  La OTAN - Feudalismo Contemporáneo



 -  La OTAN le Declara la Guerra de la Información a Rusia


 -  La OTAN Prepara La Mayor Operación de Desinformación de La Historia


 -  La OTAN Pretende Prohibirles a Rusia y China que Se Desarrollen


 -  Lecciones que Deberían de haber sido Aprendidas de la Destrucción de Libia por la OTAN


 -  Lessons that Should Have Been Learned from NATO's Destruction of Libya


 -  Lezioni che avremmo dovuto Imparare dalla Distruzione della Libia da parte della NATO


 -  Libya - From Africa's Richest State under Gaddafi, to Failed State after NATO Intervention


 -  Los Eruditos del 'Deep State Rhodes' Creadores de la OTAN


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 -  The US-NATO Preemptive Nuclear Doctrine - Trigger A Middle East Nuclear Holocaust To Defend 'The...


 -  Towards "NATO-Exit"? - Shift in the Structure of Military Coalitions


 -  Trump y la Burocracia de la OTAN

 -  Turkey - A Criminal State, a NATO State


 -  United Nations Defends NATO's Premeditated Genocide in Syria


 -  U.S. and NATO Accelerate Military Build-Up in Black Sea Region


 -  U.S. and NATO Are On The March Worldwide



 -  U.S. and NATO Target Latin America - Rumors of Coups And War

 -  U.S.-NATO "Humanitarian Interventions" have Resulted in "Crimes against Humanity"…


 -  Vedi Napoli e Poi Muori - "L'Arte della Guerra"



 -  Ver Nápoles y Morir - "El Arte de La Guerra"



 -  Washington Funded Houla-Style Massacres - Analyst Said




 -  El Volcán de Islandia y La OTAN - Dra. Rauni Kilde



Private Armies



 -  Blackwater - War Mercenaries Inc. - The Privatization of War - Main File


 -  'CST Global' Especializada en El Reclutamiento de Mercenarios


 -  FedEx and Pepsi Are Top Defense Contractors? - Five Corporate Brands Making a Killing on America's...


 -  La Otra Cara de los "Cascos Blancos" en el Conflicto Sirio


 -  Obama's Secret Assassins - JSoc - Joint Special Operations Command


 -  Piratas, Corsarios y Filibusteros del Siglo XXI



 -  Spies For Hire - Who's Who in Intelligence Contactors



 -  Syria Under Attack by Globalist Death Squad Experts


 -  Syrien unter Beschuss von Todesschwadron-Experten der Globalisten


 -  The March of The Private Armies


 -  The Privatization of War - Mercenaries, Private Military and Security Companies (PMSC) - Beyond The...


 -  The World's Most Powerful Mercenary Armies




 -  Dirty Wars - Jeremy Scahill and Rick Rowley's New Film Exposes Hidden Truths of Covert U.S. Warfare


The Invasion of Libya - 2011


 -  After Me, the Jihad - Gaddafi's Unheeded Warning to the West


 -  America's Planned Nuclear Attack on Libya


 -  Breach of Duty - Hillary Clinton and Catastrophic Failure in Benghazi


 -  China Podría Matar al Petrodólar con el Petroyuán - El Sueño de Gaddafi No Muere...


 -  Clinton Allowed Stevens to Die in Benghazi to Keep Saudi Government Involvement in Syria Secret


 -  Come Al-Qaida è Riuscito a Governare Tripoli


 -  Come Gli Uomini di Al Qaida Arrivarono al Potere in Libia


 -  Cómo Llegó Al-Qaida a Gobernar en Trípoli



 -  Cruise Missiles with Depleted Uranium on Libya



 -  El Libro Verde - Mulazim Awwal Mu'ammar Muhammad Abu Monyar al-Qadhafi


 -  El Sistema de Pago de Gaddafi respaldado por Oro Panafricano


 -  El Testamento de Gaddafi



 -  Gaddafi Predicted and Tried to Stop this Terror Wave in UK - So the U.S. Murdered Him...


 -  Gaddafi Was Killed by French Secret Serviceman on Orders of Nicolas Sarkozy - Sources Claim


 -  Hillary Emails Reveal True Motive for Libya Intervention


 -  How Al Qaeda Men Came to Power in Libya



 -  Il Sistema di Pagamento di Gheddafi supportato da Oro Panafricano


 - "In Libya Now The Truth Is Coming Out" - New York Times Interview With Lizzie Phelan


 -  La Cina potrebbe Uccidere il Petroldollaro con il Petroyuan - Il Sogno di Gheddafi Non Muore


 -  La Guerra Contra Libia es Una Catástrofe Económica Para África y Para Europa - Entrevista al Mini. de...


 -  La Guerra Contro la Libia è Una Catastrofe per l'Africa e per l'Europa - Intervista con il Ministro per la...


 -  Lecciones que Deberían de haber sido Aprendidas de la Destrucción de Libia por la OTAN


 -  Lessons that Should Have Been Learned from NATO's Destruction of Libya


 -  Lezioni che avremmo dovuto Imparare dalla Distruzione della Libia da parte della NATO


 -  Libia - La Vera Guerra Comincia Adesso


 -  Libia - La Verdadera Guerra Comienza Ahora


 -  Libia - ¿Petróleo o Bancos Centrales?


 -  Libia y Gadafi - La Verdad Que Se Supone NO Debes Conocer - Un País Moderno Hecho Polvo


 -  Libya and Gaddafi - Setting The Record Straight


 -  Libya and The End of Western illusions



 -  Libya - From Africa's Richest State under Gaddafi, to Failed State after NATO Intervention


 -  Libya in Anarchy Two Years after NATO 'Humanitarian' Liberation


 -  Libya - Naked, Bloody Imperialism or "We Came, We Saw, He Died"


 -  Libya - The Real War Starts Now


 -  Libya R.I.P. - The Rothschilds Own You Now


 -  Los Emails Explosivos de Hillary Clinton



 -  Matanza de La OTAN en Trípoli


 -  NATO Carnage in Tripoli



 -  NATO Incorporates Libyan Experience For Global War Template


 -  NATO's Inevitable War - The Flood of Lies Regarding Libya


 - "Operation Libya"


 -  Post-Gadhafi Libya - Naked Neo-Imperialism - The Daylight Robbery of Libyan Resources


 - ¿Qué Decidió El Club Bilderberg Para Libia?


 -  Revolt In Libya - A Message to Chavez


 -  Six Years Ago today the U.S. helped Murder Gaddafi to Stop the Creation of Gold-Backed Currency


 -  The Benghazi Scandal is Obama's Watergate but Worse


 -  The Benghazi Talking Points and How They Were Changed to Obscure The Truth

 -  The Green Book - Mulazim Awwal Mu'ammar Muhammad Abu Monyar al-Qadhafi


 -  The "Liberation" of Libya - NATO Special Forces and Al Qaeda Join Hands - "Former Terrorists" Join the...


 -  The Libyan War, American Power and The Decline of The Petrodollar System


 -  The New Libya - Assassination, Ruination, Broken Promises and Body Snatching...


 -  The Truth About The Situation in Libya - Cutting Through Government Propaganda and Media Lies


 -  Wadah Khanfar, Al-Jazeera and The Triumph of Televised Propaganda - The Invasion of Libya


 -  Wadah Khanfar, Al-Jazeera y El Triunfo de La Propaganda Televisiva - La Invasión de Libia


 -  War is Good for Business - Rebuilding Libya With Stolen Money


 -  War on Drugs in Afghanistan Revealed As Total Hoax - U.S. Military Admits to Guarding, Assisting...


 -  Who Are The Libyan Freedom Fighters and Their Patrons?


 -  WikiLeaks Cables Expose Washington's Close Ties to Gaddafi




 -  Lizzie Phelan Interview in NY Times


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Project for The New American Century (PNAC)


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 -  Project for The New American Century (PNAC) - All About Them

 -  Rebuilding America's Defenses - Strategy, Forces and Resources For a New Century


 -  The Project for The New American Century


 -  What is The Project for The New American Century?




 -  El Nuevo Siglo Americano - Un Film de Massimo Mazzucco


 -  Il Nuovo Secolo Americano - Un Film di Massimo Mazzucco


 -  The Project for The New American Century



Proxy War Tactics



 -  A "Humanitarian War" on Syria? - Military Escalation - Towards a Broader Middle East-Central Asian War?


 -  Al-Qaeda Is a Front Group for The US Military-Industrial Complex


 -  America's 'Shadow Wars' in Africa


 -  An Octopus Named Wackenhut - Main File


 -  Civil War Declared in Syria - Globalist's Formula for WW III Begins


 -  Como Funciona el "Golpe de La CIA" en Irán - La Guerra Por Otra Vías - Caballo de Troya


 -  La Alianza Secreta de EE.UU. con Al-Qaida y Los Fundamentalistas Islámicos


 -  New Colonialism - Pentagon Carves Africa Into Military Zones


 -  The Muslim Brotherhood - Main File


 -  The Secret History of America's Defeat in Syria



Space Command



 -  An Un-American Way of War - Instruments of Statecraft - US Guerilla Warfare, Counterinsurgency...


 -  Artistic Recreation of Extraterrestrial Visiting Space Shuttle Released by Former Space Craft Operator

 -  Astronauts and Apollo's Missions - Main File


 -  Beyond Bayonets and Battleships - Space Warfare and The Future of U.S. Global Power


 -  Cost to Test U.S. Global-Strike Missile Could Reach $500 Million


 -  Jack Parsons and the Curious Origins of the American Space Program


 -  La Guerra de las Galaxias - De la Ficción a la Realidad


 -  Pentagon to Start creating Space Force, even Before Congress Approves It


 -  Reagan Records & Space Command Antigravity Fleet


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 -  The USAF Space Command and What it Does...



 -  The Weaponization of Space - Corporate Driven Military Unleashes Pre-emptive Wars


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 -  U.S. Cyber Command - Waging War In World's Fifth Battlespace

 -  U.S. National Space Policy


 -  U.S. Space Command's Vision 2020







 -  Space Command - AirForce Space Today






 -  A Battleground for Weapons of The Future


 -  Armas Biológicas Étnicas - Una Amenaza Real


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 -  EU Military Industrial Complex Forms Single Massive Company - BAE, EADS Talks May Spur More Mergers


 -  La Guerra Genética - El Nuevo Escenario de Confrontación de Estados Unidos


 -  Más Sobre Guerra Genética - Laboratorios Secretos el Pentágono en Georgia


 -  Sobre Súper-Armas y Dominio Global


 -  Weather Warfare - Main File





 -  1984 - by George Orwell (Eric Blair)



 -  1984 - por George Orwell



 -  America's "War on Terrorism" - by Michel Chossudovsky



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 -  Common Sense - Addressed to the Inhabitants of America, on the following Interesting Subjects - by T. Paine


 -  Critical Mass  - The Real Story of the Birth of the Atomic Bomb and the Nuclear Age - by Carter P. Hydrick


 -  El Arte de La Guerra - por Sun Tzu


 -  El Destino de los Imperios y la Búsqueda de la Supervivencia - por Jeff Bagot Glubb


 -  Pawns in the Game  - by William Guy Carr


 -  Razones de Estado - por Chester Swann


 -  The Art of War - by Sun Tzu


 -  The Fate of Empires and Search for Survival - by Jeff Bagot Glubb


 -  The Police State Road Map - by Michael Nield





 - "Afghanistan Pakistan Imbroglio" With Pakistani General Hamid Gul

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