by David Booth

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Forward by Wayne Green

Preface to this Edition

  1. The Multiverse - Once Upon A Time

  2. The Twinkling of an Eye

  3. Let There Be Light

  4. Heavenly Holograms

  5. Mother Earth/Father Doom - It Only Hurts For a Moment

  6. They Didn't Teach Us This!

  7. Hidden From View

  8. Houses Built On Sand - Wormwood in History

  9. The Wars of Marduk

  10. The Destruction of Mars

  11. We Know the Truth - Reagan Gasps

  12. Good Deeds Don't Go Unpunished

  13. The Planning Begins - A Great Man Dies

  14. Bushes Grow In the Strangest Places

  15. Who's In Charge?

  16. Pick Your Side, The Fun's About To Begin!

  17. The Best Laid Plans

  18. Playing the Game the Secret Government Way

  19. What Every Rabbit Knows, Dig Deep

  20. No Room for Me?

  21. Perspective, Use It or Lose It!



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