by benjamin
December 01, 2010

from ForumHegnar Website


Last week’s North Korean artillery barrage against South Korea was a response to the arrest of Yamaguchi gumi Yakuza syndicate number two Kiyoshi Takayama.


Takayama was a senior North Korean agent in Japan and his arrest was part of the dismantling of the North Korean spy network in Japan. The arrest also marks a fundamental change in the secret Japanese government and is part of a comprehensive defeat for the Federal Reserve Board crime syndicate and their proxies. The Feds have responded by trying to start a war in the Korean Peninsula.


They are also threatening to seize Japanese owned-factories in North America, starting with Toyota and Honda.

In the meantime, anybody who has watched major bubbles (such as the Japanese one) implode, know that just it is just a matter of time for both the European and US financial systems to disintegrate. The mathematics simply do not support either a continuation of the Euro nor a continuation of the Federal Reserve Board under the current regime.

The crisis in the Euro has now moved from the imposition of impossible conditions on the Greek peoples to similar impositions on the Irish.


The next targets will be Portugal, followed by Spain, then the Baltic states, then Italy. Italy will take France down with it and that will in turn hit Germany.


These countries populations cannot mathematically support the bank’s attempts to keep their giant ponzi scheme going much longer. Raising taxes and lowering wages will mean shrinking economies which in turn will mean the people will have less money to pay the banksters.


The obvious solution, as the people of Iceland figured out, is to let the banks go bankrupt and thus free the European peoples from debt slavery.

The head of the Bilderberg group, Viscount Etienne D’avignon, is promising to support the White Dragon Society.


This would involve help in recovering the over $1 trillion in Asian assets, as well as considerable German and Austrian assets stolen by certain individuals associated with the Davos World Forum, the UN and the OITC among others.

In the US, meanwhile, the Pentagon has made it very clear now it will not support the banksters and the Satanists in their plans to kill the most disobedient one-third of the US population via injection. Instead, the military will watch the Washington D.C. corporate control grid disintegrate further before they will consider conditions ripe for a military coup against the unconstitutional US corporate government.


The one million or so Satanists who were part of the plan to exterminate large numbers of Americans are still actively seeking shelter elsewhere. The most likely destination now appears to be Paraguay, Uruguay, Argentina and Chile.


The Bushes and their Moonie allies have purchased vast ranches in prime parts of Paraguay presumably in preparation for exactly the scenario that is now unfolding.


However, there are many in the US who would rather apprehend these people and make sure they face justice. Jesse Ventura has apparently gone underground and is one of the leaders of the military resistance.

Meanwhile, back in Japan, preparations are now underway for a major regime change.


The scenario now being considered most likely in the political world will be the dissolution of Parliament followed by a general election possibly as early as January. At that point the Komeito party will seek to ally itself with ruling Democratic Party of Japan defectors and members of right-wing parties in a bid for power.


DPJ power broker Ichiro Ozawa is considering having his considerable faction join that new grouping.

The arrest of Katayama mentioned in the opening paragraph was actually instigated by insiders in the Japanese underworld as a part of the regime change in the Japanese secret government. The new leadership structure of the Yamaguchi gumi is now secret because intense police pressure is driving them fully underground. Some sort of accommodation will have to be reached with the “official” central government.


For now though, the Japanese underworld is actively assisting the purge of Satanists from Japan.

The situation in the Korean peninsula will not be allowed to degenerate into full-scale war. Instead, we will see more posturing as a part of secret negotiations to unify North and South Korea. Russia, China, Japan and the US have all insisted the cold war relic division of Korea be brought to an end.

As these and other events show, the signs are all there that the post World War true global power structure is coming to an end. If we compare the situation to the fall of the Soviet Union, we are now at the stage where regime change in Poland seems imminent. In other words, things are just starting to get intense.

The signs of the final result can be seen in many ways. The Russians have shown a desire to enter a military and political alliance with Europe even as they deepen their relations with China. The Turks have made it clear they will fight Israel if they attack Lebanon.


The Americans and the Pentagon are reinventing themselves as protectors of nations on the Chinese periphery. The Chinese, for their part, are making friendly approaches to everybody.


The Satanists, meanwhile, are experiencing sheer terror and helplessness.