The Barack Obama revolution was over before it started, guttered by the politician's overweening desire to prove himself to the grandees

of the establishment.

From there on, other promises proved ever

easier to break.



"George W. Bush used to famously say that terrorists hated America for its freedoms.

So he and Barack Obama conveniently solved that problem by eliminating America’s freedoms."

Simon Black





 - "Accountability for War Crimes is Imperative" - An Interview With Cindy Sheehan


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 -  Big Brother - Obama Calls for The Integration of State and Federal Military Forces


 -  Big Brother - Obama Demands Access to Internet Records, in Secret, and Without Court Review


 -  Big Brother Obama - U.S. to Spy on Internet Messaging - Regulations to Target Skype, Facebook, Blackberry


 -  Bilderberger Praises Medicare Rationing Advocate



 - ¿Borrón y Cuenta Nueva...? - Obama a America Latina

 -  Candidate Obama - The Change We Need in Washington



 -  Carta Abierta al Presidente Barack Hussein Obama


 -  China Warns the U.S. to Stop its Ukrainian Proxy War Against Russia


 -  Cierra la Administración Obama - Los Republicanos Fuerzan el Primer Cierre del Gobierno desde 1995


 -  Con el TPP, Obama Expande el Moderno Comercio de Esclavos


 -  Con il TPP, Obama espande il Moderno Commercio degli Schiavi


 -  Crypto Wars! - Obama Wants New Law to Wiretap The Internet


 - ¿Cuán Fascistas son Los Estados Unidos? - Diez Indicadores del Fascismo


 -  Department of Homeland Security Prepares for Civil Unrest as Obama Poised to Destroy 2nd Amendment


 -  Do You Trust the Government With Your Computer?


 -  El Hermano Obama - Artículo de Fidel


 -  El Problema No Es Trump - Somos Nosotros


 -  El Senado de EE.UU. y Obama Reclaman el Derecho a Matar y Encarcelar Americanos Sin Juicio Previo...


 -  El Verdadero Poder Que Está Detrás de Obama


 -  Estados Unidos Ya No Asusta a Nadie


 -  Feroz Caída en Las Encuestas - Entre Las Masacres y La Crisis Global, Obama se Derrumba


 -  Fighting Al Qaeda by Supporting Al Qaeda in Syria - The Obama Administration is a "State Sponsor of...


 -  Financial Polarization and Corruption - Obama's Politics of Deception - Don't Let Him Get Away With It...


 -  Five Reasons Obama is A Proven Stooge of The Elite


 -  Ha Ocurrido un Cambio Decisivo en el Equilibrio del Poder Mundial


 - ¿Hasta Cuándo, Obama, Abusas de La Paciencia Nuestra?


 - ¿Hay Alienígenas Cuidando al Presidente Obama?


 -  Hidden Story Behind Jesse Ventura and Piers Morgan's CNN Clash Over Obama CIA Ties


 -  Hillary and Obama In Secret Bilderberg Rendezvous



 -  How Long After The Election Will Obama Sign Executive Order to Control The Internet?


 -  How Obama Surrendered Sovereignty to The Criminal Banking Cartel


 -  Iceland Interior Minister Reveals Plot by Obama Administration "to Frame Julian Assange"


 - "Identify The Perpetrator" - How 'The Obama' Fulfills the "Deceiver" Archetype and Why it Is Important to...


 -  If Assad Defends Against U.S. Attack, U.S. Will Attack - says Obama


 -  Imperio Reciclado - Porqué Obama Hace Lo Mismo Que Bush - Las Líneas Matrices


 -  Internet Crashes Will Be Hard to Stop After Obamas Internet Giveaway


 -  Internet 'Kill Switch' Dropped From Cybersecurity Bill - But White House Still Claims Power to Intervene...


 -  In the Foreign Policy Shadow of Dr. Brzezinski - Obama, Islamic Fundamentalism and Russia


 -  Is Barack Obama The Messiah?


 -  Is it Wise for Obama to Send Thousands of U.S. Troops into The Ebola Death Zone?


 -  Is It Time to Pack Your Bags America?


 -  Islamic Extremism and Sex Slaves - Report Reveals Obama's Relatives Run Charities of Deceit


 -  Is the Obama Administration... Fully Operational?


 -  Just How Fascist is The U.S.? - Ten Indicators of Fascism



 -  La Biografía Oculta de Los Obama - Una Familia al Servicio de La CIA


 -  La Cara Oculta de la Administración Obama


 -  La Casa Blanca 'acusa' a Trump de Mantener Vínculos Financieros con Rusia y RT


 -  La Continuidad de La Agenda - La Catástrofe Siria, Diseñada bajo Bush y Ejecutada al Pie de la Letra bajo...


 -  La Falsa Guerra de Obama contra El Estado Islámico (ISIS)


 -  La Geopolítica de Obama del "Pivote" Chino - China en La Mira del Pentágono


 -  Leaked Debate Agreement Shows Both Obama and Romney are Sniveling Cowards


 -  'Let's Start A War' - An Alternative View



 -  Like Bush Before him Obama is Transforming the Presidency into A Dictatorship


 -  List of Obama's Czars



 -  Many Nations Recognize a Palestinian State - Only Obama Stands in the Way of Full Global Recognition


 -  New Obama 'Executive Order' Hints at Devastating Space Event


 -  New Report Explains Obama's Crusade to Censor the Press


 -  No Puedo Con Obama...



 -  NSA Refuses to Declassify Obama's Cybersecurity Directive - Exceptionally Grave Damage


 -  Obama Administration Claims Right to "Lawfully" Assassinate Citizens Within The U.S.


 -  Obama and The Bilderberg



 -  Obama and The Hero's Journey



 -  Obama and The Media are Stirring the Pot in Ferguson - But Real Leaders are Trying to Bring us Together


 -  Obama Asks Military Leaders If They Will "Fire On US Citizens" - Nobel Peace Prize Nominee Says


 -  Obama Asserts Executive Privilege to Hide Involvement in 'Fast and Furious'


 -  Obama Can Shut Down The Internet For 4 Months Under New Emergency Powers


 -  Obama Capitulates to Federal Reserve Masters


 -  Obamacare - Healthcare's "New World Order"


 -  Obama Continúa Ejerciendo Una Política Neoconservadora - Proyecto Censurado 2010


 -  Obama Crea una Ley para "Controlar Mentalmente a la Población"


 -  Obama Criminalize Free Speech?


 -  Obama Declares Venezuela "A Threat to National Security" - Seeks Regime-Change


 -  Obama Doctrine - The New International Order


 -  Obama es Humillado en China


 -  Obama es Una Marioneta de Zbigniew Brzezinski



 -  Obama Imposes Martial Law With New Executive Order



 -  Obama Impulsa una Serie de Tratados Secretos que Cambiarán el Mundo


 -  Obama is a Liar - Fake NATO Evidence - OSCE Confirms that No Russian Troops, No Tanks, have...


 -  Obama is Bullish on War - No Matter How You Spin It


 -  Obama is Preparing to Bomb Iran


 -  Obama - Manufacturing a Savior - Case Study in Social Engineering


 -  Obama Misinforming Public About U.S. Dollar and Yuan



 -  Obama Moves to Make The 'War on Terror' Permanent



 -  Obama Ordena "Limpiar la Casa" Borrando los Vínculos con al-Nusra en Siria


 -  Obama Ordena Preparar Planes ante Posible Erupción Solar Peligrosa


 -  Obama Presses "North American Union" with Mexico and Canada


 -  Obama Rechaza 'Cooperación' con Putin sobre Siria - La Guerra de Washington contra el Terrorismo...


 -  Obama Rejects "Cooperation" with Putin on Syria - Washington's War on Terror is A Fabrication, Zero...


 -  Obama Rifiuta di "Cooperare" con Putin per la Siria - La Guerra di Washington contro il Terrorismo è...


 -  Obama Says He Is 'Improving' the World



 -  Obama's Bizarre Threats Indicate U.S. Desperation in Syria


 -  Obama's Corporate Agenda Delayed as TPP Misses Deadline


 -  Obama se Enfurruña con Putin



 -  Obama's Endgame



 -  Obama's "Fake War" Against the Islamic State (ISIS) - The Islamic State is Protected by the U.S. and its...


 -  Obama's Geopolitical China 'Pivot' - The Pentagon's "New Enemy" Image


 -  Obama's Gun-Running Operation - Weapons and Support for "Islamic Terrorists" in Syria and Iraq...


 -  Obama's Humanitarianism as Window-Dressing for the US "Deep State" Agenda - The Case of Syria


 -  Obama Signals He Isn't Interested In 'Truth Commission' to Investigate Bush Abuses


 -  Obama Signs Law Giving Himself, 'Bush' Lifetime Secret Service Guard


 -  Obama's Legacy - Human Cost of Eight Years of War


 -  Obama's Letter to Lula Exposes White House Forked Tongue on Iran


 -  Obama's "National Emergency" Violates The Constitution


 -  Obama's Oil Man - George Soros


 -  Obama's Pacific Trade Deal TPP 'Worst Ever' Attack on Public Health - Leaked Draft Shows


 -  Obama's "Pathological Legacy"


 -  Obama's Secret Assassins - JSoc - Joint Special Operations Command


 -  Obama's U.S. Assassination Program?


 -  Obama's War on Whistleblowers Finds Another Target


 -  Obama's White House Scandals Conveniently Drowned Out by Hurricane Sandy Media Coverage


 -  Obama's Zionist Jew at Treasury


 -  Obama Threatens Iran With Nuclear War



 -  Obama to attend TPP Summit, hold Talks with Xi and Turnbull during next APEC in Lima, Peru


 -  Obama to Expand Modern-Day Slave Trade with TPP


 -  Obama Trades Threats of War With Netanyahu in Secret White House Meeting


 -  Obama-Trauma - A Deliberately Dysfunctional Mind


 -  Obama - Trilateral Commission Endgame


 -  Obama Uses CIA Funded al-Qaeda Attacks in Yemen to Declare National Emergency


 -  Obama Wants to Make Sure The Government Can Lock You Up Without Trial - The National Defense...


 -  Obama Warns Netanyahu - Don't Surprise Me With Iran Strike


 -  Obama Wins a Second Term - Now What?



 - ¿Obama y Putin Van a Repartirse El Medio Oriente?



 -  Only 30% of Americans Trust The Government - Obama's Government


 -  Orwellian Justice System - The Securitization and Militarization of Daily Life - Spying on Americans...


 -  Paraguay - Obama's Second Latin American Coup


 -  Porqué Obama tiene Tanta Prisa por Firmar el TTIP


 -  Presidential 2012 Candidates Debate While Rome Burns


 -  Presidential Meeting Signals Catastrophic Event - "There Is a Crisis Unfolding Somewhere in The...


 -  Presidential Memo on Insider Threats - Why Now?


 -  Presidential Rule by Deception - Obama, The Master Con-Man


 -  President Obama's Executive Order to Control The Internet


 -  President Obama's Promise - Global War on Terror to Continue, with Fresh Makeup - Assassinating...


 -  Putin Exposes Obama's Lame Duck Attempt to Start a New Cold War by Refusing to Retaliate


 -  Putin Lashes Out at Obama - "Show Some Proof or Shut Up"


 -  Putin vs. Obama - Mundo Real vs. Ilusa Fantasía


 -  Putin vs. Obama - Real World vs. Deluded Fantasy


 -  Rats Jumping Ship - High Profile Gangsters Leaving Obama


 -  Rhetoric of Change - Among Politicians, Actors, and Preachers


 -  Russia Protecting The American Public from Obama's War on Truth?


 -  Secret 'Kill List' Proves a Test of Obama's Principles and Will


 -  Secret Panel Can Put Americans on "Kill List"


 -  Secret Service Removes Rahm Emanuel from Oval Office



 -  Should Obama Control The Internet?


 -  Societal Apocalypse


 -  Something Is Happening of Historic Proportions


 -  Swinderls List - Obama's Vicious Band of Zionist Criminals Are Stealing America Blind and Now Threaten...


 -  Ten Ways That the Iron Grip of The Big Brother Prison Grid is Tightening on All of Our Lives


 -  The 0% Doctrine - Obama Breaks New Ground When It Comes to War With Iran

 -  The 2012 Debates - Memorandum of Understanding Between the Obama and Romney Campaigns


 -  The Benghazi Scandal is Obama's Watergate but Worse


 -  The Bottom End of Obama


 -  The Brzezinski/Obama Axis



 -  The Bureau of Counterterrorism - Obama Administration Gives Birth to New Agents of Tyranny


 -  The Clintons - America Politics - Main File


 -  The End of Hypocrisy - American Foreign Policy in the Age of Leaks


 -  The Forbidden Truth - The U.S. is Channeling Chemical Weapons to Al Qaeda in Syria, Obama is a Liar...


 -  The Killing of Osama bin Laden


 -  The Last American President


 -  The Many Points that Prove that Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are Essentially the Same Candidate


 -  The Morning After Obama Was Elected The New US President - A 15 Minute Phone Conversation With...


 -  The Movement to Impeach Obama - Calling Out The Hypocritical, War-Loving Left


 -  The Murder of Americans - Existence of Secret Kill Lists Now Admitted by Lawless White House


 -  The Obama Administration's Cover-up of The Flight 253 Affair - "New Smoking Gun" Disclosures

 -  The Obama Deception - Information About a New Documentary Regarding The Current Looting of America


 -  The "Obama Doctrine" - Eternal War For Imperfect Mankind


 -  The Obama False Flag Attack That Would Suspend 2012 Elections


 -  The Obama Killing Machine in Afghanistan - The "Under-Reporting" of Civilians Killed by Foreign Forces


 -  The Obama Regime's Fabricated "Terror Conspiracy" in Defense of The Police State


 -  The Obama's 'Dead Pool' - Deaths Connected to The Obama White House


 -  The Obamathon Has Begun - How Long Will The Honeymoon Last?


 -  The President's Lies are Finally Catching Up with Him


 -  The REAL Reason U.S. Targets Whistleblowers



 -  The Real Reason Why the United Nations Wants Control Over the Internet - Technocracy


 -  The Red Line and The Rat Line - Obama, Erdoğan and the Syrian Rebels


 -  The Ruthless State of The Union - The Current Crime Boss Speaks


 -  The Secret Kill List - Is the U.S. President a Bloody Dictator?


 -  The Shutdown of The U.S. Government and "Debt Default" - A Dress Rehearsal for the Privatization of...

 -  The Story of Obama - All in The Company


 -  The Top 9 Real Reasons to Go to War in Syria


 -  The Top 10 Things Black America Will Have to Show for 8 Years of President Obama - None of Them Are...


 -  The TPP - Obama's Secret Treaty Would Be the Most Important Step Toward a One World...


 -  The Two Contending Visions of World Government - The Origin and Broader Context of Obama's "Trade"...


 -  The U.S. Dictatorship and Its White House Servant 'President'


 -  The U.S. Government Stands Revealed to The World as a Collection of War Criminals and Liars


 -  The U.S. Senate and Obama Claiming The Right to Murder and Imprison Americans Without Trial Was...


 -  The White House Has Been Covering Up the Presidency's Role in Torture for Years


 -  Things Could Get Ugly Fast


 -  Trump = Obama = Bush = Clinton on 4 Core Issues


 -  UBS Whistleblower Exposes 'Political Prostitution' All the Way Up to President Obama


 -  Una Presentadora de Fox News 'Destroza' a Obama en Vivo...

 -  Unclassified Report on The President's Surveillance Program - Obama Administration


 -  Uncovered Muslim Brotherhood Documents Could Put Obama in Prison


 -  United Nations and Obama, Flog Global-warming Alarmism - As More Scientists Defect


 -  Un Presidente Depresivo Adicto a Las Búsquedas en Google Sobre Sí Mismo


 -  Un Presidente Depresso Schiavo Della Ricerca su Google su Se Stesso


 -  U.S. Admits No Imminent Threat from Syria - No Clear Evidence Assad Ordered Chemical Weapons Attack


 -  U.S. Designates Wikileaks "Enemy of The State"


 -  Washington se Rebela contra Obama


 -  Was The Obama Administration Involved in The Planning of The Israeli Attack on The Gaza Freedom...


 -  We Just Don't Trust You - Note to President Obama



 -  We're Almost There Now - No Speech Zones - HR347


 -  What Happened to the "Global War on Terrorism"? - The U.S. is "Fighting for Al Qaeda" in Syria


 -  What The Obama Administration Really Represents


 -  White House Lies to E.U. about U.S. Gas Supply


 -  White House Seizes Control of Internet by Executive Order


 -  White House Threatens to Blacklist Paper for Covering Protest - Obama, Bradley Manning and WikiLeaks


 -  White House Unleashes New Terrorism Propaganda Campaign


 -  Who Was Osama? - Who Is Obama?


 -  Why Are Obama and Kerry So Desperate to Start a New War? - The Rule of Zombies


 -  Why I Like Barack Hussein Obama


 -  Why is Obama Hiding 6,000-Page Report on Bush-Era Torture and Why is Torture Still Allowed?


 -  Why the Nobel Peace Prize is A Complete Joke


 -  Why Was President Obama Gifted The Nobel Peace Prize? - The Answer to The Burning Question Du Jour


 -  Will a Sitting President Finally Be Held Accountable for High Crimes and Misdemeanors?


 -  Will Our U.S. Dictator-in-Chief Abdicate in 2016?


 -  Winners and Losers in Snowden Fiasco


 -  With TPP 'At Heart' of Obama Agenda, Critics Debunk Trade Talking Points


 -  World Sees The U.S. as Bankrupt Politically and Financially


 -  You Don't Deserve to Be Free - Said Obama to Americans


Birth Certificate Issue


 -  First-Ever Law-Enforcement Investigation Concludes Obama Birth Certificate "Computer Generated Forgery"


 -  Hawaii Official Who Signed Off on Obama's Birth Certificate Dies in Plane Crash


 -  Newly Released Obama Birth Certificate Forensic Forgery - Washington Times Report


 -  Obama Birth Certificate Maybe Forged - Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says


 -  Obama's Birth Certificate - Not The Issue



CIA-DARPA-Mars-Time Travel Issues


 -  Cosby/Obama Censored by CIA - Journalists to Launch "Inside-Out" News Agency with Mainstream Access


 -  La Casa Bianca Nega Che La CIA ha Teletrasportato Obama su Marte


 -  La Casa Blanca Niega Que La CIA Teletransportó a Obama a Marte


 -  Mars Visitors Basiago and Stillings Confirm Barack Obama Traveled to Mars


 -  Obama Pre-Identified as President by Secret DARPA-CIA Time Travel Program


 -  Obama - Presidencia de USA 2012 Capturada por Tecnología Para Viajes en El Tiempo


 -  Obama Response to White House ET Disclosure Petition Continues Mars Cover-Up


 -  Tercer Alertador Confirma La Participación de Obama en Programa de 'La Sala de Salto' de La CIA a...


 -  The Obama/Mars Cover-Up - Shuts Down Column of Alfred Lambremont Webre


 -  Third Whistle Blower Confirms Obama's Participation in CIA Jump Room Program of Early 1980's


 -  Visitantes a Marte Basiago y Stillings, Confirman Que Barack Obama Viajó a Marte


 -  White House Denies CIA Teleported Obama to Mars




 -  Basiago, Stillings and Eisenhower - Barack Obama Visited Mars - Coast to Coast

 -  Third Whistleblower Publicly Confirms CIA Jump Room Program - Teleportation


Obama and Monsanto


 -  Former Monsanto VP Attaining Top Position at The FDA - Sign The Petition to Stop It


 -  Meet Monsanto's Number One Lobbyist - Barack Obama


 -  Monsanto Protection Act Proves Corporations More Powerful Than U.S. Government


 -  Monsanto's Man in The Obama Administration - The Return of Michael Taylor


 -  Monsanto's 'Partnership' With The Actual U.S. Presidential Candidates


 -  New 'Monsanto Protection Act' Gives Monsanto Power Over US Government


 -  Obama Signs Monsanto Protection Act Into Law After Promising GMO Labeling in 2007


 -  Top Senator Apologizes for 'Monsanto Protection Act'



 -  U.S. to Start 'Trade Wars' With Nations Opposed to Monsanto, GMO Crops - Leaked Information


 -  White House Refuses to Release Email From Monsanto-Linked Lobbyist


 -  White House Refuses to Reveal Ties With Monsanto



Additional Information



 -  Adverse Health Effects From The Operation of Digital Broadcast Television Stations (DVB-T)


 -  Algunas Revelaciones de Los Documentos de WikiLeaks



 - "Alien Transformers" Descend On America


 -  Air Force Sidelines 17 Nuclear Missile Officers - Commander Cites 'Rot' in System


 -  A Map to Disclosure for President Obama - 7 Steps to Real Change


 -  America's Drug-Corrupted War - Obama and Afghanistan



 -  A New Giant Vaccine Scandal Exposes Government Lies and Psyops

 -  An Examination of Obama's Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches


 -  An Exopolitics Christmas Message - President-Elect Obama and Change We Can Believe In!


 - "A Pair of Testicles Fell Off The President After Election Day" - Former Guantanamo Chief Prosecutor Says


 -  Así es como la Aristocracia de EE.UU. Extiende su Control Mundial - La Verdad sobre Obama


 -  A Tale of Two Countries - New Zealand Apologizes for Illegal Domestic Spying, While U.S. Still Refuses...


 -  Barack Obama Not Disclosing Extraterrestrial Presence is Top ET/UFO Story of 2009


 -  Barack Obama to Make UFO Announcement in Coming Weeks


 -  Barack Obama y John McCain - La Misma Cosa Pero Con Diferente Calzón...


 -  Brain Dead Obama


 -  Breach of Duty - Hillary Clinton and Catastrophic Failure in Benghazi


 -  Briefing Obama on UFOs and Extraterrestrial Life


 -  Bullets, False Flags and Biological Warfare - What Is The U.S. Government Planning?


 -  Bypassing The Organized Dysfunction


 -  Capitalist Terrorism


 -  Case Against Syria's Assad Falls Apart



 -  China's Crucial Role as America's Creditor - Strained US-China Relations


 -  Chinese National TV Reporting Impending UFO/ET Disclosure by Obama Government


 -  Clinton Sends Lackey to House Committee to Cover Her Involvement in Benghazi Attack


 -  Cómo John McCain ha Paralizado la Guerra de Obama contra ISIS


 -  Contact - Learning From Outer Space - Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 2011 Global Competitiveness Forum and UFOs


 -  Copenhagen Is On - Obama Proposes a Treaty And Leads U.S. Delegation


 -  Corexit - Coast Guard and Obama Administration Betrays The People and Country It Is Sworn to Protect


 -  Dejar el Mundo Atrás - ¿Programación Predictiva o Advertencia sobre un Ciberataque Inminente?


 -  Did China's Hu Order Obama to Resign or Was Hu Blackmailed?


 -  'Diebold' Voting Machines Can Be Hacked by Remote Control


 -  Dollar Collapse Update - "Obama Demands Pay in Euros!"


 -  Don't Riot - It's Just What They Want!


 -  Drugmakers' Deal With Obama Said to Be Probed by House


 -  EE.UU. y Teherán Se Posicionan Para La Guerra - Plan de Ataque


 -  El Jaque Mate - Informaciones Para Materializar Un Mundo Nuevo


 -  Estados Unidos es Un Títere de La Banca Privada - Entrevista de Anastasia Churkina al Cineasta Alex Jones


 -  Everything Is A Lie - The Deliberate Intent To Deceive People Is At An All Time High


 -  Evitando La Disfunción Organizada


 -  Expediting The Grand Jihad - The Muslim Brotherhood



 -  First Amendment Suspended in The Gulf of Mexico As Spill Cover-Up Goes Orwellian


 -  Forced Abortions and Mass Sterilization Needed to 'Save' the Planet - says John Holdren, Obama's...


 -  Forget ISIS, America Is the Real Threat to the World - Says Oliver Stone


 -  From Democracy to Plutocracy - The United States of Corporate America


 -  Germany's Merkel Now Comes Out as Basically a U.S. Agent


 -  GOP Debate Evades ET Disclosure Issue - Now on Obama White House Website


 -  Government Proposes Massive Shift In Online Privacy Policy


 -  Government Protects Criminals by Attacking Whistleblowers


 -  Gulf Spill - Disaster? Or a Well Organized Plan...



 -  Hacia Un Mundo Sin Estados Unidos


 -  Here Come The Toxic Psychiatrists - Obamacare


 -  Hey, Hey, Hey, Ha, Ha, Ha... They Think It's All Happening by Accident... Hey, Hey, Hey, Ha, Ha, Ha...

 -  House Passes HR 4133 Binding The U.S. to Israel and Their War Agenda


 -  How America’s Aristocracy Extends Its Global Control - The Truth about Obama


 -  How Google, Facebook, Skype, Yahoo and AOL are All Blatantly Lying to Their Own Users in Denying NSA...


 -  How John McCain Crippled Obama's War on ISIS


 -  How The U.S. Government and U.S. Military Became Murder, Inc.


 -  How The U.S. Government Strikes Fear in Its Own Citizens and People Around The World


 -  Huge Fines for Refusing to Buy Health Insurance - Americans Threatened With Jail Time


 - "Hunt For Bin Laden" A National Shame - Bin Laden Never Mentioned in McChrystal Report or Obama...


 -  Hurricane Sandy as Environmental War - THE NEWS Live


 -  Internet Blackout Highlights Failure of American Politics


 -  Israel Attacks Gaza Aid Fleet


 -  Israel's Pillars of Samson - Not Quite Armageddon, But…


 -  John Brennan Sworn in as CIA Director Using Constitution Lacking Bill of Rights


 -  John Brennan Takes Oath on Draft Constitution… Without The Bill of Rights


 -  La Administración Obama Prohíbe el Testimonio del FBI Sobre el 11 de Septiembre


 -  La Era de La Señora Muerte - Belicismo en Auge en El Mundo



 -  La Esterilización de La Población Mediante el Agua Ya Está Sucediendo


 -  Leave the World Behind - Predictive Programming or Cautionary Tale of Looming Cyberattack?


 - "Let the Plunder Begin" - The Return of Robert Rubin


 -  Lilith, Inanna and Hillary


 -  Los Hijos Secretos de Saul Alinsky


 -  Los Pasos Para Llegar al Totalitarismo Según Naomi Wolf - Un Informe de la Situación


 -  Los Políticos Como Empleados Corruptos del Poder Económico


 -  Mainstream Media Takes Money from Foreign Dictators to Run Flattering Propaganda - CNN Exposed!


 -  Maitreya Rising?


 -  Martial Law, The Financial Bailout, and War


 -  Memo to A More Conscious American Leadership - From a Fellow Achiever Who Is Gravely Concerned...

 -  More War Lies


 -  Mr. Smiley, Smiley, Hope and Change - Obama - Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak Not of Evil


 -  Naomi Wolf's Steps to Fascism - A Progress Report


 -  Neuroscience, Obama's BRAIN Project, and Military Mind Control


 -  New Freedom - Something For Everyone



 -  New Obama Executive Order Pushes Us Closer to A North American Union and A One World Economic...


 -  New World Order Blueprint Leaked - The Trans-Pacific Partnership


 -  Nobel de La Guerra Para Los Señores del "Nobel de La Paz"


 - "Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Obama, is Preparing for War in South America" - Interview With Eva...


 -  Nubes de Tormenta Sobre Irán


 -  NSA Security Running Amok to Plug Leaks About 9/11



 -  Obama Administration Fingerprints on Ecuador Coup Attempt


 -  Obama Administration Launches Deceptive Swine Flu Propaganda Blitz - To Counter Growing Criticism...


 -  Obama Administration Pushing a Secretive Trade Agreement - Leaked Trade Doc Shows Obama Wants...


 -  Obama Administration Shuts Down Investigations Into Bush-Era Torture


 -  Obama Administration to Clash With Corporations Over UFO Files


 -  Obama and Congress ARE Wall Street, Geithner IS the Federal Reserve - Now What?


 -  Obama Authorizes Stationing of Japanese Troops on U.S. Soil


 -  Obama Blocks Making TTIP Trade-Deal Terms Public


 -  Obama Gives Israel All-Out Support


 -  Obama Is 'A Muslim President Who Hates Farming, Hates The Military, Hates The U.S. And We Hate Him'


 -  Obama, La Guerra Financiera y La Eliminación de DSK - Escándalo del Patrón del FMI


 -  Obama, La Guerra Finanziaria e l'Eliminazione di DSK - Lo Scandalo del Patron del FMI


 -  Obama Release of UFO Files Will Prepare Humanity For 2012 Solar Waves


 -  Obama Returns Empty Handed While Papa Bush Sends Trillions of Dollars to Singapore


 -  Obama's Black Budget And Federal Deficit Problems


 -  Obama's Choice of CIA Director Signals Renewed Effort to Disclose CIA X-Files


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