The "Numbers"...

Los "Números"...




Cosmos can be defined as a complex and orderly system, such as our Universe; the opposite of Chaos. It is the Universe regarded as an ordered system.

The philosopher Pythagoras is regarded as the first person to apply the term cosmos (Greek κόσμος) to the order of the Universe.


En su sentido más general un Cosmo es un sistema ordenado y armonioso.

Se origina del término griego "κόσμος", que significa orden u ornamentos, y es la antítesis del Caos.

Se le suele utilizar como sinónimo de Universo

(considerando el orden que éste posee).



A study by Yale astronomer Pieter van Dokkum just took the estimated number of stars in the universe - 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (1023), or 100 sextillion - and tripled it.



The observable Universe contains approximately 300 sextillion (3×1023) stars (The Fundamentals of Modern Astrophysics) and more than 100 billion (1011) galaxies.

Typical galaxies range from dwarfs with as few as ten million (107) stars

up to giants with one trillion (1012) stars.











 -  49,500º C Wall of Plasma surrounds our Solar System


 -  A Colossal Wave of Burning Gas was just Discovered Rippling through Space


 -  A Diamond Bigger Than Earth? - New Planet Discovered


 -  A Diamond Planet? - The Diamond Fields of The Mind



 -  A Galactic Fairy Ring



 -  A Galaxy With its Tail in A Knot


 -  AGN-Driven Outflows in Dwarf Galaxies


 -  Agua Mas Allá de La Tierra - Main File


 -  Agujeros Negros - Main File


 -  'Alien' Planet Detected Circling Dying Star


 -  Alien Planet May Have Come From Another Galaxy



 -  A New Map of the Universe - Painted with Cosmic Neutrinos...


 -  Anthropogenic Space Weather

 -  A Possible Carbon-Rich Interior in Super-Earth '55 Cancri-e'


 - ¿A Punto de Encontrar el Planeta X? - Plutón Podría Tener un 'Gran Vecino'


 -  Are there Antimatter Galaxies?



 -  Are we Living in a Baby Universe that looks like a Black Hole to Outsiders?


 -  Are we Living in a Simulated Universe? - Here's what Scientists say


 -  Así son los 'Pilares de la Creación' - La impresionante Formación Gaseosa que avistó el Telescopio J. Webb


 -  A Star Disturbed the Comets of the Solar System in Prehistory - The Scholz's Star


 -  Asteroids, Comets and Meteorites - Main File



 -  Astro-Metrics of Undiscovered Planets

 -  A Strong Magnetic Field Around the Supermassive Black Hole at The Centre of The Galaxy


 -  Astronomers Capture Visual Evidence of Giant Plasma Structures Above Earth

 -  Astronomers Discover the Largest Individual Structure Ever Identified by Humans


 -  Astronomers Find Enormous Hole in The Universe


 -  Astronomers just Watched the Largest Explosion in Space rage for 3 Years


 -  Astronomers Say they've Found the Biggest Structure in the Universe and they Named It the BOSS


 -  Astronomers Spot a Strange, Supersonic Space Cloud Screeching through Our Galaxy


 -  Astrónomos descubren Nuevos Cúmulos de Galaxias que habían permanecido Ocultos a pesar de estar a...


 -  Astrónomos logran Simulación Cosmológica sin Precedentes - Replantearía todo lo que 'Conocemos' del...


 -  Astrónomos observan una Enorme Onda de Choque 60 veces Mayor que la Vía Láctea


 -  Astrosciences - Exploring The Mysteries Of The Universe


 -  A Water-rich World in the Inner Solar System-that isn't Earth


 -  Awesome New Image of Horsehead Nebula in Infrared


 -  Betelgeuse may Have Swallowed Companion 100,000 Years Ago


 -  Biocosm - The New Scientific Theory of Evolution - Intelligent Life is the Architect of the Universe


 -  Binary Stars - Does Our Sun Have a Dark Companion?


 -  Black Holes - Main File



 -  BOSS Great Wall - Gigantic Wall of Galaxies Located in Deep Space


 -  Bringing the "Overview Effect" Down to Earth - Seeing the Earth from a Distance changes the Perception


 -  Brown Dwarfs - Main File



 -  Cambios Dramáticos en Nuestro Sol - Main File


 -  Campo de Fuerza de  Cuarentena de la Tierra Descubierto por la NASA


 -  Canciones del Lejano Universo - El Sonido de una Explosión de Rayos-Gama Fermi


 -  Carl Sagan - Main File


 -  Cassini Images - Bizarre Hexagon on Saturn


 -  Cassini-Solstice Titan Flyby


 -  Ceres Bright Spots Sharpen but Questions Remain


 -  Ceres - The Smallest and Closest Dwarf Planet


 -  China's Yutu 2 Rover - Spots Cube-shaped 'Mystery Hut' on Far Side of the Moon


 -  Científicos Chinos descubren el Posible Origen de las Misteriosas Señales Espaciales


 -  Científicos Confirman Similitudes Estructurales entre Células Humanas y Estrellas de Neutrones


 -  Científicos de Harvard sugieren que 'Oumuamua es un Dispositivo Alienígena


 -  Científicos de India descubren una "Señal Extraterrestre" que vino de Muy Lejos


 -  Científicos Descubren un Escudo Invisible Rodeando la Tierra - Están Desconcertados sobre Cómo se...


 -  Cinturon de Fotones - Main File


 -  Cold Cosmic Mystery Solved - Largest Known Structure in the Universe Leaves its Imprint on CMB Radiation


 -  Collapse of The Universe is Closer than Ever Before


 -  Cometary Impact on Neptune


 -  Concentric Circles in WMAP Data May Provide Evidence of Violent pre-Big-Bang Activity


 -  Cosmic Blobs



 -  Cosmic Web Orchestrates the Progression of Galaxies


 -  Cosmoclimatology - A New Theory Emerges


 -  Dark Satellites



 -  Daughters of Pleione


 -  David Bohm and The Holographic Paradigm - Main File


 -  David Bohm y El Paradigma Holografico - Main File



 -  Dead Star Crashes May Spark Mysterious Cosmic Explosions - A Kilonova


 -  Dead Stars 'Polluted' With Planetary Debris - Signs of Earth-Like Planets Found


 -  Dead Star Spotted Eating Planetary Leftovers


 -  Desaparecido - Hace Miles de Millones de años, la Mitad de la Materia Visible del Universo Desapareció


 -  Descarga Desde El Núcleo de Una Galaxia Activa



 -  Descubierta Galaxia Nunca Antes Vista Orbitando la Vía Láctea


 -  Descubren la Estrella Más Antigua del Universo


 -  Descubren una Galaxia Inmutable Desde Hace Dos Mil Millones de Años


 -  Descubren un Objeto que Podría Ser la 'Supertierra' más Lejana del Sistema Solar


 -  Descubren un Sistema de Anillos alrededor del planeta Quaoar - Los Confines de nuestro Sistema Solar


 -  Detectan un Cúmulo de Estrellas invadido por Colosales Agujeros Negros


 -  Detectan un Movimiento a "Escalas Nunca Antes Vistas" en el Espacio Intergaláctico

 -  Detection of a Supervoid Aligned with the Cold Spot of the Cosmic Microwave Background


 -  Discharge From The Core of Active Galaxy - Criss-Cross Bulge


 -  Discovered 'Fast Superhighway' through the Solar System


 -  Discovered One of the Brightest Galaxies Known

 -  Discovery of a Lensed Ultrabright Submillimeter Galaxy at z = 2.0439

 -  Disk-driven Rotating Bipolar Outflow in Orion Source I


 -  Distant Stellar Nurseries - This Time, in High Definition


 -  Distant World has Rings 200 Times Bigger than the Rings of Saturn - Giant Planet is the First found with...


 - ¿Dónde está el Borde del Universo?

 -  Do We Live Within a Large Local Void?


 -  Dramatic Changes in Our Sun - Main File


 -  Early formation of Earth - 'Nebular Neon' confirmed Deep Inside the Core


 -  Earth has More than One 'Moon' - Science confirms...


 -  Earth Must Have Another Moon - Say Astronomers


 -  Earth's Atmosphere stretches out to the Moon... and Beyond


 -  Earth's Gold Came from Colliding Dead Stars


 -  Earth's Quarantine Force Field Discovered by NASA?


 -  Eight other Worlds in Our Solar System might have Life beyond Earth


 -  El Cielo Nocturno es Invisiblemente Brillante


 -  El Cinturón de Kuiper - 10 Cosas que hay que Saber


 -  Electric Helix - Helix Nebula and Its Electrical Structure


 -  Electric Universe - Main File


 -  'Electric Wind' can Strip Earth-Like Planets of Oceans and Atmospheres


 -  El Misterio del Acantilado de Kuiper - ¿Porqué el Cinturón de Kuiper termina tan Repentinamente?


 -  El Paso del Cambio - ¿Qué Está Pasando y Qué Va A Pasar?


 -  El Sistema Solar Entra en Un Calentamiento Global


 -  El Universo Devela su Mas Profundo Secreto


 -  El Universo es Tal como Esperábamos


 -  El Universo nos Oculta de Dónde Procede el 80% de su Luz - "Algo Anda Mal"


 -  El Universo tendría un 'Alma Magnética Invisible'


 -  Encuentran por fin los Restos Perdidos del Universo


 -  Encuentran Similitudes Entre las Estrellas de Neutrones y el Citoplasma Celular


 -  Encuentran un Ión Fundamental para el Agua en Varias Nebulosas Planetarias


 - ¿Es el Universo una Simulación? - Debate entre Científicos


 - ¿Es la Gravedad el Motor del Comportamiento Estelar?


 -  Está Confirmado que Vivimos en el Borde de un Descomunal Vacío Cósmico


 -  Estado Planetofisico de La Tierra y La Vida


 -  Estrellas Amarillas



 -  Europe's BepiColombo Spacecraft zooms within 150 miles of Mercury in close Flyby

 -  Evidence for a Distant Giant Planet in the Solar System



 -  Exoplanets and Habitable Planets - Main File


 -  Faint Spiral Galaxy Photobombs the 'Seven Sisters'


 -  Far Distance Run Around - Redshift Theory Inhibits New Research Into The Age and Size of The Universe


 -  Forces of The Universe - Main File


 -  Fotografían Impacto de Cometa en Neptuno



 -  Fotones de Miles de Millones de Años de Antigüedad desmienten la 'Gravedad Quántica'


 -  Fuerzas del Universo - Main File


 -  'Galactic Center' - Earth, the 33rd World


 -  Galactic Federations and Councils - Main File


 -  Galaxies are Born in Lightning


 -  Galaxy is Rich in Small, Earth-Like Planets


 -  Galaxy Map Hints at Fractal Universe


 -  Hallan un Enorme 'Desierto' Alrededor del Centro de la Vía Láctea


 -  Hanno Scoperto la Stella Più Antica dell'Universo


 -  Harvard Scientists suggest 'Oumuamua is an Alien Device


 -  Hello, Pluto! - NASA Spacecraft Makes Historic Dwarf Planet Flyby


 -  Here's your First Look at the Most Detailed Simulation of the Cosmos Ever Made


 -  Hide and Seek - Astronomers claim to have found the Galaxies Missing in their Earlier Observations


 -  Holographic Universe - Main File


 -  How Far is the Asteroid Belt from Earth?


 -  How Far is the Edge of the Universe from the Farthest Galaxy?


 -  Hubble Captures Massive Dead Disk Galaxy that Challenges Theories of Galaxy Evolution


 -  Hubble Captures the Afterglow of an Epochal Blast - Eta Carinae's Cosmic Fireworks


 -  Hubble Finds Universe May Be Expanding Faster than Expected


 -  Hyperdimensions - Main File


 -  Iapetus - Moon with a View


 -  Imagen de 1.5 Millones de Píxeles de la Galaxia Andrómeda - ¡Surrealista!


 -  Imágenes Que te Harán Re-Evaluar tu Completa Existencia - No Eres Tan Grande Como Piensas...


 -  I Serpenti tra le Stelle - La Costellazione dell'Idra


 -  Is the Universe a Simulation? - Scientists Debate


 -  It Seems that Mars has Not Always Been our Planetary Neighbor


 -  It Turns Out our Galaxy isn't as Special as we Thought - It's just Plane Confusing


 -  Kennedy's U.S.-Russia Joint Space Vision must be Revived


 -  Kuiper Belt - 10 Need-to-Know Things


 -  La Atmósfera del Planeta Más Grande del Sistema Solar No Es como se Pensaba


 -  La Burbuja Local - El Descubrimiento Astronómico que mantiene desconcertada a la Comunidad Científica


 -  La Estructura del Universo


 -  La Fascinante Historia de 'Eta Carinae' - La Estrella que Explotó en 1838


 -  La NASA identifica Cinco 'Fenómenos Sobrenaturales' en el Espacio


 -  La Posible Evidencia de Vida en los Primeros Sistemas Estelares del Universo Primitivo


 -  La Presencia potencial de una Nave 'Alien' en el Sistema Solar no amenaza nuestra Civilización


 -  Las Estrellas Híperveloces - ¿Transporte Intergaláctico para Vida Extraterrestre


 -  La Teoria de Gaia - Main File


 -  La Teoría de que el Universo podría ser como un Ser Pensante - "El Cambio de Paradigma más profundo de...


 -  La Tierra en El Sistema Solar


 -  La Voyager 1 Alcanza Una Sorprendente Frontera de Tranquilidad en El Espacio Interestelar


 -  Life in The Universe - Main File



 -  Life is Common in the Universe - New Analysis of Meteorites Suggests


 -  Llamaradas Violentas de Estrellas Rojas Enanas que Eliminan Atmósferas Planetarias


 -  Los Astrónomos Desvelan por fin el Enigma del Nacimiento de las Estrellas


 -  Los Cosmólogos encuentran 'Fantasmas' de Agujeros Negros de Otros Universos


 -  Los Científicos Identifican Acelerador de Energía Cósmica en el Centro Galáctico


 -  Los Mundos de Agua existen y abundan tanto en la Galaxia así como los Mundos Terrestres


 -  Lost in Space - Rogue Planet Spotted?


 -  Luna - Main File


 -  Magnetic Portals Connect Sun and Earth


 -  Marte - Main File


 -  Más de 450 'Objetos Desconocidos' hasta ahora Descubiertos en nuestro Sistema Solar


 -  Matusalén - El Planeta más Viejo del Cosmos


 -  Medusas Galácticas Alimentan a los Agujeros Negros Supermasivos


 -  Meet 'Farout' the New Most Distant member of our Solar System


 -  Meet The Solar System's Dwarf Planets


 -  Mercury Update - Data from The MESSENGER Probe



 -  Missing - Billions of Years Ago, Half the Universe's Visible Matter Disappeared


 -  Missing Matter Caught in Tangled Cosmic Webs


 -  Moons of Our Solar System - Main File


 -  Most Massive Neutron Star ever Detected - Almost too Massive to Exist


 -  Most Massive Touching Stars ever found will eventually Collide as Black Holes


 -  Mysterious Radiowave Blast may Have Come from Starquake


 -  Mysterious Spot on Uranus - Something Has Exploded In a Spectacular Fashion


 -  NASA Discovers Entire Solar System that is 'Remarkably Similar' to Ours


 -  NASA's Saturn Probe Helps with the Hunt to Find Planet Nine! - Ex-Planet Ten or Planet 'X'


 -  NASA Test proves Pulsars can Function as a Celestial GPS


 -  NASA to Explore an Asteroid Containing Enough Mineral Wealth to Collapse the World Economy


 -  Nearest Hypervelocity Star Found Speeding Through Space at 1 Million mph

 -  Nearly all the Sky is Covered by Lyman-α Emission around High-Redshift Galaxies


 -  Neutron-Star Collision Shakes Space-Time and Lights Up the Sky


 -  Newfound Asteroid is 'Quasi-Moon' of Earth


 -  New Horizons Spacecraft sees Possible Hydrogen Wall at the End of the Solar System


 -  New Planet Found in Our Solar System?


 -  New Universes - Main File


 -  Nibiru - El Planeta X - Main File


 -  Nox Aeterna - Do So-Called "Accretion Disks" Around Presumptive Black Holes Generate Gamma-Rays?


 -  Nuestra Vía Láctea tiene una Misteriosa 'Gran Franja Oscura'


 -  Nuevos datos sobre los Misteriosos Filamentos que 'Cuelgan' del Centro de nuestra Galaxia


 -  Nuevos Universos - Main File



 -  One of Our Sun's Long-lost Sister Stars has finally Been Found, and She's Pretty Close By


 -  Otros Universos están Jalando en Nuestro Universo


 -  Our Busy Solar System - What is NASA Hiding? - Get Ready for What's Coming!


 -  Our Solar System is No Accident


 -  Our Universe May Exist in a Multiverse - Cosmic Inflation Discovery Suggests

 - "Parking-garage" Structures in Nuclear Astrophysics and Cellular Biophysics


 -  Phaethon Confirmed as Rock-Comet by STEREO Vision


 -  PHOBOS - A Strange "Thing"... - Main File


 -  Planeta NaveEspacial - Planetas Fugaces Viajan a una Fracción de la Velocidad de la Luz


 -  Planetas Habitables y Exoplanetas - Main File


 -  Planetophysical State of The Earth and Life


 -  Planets As Consciousness Unit Formations


 -  Planet Starship - Runaway Planets Zoom at a Fraction of Light-Speed


 -  Planet X - Astronomers say a Neptune-sized Planet Lurks Beyond Pluto


 -  Plasma Physics, Space Research and The Origin of The Solar System


 -  Pleiades and Stardust



 -  Pluto's Heart of the Heart Swathed in Newly Discovered Icy Mountains and Vast Plains


 -  Precisan el Número Misterioso que da Forma al Universo


 -  Primeras Imágenes de la Danza de las Estrellas Gemelas


 -  Quasar Light Confirms Consistency of Electromagnetism over 8 Billion Years


 - ¿Qué es el Espacio-Tiempo?


 - ¿Qué es la Oblicuidad de la Eclíptica de la Tierra?


 - ¿Qué es la Red Cósmica y cómo Conecta a todas las Galaxias?


 -  Qué es lo que Ocurre en un Choque entre Galaxias


 - ¿Qué Significa la Inflación del Universo?


 -  Red Cósmica - Algunas Estructuras más Grandes del Universo han empezado a Girar


 -  Remnants of Oldest known Solar System discovered just 90 Light-Years from Earth


 -  Revelaciones y Reveladores del Gran Secreto del Cosmos - Main File


 -  Saturn is a Violent Electrical Environment


 -  Saturno è un Ambiente Fortemente Elettrico


 -  Saturn's Hexagonal Storm Mysteriously Changes from Blue to Gold

 -  Saturn's Storm, Earth's Unrest... and Science's Silence


 -  Scientists Discover an Invisible Shield Surrounding Earth - Baffled at How it Formed


 -  Scientists Identify Cosmic Energy Accelerator at the Galactic Center


 -  Scientists just Found Half of the Missing Matter in Our Universe


 -  Scientists say Interior of Saturn may Flow like "Electric Honey"


 -  Scoperti Oggetti Trans-Nettuniani


 -  Second Solar System Like Ours Discovered


 -  Serpents in the Stars - The Hydra Constellation


 -  Seventy Two Unseen Galaxies found Hiding in Plain Sight


 -  Several Unknown Signals from Far Beyond our Galaxy Detected by Astronomers


 -  Shocks from Eta Carinae


 -  Sirius - Main File


 -  Six Facts you Never Imagined about the Nearest Stars to Earth


 -  Solar Analemma 2015 - A Year-Long Picture

 -  Solaria Binaria - Origins and History of The Solar System


 -  Solar System Weather Report



 -  Somos Hijos de Estrellas Lejanas


 -  Songs from A Distant Universe - The Sound of a Fermi Gamma-ray Burst


 - "Son of Marduk" - Mercury's Tail Looks Like a Filamentary Structure


 -  Son of Zeus - Messenger Spacecraft's Scientific Mission on Mercury


 -  Space could be Littered with 'Eerie Transparent Stars' made entirely of Bosons


 -  Spherical Energy Structures in The Cosmos


 -  Spiral Dynamics of the Solar System


 -  Spot the Awe-Inspiring Andromeda Galaxy in the Autumn Night Sky


 -  Stargates - Main File


 -  Stars That Bend Time


 -  Star Systems


 -  Stellar Disks Reveal how Planets Get Made


 -  Stellar Metamorphosis - An Alternative for the Star Sciences


 -  Stellar Shedding - Some Stars Shed their Atmospheres at a Furious Rate


 -  Stellar Vibrations


 -  Stephen Hawking's Mind Roamed the Cosmos - Dies at 76


 -  The 15 Weirdest Galaxies in Our Universe



 -  The Antennae Galaxies - Tuning in A New Signal



 -  The Basis of the Universe May Not Be Energy or Matter but Information

 -  The Betelgeuse Project - Constraints from Rotation


 -  The Chilbolton 'Arecibo Message' - Main File



 -  The Curious Case of Earth's Leaking Atmosphere


 -  The Cygnus Mystery - Main File



 -  The Dragon's Den



 -  The Dragon's Den - Saturn's Atmosphere Erupts in Spectacular Fashion


 -  The Dust of Creeds Outworn - Collapsed Stars, Exploding Stars, Windy Stars, and Dusty Stars Call for...


 -  The Electrical Etching of Mercury



 -  The Electric Sun - Main File


 -  The Electric Wind of Venus - A Global and Persistent 'Polar Wind' like Ambipolar Electric Field sufficient...


 -  The Energetic Transformation of The Solar System


 -  The First Kepler Seven Planet Candidate System - Planet Hunters VI

 -  The First Real Images of Mercury - What we Found?

 -  The Hunt for Rogue Planets Just got Tougher

 -  The Kuiper Cliff Mystery - Why does the Kuiper Belt Suddenly End?


 -  The Many Faces of Venus


 -  The Message of The Pulsars - Main File


 -  The Minimum-Mass Extrasolar Nebula - In-Situ Formation of Close-In Super-Earths


 -  The Origin of 'Oumuamua Revealed - Mystery Object came from the Pleiades


 -  The Passage of Change - What is Happening and What is Going to Happen?


 -  The Photon Belt - Main File


 -  The Photon Underproduction Crisis


 -  There's Growing Evidence that the Universe is Connected by Giant Structures


 -  The Saturn System has Water just like Earth's... except for Phoebe


 -  The Scholz's Star - A Star that Disturbed the Comets of the Solar System in Prehistory


 -  The Search for Planets Beyond Pluto


 -  The Shape-Shifting Southern Vortex of Venus


 -  The SOHO Project - Main File


 -  The Space Phenomenon of The Great Ribbon


 -  The 'Spiral Galaxy' at Saturn's Pole


 -  The Structure of Our Universe - An Introduction to the 15-Dimensional Time Matrix


 -  The Theory of Gaia - Main File


 -  The Unconventional Views of James M. McCanney - Main File


 -  The Universal Heartbeat


 -  The Universe Gives Up Its Deepest Secret


 -  The Venus Cloud Discontinuity


 -  The Whole Solar System is Undergoing Global Warming


 -  This Galaxy Far, Far Away is the Farthest One Yet Found


 -  This is the Most Detailed Model of the Universe Ever Created - 13 Billion Years of Evolution


 -  Three Galaxies are Tearing Each Other Apart in stunning new Hubble Telescope Image


 -  Trans-Neptunian Objects Discovered


 -  Two Major Stellar Collisions involving Black Holes and Neutron Stars


 -  Una Colisión Cósmica marca el Principio del Fin de las Galaxias


 -  Una Colosal 'Medusa' Cósmica emite extrañas Señales de Radio


 -  Una Solución al Enigma de los Puntos Brillantes de Ceres


 -  Un 'Doble' de La Vía Láctea



 -  Un inmenso Túnel Magnético rodea al Sistema Solar


 - 'Universe Master Computer Controlled' - Confirms Indian Thought...


 -  Un Nuevo Planeta Desafía Los Modelos de Formación Planetaria


 -  Un 'Planeta' Moribundo Sobrevive a la Destrucción de su Estrella


 -  Unstable Monster Galaxy hosts Runaway Star Formation


 -  Vast Space Voids help Fill-In the Blanks of Cosmic Mysteries


 -  Venus - Main File


 -  Venus Isn't Our Twin!


 -  Venus Will Transit The Sun


 -  Vibraciones Estelares


 -  Vida en El Universo - Main File


 -  Voyager 1 Reaches Surprisingly Calm Boundary of Interstellar Space


 -  VY Canis - La Estrella Más Grande del Universo


 -  VY Canis - La Stella Più Grande dell'Universo


 -  Water Beyond Earth - Main File


 -  We Don't Know if the Universe is Round or Flat - Cosmological Crisis...


 -  Weird Alien Planets Star in 'Extreme Solar Systems' Conference


 -  We were Wrong - All Stars don't have Planets, after all


 -  What are Multiple Star Systems?


 -  What Drives Galaxies? - The Milky Way's Black Hole may be the Key


 -  What is a Nova?


 -  What is Earth's Axial Tilt?


 -  What is Spacetime?


 -  What is the Atmosphere Like on Other Planets?


 -  What is the Biggest Star in the Universe?


 -  What is the Most Massive Star?


 -  Wheels Within Wheels - Celestial Bodies


 -  Where's the Edge of the Universe?


 -  Whisper from the First Stars sets off Loud Dark Matter Debate


 -  Why Cosmology Matters Beyond Science


 -  Why Pluto is No Longer a Planet


 -  Windy Galaxies


 -  X-Rays from a Reborn Planetary Nebula



Additional Information

 -  A Direct Localization of a Fast Radio Burst and its Host

 -  A Disintegrating Minor Planet Transiting a White Dwarf


 -  A Distant System of Planets in Proximity to One Another Challenges Current Theories - A Mystifying...

 -  A Gas Cloud on Its Way Towards The Super-Massive Black Hole in The Galactic Centre


 -  Agujeros Negros y Pequeños Universos

 -  A Low-metallicity Massive contact Binary undergoing Slow Case a Mass Transfer

 -  A Massive, Dead Disk Galaxy in the Early Universe


 -  A Most Hyperdimensional Eclipse and Final Venus Transit


 -  A New Blast may have Forged Cosmic Gold


 -  A New Form of Space Weather - Earth Wind


 -  A New Look at Saturn's Northern Hexagon


 -  Anthropogenic Space Weather - Space Science Reviews Study - by T.I. Gombosi, D. N. Baker, A. Balogh, P.J. Erickson

 -  An Ultra Metal-poor Star near the Hydrogen-burning Limit  

 -  A Planetary System as The Origin of Structure in Fomalhaut's Dust Belt  


 -  Apollo 10 Gets Glimpse of an Extraterrestrial Monolith in Space  


 -  Are We Really All Made of Stars?


 -  Arguments for the Presence of a Distant Large Undiscovered Solar System Planet


 -  A Scientific Blueprint for Ascension


 -  A Search of the full six years of the Dark Energy Survey for outer Solar System Objects


 -  Asgardia - An International Group of Scientists Wants You to Join the First Space Nation

 -  A Spectroscopy Redshift Measurement for a Luminous Lyman Break Galaxy at Z = 7.730 using Keck/Mosfire

 -  A Statistical Study of Plasmaspheric Plumes and Ionospheric Outflows observed at the Dayside...

 -  A Substantial Population of Low-Mass Stars in Luminous Elliptical Galaxies

 -  A Survey of the High Order Multiplicity of Nearby Solar-type Binary Stars with Robo-AO

 -  A Titanic Interstellar Medium Ejection from a Massive Starburst Galaxy at Redshift 1.4

 -  At The Earth's Core - The Geophysics of Planetary Evolution

 -  A Unified Model for the Fan Region and the North Polar Spur - A bundle of filaments in the Local Galaxy

 -  A Vast Thin Plane of Co-rotating Dwarf Galaxies Orbiting the Andromeda Galaxy

 -  A VLBI Resolution of the Pleiades Distance Controversy


 -  Bacteria Survive in NASA's Clean Rooms by Eating Cleaning Products

 -  Biosignatures of the Earth I. Airborne Spectropolarimetric detection of Photosynthetic Life


 -  Bob Lazar, Element 115, Massive Stars and Heavy Metals


 -  Can the Universe Exist if there's No Consciousness around to Observe It? - The 'Participatory Anthropic...


 -  Carbon on Earth originates from Interstellar Medium - Researchers Say


 -  Carl Sagan tenía Razón - Los Astrónomos Confirman que Estamos Hechos de Polvo de Estrellas


 -  Confirmed - We Really are 'Star Stuff'


 -  Consciousness and The Conscious Universe - Main File

 -  Consciousness in the Universe is Scale Invariant and Implies an Event Horizon of the Human Brain


 -  Constatan La Existencia de Una 'Música de Las Galaxias'

 -  Constraining the Frequency of Free-Floating Planets from a Synthesis of Microlensing, Radial Velocity, and...

 -  Constraints on Cosmology and Gravity from the Dynamics of Voids


 -  Cosa Sappiamo del Nostro Sistema Solare? - Quasi Nulla


 -  Cosmic Explorers - Scientific Remote Viewing, Extraterrestrials, and a Message for Mankind


 -  Cosmic Voyage - A Scientific Discovery of Extraterrestrials Visiting Earth

 -  Dense Magnetized Plasma Associated with a Fast Radio Burst


 - ¿De Qué Está Hecho el Universo? - De Matemáticas, dice Científico


 -  Descubren Vida Microbiana Viviendo en el Exterior de la Estación Espacial Internacional - Impresionante...

 -  Detection of a Dearth of Stars with Zero Angular Momentum in the Solar Neighborhood

 -  Detection of The Galactic Haze With Planck - Planck intermediate results - IX


 -  Di Cosa è fatto l'Universo? - Di Matematica, dice uno Scienziato


 -  Did this Scientist just Discover How the Universe Works?

 -  Discovery of the Interstellar Chiral Molecule Propylene Oxide


 -  Divine Cosmos



 -  Do "Outside Forces" Affect Our Planet?



 -  Do We Have the Right to Colonize other Planets?


 -  Earth Changes - Main File


 -  Earth-Size Planet to Be Found in Outer Solar System?

 -  Earth Wind as a Possible Exogenous Source of Lunar Surface Hydration


 -  El Cerebro estaría Conectado con el Cosmos a Escala Quántica


 -  El Comodín Cósmico - Más Allá de la Imaginación


 -  El Cuerpo Humano es la Fábrica donde el Universo se Recapitula a cada Momento


 -  El Mundo Artificial en Que Vivimos


 -  El Universo Físico es Un Sistema de Información


 -  Encuentran por Primera Vez Polvo Cósmico en los Tejados de Tres Ciudades Europeas


 -  Escape From the Universe


 - ¿Es el Gran Aumento de "Burbujas en El Espacio" Una Prueba del Cambio Energético?


 - ¿Estará La NASA Rastreando El Cambio Cósmico? - El Cinturón de Fotones


 -  Everything Has a Beginning - Even the Universe...


 -  Exotic Atoms Hold Clues to Unsolved Physics Puzzle at The Dawn of The Universe


 -  Exponiendo Los Hechos - 2012 - El Verdadero Cambio Climático

 -  First Gaia Dynamics of the Andromeda System - DR2 Proper Motions, Orbits, and Rotation of M31 and M33

 -  Gaia Data Release 1 - Summary of the Astrometric, Photometric, and Survey Properties

 -  Galactic-Bursts Signatures in Antarctica - 10Be Spectra Reveal Cosmogenesis of Climate Switching


 -  Galactic Geysers Fuelled by Star Stuff - International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research


 -  Gamma-Ray Detectives Close In on 30-Year-Old Mystery


 -  Geoengineering, Chemtrails, HAARP, World Orders, Time Lines and Ascension


 -  Geoingeniería, Estelas Químicas, HAARP, Ordenes Mundiales, Líneas del Tiempo y Ascensión


 -  Giant Propellers Discovered In Saturn's Rings


 -  Global Warming - An Official Pseudoscience... - Main File


 -  Has NASA Discovered Extraterrestrial Life?


 -  HAZMAT - Flares and Superflares on Young 'M Stars' in the Far Ultraviolet

 -  High-precision Limit on Variation in the Fine-Structure Constant from a Single Quasar Absorption System


 -  Hollow Planets - Main File


 -  How Much Energy Does it Take to Get to Other Worlds?


 -  How to Build a Death Star


 -  Huge Solar Storms to Impact Earth


 -  Hypervelocity Planets and Transits Around Hypervelocity Stars


 -  If Our Universe is so Old and Vast then Where are All the Aliens?

 -  Interlocking Resonance Patterns in Galaxy Discs


 -  International Beam Team' Solves Martian Meteorite-Age Puzzle


 -  Interstellar Find adds Life to Old Debate


 -  Is NASA Tracking The Cosmic Shift? - The Photon Belt


 -  La Arqueología también tiene Lugar entre las Estrellas


 - "La Conciencia Crea la Realidad" - Físicos Admiten que el Universo es Inmaterial, Mental y Espiritual


 -  La Cosmología Sin la Filosofía es una Nave Sin Timón...


 -  La Estructura de Nuestro Universo - Una Introducción a la Matriz del Tiempo de 15 Dimensiones


 -  La NASA Anuncia Resultados de Un Épico Experimento Espacio-Tiempo


 -  La NASA Está Desconcertada por Enorme Campo Magnético


 -  Las Bacterias Sobreviven en Salas Blancas de la NASA consumiendo Productos de Limpieza


 -  Las Espirales de Luz de la Materia Biológica podrían revelar la Vida Extraterrestre


 -  La Teoria del Planeta Oscuro - Main File


 -  La Teoría del Universo Biocéntrico - La Vida Crea el Tiempo, el Espacio y el Propio Cosmos


 -  La Vida en el Universo sería mucho más Antigua que la Tierra


 -  Left Guessing - Left-Handed Molecules Among The Building Blocks of Life


 -  Life in The Universe - Stephen Hawking



 -  Los Escombros Espaciales Amenazan a nuestro Futuro en el Espacio


 -  Los Extremos se Tocan Cuando el Mundo Nano Encuentra el Cosmos

 -  Magnetic Eddy Viscosity of mean Shear Flows in two-dimensional Magnetohydrodynamics

 -  Metastudy of The Spiral Structure of Our Galaxy



 -  Microbial Life Found Living on the Exterior of the International Space Station - Say Reports


 -  Minisolar System Coming to Us - Disturbing Information from Astrophysicist Jim McCanney

 -  Misaligned Circumstellar Disks and Orbital Motion of the Young Binary XZ Tau

 -  Modeling Giant Extrasolar Ring Systems in Eclipse and the Case of J1407b - Sculpting by Exomoons?

 -  Modeling Stellar Proton Event-Induced Particle Radiation Dose on Close-in Exoplanets

 -  Moon's Origin and Purpose - Main File


 -  Multiverse - Main File



 -  Mysterious and Well-Preserved Oort Cloud Object Heading Into Our Solar System


 -  Mysterious Charged Particles in Our Galaxy - Objects at The Edge of The Electromagnetic Spectrum


 -  Mystery of the Cosmic Thunderbolt - Main File


 -  NASA Announces Results of Epic Space-Time Experiment


 -  NASA Mystified by Enormous Energy Field


 -  Neutrinos and 2012


 -  New Science's Paradigm



 -  Nuestro Creador es un 'Programador de Computadoras Cósmicas' - Dice científico del LPC


 -  Nuevo Paradigma de la Ciencia


 -  NGC1277 - A Massive Compact Relic Galaxy in the Nearby Universe


 -  Nuestro Universo Puede Ser un Juego de Computadora Tipo-Matrix Diseñado por Extraterrestres

 -  Observations of Gamma-Ray Bursts of Cosmic Origin


 -  On The States of Physical Space


 -  Organic Matter in Extraterrestrial Water-bearing Salt Crystals


 -  Origen de la Vida y del Hombre - Main File


 -  Origen y Propósito de La Luna - Main File


 -  Origin of Life and Man - Main File


 -  Our Creator is a 'Cosmic Computer Programmer' - Says Jet Propulsion Laboratory Scientist


 -  Our Universe May Be a Matrix-Like Computer Game Designed by Aliens, says NASA Scientist


 -  Outer Space Cult Popular Among Tech's Biggest Billionaires

 -  Planck Evidence for a Closed Universe and a Possible Crisis for Cosmology

 -  Planetary Construction Zones in Occultation - Discovery of an Extrasolar Ring System Transiting a Young...

 -  Possible Observational Evidence for Cosmic Filament Spin


 -  Princeton University Astrobiology Certificate Explores Potential for Extraterrestrial Life


 -  Project LUCAS - Borderland Sciences SETI Project


 - ¿Puede el Universo Existir si no hay Conciencia Alrededor para Observarlo? - 'Principio Antrópico Participativo'...


 - ¿Qué Es Lo Que Sabemos Acerca de Nuestro Sistema Solar? - Casi Nada…

 -  Quantum Extension of the Kruskal Spacetime

 -  Quantum Transfiguration of Kruskal Black Holes

 -  Radial Acceleration Relation in Rotationally Supported Galaxies


 -  Ragnarok - The Age of Fire and Gravel


 -  Ram Pressure Feeding Supermassive Black Holes


 -  Richard C. Hoagland - Main File


 -  Russia Orders Missile Alert After Mysterious 'Vortex' Slams Into Germany


 -  Science that 'Will Change Your Future' - Bruce Lipton


 -  Scientists discover Stardust in Antarctic Snow


 -  Scientists found Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Space


 -  Scientists Now Believe the Universe Itself May Be Conscious


 -  Search for Artificial Stellar Sources of Infrared Radiation


 -  Search for The Mind of 'God'


 -  Searching for Interstellar Communications


 -  Seeing Things in the Sky

 -  Severe Space Weather Events - Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts

 -  Smoking Gun or Smoldering Embers? A Possible r-process Kilonova Associated with the Short-Hard GRB...


 -  Solar Storms and Earth's Electric Grid - Main File



 -  Some Implications of 3D Printing in Space



 -  Space Farming - The Final Frontier


 -  Spacequakes Rumble Near Earth



 -  Spiders and Space Weather



 -  Stephen Hawking's Final Book says "There's 'No Possibility' of God in Our Universe"

 -  Stringent Limit on Primordial Magnetic Fields from the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation


 -  Super-Massive Black Hole Will 'Eat' Gas Cloud



 -  The Biocentric Universe Theory - Life Creates Time, Space, and the Cosmos Itself

 -  The Cosmic Baryon Cycle and Galaxy Mass Assembly in the FIRE Simulations

 -  The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction - Why and How the World Economic Order Will Collapse...


 -  The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction


 -  The Cosmic Wildcard - Beyond Imagination!


 -  The Dark Star Theory - Main File


 -  The Doubling Theory - Corrects The Titius-Bode Law and Defines The Fine Structure Constant in The...


 -  The Exploded Planet Hypothesis – 2000


 -  The Fundamentals of Modern Astrophysics - A Survey of the Cosmos from the Home Planet to Space...

 -  The Gravitationally Unstable Gas Disk of a Starburst Galaxy 12 Billion Years Ago


 -  The Great Comet Venus



 -  The Harmonic Conquest of Space


 -  The Higgs Field, the Universe and the Experience of Life and Death


 -  The Lucifer Project - Galileo and Cassini Space Probes makers of...  - Main File

 -  The Lyman-α Sky Background as Observed by New Horizons

 -  The Missing Light of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field


 -  The Multiverse  - Main File


 -  The Next Big Bang - Human Consciousness and the Universe's Ultimate Secret


 -  The Origin of The Elements


 -  The Peculiar Photometric Properties of 2010 WG9 - A Slowly-Rotating Trans-Neptunian Object from the...


 -  The Physical Universe Is An Information System


 -  The Population of Natural Earth Satellites



 - "There is no God, no One directs the Universe" - Stephen Hawking

 -  The Repeating Fast Radio Burst FRB 121102 - Multi-Wavelength Observations and Additional Bursts


 -  There's Gold in your Brain - We now know Where it Came From

 -  The Role of Ionospheric Outflow in the Generation of Earthward Propagating Plasmoids

 -  The Self-Simulation Hypothesis Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics


 -  The Sombrero Galaxy


 -  The Truth


 -  The Tunguska Event - Main File


 -  The Universal Law - The General Theory of Physics and Cosmology


 - "The Universe is Obsolete" - A Gallery of Multiverse Theories


 -  Tholins - The Red Goo critical to Life in the Universe


 -  Twisted Pairs - Remote Galaxy Host Two Black Holes


 -  Una nuova Forma di Meteorologia Spaziale - Il Vento Terrestre

 -  Unbound or Distant Planetary Mass Population Detected by Gravitational Microlensing


 -  United States revives Space-Policy Council after 24-year Absence


 -  Un Misterioso Objeto de La Nube de Oort se Dirige al Sistema Solar


 -  Universe May Be a "Strange Loop" of Self-Simulating Consciousness - Says Physicist...


 -  Un Oggetto Misterioso della Nube di Oort si Dirige verso il Sistema Solare


 -  Un Patrón Científico Para la Ascensión


 -  Vast Increase in "Space Bubbles" Proof of Energetic Change?


 -  Voyager Hace Un Descubrimiento Interestelar


 -  What Do We Know About Our Solar System? Next to Nothing...


 -  What is an Equinox? - Some Need-to-Know Facts


 -  What is Ascension? Is It Real? If So, Am I Gonna Make It?


 -  What is The Kármán Line?



 -  What's The Total Energy in The Universe?



 -  What's the Universe Made Of? - Mathematics, Says Scientist

 -  White and Grey Holes in Astrophysics


 -  Who Owns the Moon? - Space Law and Outer Space Treaties 


 -  Why did NASA Send a DNA Sequencer to Space?


Alpha Centauri Star System


 -  Alfa Centauris


 -  Alpha Centauri


 -  Alpha Centaurians


 -  Alpha Centauri - Nearest Star System to The Sun


 -  Alpha Centauri System and the Arcturus Civilization


 -  Another Earth Just 12 Light-Years Away?


 -  Astrónomos creen haber Captado la Primera Imagen del Exoplaneta 'Proxima C'


 -  Astrónomos descubren nuevo Exoplaneta que Orbita la estrella Próxima Centauri - Próxima D

 -  A Terrestrial Planet Candidate in a Temperate Orbit around Proxima Centauri


 -  Could Proxima Centauri Be Our Interstellar Getaway?



 -  Discovered Earth-Size Alien Planet at Alpha Centauri is Closest Ever Seen


 -  El Sistema de Alfa  Centauri y la Civilización de Arcturus


 - ¿Hipercivilizaciones en Nuestra Galaxia? - Análisis Exocientífico de Nuestro Vecindario Estelar


 -  Journey to the Pale Red Dot


 -  New Study says Proxima b could Support Life


 -  Paradise Next Door - The Best of all Possible Worlds


 -  Planets Around Stars like Proxima Centauri are Probably Earth-Sized Water Worlds


 - ¿Podría ser Próxima Centauri Nuestro Lugar de Huída Interestelar?

 -  Possible Internal Structures and Compositions of Proxima Centauri b


 -  Potentially Habitable Exoplanet Candidate spotted around Alpha Centauri 'A' in Earth's backyard


 -  Scientists Spend Truckloads of Taxpayer Dollars to Find Alien Life in Outer Space


 -  Voyage to Pandora - First Interstellar Space Flight


 -  What does "Earthlike" Even Mean and Should it Apply to Proxima Centauri b?


 -  What we Know about the 'Intriguing Radio Signal' from our Neighbor Star


Big Bang


 -  Antes del Big Bang había Otro Universo


 -  Before the Big Bang, There Was... What?


 -  Big Bang a Big Loser in 2005


 -  Big Bang Rebuttal - The Universe is Not Expanding


 -  Boom! - È stato un "Big Bang"?


 -  Boom! - Was it a "Big Bang"?


 -  Brahma Breath - The Cyclical Universe


 -  Científicos Encuentran un Universo Anterior al Nuestro


 -  Deep Field Image falsifies Big Bang

 -  Directly Observing the Galaxies Likely Responsible for Reionization


 -  Discoveries Fuel Fight over Universe's First Light

 -  Dust in the Reionization Era - ALMA Observations of a z = 8.38 Gravitationally Lensed Galaxy


 - "El Universo No Empezó con un Bang"


 -  El Universo tiene un Límite de Velocidad y No es la Velocidad de la Luz


 -  Goodbye Big Bang, Hello Black Hole? - A New Theory of The Universe's Creation


 -  Have We Found the Universe that Existed Before the Big Bang?


 -  Higgs Data Could Spell Trouble for Leading Big Bang Theory


 -  How the Universe got its Bounce Back


 -  Images from the James Webb Telescope question 'The Beginning' - Gareth Samuel


 -  Is the Speed of Light Slowing Down?


 -  La Ciencia de El Amor - La Evolución de la Conciencia y el Campo de Higgs


 -  LHC Researchers 'Set to Create a Mini-Big Bang'



 -  Mind-blowing Secrets behind Brahma, Big Bang and Creation of the Universe


 -  New Theory on The Origins of The Universe and Humankind Surfaces - Big Bang Theory Challenged

 -  Non-singular and Cyclic Universe from the Modified Generalized Uncertainty Principle - GUP

 -  Out of the White Hole - A Holographic Origin for the Big Bang


 -  Physicists Debate Hawking's idea that the Universe had No Beginning


 -  Physicists Hunt for the Big Bang's Triangles


 -  Quantum Equation Suggests the Big Bang Never Occurred - The Universe has No Beginning


 -  Shift on Shift


 -  Somos Polvo de Estrellas - Y Polvo del Big Bang...


 -  The Big Bang is Not the Beginning of the Universe and We Known it for 40 Years - Say Astrophysicists


 -  The Big Bang says Nothing about the Creation of the Cosmos - Cosmic origins remain a Mystery


 -  The Breath of Brahma


 -  The Long Farewell to the 'Big Bang Model' of Cosmology


 -  The Science of Love - The Evolution of Consciousness and the Higgs Field


 -  The Universe has a Speed Limit and it isn't the Speed of Light


 -  Time Might Flow Backwards As Well as Forwards from the Big Bang


 -  Una Nueva Teoría científica Cuestiona el Origen del Universo - ¿Colapso de un Universo Anterior?


 -  We Are Stardust - And Big Bang Dust...



 -  Where did the Universe come From?




 -  A Big Bang Some 14 Billion Years Ago? - What Happened Before That?

 -  'Big Bang' Busted Again - Wal Thornhill

 -  Big Bang NEVER Made Sense

 -  Time to Wipe the Chalkboard Clean - Big Bang


Brown Dwarfs - Enanas Marrones


 -  Astronomers Announce First Clear Evidence of a Brown Dwarf


 -  Bright X-Rays - Dim Dwarfs



 -  Brown Dwarfs



 -  Cosmological Discoveries Lend Support for Legendary 'Great Year'


 -  Descubrimientos Cosmológicos Apoyan el Legendario 'Gran Año'


 -  Enanas Marrones



 -  Mysterious Planet-like Object Challenges Simple Definition - Reveals Its Surprising Identity

 -  Supportive Evidence for a Brown Dwarf Solar Companion - by John J. Matese


 -  The Nemesis Theory - Main File


 -  Wide Binary Brown Dwarfs Reveal Their Secrets




 -  A Sedna-like Body with a Perihelion of 80 Astronomical Units

 -  How Sedna and Family were Captured in a Close Encounter with a Solar Sibling


 -  Is Humanity Ignoring our First Chance for a Mission to an Oort Cloud Object?


 -  Sedna - A Clue to Nibiru


 -  Sedna - Astronomers Discover 'New Planet'


 -  Sedna Photo Gallery dated 15 March 2004



 -  Stealing Sedna



Clusters - Agrupaciones


 -  A High Stellar Velocity Dispersion and ~100 Globular Clusters for the Ultra Diffuse Galaxy Dragonfly 44


 -  Astrónomos observan una Enorme Onda de Choque 60 veces Mayor que la Vía Láctea


 -  BOSS Supercluster is So Big it Could Rewrite Cosmological Theory


 -  Controversy Reignites over Distance of Pleiades Star Cluster

 -  Discovery of a Massive Supercluster System at ȥ~0.47


 -  Electric Spheres - Globular Clusters Around The Milky Way

 -  First evidence of a collision between two unrelated open clusters in the Milky Way


 -  Globular Clusters on A Plane


 -  Hidden Supercluster could solve Milky Way Mystery


 -  Open Cluster


 -  The Laniakea Supercluster of Galaxies


 -  The R136 star cluster dissected with Hubble Space Telescope/STIS

 -  The VPOS - A Vast Polar Structure of Satellite Galaxies, Globular Clusters and Streams around the Milky...

 -  Ultra-Compact Dwarfs in the Coma Cluster


 -  'Zone of Avoidance' and Vela Supercluster - One of the Most Gigantic Objects Revealed behind the Milky...


Cosmic Rays - Rayos Cósmicos



 -  Amaterasu - El Ultraenergético Rayo Cósmico de Origen Desconocido

 -  An Extremely Energetic Cosmic Ray observed by a Surface Detector Array


 -  A Perfect Storm of Cosmic Rays


 -  Ascensión-Transformación-Evolución - ¿Los Rayos Cósmicos Evolucionan la Conciencia y Transforman...


 -  Ascension-Transformation-Evolution - Do Cosmic Rays Evolve Consciousness and Transform DNA?


 -  Confirmado que son de Origen Extragaláctico los Rayos Cósmicos de Alta Energía que llegan a la Tierra


 -  Cosmic Ray Radiation Levels are Increasing


 -  Cosmic Rays Increasing for the 4th Year in a Row


 -  Cosmic Rays up 12% in just 3 Years - Implications


 -  Cosmic Ray Update - New Results from the Moon


 - ¿Está la Estrella Oscura Bombardeándonos con Electrones?


 -  Green New Deal' Scam destroyed by New Scientific Study on Global Warming

 -  Observation of a Large-Scale Anisotropy in the Arrival Directions of Cosmic Rays above 8×1018 eV


 -  Nueva Teoría sugiere que Rayos Cósmicos Aceleraron la Evolución Humana


 -  Nuevo Avance para Resolver el Misterio de los Rayos Cósmicos


 -  Scientists discover 'Unexplained Barrier' at Our Galaxy's Center


 -  Several 'Bullet Points' proving the Sun causes Global Warming - Not CO²...

 -  The Globular Cluster System of The Milky Way - Accretion in A Cosmological Context


 -  Un Resplandor Difuso de Rayos Gamma ilumina el Corazón de la Vía Láctea


 -  What are Cosmic Rays?


 -  Winter Monsoons became Stronger during Geomagnetic Reversal - Impact of Cosmic Rays on Climate


Dark Matter - Dark Energy


 -  An Alternative to Particle Dark Matter


 -  Another Dark Matter Fail

 -  A Whirling Plane of Satellite Galaxies around 'Centaurus A' challenges Cold Dark Matter Cosmology


 -  Beyond WIMPs - Exploring Alternative Theories of Dark Matter


 -  Comienza en Chile La Búsqueda de La Energía Oscura


 -  Cosmic X-Rays may provide Clues to the Nature of Dark Matter


 -  Crean el Mapa Tridimensional más Detallado del Universo


 -  Dark Energy Illuminated by Largest Galactic Map Ten Years in the Making


 -  Dark Energy might be 'Neither Particle Nor Field'


 -  Dark Energy Survey Launches


 -  Dark Matter and Dark Energy - What Are They?



 -  Dark Matter - Darkness Cannot Drive Out Darkness



 -  Dark Matter from 12 billion Years Ago detected for the 1st time

 -  Dark Matter in the Universe



 -  Dark Matter Recipe Calls for One Part Superfluid


 -  Dark Theories - Dark Matter...


 -  Debate Intensifies Over Dark Disk Theory


 -  Did LIGO Detect Dark Matter?


 -  Double-Disk Dark Matter


 -  Emergent Gravity and the Dark Universe



 -  Gamma Rays from Galactic Center Could Be Evidence of Dark Matter


 -  How Superfluid Dark Matter Mimics an Old Idea about Gravity


 -  La Imposible Colisión de Nuestra Galaxia Podría Romper la Gravedad


 -  La Rete Cosmica Esiste...


 -  Los Fotones Oscuros - La Partícula que Probaría la Existencia de la Materia Oscura


 -  Nuestro Universo se está Fusionando con "Universos Bebé" causando su Expansión - Estudio Teórico


 -  Our Galaxy's Impossible Collision could Break Gravity

 -  Planckian Interacting Massive Particles as Dark Matter


 -  Remarkable New Theory says There's No Gravity, No Dark Matter, and Einstein Was Wrong


 -  Researchers Brace for Dark Matter 'Hurricane'

 -  Revealing the Local Cosmic Web from Galaxies by Deep Learning


 -  Scientists find 'Dark Matter Bridges' that may Reveal Future of Our Galaxy


 -  Scientists start Mapping the Hidden Web that Sustains our Universe


 -  Scientists Unveil a New Inventory of the Universe's Dark Contents


 -  Strange Dark Galaxy Puzzles Astrophysicists


 -  The Case Against Dark Matter


 -  The Cosmic Web Exists


 -  The Mysterious Dark Energy that Speeds the Universe's Rate of Expansion


 -  Towards a New Understanding of Dark Matter


 -  Un Nuevo Modelo Cosmológico resuelve el Misterio de la Energía Oscura


 -  Un Pequeño Hongo revela el Secreto de la Web Cósmica

 -  Updated Kinematic Constraints on a Dark Disk

 -  Whisper from the First Stars sets off Loud Dark Matter Debate




 -  Electricity Hiding Behind 'Dark Matter'?



Fast Radio Bursts


 -  A Brilliant Flash, Then Nothing - New "Fast Radio Bursts" Mystify Astronomers


 -  Astronomers Discover 'Fast Radio Bursts' that skewer Nearby Galaxy


 -  Could Mysterious Cosmic Light Flashes be Powering Alien Spacecraft?

 -  Fast Radio Bursts from the collapse of Strange Star Crusts


 -  Is this ET? - Mystery of Strange Radio Bursts from Space


 -  Mysterious Fast Radio Bursts from Outer Space - Astronomers Baffled, Admit they Could Be Alien in Origin


 -  Powerful Radio Signals are Coming from a Galaxy Three Billion Light-Years Away


Gravitational Waves - Ondas Gravitacionales


 -  El Espacio-Tiempo se Fracturó y estos son los Efectos Detectables en el Universo

 -  Gravitational Waves from Domain Walls in Pulsar Timing Array Datasets


 -  Gravitational Waves - What their Discovery Means for Science and Humanity


 -  Las Comunicaciones Interestelares ocultas en las Ondas Gravitacionales


 - ¿Qué es lo que las Ondas Gravitacionales nos Dirán sobre El Universo?


 -  What will Gravitational Waves Tell Us about the Universe?




 -  Auroras on Jupiter


 -  CFBDSIR2149-0403 - A 4-7 Jupiter-Mass Free-Floating Planet in The Young Moving Group AB Doradus?


 -  Does new Webb photo of Jupiter show a Mothership over a Thousand Miles Long?


 -  Does Webb Space Telescope image of Jupiter show rock debris where 'Giant ET Motherships' are parked?


 -  El Cataclismo Temprano de Júpiter

 -  Evidence for multiple Ferrel-like cells on Jupiter


 -  Findings from NASA's Juno update Jupiter 'Water Mystery'


 -  Jupiter is a 'Whirling World' - Stunning and woozy footage from Juno Spacecraft

 -  Jupiter's Magnetosphere and Aurora Observed by the Juno Spacecraft during its First Polar Orbits


 -  Jupiter's Early Cataclysm


 -  Jupiter's New Red Spot


 -  La Belleza Psicodélica de Júpiter como Nunca antes Vista


 -  Los Secretos de la Atmósfera de Júpiter que revela la Sonda Juno de la NASA


 -  Mysteries at Jupiter - NASA's Juno Probe reveals Cyclones, Auroras and Surprises


 -  NASA's Juno Spacecraft reveals what Lies Beneath Jupiter's Clouds in Stunning Images


 - ¿Nibiru, Júpiter o La Luna? - Fotografías del 27 de Diciembre de 2009 en Madrid a Las 12:00 Horas


 -  No Iron Dynamo - Jupiter


 -  Puzzling X-Rays from Jupiter



 -  Scientists Baffled by Perfectly Geometric 'Polygons' of Cyclones on Jupiter


 -  Shoemaker-Levy 9 Comet - Main File



 -  Something Large just Smashed into Jupiter


 -  This Ancient Babylonian Map of Jupiter Just Changed History



 -  Jupiter's Electromagnetic Voices - 528 Hz and Alpha Brainwaves


KIC 8462852 and Alien Megastructures


 - "Alien Megastructure" Star Resumes its Bizarre Behavior after 2-Year Hiatus


 -  Comets Can't Explain Weird 'Alien Megastructure' Star after all


 - ¿Contacto Extraterrestre en KIC 84? - KIC 8462852



 -  El Caso de la 'Megaestructura Alienígena Gigante' se hace Cada Vez más Inexplicable


 -  Extraterrestres podrían estar Escondidos en Esferas Artificiales que giran alrededor de ciertas Estrellas


 -  Humanity is Not even a Type 1 Civilization - What would a Type 3 be Capable Of?

 -  Infrared and Optical Detectability of Dyson Spheres at White Dwarf Stars


 -  Kardashev Scale - What it'll Be Like when We Harness the Power of an Entire Galaxy

 -  KIC 8462852 Faded at an Average Rate of 0.165+-0.013 Magnitudes Per Century from 1890 to 1989

 -  KIC 8462852 - Where's the Flux? - Planet Hunters X


 -  Missing Stars could point to Alien Civilizations - Scientists say...


 -  Radio Waves Absent from the Reputed Megastructure-Encompassed Kepler Star?


 -  Scientific Study Claims there are Up To 8,000 Alien Megastructures in the Universe

 -  SETI with GAIA - The Observational Signatures of Nearly Completed Dyson Spheres


 -  The Kardashev Scale - Classifying Advanced Technological Civilizations

 -  The Signatures and Information Content of Transiting Megastructures - The Search for Extraterrestrial...

 -  Where's The Flux? - KIC 8462852




 -  The Most Mysterious Star in the Universe - KIC 8462852


Space Colonization - Colonización del Espacio


 -  Colonizing the Solar System


 -  Desde La Sombra - El Cosmos, La Humanidad y El Futuro


 -  Did Early Humans Hibernate


 -  Exopolitics and its Role as a Catalyst to Space Migration


 -  Hibernation in hominins from Atapuerca, Spain half a million years ago


 -  Humanity as a 'Species of the Stars' or 'Lab Rats in Geopolitical Cage'?


 -  La Colonización del Cosmos Es un Paso Necesario para La Humanidad - dice Daniel Estulin


 -  La Hibernación Humana se vuelve Plausible


 -  Le Regole per lo Spazio - Il Contesto Giuridico per la Colonizzaziones dello Spazio


 -  Mars Terraforming or Space Habitats? - The Future of Space Colonization


 -  Mars' Bases and Colonies - Main File


 -  Moon Bases - Main File


 -  Rules in Space - A Legal Framework for Space Colonization


 -  Scientists Seek UN Approval to Create Asgardia - Earth's "First Space Nation"


 -  Secret Colonization of the Moon and Mars


 -  Terraforming and Planetary Engineering - Main File


 -  The Future of Humanity is Interplanetary


 -  The Great Filter - Are We Almost Past It?


 -  The 'Great Filter Theory' Suggests Humans have Already Conquered the Threat of Extinction


 -  Why we Need to Leave Earth... while Making Sure we Don't Leave Earth Behind


Space Debris - Basura Espacial



 -  Guardias de Tráfico Espacial



 -  Space Debris and Human Spacecraft



 -  The USAF Space Command and What it Does...



 -  Time to Get Serious about Removing Space Junk - ESA


Space Odyssey



 -  2001 - An Alchemical Spatial Odyssey



 -  2001 - A Space Odyssey - Complementary Information



 -  2010 - The Year We Make Contact




 -  2001 - A Space Odyssey - by Arthur C. Clarke


 -  2010 - Odyssey Two - by Arthur C. Clarke




 -  2001 - A Space Odyssey


 -  2010 - The Year We Make Contact




 -  A hot Subdwarf - White dwarf super-Chandrasekhar candidate Supernova Ia progenitor


 -  A Supernova that is 570 Billion Times Brighter than the Sun


 -  Chance Discovery of a Three Hour Old Supernova

 -  Confined Dense Circumstellar Material Surrounding a Regular Type II Supernova


 -  Detectan una Inusual Estrella que se Distorsiona en forma de Lágrima y predestinada a Colapsar en Supernova


 -  Did an Ancient Supernova force Humans to Walk Upright?

 -  Diffuse Galactic Antimatter from Faint Thermonuclear Supernovae in Old Stellar Populations


 -  Earth's Heavy Metals Result of Supernova Explosion - University of Guelph Researcher Discovers

 -  Kinematics of Ultra-High-Velocity Gas in the Expanding Molecular Shell Adjacent to the W44 Supernova...


 -  La Perturbación de Sagitario - La Falsa Supernova y La Búsqueda de Nibiru


 -  Las Células del Cuerpo Emiten Luz antes de Morir, igual que las Supernovas en el Espacio


 -  Los Anillos de los Árboles podrían contener Pistas sobre los Impactos de Supernovas en la Tierra


 -  Lucky Break Leads to Controversial Supernova Discovery


 -  Planets Can Survive a Star's Supernova by 'Being Flung Out to Roam The Galaxy'

 -  Pre-Supernova Outbursts via Wave Heating in Massive Stars I - Red Supergiants


 -  Rara Piedra Extraterrestre encontrada en el Desierto Egipcio podría arrojar luz sobre los Misterios del Universo

 -  Supernova 1987A - Thirty Years Later


 -  Supernovae - Vehicle of Ascension?

 -  Wave-driven Mass Loss in the last year of Stellar Evolution - Most Luminous Core Collapse Supernovae


Telescopes - Radio Telescopes / Telescopios - Radio Telescopios


 -  A New Telescope shows the Center of the Milky Way in dazzling, Fiery Detail


 -  Cosmic Vision


 -  El borde Deslumbrante del Universo Oscuro - Primeras Imágenes del Euclid


 -  El Hubble descubre Eärendel, la Estrella más Lejana jamás observada...


 -  El James Webb descubre Seis Galaxias 'Imposibles' que No deberían Existir


 -  El Nacimiento de 50 Estrellas - Espectacular imagen revelada el Telescopio James Webb


 -  El Telescopio Espacial James Webb capta la Creación de un Embrión Estelar


 -  El Telescopio James Webb capta por primera vez Imágenes Detalladas de la Nebulosa Cabeza de Caballo


 -  El Telescopio James Webb captura los Anillos de Urano en una Espectacular Imagen


 - "Está surgiendo una Nueva Astronomía" - ¿Qué buscan los Científicos bajo el hielo del Lago Baikal?


 -  Hubble confirms Largest Comet Nucleus ever seen


 -  Identifican con Ayuda de la Inteligencia Artificial más de 116.000 Nuevas Estrellas Variables


 -  Imagen Impactante del Telescopio Hubble da más Pistas sobre el Destino de Nuestra Galaxia


 -  Images from the James Webb Telescope question 'The Beginning' - Gareth Samuel


 -  James Webb Space Telescope meets the 7 intriguing Exoplanets of TRAPPIST-1

 -  James Webb Telescope - World's Biggest Space Telescope blasts into Orbit

 -  JWST observations of the Horsehead photon-dominated region I - First results from multi-band near- and...


 -  Las increíbles Imágenes que capturó el Telescopio espacial James Webb de la NASA

 -  New 'James Webb Space Telescope' photo showcases Single Star in key mission milestone

 -  Telescopes on the Moon


 -  Telescopio Espacial James Webb podría Descubrir rastros de Civilizaciones Alienígenas

 -  The ASAS-SN Catalog of Variable Stars X - Discovery of 116,000 New Variable Stars Using g-band Photometry

 -  The Hubble Telescope's Deep View of the Universe is now even More Astounding!

 -  The R136 star cluster dissected with Hubble Space Telescope/STIS


 -  The Webb Telescope is Going to 'Change How We See the Universe'


 -  Things are getting tense for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope... literally


 -  Two Weeks in, the Webb Space Telescope is Reshaping Astronomy


 -  Un Telescopio Espacial Europeo detecta el "Viento" Ultrarrápido que escupe un Agujero Negro


 -  Webb Space Telescope snaps its First Photo of an Exoplanet


 -  Webb Telescope spots CO² on Exoplanet for first time - What it Means for finding Alien Life


 -  WISE Telescope Confirms Nibiru a Rogue Planet Outside of Neptune


 -  World's Largest Digital Survey of the Visible Universe




 -  RIP Arecibo Radio Telescope - Michael Clarage


 -  WISE Telescope Confirms Nibiru a Rogue Planet Outside of Neptune


The Milky Way - La Via Lactea


 -  A "Double" of The Milky Way


 -  Andromeda and the Milky Way Might Collide Sooner than We Think


 -  Andrómeda y la Vía Láctea podrían Colisionar Antes de lo que Pensamos


 -  A New Telescope shows the Center of the Milky Way in dazzling, Fiery Detail


 -  Así es el Corazón de la Vía Láctea - Nuestra Galaxia


 -  A Star ejected from the Milky Way's 'Heart of Darkness' has reached a Mind-Blowing Speed


 -  Astrónomos descubren que Nuestra Galaxia es más Especial de lo que se pensaba...


 -  Astrónomos detectan Misteriosas Estructuras Colosales al borde de la Vía Láctea


 -  Astrophysicists Reconstruct the Milky Way's Family Tree

 -  A Three-dimensional Map of the Milky Way using Classical Cepheid Variable Stars


 -  Detailed Map shows Milky Way is Bigger than we Thought


 -  Detectan en la Vía Láctea un Objeto nunca antes visto por los Astrónomos

 -  Detection of Large-scale X-ray Bubbles in the Milky Way halo


 -  Earth and The Milky Way Just Got a Few Trillion New Neighbors


 -  Electric Spheres - Globular Clusters Around The Milky Way

 -  First evidence of a collision between two unrelated open clusters in the Milky Way


 -  Galactic Center Survey - Chandra Takes In The Bright Lights, Big City of The Milky Way


 -  Galactic Umbilicus - The Milky Way Is Connected to The Rest of The Universe

 -  Giant Magnetized Outflows from The Centre of The Milky Way


 -  Gigantic 'Chimneys' extending Hundreds of Parsecs Above and Below Milky Way's Center


 -  Gli Umani sono Fatti di Particelle provenienti da Lontane Galassie - Siamo i Visitatori Extragalattici della Via...


 -  Hay muchos Planetas con Océanos y Continentes en la Vía Láctea


 -  Hidden Supercluster could solve Milky Way Mystery


 -  Humans are Made of Particles from Distant Galaxies - We are Extragalactic Visitors in the Milky Way

 -  Identification of an [α/Fe] - Enhanced Thick Disk Component in an Edge-on Milky Way Analog


 -  Just Four Percent of Galaxies Have Neighbors Like The Milky Way

 -  Kinematics beats Dust - Unveiling nested Substructure in the perturbed outer disc of the Milky Way


 -  La Vía Láctea en una Espectacular Fotografía - Ha costado 12 años y 1.250 horas de Exposición


 -  La Vía Láctea No es Especial - Vivimos en un Barrio Cósmico Corriente

 -  Mass Distribution in the Galactic Center based on Interferometric Astrometry of Multiple Stellar Orbits

 -  Milky Way Demographics with the VVV Survey


 -  Missing Stars in the Solar Neighborhood Reveal the Sun's Speed and Distance to the Centre of the Milky...


 -  Mysteries of the Local Void - Scientists Map a Vast Emptiness around the Milky Way


 -  Mysterious 2,000 Year Old 'Disco Colgante'


 -  Never-Before-Seen Galaxy Spotted Orbiting the Milky Way


 -  Odd Star Reveals Magnetic Field Around Milky Way's Monster Black Hole


 -  Our Milky Way Galaxy has a Mysterious 'Great Dark Lane


 -  Our Milky Way Galaxy On Collision Course with Huge Gas Cloud - 40 Million Years from Now...


 -  Registran por primera vez una Colisión entre dos Cúmulos Estelares - Las Consecuencias aún se Desconocen

 -  Rings and Radial Waves in the Disk of the Milky Way


 -  Scientists Solve Mystery of How most Antimatter in the Milky Way Forms


 -  Solar System's Milky Way Neighborhood Upgraded


 -  Something Strange Punched a Hole in the Milky Way - But what Exactly is It?


 -  Space Cloud Ripped Apart by Milky Way's Giant Black Hole

 -  The 1.28 GHz MeerKAT Galactic Center Mosaic - by I. Heywood, I. Rammala

 -  The Bar and Spiral Structure Legacy (BeSSeL) Survey - Mapping the Milky Way with VLBI Astrometry

 -  The Collision Between The Milky Way and Andromeda


 -  The Corrugated Galaxy - Milky Way may be Much Larger than Previously Estimated

 -  The Feeble Giant - Discovery of a Large and Diffuse Milky Way Dwarf Galaxy in the Constellation of Crater


 -  The Galaxy is Not Flat - Researchers show in new 3D Model of the Milky Way

 -  The Globular Cluster System of The Milky Way - Accretion in A Cosmological Context


 -  The "Milky Way" and Our Galactic Neighborhood


 -  The Milky Way could be Spreading Life from Star to Star


 -  The Milky Way has a 'Broken' Arm that could reveal its Galactic History


 -  The Milky Way is Totally Twisted


 -  There May Be in the Milky Way more Earth-like Planets than Grains of Sand on all our Beaches

 -  The VPOS - A Vast Polar Structure of Satellite Galaxies, Globular Clusters and Streams around the Milky...


 -  Towering Balloon-like Structures discovered Near Center of the Milky Way

 -  Tracing the Milky Way's Vestigial Nuclear Jet


 -  Two Strange Blobs of X-ray Energy are Swirling Out of the Galaxy's Center


 -  Una Sección Transversal detallada de otra Galaxia revela Sorprendentes Similitudes con nuestro Hogar


 -  Un Telescopio penetra hasta el Fondo de la Vía Láctea


 -  We finally know When Our Milky Way will Crash into the Andromeda Galaxy


 -  Where is Earth in the Milky Way?


 -  'Zone of Avoidance' and Vela Supercluster - One of the Most Gigantic Objects Revealed behind the Milky...


Universe Size - Do You still Believe We are 'Alone' in The Universe? / Tamaño del Universo


 -  Algunos Hechos Increíbles Acerca de la Galaxia de la Vía Láctea - Nuestro Hogar Galáctico


 -  Estas son las 5 Estructuras más Colosales del Universo


 -  First-Ever Model Simulation of The Structuring of The Observable Universe


 -  How Many Galaxies are in the Universe?


 -  Just How Small we Really are in The Universe - Videos that Will Shift your Perspective

 -  JWST Early Universe observations and ΛCDM Cosmology - by R. Gupta


 -  La Épica Escala de El Tiempo y El Espacio


 -  'River of Stars' Streaming through the Milky Way was Hiding in Plain Sight for 1 Billion Years


 -  Some Mind-Altering Facts about the Milky Way Galaxy, Our Galactic Home


 -  The Epic Scale of Time and Space


 -  The Estimated Number of Stars in the Universe Just Tripled


 -  The Universe has 10 Times More Galaxies than Scientists Thought...


 -  The Universe's Galaxy Population Just Grew Tenfold


 -  This is How We Know there are Two Trillion Galaxies in the Universe


 -  Una Investigación data la Edad del Universo en 26.700 millones de años - Casi el Doble de lo que se creía...


 -  Why isn't Everyone Bothered by the Strangeness of the Universe?




 -  Journey Through the Universe Beyond the Speed of Light


 -  The True Size of The Universe





 -  A Highly Magnified Star at Redshift 6.2


 - "Cosmos" by Carl Sagan



 -  El Desarrollo De La Luz - por Rodney Collin



 -  El Universo En Una Cáscara de Nuez - por Stephen Hawking


 -  Existió Otra Humanidad - por J.J. Benítez

 -  Extraterrestrial - The First Sign of Intelligent Life Beyond Earth - by Avi Loeb

 -  Life in the Cosmos - From Biosignatures to Technosignatures - by Manasvi Lingam and Avi Loeb

 -  Mythos and Cosmogony - Origins of the Solar System - by Tess Clark

 -  Slaying the Sky Dragon - Death of the Greenhouse Gas Theory

 -  Slaying the Sky Dragon 2 - Complementary articles and essays to the original Sky Dragon book

 -  Star formation near the Sun is driven by expansion of the Local Bubble - by Catherine Zucker

 -  The Biosphere - by Vladimir V.I. Vernadsky

 -  The Forbidden Universe - by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince

 -  The Grand Design - by Stephen W. Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow

 -  The Reflexive Universe - Evolution of Consciousness - by Arthur M. Young


 -  The Ringmakers of Saturn - by Norman R. Bergrun


 -  The Saturn Myth - by David Talbot

 -  Where did the Universe come from? - And other Cosmic Questions... - by Chris Ferrie and Geraint F. Lewis




 -  2001 - A Space Odyssey


 -  2010 - The Year We Make Contact


 -  A "Heart" from Pluto in Latest Images, as New Horizons' Flyby Begins

 -  Aliens - Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking


 -  Alignments in the Cosmos

 -  A New 9th Planet for the Solar System?


 -  Así es el Espectacular Nacimiento de una Estrella


 -  Asteroid Collision Video


 -  Celestial Demo


 -  Conspiracy of Science - Earth is In Fact Growing


 -  Cosmic and Earth Changes - LaViolette's Theory of Galactic Superwave - Earth Under Fire

 -  Cosmic Eye - A Universe Size Comparison


 -  Cosmos


 -  Cosmos - A Personal Voyage - Carl Sagan



 - "Cosmos" - de Carl Sagan


 -  Down to Earth - The Overview Effect



 -  El Universo a Través el Hubble



 -  El Universo, el Multiverso, el Omniverso


 -  Ese Pequeño Punto Azul Palido - The Pale Blue Dot - Carl Sagan

 -  First Animal to Survive in Space


 -  Frontiers of Deep Space - Hubble's Greatest Snaps


 -  Galaxies Across Space and Time



 -  Génesis - La Aparición de La Vida en La Tierra


 -  Giant Stars


 -  How Large is The Universe? - Cosmic Journeys


 -  Hubble - 15 Years of Discovery


 -  Hyperdimensional Hexagon - Richard Hoagland on Coast To Coast Show

 -  Hyperdimensional Plasma Ship



 -  Imágenes de Laniakea - El Supercúmulo Galáctico al que Pertenecemos

 -  Jaw-Dropping Talk on Our Bizarre Universe - Richard Dawkins

 -  Journey to The Edge of The Universe


 -  Just How Small We Really Are in The Universe - Videos that Will Shift your Perspective

 -  Known Universe - The Biggest and Smallest


 -  Known Universe - The Fastest



 -  Macro-Micro Cosmos - El Universo Humano


 -  MicroCosmos


 -  Mission to Mars


 -  Mysterious Objects at The Edge of The Electromagnetic Spectrum


 -  Neutrinos - Mensajeros desde los Confines del Universo

 -  New Model of the Universe:


Mars - 1

Mars - 2

Mars - 3



The Moon


 -  Pale Blue Dot - Humility

 -  Planet From Another Galaxy Discovered


 -  Reclaiming Dominion - Santos Bonacci


 -  Sedna Presentation 1


 -  Sedna Presentation 2


 -  Seeing Stars - Extreme Astronomy


 -  Solar System Shift



 -  Sonidos del Universo


 -  Space-Time and Cosmology - Nassim Haramein - Coast to Coast AM - February 3, 2010

 -  Spiral Galaxy - The Milky Way Unraveled


 -  Strange Bright Spots on Dwarf Planet Ceres' Pyramid Mountain

 -  Symbols of An Alien Sky


 -  The BIG Image - Gigapixels of Andromeda


 -  The Connected Universe - Nassim Haramein

 -  The Elegant Universe - The Theory of Everything - Einstein's Dream

 -  The Fabric of The Cosmos - The Illusion of Time - Does Time Really Exist?

 -  The Known Universe


 -  The Largest Galaxy in The Universe - IC 1101


 -  The Planets


 -  The Search for Earthlike Planets


 -  The Sounds of Interstellar Space


 -  The Story of Everything - Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking

 -  The Universe, the Multiverse, the Omniverse


 -  The Universe through The Hubble Ultra Deep Field in 3D


 -  The Year of Pluto - NASA New Horizons


 -  This Speech will Change Your Life - Carl Sagan


 -  Through The Wormhole - The Matrix


 -  The Sun as Art


 -  Venus - Death of A Planet


 -  Voyage to The Edge of Space - Your View of the World is About to Change

 -  Was the Universe Born from Nothing? - Living in a Quantum Dream...

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