"From the smallest particle to the largest galactic formation, a web of electrical circuitry connects and unifies all of nature, organizing galaxies, energizing stars, giving birth to planets and, on our own world, controlling weather and animating biological organisms.

There are no isolated islands in an Electric Universe".
David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill





 -  A Solar Siesta


 -  A Synopsis of The Electric Universe


 -  Back to Plasma - The Electric Universe


 -  Comet Holmes In The Electric Universe


 -  Deep Field Image falsifies Big Bang


 -  Discovering The Electric Sun



 -  Earth's Richat Crater


 -  Electric Comet


 -  Electric Dust Devils


 -  Electric Enceladus


 -  Electric Galaxies


 -  Electric Helix - Helix Nebula and Its Electrical Structure


 -  Electric Jets on Io


 -  Electric Spheres - Globular Clusters Around The Milky Way


 -  Electric Universe


 -  Galaxies are Born in Lightning


 -  Hide and Seek - Astronomers claim to have found the Galaxies Missing in their Earlier Observations


 -  Impossible Objects stun Scientists - Stuart Talbott


 -  Io - The Electric Moon


 -  Jupiter Thunderbolt


 -  Los Verdaderos Orígenes de la Teoría del Cometa Eléctrico


 -  Lunar Magnetic Anomalies


 -  Mars - Planet of a Thousand Mysteries


 -  Martian "Blueberries" in the Lab


 -  Megalightning at Saturn


 -  No Iron Dynamo - Jupiter


 -  Plasma Vortex - Jupiter


 -  Predicting the Electrical Etching of Io


 -  Saturn is a Violent Electrical Environment


 -  Saturno è un Ambiente Fortemente Elettrico


 -  Science's Looming 'Tipping Point



 -  Space Charge - The Sun resides within an Electric Shield


 -  Stellar Vibrations


 -  Synopsis of The Electric Universe



 -  The Dragon Storm



 -  The Electrical Etching of Mercury



 -  The Electric Sky


 -  The Electric Sun - Main File



 -  The Electric Universe Heresy


 -  The Essential Guide to the Electric Universe - EG2EU


 -  The Plasma Universe of Hannes Alfvén



 -  The Safire Project - Testing The Electric Sun


 -  The Saturn Myth - by David Talbot



 -  The Thunderbolt That Changed The Face of Mars



 -  The True Origins of Electric Comet Theory


 -  Thunderbolts of The Gods


 -  Tornados as Electric Discharge


 -  Vibraciones Estelares


 -  Was Titan Born From Electrical Parturition? - Planetary Double Layers


 -  Weird Hexagonal Dune Field seen on Mars


 -  Wheels Within Wheels - Celestial Bodies



Additional Information



 -  Alpha and Omega - How The Sun’s Interior Generates Its Magnetic Field Is a Long-Standing Mystery for...


 -  A Nobel Prize for The Dark Side



 -  Another Dark Matter Fail


 -  Boom! - È stato un "Big Bang"?


 -  Boom! - Was it a "Big Bang"?



 -  Ciclones, Terremotos, Volcanes y Otros Fenómenos Eléctricos



 -  Científicos Rusos Refutaron la Teoría Estadounidense sobre la Estructura Interna de la Tierra


 -  Comet ISON - C/2012 S1



 -  Cosmic Web Orchestrates the Progression of Galaxies



 -  Cycle 25


 -  Dark Satellites



 -  Dark Theories - Dark Matter...


 - "Deflector Shields" Protect The Lunar Surface


 -  Detection of The Galactic Haze With Planck - Planck intermediate results - IX


 -  Did An Atomic Explosion Decimate Mars Long Ago? - Nuclear War God


 -  Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Underground Lightning Discharges


 -  Earth Trends - Are Geologic Events Cyclic?



 -  Electric Earthquakes


 -  'Electric Wind' can Strip Earth-Like Planets of Oceans and Atmospheres


 - "Escudos Deflectores" Protegen la Superficie Lunar


 - ¿Es la Gravedad el Motor del Comportamiento Estelar?

 -  How Oblate is The Sun


 -  Immanuel Velikovsky - Main File



 -  Io - Jupiter's Consort



 -  It's Official - Sunspot 'Cycle 25' is Beginning...


 -  La Evolución y el Campo Eléctrico de la Tierra



 -  Lo Oscuro del Sol

 -  Lunar Charge Distribution - A Change The Way We Look at The Moon

 -  Lunar Magnetic Anomalies


 -  Message of Valles Marineris


 -  Moon Mass - Density Anomalies


 -  My Challenge to Conventional Views in Science - Velikovsky’s Challenge to Science


 -  Mystery of The Cosmic Thunderbolt - Main File


 -  New Tunguska Crater Found?


 -  Nox Aeterna - Do So-Called "Accretion Disks" Around Presumptive Black Holes Generate Gamma-Rays?


 -  Nuclear War God - Did An Atomic Explosion Decimate Mars Long Ago?


 -  On Mars Things Only Get More Weird



 -  Plasma Physics, Space Research and The Origin of The Solar System


 -  Rainmaker - Arid Regions Are Influencing Their Weather Using Electrical Technology


 -  Relámpagos Solares - Las Llamaradas Solares Pueden Ser Vistas Como Gigantescas Descargas de...

 -  Rocks That Crackle and Sparkle and Glow - Strange Pre-Earthquake Phenomena

 -  Solaria Binaria - Origins and History of The Solar System


 -  Solar Lightning - Solar Flares Can Be Thought of As Giant Lightning Discharges


 -  Solar Magnetic Polarity Reversal


 -  Solar Physics - Swirls in The Corona


 -  Space Shuttle Struck by Megalightning?



 -  Spiders and Space Weather


 -  Spiral Galaxies & Grand Canyons


 -  Sprites and Elves - Lightning's Strange Cousins Flicker Faster Than Light Itself


 -  Stars that Bend Time


 -  Sun Stroke


 -  Tendencias de La Tierra - ¿Son Cíclicos Los Eventos Geológicos?


 -  Terremotos, Volcanes y Descargas Subterráneas de Relámpagos


 -  That One Story Again - The Thunderbolt


 -  The Body Electric - by Robert O. Becker


 -  The Dark of The Sun



 -  The Dragon's Den



 -  The Dragon's Den - Saturn's Atmosphere Erupts in Spectacular Fashion


 -  The Dust of Creeds Outworn - Collapsed Stars, Exploding Stars, Windy Stars, and Dusty Stars Call for...


 -  The Electric Comet



 -  The Electric Comet - The Elephant in NASA's Living Room?


 -  The Electric Wind of Venus - A Global and Persistent 'Polar Wind' like Ambipolar Electric Field sufficient...


 -  The Great Comet Venus



 -  The Great Titan Desert


 -  The Scars of Miranda - A Uranus Moon


 -  The Sombrero Galaxy


 -  The 'Spiral Galaxy' at Saturn's Pole


 -  The Sun's Magnetic Field


 -  The World Won't End The Way You've Been Told



 -  Thunderstorms Make Antimatter


 -  Titan - A Rosetta Stone for Early Earth?


 -  Venus Isn't Our Twin!





 -  'Big Bang' Busted Again - Wal Thornhill

 -  Birkeland Currents and Weather - Donald E. Scott


 -  Birkeland Currents in the Cosmos - Eugene Bagashov


 -  Breaking the Science Barrier - The Electric Universe's bold push against Big Science

 -  Did Ancient Man See a Different Sun?


 -  Electrical Craters on Earth


 -  Electrical 'Form and Function' - Michael Clarage


 -  Electrical Shaping of Biology - Michael Clarage


 -  Electric Comets - Reasons the Universe is Electric


 -  Electricity Hiding Behind 'Dark Matter'?


 -  Electric Quakes on Mars - Stuart Talbott

 -  Electric Universe - An Invitation to Progress in Science


 -  Gigantic Jets and the Electric Earth


 -  Instant Fossilization - Peter Mungo Jupp


 -  Is Mysterious South Polar Heating Electrical? - Donald Scott



 -  Los Rayos de Los Dioses - El Universo Eléctrico


 -  Mars Geology gets Even "Weirder"


 -  Mass Extinction thru Cosmic Force


 -  Our Lightning-Scarred Moon - The Evidence Grows


 -  Plasma Cosmology - Introduction


 -  Red Sky Paradox in an Electric Universe


 -  Seeking The Third Story - The Electric Universe


 -  Sun's Effects on Life on Earth - Geomagnetic Effects and Electricity of Life

 -  Symbols of An Alien Sky - Selections


 -  Symbols of An Alien Sky - The Video


 -  The Cosmic Fireball - Electric Universe

 -  The Electric Universe Theory - An Alternative Model of Cosmology?

 -  The Lightning-Scarred Planet Mars


 -  The 'Safire' Sun


 -  Time to Wipe the Chalkboard Clean - Cosmos

 -  Thunderbolts of The Gods


 -  Understanding Human Nature - Wal Thornhill


 -  Venus and Forgotten History - Wal Thornhill

 -  Venus, Mars and Catastrophism - The Reconstruction


 -  Webb Space Telescope and Stellar Discovery


 -  Wings of a Butterfly - The Electric Universe



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 -  Our Solar System and Moons - Main File


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