-  A Galactic Fairy Ring


 -  A Gas Cloud on Its Way Towards The Super-Massive Black Hole in The Galactic Centre


 -  Agujero Negro en Nuestra Galaxia


 -  Agujero Negro Supermasivo de la Vía Láctea Expulsa Muchas Llamaradas - ¿Pero Porqué?


 -  Agujeros Negros, Agujeros de Gusano y la Décima Dimensión - ¿Podrán éstos Conceptos ser Probados...


 -  Agujeros Negros y Pequeños Universos



 -  Algunos Agujeros Negros borran tu Pasado y te dan un Infinito Numero de Posibles Futuros


 -  Almost Snack Time for Our Galaxy's Supermassive Black Hole


 -  A Monster Black Hole's Jet has 125 Billion Times More Energy than the Sun

 -  An Over-Massive Black Hole in a Typical Star-Forming Galaxy, 2 Billion Years After the Big-Bang


 -  Are we All Wrong about Black Holes?

 -  A Strong Magnetic Field Around the Supermassive Black Hole at The Centre of The Galaxy


 -  Astronomers Creep-Up to the Edge of the Milky Way's Black Hole


 -  Astrophysics - Fire in The Hole! - Black Holes


 -  Big Black Holes found in the Smallest Galaxies


 -  Black Hole Discovered Which Emits Brilliant Light


 -  Black Hole Explosions?



 -  Black Holes and the Journey of the Soul



 -  Black Holes are Not Ruthless Killers - But Instead Benign Hologram Generators


 -  Black Holes - From Fantasy to Facts



 -  Blackholes, Wormholes and the Tenth Dimension - Will These Concepts be Proven by a Theory of...


 -  Certain Black Holes erase your Past, and Give you Infinite Number of Possible Futures - Scientists Found


 -  Cómo la Nube de Gas G2 Sobrevivió al Agujero Negro en el Corazón de Nuestra Vía Láctea


 -  Cómo Levantar el Velo que Cubre el Agujero Negro de Nuestra Galaxia


 -  Could this Be what a Black Hole Really Looks Like?


 -  Descubren Estrellas Naciendo dentro de Agujeros Negros Supermasivos


 -  Desvelados los Secretos que Rodean la Creación de un Agujero Negro


 -  Detectaron Campos Magnéticos en el Agujero Negro de la Vía Láctea


 -  Does a Black Hole ever Die?


 -  El Agujero Negro de Nuestra Galaxia Muestra Señales de Mayor Actividad


 -  Enormous Black Hole is Too Big for its Galaxy


 -  Fifteen years of XMM-Newton and Chandra monitoring of Sgr A*


 -  Finding the 'Happy Medium' of Black Holes


 -  First Black Hole For Light Created on Earth


 -  Físicos Rusos resuelven el Enigma de los Agujeros Negros Primordiales


 -  Five Black Hole Couples found Merging - Caught in the Act!


 -  'Galactic Center' - Earth, the 33rd World


 -  Gigantic Black Hole Found in Cosmic Backwater


 -  Goodbye Big Bang, Hello Black Hole? - A New Theory of The Universe's Creation


 -  Hiding Black Hole Found



 -  How Black Holes Shape the Cosmos


 -  How Gas Cloud G2 Survived the Black Hole at our Milky Way's Heart


 -  Latest Black Hole Collision comes with a Twist


 -  Los Agujeros Negros Podrían ser Generadores de Hologramas - Y Nosotros Solo Copias


 -  Los Agujeros Negros Viven un Caos Ordenado


 -  Los Científicos Identifican Acelerador de Energía Cósmica en el Centro Galáctico


 -  Los Cosmólogos encuentran 'Fantasmas' de Agujeros Negros de Otros Universos


 -  Lo Último que Sabemos del Centro de la Vía Láctea - Una Fiesta de Agujeros Negros y un Mapa "a la Van Gogh


 -  Magnetic Fields may muzzle Milky Way's Monster Black Hole


 -  Medusas Galácticas Alimentan a los Agujeros Negros Supermasivos


 -  Milky Way's Black Hole Shows Signs of Increased Chatter


 -  Milky Way's Monster Black Hole Belches Big - But Why?


 -  Misteriosa Nube G2 Identificada Cerca de Agujero Negro


 -  Mysterious G2 Cloud Near Black Hole Identified



 -  New Class of Black Holes Discovered


 -  Odd Star Reveals Magnetic Field Around Milky Way's Monster Black Hole


 -  One Step Closer to Black Hole’s Event Horizon


 -  Puzzling Accretion onto a Black Hole in the Ultraluminous X-ray Source M-101 ULX-1


 -  Qué es Exactamente un 'Horizonte de Eventos de Agujero Negro' y lo que Sucede Allí

 -  Ram Pressure Feeding Supermassive Black Holes


 -  Rotating Black Holes may Serve as Gentle Portals for Hyperspace Travel


 -  Scientists find a Black Hole 100.000 times Bigger than our Sun - At the Center of the Milky Way


 -  Scientists find Evidence of Strong Winds outside Black Holes


 -  Scientists Identify Cosmic Energy Accelerator at the Galactic Center


 -  Sleeping Black Hole Awakens to Devour Doomed Star


 -  Space Cloud Ripped Apart by Milky Way's Giant Black Hole


 -  'Stargate' - Científicos hallan una 'Puerta' en el Centro de los Agujeros Negros


 -  Stephen Hawking, Black Holes and Alex Collier


 -  Strong Disk Winds Traced throughout Outbursts in Black-Hole X-ray Binaries


 -  Super-Massive Black Hole Will 'Eat' Gas Cloud


 -  Tiempos Curvados y Agujeros Negros - El Pasado, Presente y Futuro del Espacio Tiempo


 -  Time Warps and Black Holes - The Past, Present and Future of Space-Time


 -  Twisted Pairs - Remote Galaxy Host Two Black Holes



 -  Un Agujero Negro 'Se Traga' la Teoría General de la Relatividad de Einstein


 -  Un Paso Más Cerca al Horizonte de Eventos del Agujero Negro


 -  Vast Black Hole Swarm may Surround Milky Way's Heart


 -  What Exactly is a 'Black Hole Event Horizon' and What Happens There?


 -  What is a Supermassive Black Hole?



 -  What Sonic Black Holes Say About Real Ones



 -  What Would it Look Like to Fall Into a Black Hole?



 -  Why Black Hole Interiors Grow (almost) Forever


 -  X-ray Telescope to Provide Virtual Journey to Black Hole



 -  Young Black Hole Had Monstrous Growth Spurt



Additional Information

 -  A 17-Billion-Solar-Mass Black Hole in a Group Galaxy with a Diffuse Core

 -  A Critical Review of Safety Papers Concerning Black Holes at The LHC

 -  A Dust-enshrouded Tidal Disruption Event with a Resolved Radio Jet in a Galaxy Merger

 -  AGN-Driven Outflows in Dwarf Galaxies

 -  A Model with No Firewall


 -  Astronomers Spot a Strange, Supersonic Space Cloud Screeching through Our Galaxy


 -  Black Whole Dynamics - The Foundation of our Holofractographic Universe


 -  Black Whole Dynamics - The Origin of Consciousness


 -  Buried AGNs in Advanced Mergers - Mid-infrared Color Selection as a dual AGN Finder


 -  Contorting Reality - The Mystery of Black Holes and Wormholes


 -  Cosmic Time Travel



 -  Desaparecido - Hace Miles de Millones de años, la Mitad de la Materia Visible del Universo Desapareció

 -  Detection of Galactic Center Source G2 at 3.8 Microns during Periapse Passage


 -  Did "OTHERS" Disengage CERN’s Copious Production of Black Holes & (Temporarily) Stop The Stargate?


 -  Dinámica de Los Conjuntos Negros - ¿El Origen de la Conciencia?


 -  Dinámica de Los Conjuntos Negros - La Base de Nuestro Universo Holofractográfico


 -  Discoveries Fuel Fight over Universe's First Light

 -  Discovery of a Dual Active Galactic Nucleus with ~ 8 kpc Separation

 -  End Point of Black Ring Instabilities and the Weak Cosmic Censorship Conjecture


 -  Gigantic 'Chimneys' extending Hundreds of Parsecs Above and Below Milky Way's Center


 -  'God' Particles from the Galactic Core


 -  Holographic Description of Quantum Black Hole on a Computer

 -  Impact of Curvature Divergences on Physical Observers in a Wormhole Space-Time with Horizons


 -  La Perturbación de Sagitario - La Falsa Supernova y La Búsqueda de Nibiru


 -  Los Científicos del Gran Colisionador de Hadrones esperan hacer pronto, Contacto con Universo Paralelo


 - ¿Los "OTROS" Liberaron la Copiosa Producción del CERN de Agujeros Negros y Detuvieron la Puerta...

 -  Millimetre-Wave Emission from an Intermediate-Mass Black Hole candidate in the Milky Way


 -  Missing - Billions of Years Ago, Half the Universe's Visible Matter Disappeared

 -  Negative-Mass Hydrodynamics in a Spin-Orbit-Coupled Bose-Einstein Condensate


 -  Nox Aeterna - Do So-Called "Accretion Disks" Around Presumptive Black Holes Generate Gamma-Rays?


 -  ¡Nuestra Galaxia Despierta!


 -  Nuevo Avance para Resolver el Misterio de los Rayos Cósmicos


 -  Our Galaxy Awakens!

 -  Out of the White Hole - A Holographic Origin for the Big Bang


 -  Partículas de 'Dios' desde El Centro Galáctico


 -  Project Looking Glass



 -  Proyecto Cristal de Mirar


 -  Quantum Extension of the Kruskal Spacetime

 -  Quantum Near Horizon Geometry of Black 0-Brane

 -  Quantum Transfiguration of Kruskal Black Holes


 -  Relativistic Reverberation in the Accretion Flow of a Tidal Disruption Event


 -  Scientists Accelerate Backward Time Travel under Laboratory Conditions for First Time


 -  Scientists at Large Hadron Collider Hope to Make soon Contact with Parallel Universe


 -  Simulations Back Up Theory that The Universe is A Hologram

 -  Star Formation Inside a Galactic Outflow


 -  Stephen Hawking's Mind Roamed the Cosmos - Dies at 76

 -  The Black Hole Case - The Injunction Against The End of The World

 -  The Size, Shape, and Scattering of Sagittarius A* at 86 GHz - First VLBI with ALMA


 -  Time Control Technologies and Methods


 -  Una Nueva Teoría científica Cuestiona el Origen del Universo - ¿Colapso de un Universo Anterior?


 -  Una Opción Distinta - La Nada...

 -  White and Grey Holes in Astrophysics



Gravitational Waves


 -  After Black Holes Collide, a Puzzling Flash



 -  Colliding Black Holes tell New Story of Stars


 -  Defining Gravity


 -  Did LIGO Detect Dark Matter?



 -  Einstein's Gravitational Waves Found at Last


 -  Electromagnetic Counterparts to Black Hole Mergers Detected by LIGO


 -  Epic Gravitational Wave Detection - How Scientists Did It


 -  Esta es la Música de la Geometría del Espacio - Graban Colisión de Dos Agujeros Negros

 -  Fermi GBM Observations of LIGO Gravitational Wave event GW150914


 -  Gravitational-Wave Observatory LIGO set to Double its Detecting Power


 -  Gravitational Waves hint at detection of Black Hole eating Neutron Star


 -  Gravitational Waves - What their Discovery Means for Science and Humanity


 -  Gravity Waves Detection Supports Whistleblower Claims of Secret Development of Antigravity Spacecraft


 -  LIGO Architects Win Nobel Prize in Physics


 -  LIGO Detects Another Black Hole Crash

 -  Observation of Gravitational Waves from a Binary Black Hole Merger


 - ¿Qué es lo que las Ondas Gravitacionales nos Dirán sobre El Universo?


 - ¿Qué se puede Escuchar con Ondas Gravitacionales del Universo?

 -  Short Gamma-Ray Bursts from the Merger of Two Black Holes

 -  The Black-Hole Collision that Reshaped Physics

 -  The First Gravitational-Wave Source from the Isolated Evolution of Two Stars in the 40-100 Solar Mass...


 -  What will Gravitational Waves Tell Us about the Universe?



Wormholes - Agujeros de Gusano


 -  Agujero de Gusano Creado en Laboratorio hace Invisible el Campo Magnético

 -  A Magnetic Wormhole

 -  Electromagnetic Wormholes and Virtual Magnetic Monopoles from Metamaterials


 -  Energía Negativa - Agujeros de Gusano y Deformaciones del Espacio-Tiempo


 -  Físicos Publican la 'Guía Paso a Paso' para Construir un Agujero de Gusano


 -  Negative Energy, Wormholes and Warp Drive


 -  Newfound Wormhole allows Information to Escape Black Holes


 - ¿Qué es Un Agujero de Gusano?


 -  Traversable Asymptotically Flat Wormholes with Short Transit Times


 -  What is a Wormhole?


 -  Wormhole Created in Lab Makes Invisible Magnetic Field


 -  Wormholes, and Time Machines - Tunnels in Space and Time

 -  Wormhole-Stargates - Tunneling Through The Cosmic Neighborhood - by Eric W. Davis




 -  Agujeros Negros y Pequeños Universos - por Stephen Hawking


 -  Black Holes in Physics of The Earth - by A.P. Trofimenko



 -  El Universo en Una Cáscara de Nuez - por Stephen Hawking



 -  Álbum de Fotos y Videos


 -  Black Hole Rising!


 -  Black Whole - Nassim Haramein


 -  El Agujero Negro - Monstruoso Gigante de La Vía Láctea


 -  El Universo a Través el Hubble (3.4 Mega - Tarda aprox. 2 minutos en cargar)

 -  Energy Scales of The Universe - Black Holes and Cold Sparks

 -  New "Death Star" Black Hole Discovered


 -  Risks in Operating The Large Hadron Collider?


 -  Supermassive Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy


 -  The Largest Black Holes in The Universe


 -  The Unbelievable Scale of Black Holes Visualized

 -  Vortices de Energía Fluyendo de Un Agujero Negro

 -  What Happens if You Fall Into a Black Hole?



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