by Noel Huntley


excerpted from

"ETs and Aliens - Who Are They? and Why Are They Here?"

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Alpha Centauri is a nearby multiple star in the constellation Centaurus.


It is the name of a binary star system with a small additional star called Proxima Centauri.

Extraterrestrials from the Alpha Centauri system are particularly scientifically and technically advanced, possessing great theoretical knowledge that they endeavor to instill by inspiration into Earth scientists. In fact, according to the Explorer volumes this star system is directly involved as a portal from the Creator - life in effect comes forth from Alpha Centauri.

They represent the violet band of frequencies - giving scientific and technical knowledge of the highest quality in the universe. The violet ray is the highest vibration.


It is through this frequency that connection to the universal intelligence and the Great Central Mind is made for all. The Alpha Centaurians do have access to this channel of information in their natural state -  they are totally empathic and telepathic on their home planet.

Information on an extraterrestrial encounter from the Proxima Centauri star system is well documented in the late Elizabeth Klarer's book Beyond the Light Barrier.


This smaller star is the nearest of any star to Earth and is at a distance of 4.2 light years.

An ET by the name of Akon visited Mrs. Klarer on several occasions; she was even taken to his planet, named Meton, in the Proxima Centauri system for several months.

Now this race of beings from Meton originally came from Venus. They are human in appearance; slightly taller. Akon, an astrophysicist, claimed to be several thousands of years old (though this may not have been translated into our years).

Elizabeth Klarer was born in 1910 in South Africa and was trained as a meteorologist at Cambridge, England. She later obtained a degree in music at Trinity College, London.


During WW2 she was employed by the South Africa Airforce Intelligence, and during operations did work for the Royal Airforce, decoding German communications. She was also trained to observe UFOs for the South African Airforce UFO Division.

Telepathic communication occurred between Akon and Elizabeth over a period of years until finally in 1956 on flying Saucer Hill (as she named it) at Rosetta, Natal, the crew revealed themselves and she was taken up into space and into the vintage mothership.


She was apparently originally from Venus in a previous lifetime and she and Akon were spiritually related (referred to as twin flames or soul mates).

In spite of her popularity and recognition, not surprisingly she endured harassment from the American intelligence forces, and was once almost kidnapped by the Russians, who wanted to capture the future space child that she was then carrying of Akon's.

She was eventually taken to planet Meton in the Proxima Centauri system where she stayed for four months and gave birth to and reared her space child, Ayling.


Unfortunately, owing to the vibrations of the magnetic field being different on Meton, her heart was unable to adjust to the new pressures, and she was forced to return to Earth.


Contact continued from Akon and her son by holographic projection.

In 1984 particular interest was shown in her experiences by the British Ministry of Defence, and they announced that UFOs do exist and are now official (note that this was all soon pushed under the rug).


Her story attracted the attention of many countries, in particular, America, Britain and Russia.


In 1975 she was given a standing ovation at the 11th International Congress for UFO Research in Germany.


She was applauded by a group of scientists representing twenty-two nations where she gave a speech about the secrets of light. In 1983 she addressed the House of Lords, in England, and her paper was also read at the United Nations.


Following this she travelled to Switzerland and appeared in a television show. She wrote the book 'Beyond the Light Barrier' which sold out its first edition in two weeks (strange events though: the publisher then absconded and her second book 'The Gravity Files' never appeared in print).

Mrs. Klarer described the spacecraft she flew in as perfectly circular, about 60 feet in diameter, with a flattish dome in the centre around which were placed portholes.


The ship's hull had a silvery sheen, but she stated that it wasn't a reflection from the sunlight; it was the ship's own natural glow.


It came directly from the skin of the ship, and when the power was switched on, the whole ship glowed, developing a field differential around it that it moved within. Inside it was very beautiful and simple, and the entire floor was covered in a red-rose type of carpeting - very soft and springy.

She stated Akon's ship carried a crew of two. Both were astrophysicists but the other was also a great botanist; a needed ability in understanding the flora and fauna of planets for their protection and in the preparation of planets for human habitation.


She pointed out that the ship was created in space from pure light energy into substance and it took naturally the celestial form. They then would bring the shell of the craft to the surface of the planet and furnish it with equipment, etc.


The motherships, however, were created in space and assembled in space; components were ferried up to it.


This civilization goes back more than 65 million years when Venus had a more physical existence on its surface than would be possible today. It was known that our sun was a variable star (irregular frequencies) and at certain epochs it expanded with the release of intensified radiation.


As a safeguard they built the vast motherships to ferry all the people and as much as possible of the flora and fauna away from Venus to Earth, which was the nearest neighbor.

As a result of this activity and Venus being closer to the Sun, the seas had dried out and what little fauna remained and all flora were destroyed. Also their dinosaurs were destroyed by the intensified radiation. Thus the Venusians made an exodus to planet Earth and its moon for a temporary sojourn.

Following this the Venusian civilization left Earth again owing to the harsh nature of the Sun and moved to Proxima Centauri, which had a stable sun. They settled on planet Meton since it was similar in atmospheric conditions to Venus and most important, of high vibration.


They kept bases on the Moon, Mars and Earth, which they still visit.

A section of their civilization remained on Earth to aid its advancement. A tall, fair-haired race of beings who lived in the Andes were descendants of the Venusians. Their main work throughout the galaxy is to prepare star systems for human habitation.

The civilization on Meton has what we would call an ideal society. No illness, no government, no traffic, pure air, complete harmony, even harmony with the animals and insects.


It was typical of advanced races, what can be called a holographic, synchronistic civilization, similar to the Pleiadian's existence that we have described.


There is no monetary or barter system. Everything is plentiful and free.

Akon's 'flying saucer' fits neatly on top of his spherical house. One can see out of the house from the inside but not in. There are no roads. Traffic is merely a monorail winding through the beautiful countryside. Their foods are natural and not cooked, apart from the warming of a type of oatmeal bun (to hold it together).


They have gravity belts, which the children have fun with.

Another civilization from a planet called Selo in the Alpha Centauri system has been in contact with Hal Wilcox of Los Angeles for a number of years. Hal Wilcox is a well-known UFO contactee of the '50s and '60s. He was involved in a mission of soul-memory recovery.


According to Hal this is based on the information that, whereas Lemuria and Atlantis were destroyed, the civilization Antila had its negative era arrested by the Creator's decision of occluding full past-life memory.

An obvious purpose of this occlusion would be to protect man from overwhelming reactivation of his negative past-life incidents, and then present an opportunity of handling man's problems on a controlled basis by programming the amount of rebound or karma he would experience in any one life-time; a procedure carried out by the Guardians.

Planet Selo is four-and-a-half light years from Earth, and Hal Wilcox has made several visits - one for three days.


Technologically they are about 600 years ahead of us and correspondingly advanced spiritually, living to much greater ages and retaining youthful appearance - 25 years of so.


They utilize the universal so-called Ino computers; incredible data-processing units that are a symbiotic synthesis of mechanisms and creative life or consciousness. (Both these contactees in this chapter were known by the author.)

The Santinians are another group of ETs from the Alpha Centauri system. They have been referred to as the most technically and spiritually advanced humanities in our solar neighborhood.


They have followed the evolution of Earth and are aiding mankind in its next evolutionary step into the Aquarian Age.

The Santinians are from a planet similar to Earth, named Metharia, one of several planets orbiting Alpha Centauri. Owing to the binary star the planets do not experience a period of complete darkness.

Metharia consists of one large continent and many islands. Most of the surface is covered in water, similar to Earth. Life exists in the etheric and higher realms, not in the physical. They are on a similar level to the Venusians and have bases on Venus.

They have nature spirits on Metharia but not stormy weather, due to the perfect harmony. Vegetation is unusually rich, unknown on Earth, and production and supplies are provided by the devas.


The Santinians are as one would expect, vegetarians. Animals have reached a high level of intelligence and do not require training.

Population is about 3.5 billion inhabitants, and about 5 million devote themselves to space travel and may spend a significant part of their life on spaceships. Houses are harmonically designed and blend into the countryside. There are no cities and crowded areas.

Knowledge and spiritual laws are uniformly accepted throughout the planet and standards of living and education are consistent. They recognise the Law of One and there is no selfishness. There is no electromagnetic pollution, in particular, since it disturbs the nature spirits.

A typical family on Metharia has two children and marriage ceremonies are conducted. It is said, however, that divorce is possible. Spacecraft technology is very advanced. Motherships are several miles in length and they have interdimensional travel with dematerialization and materialization.

The Santinians are here to help man but only when man is ready to accept this; they will not interfere.


Note: There exists a non-profit club in Germany which has the mission to establish contact with the Santinians for all seeking people. Twice a week there are meetings, and from time to time there are also seminars - This Santinian information is from a website article, signed Laro Schatzer.





Arcturus is a red-supergiant star in the constellation Bootes about 36 light years away and is visible in the northern hemisphere.


It is called the 'Guardian of the Bear' because of its position behind the tail of the constellation Ursa Major. The Arcturian's planet is also referred to by them as Arcturus.

It has been stated by more than one source, including Edgar Cayce, that the Arcturus civilization is one of the most advanced races in this galaxy.


(Note that this does not just mean third- dimensional races but ones in embodiment, that is, focused in a particular body.)


In fact Arcturus is in the fifth-dimensional spectrum.

A most revealing contact with the Arcturians has been made by Dr. Norma Milanovich, and her book 'We, the Arcturians'' gives a thorough presentation of these extraterrestrials from Arcturus.

They describe themselves as of a form that wouldn't win a beauty competition on Earth. They are three to four feet tall; very wispy and very slender. They all look very much alike. This was chosen since they are past comparisons and judgment, and being different no longer appeals to them.


Skin is greenish in color, but strictly they state they have a color which does not register on our planet.


They have two very large almond-shaped eyes. They have three fingers on each hand which they call projectiles. These may be used to touch and guide objects which they normally move psychokinetically. That is, they can move objects with their mind, and they can float their own bodies.

Even their 'brains' are not actually brains but complex systems of fibres and 'neurons' that 'control frequency patterns of our essence'.


They think a hundred times faster than humans and they have an olfactory ability not comprehensible to humans. They can feel the energy and process it through emotions.


This additional ability prevents confusion of any messages being received and increases accuracy. In their learning and education they do not note the content learned but the energy effects from this, which are measured.

They have underground bases on Earth and in the mountains, and they state they are on the same dimensional frequency as the fairies. Their starships are propelled by crystals. These are special crystals which conduct light energy from the Great Central Sun (centre of the galaxy). Their main source of power is crystals, which draws energy from the universe.

The Arcturians are beyond computers and utilize other systems. They do not eat foods, but obtain nourishment by ingesting energy. They do sleep but only for a short time once a week when they connect to higher realms.

They state there is no such thing as gravity in the fourth and fifth dimensions of spacetime. They like to exercise their legs in addition to the floating, which is accomplished by tapping their consciousness into liquid Light.

Nourishment is from vital liquids. Their eyes are dark brown to black in order to shield them from the sun which harms their telepathic ability.


This latter faculty is their primary way of seeing; eyes are secondary.

Their eyes can filter out lower vibrations and are capable of focusing inner and outer vision at the same time which aids the telepathic abilities.

They state that they do have a heart and that the heart holds the answers to the universal keys - contains the balancing of the positive and negative.


They have a sense of hearing which transcends their telepathic ability; and can hear sounds outside normal range and from other dimensions.


They can sense with the back of their heads.

The Arcturian's life span is around 350 to 400 years.


There is no sickness. Clothing when off the planet is functional and can transcend time and space and manifest in other dimensions. It is close fitting; it is not necessary or desirable for them for their skin to breath off planet.


The clothing aids information processing. It has no openings in it and it is put on by entering via the fifth and fourth dimensions (presumably they mean a total body-covering garment with apertures for the head and maybe hands and feet).

At their home planet they wear free-flowing garments which will not hinder locomotion and they are used merely for adornment and respect. Clothing is not needed for warmth as temperature is consistently ideal.

When asked about emotions the response was that in fact they were more emotional than humans and were the emotional planet of the universe, but, however, they have mastered the emotions. They add that humans are the weakest and least disciplined of the species.

Only the wisest are given the position of looking after the young in what are called unit structures. Qualification is determined by the color of the person's aura.

They can immediately determine the weather condition they desire. Even two persons can manifest simultaneously two opposite kinds of seasons, that is, in the exact moment of time and space.

They refer to Arcturus as the teacher - a conceptualization which can free humans and other beings from their own entrapment.


The power from Arcturus (planet or star) comes from both the direct energies of Arcturus and also from the instruments aboard their ships. These two sources of power feed their energy needs while they are away but they need to return periodically for the nourishment of their souls.

They consider Arcturus the sister planet to Earth. They are the caretakers of the fifth-dimensional frequency inhabitants, and Earthlings are the caretakers of the physical third-dimensional realities. They are the inner-world of reality; we are the outer-world of reality.

They were asked about the star ships and told that there were 35 divisions to the starship Athena. Let us describe some of these.

The Remembrance Headquarters reunites them with their home star system of Arcturus. This is visited when the being feels the need. These quarters are located far from the other major functional areas.


This function can take the etheric body of the crew member back home to rejuvenate them. Earth has a harsh frequency; it tends to affect their consciousness in ways they do not understand. Thus before using this Remembrance Chamber members must be cleared of all negativity.

Another area having the function of 'kitchen' is called the Energy Transformer Storage and Retrieval Area and is designed to eliminate waste and energy and has the capability of converting it to light energy. It can be used to bring in water from outside (Earth is water-based) and produce pure food supplies.


The ship was specially designed for Earth's atmosphere.

The Sleeping Quarters are used once every seven days. In this state they are connected to their higher existence. This keeps them spiritually balanced and enables them to continue with their highest goals.

Another chamber is for manifestation - the Magnificent Chamber for Manifestation - and is stated to be the most advanced that could be imagined.


The chamber is designed to compliment and support rearrangement of the molecular structure of the being's central nervous system to experience fifth-dimensional frequencies and higher.


It is said to be more than joy and happiness, more than telepathy and being in the etheric form. It is the experience of the All.

The Learning Facility has a complete data bank and information retrieval which includes material on every aspect of Earth life.


The method of learning is a simple one and occurs through telepathic abilities and the central nervous system. This is very much like human's ingest foods. They can absorb concepts one hundred times faster than humans. Instruments are used to implant the data within their 'brain' structures.

Another chamber referred to as the Movement Chamber for Locomotion aids the Arcturians when in Earth's atmosphere. Thought processes of Earth's inhabitants have created an energy field that is out of balance - most humans thus can't maintain a state of balance in their lives.


The chamber keeps the Arcturians at a vibration above those on Earth. Built into its design is a perfect balance of energy sources - it supports one's physical emotional and spiritual needs. All beings entering the ship are required to use this chamber.


Visitors may often be in dream (astral) states, such as humans would be.

The Chamber for the Captives (meaning those caught in earth's vibration, such as us) may be visited in the dream and astral state by even advanced masters who have reincarnated on Earth but are being caught up in the illusions and negativity. The Arcturians bring them to this chamber to set them free, to wake up to who they are and continue their mission.

The Communication Chamber is used like a medical checkup each month.

It supports continued growth and development of telepathic powers.


It is equipped with a mechanism which absorbs mental thoughts and records their significance and power.


It will identify for the subject any difficulties in focusing the mind.

One of the most critical support systems is in the Motivational Storage Motion Area.


It is designed to take information about Earth and their mission and place the data in a holistic framework. It will create constructs for operations across the dimensions third, fourth and fifth.


For example,

handling distortions when thoughts, words, actions and emotions are transferred from one dimension to another.

This function keeps the holistic motivation of plans in focus and stores data, then puts in motion the integration of it for action and purposes outside the ship.

The Information and Communication Information Area contains the most powerful information of the universe and is shared only with appropriate individuals.

The Integrative and Supportive Area is like the 'mess hall' or 'lounge area'.


It is for socializing, rest and relaxation. However, frequency sensors keep a check on the telepathic transmission of 'non-classified' information which may apply when visitors are present.

The Mechanism Chamber is a complex area that allows them easy access to unfamiliar locations.


It replicates a life-form structure and sends it to the surface of the planet to test it and learn from the way the replica pattern operates. Adjustments can thus be made before sending the actual life-form, such as themselves. The area can also be used 'medically' to detect malfunctions and reprogram them instantly.

The Engineering Apparatus Area is used to maneuver the ship between the third, fourth and fifth dimension of time and space. It handles the magnetic changes in going from visibility to invisibility.

These are a few examples of the amazing technologies present on the Arcturian ship, Athena.


The Arcturians state that they have been here with planet Earth since our beginnings and in fact state that they own the planet, meaning that it is their training ground and have responsibility for it.


They can exist in the fourth and fifth dimension but also lower their frequencies to be visible in the third dimension.

They long since contacted our governments, but as is the case with all such ET contacts with many governments on Earth they were rejected.

Their mission is to educate souls on Earth in preparation for survival in the fifth-dimensional frequency. The planet is moving into the New Age, which they referred to as the seventh Golden Age.


It will be a time of balance, harmony, and love, raising the planet's vibrations to its highest level. Thus each human must raise his or her vibration accordingly.


In the meantime the planet Earth must cleanse itself with the inevitable manifestation of upheavals.