-  2013 - The Year of The Comets



 -  Actualización del Meteoro Ruso - Febrero de 2013



 -  A Key to the Mystery of Comet Origins... in the Current Visit of Hale-Bopp?


 -  Algo realmente Grande debió Impactar en la Tierra hace 12.800 Años


 -  A Massive Impact Crater has been Hiding under Greenland's Ice Sheet


 -  A New Comet - C2012 S1



 - ¿Asteroide o Cometa? - Nuevos datos sobre la Extraña Roca Espacial 3200 Faetón


 -  Asteroid Impact - NASA simulation shows 'We are Sitting Ducks'


 -  Asteroids - Past Impacts/Near Misses/Future Approaches


 -  A Volcanic Comet Blows its Top


 -  Campo del Cielo - La Llanura Sudamericana Sembrada de Meteoritos Descubierta en 1576


 -  China puede Salvar a la Tierra del 'Armagedón'


 -  Comet 73P/Schwassmann Wachmann and Eric Julien - Main File


 -  Cometary Asteroids


 -  Cometary Evidence of a Massive Body in The Outer Oort Cloud - by J.Matese, P. Whitman, D...


 -  Comet Causes Great Earthquakes, Tsunami And Bad U.S. Weather - More Proof Of Solar System...


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 -  Comet Schwassmann-Wachmann 3 Disintegrates


 -  Comets May Have Caused Earth's Great Empires to Fall


 -  Cómo el Cráter del Asteroide que Acabó con los Dinosaurios se Convirtió Rápidamente en Cuna de Vida


 -  Confirman la Teoría de un Impacto Cósmico en un Asentamiento Agrícola de hace 12.800 Años, en actual Siria


 -  Cosmic Connection - Comet's Wars, Pestilences and Disasters


 -  Comparing Traditional Astronomical Theory (NASA) Versus The McCanney Plasma Discharge Comet Model


 -  Deep Impact Mission - Main File


 -  Descubren un Microorganismo que se Alimenta de Meteoritos y luego 'Baila' en su Superficie


 -  Determinan la Causa del Enfriamiento Global que Acabó con los Dinosaurios


 -  Di Asteroidi e Generatori Elettrostatici


 -  Disintegrating Asteroid P/2013 R3


 - ¿Dos 'Tunguskas' en América del Sur en La Década de 1930?


 -  ¡El Antiguo Cometa 'Atlas' mide la Mitad del tamaño del Sol y está de Regreso!


 -  Electric Comet


 -  El Hubble Observa un Asteroide Desintegrándose Misteriosamente


 -  El Nuevo Sol y La Kachina Roja


 -  El Planeta-X, Cometas y Cambios Terrestres


 -  El Vuelo 447 y Eventos de Tipo Tunguska - ¿Qué Esconden?


 -  Estamos Indefensos ante el Impacto de un Gran Asteroide


 -  Exploring abrupt Climate Change induced by Comets and Asteroids during Human History


 -  Extraña y Antigua Roca Espacial Antártica revela un Misterio de la Vida


 -  Fall of a Thousand Suns


 -  Fingerprint of a Global Cataclysm 12,800 Years Ago


 -  Forget About Global Warming - We're One Step From Extinction!


 - ¿Fue El Meteorito Ruso Una Prueba de Armas de Estados Unidos y La Advertencia a Los Líderes?


 -  Hallan por Primera Vez en un Asteroide compuestos Orgánicos esenciales para la Vida


 -  How Far is the Asteroid Belt from Earth?


 -  Hubble Witnesses an Asteroid Mysteriously Disintegrating


 -  Huella Digital de un Cataclismo Global de hace 12,800 Años


 -  Ice Core Data Supports Ancient Bolide Impact


 -  Impact Hazards on a Populated Earth?


 -  Jupiter's Cosmic Encounters - 2009


 -  La Explosión del Bólido que pudo haber Provocado una Guerra Nuclear por Error en 2002


 -  Las Montañas que Caen del Cielo


 -  Le Agenzie Spaziali del Mondo stanno per Simulare uno Scenario Apocalittico con Asteroidi


 -  Lluvia de Cometas - ¿Los Cuatro Jinetes del Apocalipsis?


 -  Los Verdaderos Orígenes de la Teoría del Cometa Eléctrico


 -  Meteor - A Different Kind of Catastrophe - Something Wicked This Way Comes


 -  Meteor Hit on Jupiter Prompts Russian Warning for Earth


 -  Meteorite Carries Ancient Water from Mars


 -  Meteorites and The European 'Dark Age' - The Mystery of The Origins of The Red Dragon Symbol


 -  Meteorites, Asteroids, and Comets - Damages, Disasters, Injuries, Deaths, and Very Close Calls


 -  Meteorites in History and Religion


 -  Meteor New Light on The Black Death - The Viral and Cosmic Connection


 -  Meteoro - Una Especie Diferente de Catástrofe - Algo Malvado Viene por Este Camino


 -  Mile and A Half Diameter Asteroid 2002 NT7 - Might Impact Earth in 2019


 -  Mining a $10,000 Quadrillion Asteroid

 -  Narrative Report on the Hazard to Civilization Due to Fireballs and Comets


 -  NASA Busca una Bola de Nieve en El Infierno - Porqué Importan las Teorías de Velikovsky - Ahora Más...


 -  NASA Discovers 72 New Asteroids Near Earth


 -  NASA Publica un Mapa que Muestra dónde Impactaron 600 Meteoritos en 19 Años


 -  NASA Searches For A Snowball In Hell - Why Velikovsky Matters - Today, More Than Ever


 -  New Evidence that an Extraterrestrial Collision 12,800 Years ago Triggered an Abrupt Climate Change for Earth


 -  Newfound Asteroid is 'Quasi-Moon' of Earth


 -  Of Asteroids and Electrostatic Generators


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 -  Planet-X, Comets and Earth Changes


 -  Project FMM - Fibers, Meteorite & Morgellons



 -  Rosetta Craft to Land on Comet at 24,600mph


 -  Rosetta's Philae Successfully Lands on Comet 67P


 -  Russia Considering Sending Spacecraft to Knock Asteroid Off Path and Prevent Earth Collision


 -  Russian Meteor Update - February 2013



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Additional Information


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 -  Archeoastronomy of the Ancient Egyptians



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 -  Convergence and Destiny

   -  Could Modern Humans Survive an Asteroid Impact, like what Killed the Dinosaurs?
 -  Current and Prospective Near-Earth Object (NEO) Detection Activities - October 15, 2010:

       1 - To The House Committee on Science and Technology


       2 - To The Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation

 -  Discrete sources of Cryovolcanism on the Nucleus of Comet 29P/Schwassmann-Wachmann and their Origin


 -  Does a Giant Crater Lie Beneath The Antarctic Ice? - Signs of An Ancient Impact Could Help to Explain...


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 -  Encuentro de Un Asteroide con Marte - El Segundo Sol y La Kachina Roja

 -  Evidence for An Extraterrestrial Impact 12,900 Years Ago That Contributed to The Megafaunal Extinctions...


 -  Exposed Water Ice on Comet Reveals Clues about its Evolution


 -  Fotografían Impacto de Cometa en Neptuno


 -  Galactic Encounters, Apollo Objects and Atlantis - A Catastrophical Scenario for Discontinuities in Human...

 -  Geochronological constraints on the age of a Permo-Triassic impact event - Araguainha structure of...


 -  Has Nibiru-Planet X Been Sighted?


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 -  History and Catastrophe - from "Secret History of the World"


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 -  La Aparición de un Sol Azul en Nuestro Sistema Solar


 -  La Gran Roca Metálica Veas-01


 -  La Historia de La Kachina Azul - Leyenda Hopi Cumplida


 -  Large Pt anomaly in the Greenland ice core points to a cataclysm at the onset of Younger Dryas


 -  LASCO Detecta un Objeto de Grandes Proporciones en El Espacio


 -  Las Crónicas de Vajra


 -  More Bizarre Than Science Fiction


 -  Nanodiamond-Rich Layer across Three Continents Consistent with Major Cosmic Impact at 12,800 Cal BP


 -  NASA Scientist Claims Conclusive Proof of Extraterrestrial Life


 -  NASA to Explore an Asteroid Containing Enough Mineral Wealth to Collapse the World Economy

 -  New clues from Earth's most Elusive Impact Crater - Evidence of reidite in Australasian tektites from Thailand

 -  New Scientific Study Claims Extraterrestrial Fossil Found in Sri Lanka Meteor


 -  New Study Shows that Water and Life is Likely Abundant in Universe


 -  Our Busy Solar System - What is NASA Hiding? - Get Ready for Whast's Coming!


 - ¿Que se Esconde tras la Creciente 'Preocupación' por los Asteroides?

 -  Rapid Recovery of Life at Ground Zero of the end-Cretaceous Mass Extinction


 -  Russia Orders Missile Alert After Mysterious 'Vortex' Slams Into Germany


 -  Russia to Spend Billions on Asteroid Defense


 -  Solar Explosions and Sunspots Caused by Sungrazer Comets


 -  Sungrazers


 - ¿Tendrá Nuestro Sol una Estrella Gemela? - ¿Será "El Gemelo" el Sol Dual, el Cometa de Noviembre 2013?


 -  The Appearance of the Blue Sun in our Solar System


 -  The Cause of The Megafaunal Extinction - Supernova or Galactic Core Outburst?


 -  The Cosmic Tree - by Robertino Solàrion


 -  The Four Horses of The Apocalypse - An Answer To The Threat of 76P And The Plight of Phobos


 -  The Golden Age, Psychopathy and The Sixth Extinction


 -  The Lately Tortured Earth - Exoterrestrial Forces And Quantavolutions In The Earth Sciences

 -  The Polonnaruwa Meteorite - Oxygen Isotope, Crystalline And Biological Composition


 -  The Scholz's Star - A Star that Disturbed the Comets of the Solar System in Prehistory


 -  The Story of The Blue Kachina - Hopi Prophecy Fulfilled


 -  The Vajra Chronicles


 -  The World Won't End The Way You've Been Told


 -  The Younger Dryas interval at Wonderkrater -South Africa- in the context of a Platinum Anomaly


 -  Water for The Rock - Did Earth's Oceans Come From The Heavens? - Research Into The Origin of The...


 -  Water may be an Inevitable Result of the Process that forms Rocky Planets


 -  Witches, Comets and Planetary Cataclysms



Comet ISON



 -  Armada de Astrónomos en Tierra y Flota Espacial sin Precedentes a la Espera de "ISON" el Cometa del...


 -  Cometa ISON - Investigadores del Max Planck Institute Piensan que Había Núcleo Antes del Perihelio


 -  Comet ISON a Dud? - Not for One Scientist



 -  Crop Circle Reveals Comet ISON Was a Spacecraft and July 2014 is an ET Event


 -  Comet ISON - C/2012 S1



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 -  Is Comet ISON Accompanied by UFOs?


 -  ISON's Approach to Earth - Ancient Technologies Destroyed


 -  ISON Survives Its Fiery Swing Around The Sun



 -  L'Osservatorio SECCHI Trasmette le Immagini di un Enorme Oggetto Vicino al Sole - Si Tratta di Nibiru?


 -  Preparing for Comet ISON


 -  The Comet of The Century - The Biggest Star of 2013... Could Be ISON


 -  The Comet-Planet - ISON, Planet X, Nibiru - Carlos Muñoz Ferrada


 -  Unknown Glowing 'UFO' in Evening Western Sky - Starship, Comet, Nibiru, Hercolubus?


 -  Comet ISON - Visitation Preliminary Report by The Andromeda Council

 -  It Turns Out Comet ISON is Planet X-Nibiru


 -  Richard C. Hoagland about Comet ISON and Mars



Interstellar Visitors - 'Oumuamua and Borisov



 -  A Possible Link between 'Oumuamua and UAP - Unidentified Aerial Phenomena


 -  Científicos de Harvard sugieren que 'Oumuamua es un Dispositivo Alienígena

 -  Could 1I/'Oumuamua be an icy Fractal Aggregate ejected from a Protoplanetarydisk? - A Fluffy Radiation...

 -  Could Solar Radiation Pressure explain 'Oumuamua's peculiar Acceleration?


 -  Harvard Scientists suggest 'Oumuamua is an Alien Device


 -  Nace un Proyecto Espacial para buscar Tecnología Alienígena - 'Oumuamua


 -  Navy Insiders corroborate Secret Antarctic Space Fleet and Mission to 'Oumuamua


 -  No, 'Oumuamua is Not an Alien Spaceship - It might Be even Weirder...


 -  No, 'Oumuamua No es una Nave Espacial Extraterrestre - Podría ser incluso Más Extraño...


 -  'Oumuamua may be a Fully Operational Alien Probe sent to Earth's Vicinity... - Harvard Scientist Says


 -  'Oumuamua y Borisov - 4 Diferencias entre los Dos Objetos Interestelares que llegaron a Nuestro Sistema Solar


 -  'Rocket Booster' mistaken for an Asteroid shows 'Oumuamua is Not just a Space Rock - Astronomer says


 -  The Origin of 'Oumuamua Revealed - Mystery Object came from the Pleiades


 -  The Tail of Interstellar Comet Borisov




 -  'En el Comienzo' - de Immanuel Velikovsky


 -  'In the Beginning' - by Immanuel Velikovsky


 -  Ragnarok - The Age of Fire and Gravel - by Ignatius Donnelly




 -  Alien Fireballs - Naked Science


 -  Ancient Earth Impact


 -  Asteroids and Comets - Large file - could take up to a minute to fully load

 -  Comet Collision


 -  Cuatro Maneras de Acabar el Mundo


 -  Day of the Asteroid


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