by Sean McCleary
December 01, 2018
from In5D Website




I do work in evolutionary cosmology and a primary aspect of this evolutionary development in space and time is the experience of death.


Death is the second most powerful concentration of consciousness and energy contained within this universe, with life being the first. I do important work on the incorporation of consciousness being introduced into the evolution of space and time universally.


With utilizing the element of consciousness into my work I have been able to explain powerful and important aspects on how consciousness relates to cosmology.


I use the process of reductionism to formulate important conclusions on certain theories that pertain to existential information. I have been working on the experience of death that life on Earth goes through and have some wonderful information to share.

Death was actually introduced with the big bang because it is a change in the structure of evolutionary development with a powerful concentration of consciousness and energy; just like when the universe was introduced.


Before the universe was introduced into existence there was Infinite Consciousness and energy everywhere.


I use the term 'Infinite Consciousness' because this universe was introduced by a more powerful element of consciousness and energy and infinity is incorporated into the structure of this universe. Also the universe has an identity and had to be conceptualized in order to exist.


This universe gets its evolutionary drive from a more powerful source and is contained within this source which is Infinite Consciousness.

Infinite Consciousness contains pure light energy and pure dark energy.

  • Pure light energy is produced by consciousness and higher frequency vibrations.


  • Pure dark energy is produced by consciousness and lower frequency vibrations.

Consciousness is the will contained within energy that is responsible for facilitating evolutionary advancement.


This will is contained within this universe because evolution advances with space and time. What happened over 13.8 billion years ago is Infinite Consciousness conjoined the two different frequencies in a more powerful way than what had already existed with a design concept for this universe.


Evolutionary force was also implemented in the process and the Higgs boson was introduced:

  • This was the introduction of life into this universe.


  • This was also the introduction of time into this universe.

This universe and the introduction of new life happened within the structure of Infinite Consciousness.


This is also how reproduction transferred into Earth's environment. Reproduction here is an example of the introduction of this universe on a micro level.

What happened was:

After the Higgs boson was introduced the design process of the conceptualization moved forward.


More consciousness and frequencies were introduced into the formation and things got more powerful.


Because of the evolutionary force, the design conceptualization and the mixture of frequencies got more powerful, this started generating matter in the form of subatomic particles out of the mixture of frequencies.


Subatomic particles contain, consciousness, different concentrations of light and dark energy, pressure, time and evolutionary force. This is what drives their behavior.


There were different subatomic particles being introduced because the frequencies were changing due to, different levels of consciousness, light and dark energy, pressure, evolutionary force and time.


During the process this consciousness started experiencing a very powerful resistance to evolution.

This happened due to the change that was occurring. This consciousness had originally belonged to Infinite Consciousness and experienced a very powerful force of resistance to remain in the same state, and an aspect of this consciousness fought against this change with all its might.


This created an opposite charge of energy and transferred into subatomic particles that were being generated out of the frequencies.


This is how antimatter was introduced.


In this very powerful formation the design concept continued and what was contained within the mixture was,

consciousness, light energy, dark energy, pressure, time, evolutionary force, resistance to evolutionary force, matter and antimatter.

When the design concept became complete what happened was a powerful aspect of this consciousness stopped fighting.


When this happened pressure was released and matter and antimatter collided. It was recently discovered that two bottom quarks can fuse together and cause an explosion.

What happened was when the pressure was released the matter and antimatter collided and the explosion occurred. When matter and antimatter collide; assuming they are the same type of particle annihilation occurs.


This is actually micro representations in space and time on a subatomic level of the big bang occurring due to evolutionary force and the resistance to evolution.

This is how the universe was introduced and how the big bang happened.


Evolutionary force propelled the universe outward everywhere.


When this happened extremely powerful resistance with consciousness and energy also drove the universe back inward towards Infinite Consciousness.


The resistance to evolution with this consciousness created a very powerful force and an energy transferring in the opposite direction linking the universe's consciousness and energy to the origin of its birthplace and back into Infinite Consciousness.


There is not a black hole located at the origin of the big bang.


It is similar to a black hole but it contains evolutionary force driving outward from the explosion and energy driving in the opposite direction; connecting the universe with Infinite Consciousness.


It is like a channel of energy connecting the evolutionary drive of infinity. The Higgs field transferred out everywhere with the explosion. What happened was Infinite Consciousness experienced an explosion within itself and consciousness and energy with infinity broke apart everywhere.


This is what drives the diversity of matter and energy in different directions everywhere in space and time.

When the explosion occurred what happened was when a very powerful aspect of this consciousness and energy merged; this consciousness became unaware of itself in this moment before the formation of the universe took place. This is how death was introduced into this universe.


This consciousness and energy is contained within Earth's structure in a very powerful way.


Earth is located in the Milky Way galaxy which is 13.51 billion years old.


This consciousness and energy exist in this location of the universe where space and time contain an extremely powerful memory of what happened when the big bang occurred. This consciousness and energy transferred into planet Earth when Earth was introduced into the Milky way galaxy.


Reproduction and death occur here globally within fractions of a second. This is an extension in space and time where the activity that occurred with the big bang is represented.


The reason the Higgs boson experienced decay with the LHC is because of this consciousness and energy that represent life and death on Earth.

Compare a human being with the size of a subatomic particle. The Higgs boson decayed in a flash. Human beings have a life expectancy of about 80-85 years or so now on Earth. All of this activity is a representation of the introduction of this universe.


The Higgs field does permeate everywhere throughout the universe and the Higgs field exists here. The pressure is very powerful in and around planet Earth and within living organisms here.


Living organisms repel the Higgs field away from them due to pressure contained within the body.


This is why everything feels empty here when it is actually not. Human beings just cannot detect this activity happening because their consciousness doesn't have very much interaction with the Higgs field.


This is due to the time in reference to how old the human race is on Earth. Human beings have to evolve into the Higgs field and the Higgs field has to develop further into planet Earth.


This is why the Higgs boson was discovered here by CERN.

When a human being experiences death what happens is the pressure is released from the body and the Higgs field transfers into the individual.


Their consciousness and energy transfers into the Higgs field and they transfer away from planet Earth into the Whirlpool galaxy.



The Whirlpool Galaxy

(Spiral Galaxy M51, NGC 5194),

a classic spiral galaxy located in the

Canes Venatici constellation,

and its companion NGC 5195.




Life here transfers away from planet Earth when death is experienced faster than the speed of light because the Higgs field is contained all over the universe and has a direct connection with Infinite Consciousness.


This is like what I described earlier with death and the introduction of the universe. It is the same principle only on a micro level. They accelerate with the universe and space and time with their beautiful and peaceful journey.


The reason it is so peaceful is the resistance to evolution which is death here is gone completely.


The tunnel described with NDE's is a wormhole that is created with the transfer. It is like being born again only they are consciously aware of the change.


They redevelop through space and time and arrive into the Whirlpool galaxy in a much more advanced state of evolution and eternal life.


The reason they obtain eternal life is because they experience evolutionary development with the universe itself instead of the reproductive process here.


The Higgs field is also much more concentrated in this location of existence which facilitates a very powerful advancement in evolution and life.


This is how the universe and life and death were introduced into existence...