Eat your heart out, Al Gore.

Being a carbon billionaire is so passé now that we're in the age of the $100 trillion climate swindle. So the real question is who (or at least which corporate front) will be the first carbon trillionaire?

Will it be a carbon eugenics promoting Rockefeller or a global government promoting Rothschild, or a carbon divesting Saudi government, or one of the shady hedge funds that are spearheading weather derivatives and other Enron-developed financial instruments to try to cash in on the carbon fraud?


Global warming is dead on arrival.

We are living in a cooling world because we revolve around a cooling sun, which will reach the height of inactivity in about ten to fifteen years.

Many cooling activities are also happening earth side: dramatically increased volcanic activity, continued commercial air traffic (global dimming effect), the loss of ozone in the stratosphere; and because of the geoengineering of the atmosphere to cool the earth even though there is no global warming.
We also have increasing cloud cover and precipitation because of increased cosmic rays touching down on earth, which explains much about the record-breaking snow and cold as well because more sun light that is reflected back to space because of the clouds.






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 -  More Than 700 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims


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