Carbon Dioxide: The Gas of Life
Tiny amounts of this miracle molecule make life on Earth possible.


"CO2 is also a pollution fighter that reduces the harmful effects of ozone, nitrous oxides and other pollutants in the air, or too much nitrogen fertilizer in the soil."






 -  According to 'Direct Atmospheric Measurements' CO² Levels were above 400 ppm in the 1940s...


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 -  Dos nuevos Artículos Científicos arrojan más Dudas sobre la Contribución Humana al 'Calentamiento Global'


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 -  El Secuestro de lo 'Verde' - De 'la Belleza y la Biodiversidad' a 'la Falsificación y el Fascismo'


 -  En el Océano Profundo las Bacterias pueden utilizar la Energía del Azufre para fijar CO2


 -  Europa Gastará el 10 por ciento Anual de todo su PIB para 'Reducir' las Emisiones de CO2


 -  Experimento al Aire Libre en el Mundo Real destruye la Narrativa del 'Calentamiento Global'


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 -  Forests the size of France Regrown since 2000 - Study Suggests


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 -  Fossil Fuels are the Greenest of Energy Sources


 -  Ganador del Nobel refuta la Narrativa del Cambio Climático - Señala un Factor Ignorado


 -  German Physicist Says CO² Affecting Climate Change is "Sheer Absurdity"


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 -  La Creencia Que el CO² Puede Regular el Clima es Un "Absurdo Total" - Entrevista al Físico y Meteorólogo...


 -  La NASA confirma que la Argentina es uno de los Pocos Países del Mundo con Balance Positivo de Carbono


 -  La NASA confirma que la Tierra es Más Verde que hace 20 Años


 -  Life Depends on Carbon Dioxide CO²


 -  Long-living Tropical Trees do the Heavy Carbon Lifting


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 -  Rising CO² producing "Miracle" Re-greening Effects across the Planet as global Tree Cover rapidly Expands


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 -  Scam Claims that Humans' 'Carbon Emissions cause Global Warming' are a 'Hoax' - Experts Warn...!


 -  Scientists Confirm Slight Global Warming Greening the Antarctic Peninsula with New Life


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 -  Undeniable fact that "Carbon Dioxide" is NOT a "pollutant" but a Giver of Life - Open Letter to Canada's P.Minister


 -  Un Estudio revela que las Plantas son capaces de Absorber más Dióxido de Carbono de lo que se pensaba


 -  United Nations 'Anti-Human Push' to De-Carbonize the World


 -  United Nations calls for Economic Ruin to 'Diffuse the Climate Time-Bomb'


 -  United Nations Carbon Regime would Devastate Humanity


 -  Warming 'Not Possible' because CO² retains Heat for only 0.0001 Seconds - Says Physicist


 -  We Need More CO² in the Atmosphere, Not Less


 -  While the Climate Always has and Always will Change, there is no Climate Crisis


 -  Why Environmentalists are Celebrating Rising CO² Levels - Al Gore Backlash


 -  Wind Farms Are Net Carbon Dioxide Emitters


 -  Wind Farms Will Create More Carbon Dioxide - Say Scientists

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Carbon and Taxes



 -  Alarmists Fake Grassroots Effort to Guarantee Carbon Taxes


 -  Carbon Tax Proven Useless Against "Global Warming"


 -  Charade of Man-Made Climate Change Will Trick You Into Paying Carbon Taxes


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  Net Zero - Cero Neto  

 -  Bill Gates promueve el "Cero Neto" ("Net Zero") como Solución al Cambio Climático


 -  John Kerry's Daughter pushes WEF's 'Net Zero' Agenda - Public compliance 'No Longer a Choice'


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 -  WEF's "Net Zero" Goals could kill 4+ Billion People


 -  Well-Funded Climate Activists waging Psychological Warfare on the Public




 -  Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds - by Charles Mackay

 -  Inconvenient Facts - The Science that Al Gore doesn't want You to Know - by Gregory Wrightstone

 -  Large Historical Growth in Global Terrestrial gross Primary Production - by J.E. Campbell, J.A. Berry, U. Seibt

 -  Net Isotopic Signature of Atmospheric CO2 Sources and Sinks - No Change since the Little Ice Age - by D.K.

 -  The Positive Impact of Human CO² Emissions on the Survival of Life on Earth - by Patrick Moore

 -  Unsettled - What Climate Science Tells Us, What it Doesn't, and Why it Matters - by Steven Koonin


 -  Bill Gates' Agenda to Chop Down Forests



 -  El Gran Fraude del Calentamiento Global


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Español  -  La Historia del Suelo
Italiano  -  La Storia del Suolo

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