by James Delingpole
September 05, 2018

from Breitbart Website




While the rhetoric continues, actions are speaking louder than words:

coal and fossil fuel production and usage is still rising as nations refuse to do things that will harm their own economies.

Technocrats at the UN and elsewhere can only scream louder and longer that mankind is doomed if global warming isn't curtailed.


Trump Vindicated as Paris Climate Agreement Unravels

The Paris Climate Agreement is a dead non-binding treaty walking.


All the signatories know this, none of them will admit it.


So instead, we have to endure the ritual spectacle of UN delegates racking up yet more air miles and dumping their carbon footprint on a new location in order to wail hysterically that much, much more needs to be done to 'save' the planet from the greatest threat ever.

This week the United Nation's clown caravan has moved to Bangkok, Thailand, the preliminary to an even bigger meeting, COP24, in December in Katowice, Poland.

As the South China Morning Post reports, the auguries aren't good:

Time is running out to save the Paris Agreement, United Nations climate experts warned Tuesday at a key Bangkok-meeting, as rich nations were accused of shirking their responsibility for environmental damage.

That's because - just as they were in Paris 2015 - the negotiations are caught between a rock and a hard place.



Western countries don't want to stump up for what is essentially an attempted shakedown by poorer countries demanding more handouts in the name of "climate justice."

Developing economies - as they have cunningly managed to designate themselves - like India and China and the rest of the BRICs - have absolutely no interest in hampering their economies with carbon emissions cuts, not least because they recognize that "global warming" is just a scam invented by Euro Weenies who want to decide how the world is run.

That's why, as Townhall reports, they are all going mad for coal:

[Climate Justice] was the idea that developed countries should pay developing countries compensation for the slowing down of their economic growth that would result from the mandatory transition from coal to more expensive renewable energy sources, as proposed in the agreement.

Despite the approval of such funding, both India and China continued to expand their coal consumption. They continue to import, export, and use coal extensively.


At their current pace, neither country will ever achieve their emission targets as mentioned in their respective INDCs.

Russia, meanwhile, is quietly developing its coal infrastructure despite its claims of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. In 2015, Russia's coal production stood at 186.37 million TOE (Tons of Oil Equivalent). It jumped to 206.33 million in 2017.

The country is expanding its coal infrastructure to enable more streamlined transport of coal across the country and to meet the increase in exports due to demand from its Asian neighbor China.

Meanwhile, in other BRIC, the most likely candidate to win Brazil's next elections - Conservative Jair Bolsonaro - has vowed to pull his country out of the Paris Agreement.

So, all in all, President Trump has every right to feel vindicated at his decision to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement.

And that is left for his critics to do is wail and gnash their teeth, making impotent demands like this one from a bunch of 200 arthouse luvvies - led by Oscar-winning actress Juliette Binoche.

They have written to France's Le Monde newspaper, claiming that climate change is the "greatest challenge in the history of mankind" and demanding that all necessary measures be taken by governments - no matter how unpopular their decisions may be.

The signatories are a Who's Who

  • of some of the most attractive actresses in French cinema: Binoche; Isabelle Adjani; Marion Cotillard; Catherine Deneuve

  • plus a few Americans who want to be burnished by association with moody, arthouse French cinema (Tim Robbins, Rufus Wainwright, etc.)

  • plus some French rappers no one outside France has heard of

Unfortunately, no one cares...