December 02,2010

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It’s not supposed to be so cold and snowy so early in the winter when the world is thought to be warming.


Eminent scientists are not supposed to turn their backs on the lying press and government to tell us it’s getting colder, not warmer. The entire discussion has us in the Twilight Zone with the global warmers and coolers still in heated conversation.


The press’s most recent broadside entitled “World warmer, short-term trends need study - report” stated:

The global average temperature has increased over the past 160 years, but short-term trends in temperature and sea ice seem to be at odds with each other and need more research, the UK Met Office’s Hadley Center said. In a report on long- and short-term climate trends, the Hadley Center found several factors that indicate a warming world and said 2010 has been one of the warmest years on record.


The report drew on the work of more than 20 institutions worldwide and used a range of measurements from satellites, weather balloons, weather stations, ocean buoys, ships, and field surveys.

One of the warmest years on record - are we to believe this?


If global warming was such a slam dunk, why are they now tipping their hands mentioning the colder short-term trend? How can they define what is going on as a short-term trend when the future is not written yet?


Stockholm is forecast to experience its coldest seasonal temperatures
for over 100 years
this week as winter weather takes hold of the
country, according to the Swedish Meteorological Institute.


One thing we never see in the press is a solar weather report, which would show that we continue to traverse a solar minimum that is driving temperatures lower.


Another thing we don’t see are intelligent and sensitive discussions about the dramatic weather and its consequences in terms of provoking food scarcity and panic. Certainly we are not calculating all the recent volcanic activity that is throwing out huge tonnages of sunlight-filtering particles into the air and how this can increase the cooling affects already in place because of solar inactivity.


We have not had a new Krakatoa, which drove down world temperatures all by itself. What we have are multiple volcanoes around the world throwing up large amounts of sun-blocking particles.


Krakatoa was one of the most catastrophic natural disasters in recorded history.


The reality of quick world cooling driven by cooling oceans, diminished solar activity, and volcanic pollution could put humanity on the devil’s anvil.


Massive underwater volcanoes have risen from the ocean floor deep
under the Arctic ice cap, spewing plumes of fragmented magma into the
sea, but we don’t hear in the press how this might have been the source
of the warming in the arctic while temperatures plunge in Antarctica.


We don’t like to think that the press and the corporations that control it are just flat-out lying to us.


Like abused children at the hands of their parents we hope against all odds that big brother is really looking out for us. We hope that we continue to live in a free society in the west, but this is an absurd and deliberately-created illusion.


The Gestapo took over the mainstream press a long time ago. We can clearly see that in the total blackout of what is still going on in the Gulf of Mexico. The suffering and growing sickness from the oil spill is growing, but these people have been written out of the universe by our precious free press. The oil is still there and the President of the United States should be impeached for his betrayal of all these people.

Down here on the ground and back to daily life we find extreme cold gripping Europe. Forecasts are for temperatures to plunge down to -38°C in Switzerland. We find bitter and brutal cold front moving down into the United States and the coldest in Trondheim, Norway in 222 years. It really does sound and feel like global warming doesn’t it?


Temperatures across Germany and France to Britain and Scandinavia will slide 10°F to as much as 20°F below normal. Energy demand for home heating will rise substantially.



Polar express coming to Europe.

Photo source: Wikipedia


Computers have been forecasting a wicked cold winter for Europe this year and now that has arrived.


A blast of Arctic air has descended across northern and central Europe as a huge high pressure zone off in the Atlantic combined with a low pressure system to the east over the Baltic, pumping frigid air over the continent.


One meteorologist says such a weather pattern was last seen 70 years ago.



The coldest night in Derby, England in 134 years

(dating back to 1876 when records first began)

was just registered this November.


Some of the coldest air to blast through the United States during the month of November is spreading fierce record cold to "the western two-thirds of U.S.“


The bitter, Arctic air already invaded the Northwest over the past few days, sending temperatures plummeting to record lows in Seattle and many cities across Montana.

New records include high temperatures of minus 10°F in Cut Bank, Mont., and minus 8°F in Lewistown, Mont., last Tuesday. A record low temperature of 27° was set at Redding Airport in California the other morning. This breaks the old record of 28° set in 2007.


And we already have record snow in at least 12 states.



Northern Ireland also had its lowest November
reading on record with 15°F at Loch Fea.


What are the consequences of rapid cooling along with much higher heating costs for people who live in the hardest hit areas?


We are already seeing grain prices soaring, threatening to push food prices through the roof. Grain could rise 50 percent due to drought, shortages, demand, and severe weather.

“Higher prices may spur costlier food, fanning inflation. World food costs climbed to the highest level in more than two years in October on more expensive meat, cereals, cooking oils, and sugar,” the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization said.


“Farm commodity prices, measured by the Standard & Poor’s GSCI Agriculture Index of eight futures, climbed +37% this year as China and India grew three times faster than the U.S.”


“The growth in consumption is in China, and, by some forecasts, is so rapid that it may test the world’s limited resources,” said Anne Frick, analyst at Prudential Bache Commodities LLC in New York.


“Should the appetite for commodities from cash-rich investors become wild and crazy as some executives predicted, the market could get out of control,” she said.

The pace of China’s soybean purchases for delivery this marketing year has exceeded expectations, according to Cofco Ltd.

“More and more companies are buying further into future months and purchases are larger,” said Chang Muping, vice general manager of the oilseed division at Beijing-based Cofco.

China has a lot of free cash to throw into commodities, they have a lot of hungry mouths to feed, and they are already struggling with too-high food inflation, which is threatening the government with social instability.


They are rushing toward price controls and food subsidies and all of this can and will drag the price of food up for the rest of us. Climate change is threatening us just at a time when we can least afford higher food prices.






Yes sure, it’s getting warmer so better stock up on your sunscreens and save some money for a new air conditioner.


The bitter cold people are feeling in the northern hemisphere is just an illusion after all. Look, they have lied about just about everything, so much so that lies seem more real than the truth. In the above video they are even saying that it’s colder in Scotland than on the North Pole. I think even the little creatures have enough intuition to feel and understand that something big is up; some major shift in conditions on many levels is upon us.

British gas and power prices rose sharply on increased domestic consumption and demand for electrical power from neighboring countries such as France and Belgium, which have also been hit by the cold.

“It’s insane, there’s a lot of panic,” one gas market broker said. “If we have the smallest supply issue it’s going to be worrisome.”

Temperatures in parts of Germany reached a record minus 18°C for December 1st.

The next Ice Age perhaps started this week, as a few scientists have warned might be coming. It might be an early call but certainly it’s an early winter. I would bet the barn that it sure is going to feel like the beginning of an Ice Age in Europe and probably the entire northern hemisphere these next months.


Though this winter might be catastrophic in terms of heating costs and more dramatic rises in food prices, on top of what we are already suffering through, the real threat, that they are probably trying to hide from us, is the cold getting worse each year.

People have no idea how vulnerable modern civilization is but I imagine we are going to get some severe lessons in this regard.


Personally I already have tears in my heart and dripping down my face for those who will freeze to death and for all the children who are going to be cold and go hungry.

Special Note


Just after finishing this essay I read in the mainstream news Global experts - Warming could double food prices.


It is extremely pathetic to see the lies piled on top of lies and utter duplicity of the press and these supposed experts. This report also extends possible food price rises for a forty year period when the reality is we will see them not in forty but in the next year alone.