The image on the right, reproduces the outline of the eagle from the red shield, the coat of arms of the city of Frankfurt, Germany, adapted by Mayer Amschel Bauer (1744-1812) who changed his name from Bauer to Rothschild ("Red Shield").


Rothschild added five golden arrows held in The eagle’s talons, signifying his five sons who operated The five banking houses of the international House of Rothschild:

  • Frankfurt

  • London

  • Paris

  • Vienna

  • Naples

from "Secrets Of The Federal Reserve - The London Connection"






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 -  La 'Mano Negra' de los Rothschild está Destruyendo la Investigación y Desarrollo del Cannabis en EE.UU.


 -  La "Mano Nera" dei Rothschild sta Distruggendo la Ricerca e lo Sviluppo della Cannabis negli Stati Uniti


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 -  Lord Jacob Rothschild morto a 87 anni


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 -  Rothschilds pianificò il Covid-19 nel 2015 - Ufficio Brevetti degli Stati Uniti...


 -  Rothschilds planned Covid-19 in 2015 - U.S. Patent Office...


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 -  Why the Rothschilds are Implicated in the 'Covid-19 Hoax'


 -  World Governance by The Rothschilds - Chart



Additional Information



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 -  Wikileaks es una Operación de Rothschild


 -  WikiLeaks is a Rothschild Operation


Red Symphony - Sinfonía en Rojo Mayor



 -  China - ¡Este Sistema de Gobierno nos Amenaza a Todos!


 -  China, the Rothschilds and the Global Rise of Communism


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 -  Rothschilds Conduct "Red Symphony"



 -  Red Symphony - by Dr. J. Landowsky



 -  Sinfonía en Rojo Mayor - El Libro - por Dr. J. Landowsky


 -  Sinfonía en Rojo Mayor - Red Symphony





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 -  Enemies of the People - The Rothschilds and their corrupt Global Empire - by Paul Cudenec

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 -  David de Rothschild Regrets Global Governance Tough to Activate in Copenhagen


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 -  Debunking David de Rothschild and The Global Warming Hoax


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