by William Walter Kay, BA JD
December 12, 2022
from Principia-Scientific Website







Persons profiled below are not part of some climate-industrial-complex controlling cabal...

Industrial-complexes, by definition, are not centralized hierarchies.


Rather, they are galaxies of autonomous organizations sharing certain characteristics and circling common government agencies...

The thousands of government agencies and private enterprises comprising the global climate-industrial-complex collectively garner and spend trillions of dollars every year.

No individual enterprise within this complex commands one percent of this flow. Although not formerly organized, climate oligarchs, now dominate the complex.

A "climate oligarch" shall be defined as a person:

  1. owning assets valued at or above $US 1 billion

  2. including substantial renewable energy and/or electromobility investments

  3. who is directly involved in advancing the climate-energy agenda...



On May 14, 2022, British-educated, 61-year-old Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan (MbZ) became Emir of Abu Dhabi.

His ascendance triggered re-doubled assaults on freedoms in a locale sporting one of the worst human rights records.


MbZ's been paranoid since the Arab Spring.

Abu Dhabi is the largest and richest Emirate within the 7-member United Arab Emirates (UAE).

Abu Dhabi's economy is 80% of UAE's economy.


Emirs of Abu Dhabi automatically become UAE President and Commander-in-Chief.

Inside his own Emirate, MbZ rules like a medieval king.


There are no fair elections.


Arbitrary detentions, disappearances and torture are routine.


Speech, assembly and religion are strictly policed. 

Of UAE's 10 million inhabitants 85 percent are temp foreign workers subject to summary deportation.

Established in 1967, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA) took its current name in 1976.

ADIA has accumulated assets, outside of Abu Dhabi, now worth $790 billion. (A lesser but similar entity, the Mubadala Investment Corp owns $80 billion in assets.)

MbZ is AIDA Chairman...


Most AIDA Directors share his (Al Nahyan) surname, and two of them hold UAE government positions subordinate to President MbZ.

There is no superior court.


There is no oversight. 


There is no Judge in the English-speaking world who would not declare MbZ's relationship to ADIA's assets to be anything other than one of personal and private ownership.

Just counting assets outside UAE, MbZ is worth at least $870 billion.

10% of ADIA's assets are real estate. 


15 percent are government bonds.


60 percent are corporate shares.


75 percent of all assets are in North America or Europe.

MbZ is a direct, and top, beneficiary of the climate-rationalized coal-phaseout.


Because gas-powered electricity is "climate-friendly," UAE's already lucrative gas exports will expand as the coal phase-out progresses.


The UAE is feverishly pouring $100+ billion into doubling its Liquid Natural Gas exporting capacity. Tiny UAE possesses the world's seventh largest gas reserves.


MbZ is also a leading promoter of solar power.

Showcasing this commitment is Abu Dhabi's Masdar Solar City project which is on track for a 2030 completion at a cost of $20 billion.


This partially completed exemplar of sustainability already hosts the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).


Masdar Institute employs 60 professors to supervise and facilitate hundreds of students doing graduate level research on sustainability, clean tech and alternative energy.


IRENA directs its $33 million annual budget toward being,

"a leading international agency for the energy transformation."

UAE boasts 3 large solar power projects (1,000 to 2,000 MW range).


Their Net Zero 2030 plans require expanding these to 5,000 MW (20 square kilometers) each.


The world's largest solar farms have 2500ish MW capacities.


Net Zero 2030 presumes a 7-fold increase in global solar capacity.

Abu Dhabi has shown interest in concentrated solar thermal, as well as PV.


Their 100 MW Shams project was completed in 2013 at the prohibitive cost of $600 million.


Solar-steam does jibe well, however, with solar-powered desalination, another interest of MbZ's. At COP27, MbZ's entourage numbered 1,100 - by far the largest delegation - three percent of total conference attendance.


Guess who's hosting COP28...





The Quandt Siblings


Spreading the Big Climate Lie comes easy to the Quandt siblings, being grandchildren of Goebbels' stepson.


Great-grandfather Gunther Quandt founded the family fortune by moving his battery plants into a concentration camp where 80 slaves died per month from accidents or chemical exposure.


At war's end, Gunther boasted to family members of having squirreled away "($US) 78 million" during the Third Reich - a regime he and his sons wholeheartedly endorsed.


Today, Stefan Quandt and sister, Susanne Klatten (nee Quandt) are each worth over $20 billion.

Stefan owns 29 percent of BMW Group and is Deputy Chair of BMWG's Supervisory Board.


Susanne owns 21 percent of BMWG and 100 percent of the German chemical company, Altana (annual revenues of $2.7 billion).

BMWG boasts, with justification, of being,

"firmly among the leading providers of premium electromobility worldwide." 

Pre-2021 BMW had 3 electric vehicles on the market.

Now they have 5...

By 2024 they will have 10 models of EV including the mass production "5 Series," an electric Rolls, and a long-range electric Mini. (Rolls Royce and Mini are BMWG subsidiaries.)


After that, from 2025, we will be taking the core BMW brand into an all-electric dimension with "Neue Klasse." 


In 2021 BMWG sold 2.5 million cars.

328,314 were all-electrics.


192,662 were plug-in-hybrids.

By 2030 half of all new sales will be fully electrics.


BMWG owns 5 battery manufacturing facilities (3 in Germany, 1 in USA and 1 in China) and is building a massive one in Hungary.


They have signed long-term battery purchasing  agreements with China's CATL, and have entered into EV battery recycling partnerships in the UK, China and across Europe.


BMWG's new BMW Charging and Mini Charging debit cards provide access to 250,000 charging stations (48,000 in Germany).


BMWG's PR machine is mobilizing public support for increased government expenditure on car-charging infrastructure BMW's iX5 Hydrogen car is,

"driving hydrogen fuel cell technology forward at a higher level."

BMWG belongs to the Hydrogen Council and H2 Mobility Deutschland


BMWG preps for protectionism by praising the "Circular Economy."


Currently, BMW products contain 30 percent recycled materials. Products with low-recycled content may soon face stiff EU tariffs; as will products with high-CO2 emitting supply chains.


BMWG helps anchor the Business Ambition for 1,5C - Science Based Targets Initiative - a UN Global Compact/WWF spawn conceived to monitor corporate decarbonization.


Under SBTi's plan, companies pledge individualized Net Zero strategies and agree to reveal their progress. SBTi's 68 staff have been overwhelmed by the response.


The 2,200 businesses making pledges, so far, own assets,

"covering one third of the global economies market capitalization."

Stefan is a BMW Foundation Trustee.


The Foundation's Chair is one of Stefan's employees, as are most the Trustees.


Their mantra:

"we aim to advance the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda",

...weaves through Foundation documents.


The Foundation's 57 employees fund renewable energy start-ups and facilitate uber-green urban design. Stephan also Chairs the less-transparent Johanna Quandt Foundation.


Susanne is philanthropically active, as well. 


No political party in the world fights more effectively to advance the climate crusade than Germany's Christian Democratic Party/Christian Social Union (CDP/CSU), and no family gives more money to the CDP/CSU than the Quandts.





Elon "Climate Boy" Musk


Elon Musk's $190 billion fortune contains $120 billion in Tesla stock - a company existentially vested in the 'climate campaign'...


Elon's been preaching global warming gospel ever since he bought Tesla in 2004.

His platitudinous, dull-as-dishwater sermons, readily available online, are viewed by millions.

In 2006 he launched SolarCity as an amorphous residential and commercial solar power enabler. In 2015 he had Tesla buy the troubled company and merge it with Tesla Energy - a subsidiary whose main line is battery storage products.


In 2021 Tesla Energy made $2.9 billion in sales.

Musk donates generously to green and climate concerns.


He also offers a $100 million XPrize for carbon removal technologies.

His Foundation website barks:

"XPrize Carbon Removal is aimed at the biggest threat facing humanity - fighting climate change and rebalancing the carbon cycle."

In 2018, after Elon's scandalous donations to Republicans came to light, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune rushed to Elon's defence, revealing for the first time (at Elon's request) that a recent $6 million "anonymous" gift to the Club had come from Musk.


Brune added:

"He (Musk) has dedicated his career to the mission of replacing fossil fuels with clean energy."

So true, but sadly the South African born-and-raised Musk's "mission" happens to be an EU-led economic warfare attack on the English-speaking world's energy industry.


When Elon ponied-up $44 billion of Tesla stock as collateral to buy Twitter, climate realists rejoiced. 



Elon's a bald-face, climate-scaremongering, electric car and solar panel salesman...

Now he's a pinnacle broadcaster and censor.


Grim tidings.





Larry Fink


At age 70 Larry Fink finds himself worth $1 billion.


Fink's mom was an English prof. His dad owned a store. Fink got his MBA then joined First Boston in 1976 where he helped pioneer the ill-starred mortgage-backed securities market.


In 1988 Fink and his First Boston cronies went independent. Within a year they had $3 billion in assets under management.


By 1999 that figure had ballooned to $165 billion. Mergers with Merrill Lynch (2006) and Barclay's (2009) blasted BlackRock through the plutosphere.


BlackRock currently earns $20 billion a year managing $10 trillion worth of client assets.


From BlackRock's Manhattan HQ Chairman and CEO Larry Fink oversees 18,000 employees working out of 70 offices in 30 countries.


Fink likes to say most BlackRock's clients are little guys saving for retirement. Numerically perhaps, but the big bucks come from managing assets for pension plans, insurance companies, endowments, corporate treasuries and sovereign investment funds.


BlackRock is renowned for its "revolvers", i.e.,

persons whose careers spool through revolving doors of employment in the financial sector, and/or in the financial sector's lobbying corps, and in the Commerce Department, Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Reserve and/or Treasury Department...

For example,

Brian Deese was an Obama Senior Advisor from 2015 to 2017, then he was BlackRock's Global Head of Sustainable Investment until 2021 when Biden tapped him to run his National Economic Council.

In 2008 the Federal Reserve appointed BlackRock sole manager of a $130 billion debt settlement arising from the mortgage-backed securities fiasco.


In 2020, in what was widely decried as a howling conflict of interest, the Federal Reserve, seeking bond market stability, named BlackRock as their commercial mortgage and corporate bond purchasing agent. 


Fink is a Council on Foreign Relations, and World Economic Forum, man. A life-long Democrat, Fink channels millions into the party. (His largesse extends to key Republicans, as well).


The BlackRock Investment Stewardship Global Principles (January 2022), carries this gem:

"BlackRock believes that climate change has become a defining factor in a company's long-term prospects...


There is a growing consensus that companies can benefit from the more macro-favorable environment under an orderly timely and just transition to net zero...


In this context, we ask companies to disclose a business plan for how they intend to deliver long-term financial performance through the transition to global net zero."

Fink's legion of asset managers leverage their fiduciary obligations as legal managers of client shareholdings to pressure companies into Net Zero compliance.


BlackRock scrutinizes how companies treat Net Zero-related shareholder proposals. At the same time, BlackRock improves "connectivity" with clients so as to better ventriloquize "stakeholder interest."


BlackRock's 'From Ambition to Action', the Path to Net Zero reconfigures "climate risk" away from mundanities like 'rising temperatures or extreme weather', and toward the energy transition itself.


Assessing "transition risk" involves questioning a company's readiness for low-carbon policies and markets.

The transition is presumed inevitable. 


Climate-scold Fink's 'Letters to CEOs' have been must-reads since 2018.


His latest, The Power of Capitalism, guestimates global "sustainable investments" at around $4 trillion.

Fink notes:

"every car manufacturer is racing toward an electric future."

Acc. Larry: 

"Few things will impact capital allocation decisions...  more than how effectively you (the CEO) navigate the global energy transition... "


"Most stakeholders... now expect companies to play a role in decarbonizing the global economy."

Fink foresees an era of "stakeholder capitalism" wherein shareholder activists acquire new levels and new levers of control.


Fink is launching a Center for Stakeholder Capitalism to game proxy-voting at corporate AGMs, or in his words:

"bring the voices of individual shareholders to the companies they invest in."

The explicit, overarching goal is Net Zero compliance.


BlackRock's energy transition computer program, Aladdin, serves as a template for companies seeking a path to Net Zero.


The Aladdin team now cooperates with Baringa - owners of a rival Net Zero platform currently used by companies owning $15 trillion in assets. 


BlackRock founded the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures.


BlackRock signed the Net Zero Asset Management Initiative, and joined the Task Force on Nature Related Financial Disclosures, the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero, and Climate Action 100+.


BlackRock's ethical gurus help clients sustainably invest $40 billion a year. Always on the hunt for "unicorns," BlackRock recently helped amassed a $600 million war-chest for upstart carbon-cutting ventures.


BlackRock also donates philanthropically to "clean energy" projects.







Accusations of fundamental error laid against an established branch of science must be accompanied by descriptions of the critical defects within the organization, personnel and/or history of the impugned branch of science, i.e.,

some plausible explanation of how this human error occurred.

Climate skeptics often attribute the errors of mainstream climate science to the influence of Q-Anon-type conspirators.

This stigmatizes and misinforms the climate resistance movement...

Climate oligarchs aren't hard to spot:

  • Bloomberg

  • Steyer

  • Goldsmith

  • Doerr

  • King Charles

  • Mohn

  • Gates

  • Bollore

  • Bezos

  • Holtzbrinck

  • Pratt et al...

Perhaps several dozen global citizens fit our "climate oligarch" description.

Orbiting these socialites one espies countless lesser nodes, the Al Gores and Leonardo Di Caprios etc, with measly millions in the game.

Arguably more powerful within the complex than the playboys, however, are the senior execs of mega-corporations like Siemens, GE, Volkswagen and BP et al - enterprises enmeshed into the energy transition.


Moreover, industrial-complexes are not simply congregations of private businesses.


Energy and Climate Ministers from,

Germany, UK, France, USA, Sweden, Canada, Denmark and Australia et al,

...constitute profound foci and loci of force and lucre within the climate-industrial-complex.


Then there's the army of climate professors, climate students and climate activists. Then there's the alphabet soup of climate-oriented international, multilateral and UN agencies.


Finally, there's China's solar, wind and electric vehicle industries, albeit,

unintended consequences of this European-run initiative, but which have nonetheless captured sufficient global market share to conjure a colossal profit-scooping climate-industrial-complex within China itself; complete with dozens of home-grown Chinese climate oligarchs, with Chinese characteristics...