by Amitakh Stanford
November 29, 2009

from FlyingBuffaloes7 Website

The carbon emission notion that is driving the current thrust for worldwide acceptance of carbon-trading schemes is now at a critical stage. The stakes are not so much for protecting the Earth, but, instead, for political domination of the planet.

There are several groups of the ruling elite on the planet; two of these are the strongest contenders for political world dominance. (Within all of the groups of ruling elite, there is some infighting.) The carbon-trading scheme is a very important piece on the chessboard. If the scheme is adopted as currently presented, one of the major contenders for global dominance will suffer serious damage to its cause, making its situation precarious.

The importance of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) cannot be overstated. It is not just a conflict between supporters and opponents of the carbon trading notion. It is so critical to the political maneuvering that some of the highest echelon ruling elite are being forced to show their hands in support of or opposition to the scheme.

It has always been a part of the plan to use the British Commonwealth countries for support if it were deemed necessary by one of the major contenders for world control. However, it was hoped that the British Commonwealth countries would not be called into open support of the ETS so as to avoid drawing world attention to this maneuver.


Rather, it was anticipated that the British Commonwealth could quietly unite to give subtle support to the ETS in such a manner that the world would not suspect that coercion had been applied to Commonwealth members for support. That is, the British Commonwealth countries were to be quietly held in reserve, appearing to be tacit supporters of the ETS, and that their subsequent open support for the ETS would appear to be based on their own decisions, and not the result of prior design or coercion.

Amongst the scores of countries who are members of the British Commonwealth, Australia has been selected as the critical mover to show support for the ETS. Whilst the country of Australia has been picked to be the launching pad of the New World Order, the State of Queensland is to be the main power base for the launch.


This has long been planned.

Nearly a century ago, Queensland’s Legislative Council, its then upper house of parliament, endured relentless attacks from the Labor Party until it was finally eliminated in 1922, leaving the Legislative Assembly as the sole surviving house of parliament in Queensland. The Labor Party began its attacks on the Legislative Council by political maneuvering in 1915, and again in 1916. Both attempts failed to abolish the state’s upper house.


Then, government presented a referendum on the issue to the people in 1917, which was resoundingly rejected by over 60% of the people. Labor again went after the Legislative Council in 1920, which ultimately resulted in the abolishment of the upper house by constitutional amendment in 1922.

Having a single house of parliament allows a democratic forum to be turned into a despotic one. Other states in Australia are now considering following the Queensland, single-house model. The main reason for justifying this is to efficiently consolidate power into a single house. Worldwide, other governments have followed Queensland’s lead.


The British Commonwealth country of New Zealand followed suit in 1950, followed by Denmark in 1953, and Sweden in 1970.

Now that Queensland has a long established rule by a single house of parliament, the groundwork is all laid for a legislative tyranny. The Queensland government presents the appearance of being a democratic state, but it is literally a foundation for a despotic parliament. The party that holds the majority of seats in the Legislative Assembly selects its leader, who must also be a member of that house.


This leader is given the title and position of Premier of the State of Queensland. The Premier, as long as he or she does not run afoul of the majority party, can literally dictate whatever policy or program he or she wants. This is a very dangerous system. The people think they have democratic protections, when in reality those rights are absolutely illusory.

In Queensland, the parliament can force any issue on the opposition party and the people, if the majority party in power is bold and shameless enough to do so. Queensland parliament has become bold enough to act the part of a legislative despot. It has wielded its despotic powers with regard to fluoridation, recycling and desalination of drinking water, amalgamation of shires, the selling off of a large amount of state assets to private sectors, and has run up atrocious deficits, among other things.


In short, a parliamentary tyranny is operating in absolute defiance of the majority of the people. In regard to fluoridation of water and the amalgamation of shires, more than 80% of the people were against these issues, yet the Queensland parliament still defied the people’s wishes. In other words, Queensland has abandoned democratic rule on many important issues and the parliament has become a tyrant.

The capital of Queensland is Brisbane, where massive infrastructure projects are underway in and about the city. These include multi-billion dollar tunnels, desalination plants, bridges, and other congestion-causing road works. The projects go forward regardless of people’s objections, which is yet another indicator of the parliamentary tyranny in operation in Queensland.

To a lesser degree, parliamentary tyranny is operating in every Australian state and territory. Despite protests and overwhelming objections of the people of Australia on certain issues, they are powerless to halt the elimination of democratic principles.

Australia is a very large island that has been classified as a continent. Despite its large geographic area, Australia is sparsely populated, with fewer than 30 million inhabitants. Such a small, isolated country would not normally be able to play a significant role in launching the New World Order. However, it has been selected to do so by the ruling elite. Thus, the little country down under is now on the world stage!

The Prime Minister of Australia, who is co-incidentally a Queenslander, became an active international political figure soon after taking office.


Queensland has become the fastest growing state in Australia. According to news reports, people from interstate and overseas are migrating to Queensland in great numbers every month. There is a force driving this behind the scenes. Indeed, Queensland is the launch state, and Australia is the launch country, for the One World Government.

The plans of where to launch the One World Government did not originate in Queensland, nor were they hatched in Australia. They have been in the works for many decades.

To better understand the ruling elite and their hierarchy, consider that the Reptilians have their very top positions filled by the Anunnaki Olcars. There are not many Olcars in human bodies.


Today, there is one in Great Britain, another in Australia, with one each in the following locales:

  • Russia

  • Finland

  • China

  • America

  • Western Europe

  • Africa

That is, there are only eight Olcars on Earth in human bodies at this time.


The Olcars are the very top of the Anunnaki hierarchy on Earth. They are above the ruling elite. If Olcars are in the public eye, they usually appear as peripheral figures. They remain hidden as far as is practicable. Whilst Olcars can take positions as world leaders, they generally do not. Some of the Olcars are in very insignificant-appearing positions.


Despite their appearances, they are all very powerful. They remain incognito where possible, but they will expose themselves in extreme situations or in times of desperation.

There was only one Olcar in Britain in the first half of the twentieth century. This Olcar was responsible for many atrocities to human rights and democratic rule, and he played both sides before and during WWII, at times supporting the Anglo alliance, and at other times his energy supported the Nazi axis of power.


The Olcar was active in parliament and behind the scenes in 1911 when the House of Lords was stripped of its veto power, which gave the House of Commons supremacy in Great Britain.


The Olcar was setting Great Britain up for parliamentary despotism, knowing full well that, by giving the appearance that the power was in the hands of the people, a despotic legislature could rule and be accepted by the people.

The British Olcar did not limit himself to Great Britain. He simultaneously meddled with American politics, and was very influential in the alteration of that country’s constitution by having amendments to it adopted in 1913 to allow for a tax on incomes, as well as on a major overhaul of the selection method for members of the United States’ upper house, the Senate.


Prior to 1913, the American Senators were appointed by the several state legislatures. In 1913, the U.S. Constitution was amended so that the senators were elected by popular vote of the people. This diminished state involvement in the federal government and gave the people an even greater illusion of power, letting them think that since they were now able to democratically elect senators, that they had more say in their selection.


To this day, the illusion of people power is reinforced whenever it suits the ruling elite’s plan.


The collapse of the Berlin Wall is an example of where the people have been deluded into thinking that it was their power that brought it down. It was not people power, but an Olcar dictate, that caused the erection of the wall in the first place, and it was not people power, but another Olcar order, that allowed the wall to be brought down!


Do not for a moment think that the people who signed the orders to erect and tear down the Berlin Wall were Olcars.


Olcars hide whenever possible.

The pattern of Olcar intervention in democratic parliaments becomes clear when these three events are considered.

  • First, the British Olcar began stripping away the veto power from Great Britain’s upper house with a constitutional amendment act known then as the Parliamentary Act of 1911. This act later became attached to a subsequent constitutional amendment and jointly they became known as the Parliamentary Acts of 1911 and 1949. The 1949 amendment further limited the powers of the House of Lords by shortening the time by which that body could delay legislation.

  • Second, and almost simultaneously, the Olcar interfered with the United States upper house.

  • Third, he began the thrust that caused the Labor Party of Queensland to abolish its upper house.

Contrary to common belief, Great Britain and the United States have not been harmonious allies over the past centuries.


America broke away from Great Britain in 1776. Since then, Britain has used force, subterfuge and other subtle means to try to bring its former colony back into the British Empire. Britain went to war with America in 1812, was instrumental during the American Civil War, and the British Olcar of the first half of the twentieth century was responsible for driving the United States into WWI and WWII.

The current British Olcar took over for the early twentieth-century Olcar and has continued behind the scenes to influence and encourage America to strive to be the world power, and to be involved in many wars outside its borders.


The current Olcar has been happy to make America look like the world power, all the while turning the country into the most hated nation in the world.


The present British Olcar has succeeded in severely damaging America’s reputation, finances, politics and morals by surreptitiously directing his own “army” of ruling elite to chip away at the core of the country, which has been going on since 1776, but especially since 1913.

Just as Thomas Paine had to oppose his native Britain to ignite the American colonists to throw off the rule of George III, again, today, Paine is a British subject who is about to charge the Americans with the energy to dare challenge the authority of the British Olcar.

Australia has been hand picked by the British Olcar to lead the way in the Emissions Trading Scheme.


Today, the Labor Party is in power in Queensland and Australia. As noted earlier, the Olcar wants to diminish or remove upper houses, and it has successfully stripped Queensland of its upper house already. The federal parliament in Australia is composed of two houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate.


The head of state is the leader of the majority party in the House of Representatives, which today is the Labor Party. The party leader is the Prime Minister of Australia.

The Senate has a limited veto power of legislation, but, Australia is not a completely independent country. It is a constitutional monarchy. The British Monarch has the power to veto Australian laws, even though such power is rarely threatened or exercised. The British Monarch can also order a double dissolution of the Australian Parliament; this power is also rarely exercised.

When things are critical to the British Olcar’s plans, he can direct the British Monarch to intervene with internal affairs of British Commonwealth countries. This type of intervention occurred less than one year ago in Canada, when the Olcar’s preferred Prime Minister seemed destined for removal.


The British Olcar influenced the British Monarch to step in and intervene in Canadian politics. The Monarch did so, and the Canadian Prime Minister remains in power today.

The British Olcar has influenced the Australian Labor Party to pass an Emissions Trading Scheme Act this year. It is very important to the British Olcar’s plans that the Australian Prime Minister can take this bill to the summit on global warming in Copenhagen, Denmark, next month. This act is known by the initials of “ETS”.


ETS bears official Australian stamps, but there is no mistaking that it is the brainchild of the British Olcar.

ETS easily passed the Australian House of Representatives, which is controlled by the Labor Party. It was thought that it could be shoved through the Senate, but some of the opposition have violently resisted its passage. This has caused a severe rift within the opposition party. Oddly, amidst extremely strong challenges to the leadership of the party, the current opposition leader remains steadfast and confident that he will get the ETS through the Senate.


It is very obvious that the opposition leader has been briefed and instructed regarding the ETS from outside of Australia. It is also obvious that the British Olcar is responsible for the briefing and instruction of the opposition leader.


During debate over the ETS, an Australian Labor MP tried to mock the opposition by calling its opposition to the bill a wacko, right-wing tactic that would be more expected from the Militia of Montana in a gun wielding display of rebellion than something that is fitting for discussion in the Australian Parliament. It is very telling that this member is so informed about the Militia of Montana when many Australians would have difficulty pointing to Montana on a map, much less be familiar with the workings of that state’s citizen militia.

Australia’s passage of the ETS is so important to the British Commonwealth appearing to lead the way for the carbon trading schemes as a supposed solution to global warming that the British Monarch has now intervened. As I have anticipated, the Queen has now publicly called upon her Commonwealth countries to support the carbon trading scheme desired by the British Olcar.


This public call will definitely assist in trying to pass the ETS in the Australian Senate.


The situation must be very desperate for the British Olcar to have called on such support and intervention.

Whilst the British Olcar is aggressively trying to consolidate the world under one rule, he is being assisted by his agents in America to undermine the American position. America will not willingly join the British Olcar or his British Commonwealth of countries. It has its own plans for world domination, which does not include granting power to either the American Olcar or the British Olcar.


This is an alien conflict being played out through humans.

To counteract the Australian launch of One World Government, the American ruling elite have established their launching pad in the American state of Colorado. Many things have occurred and will continue to occur in Colorado to bring about the American launch.

The alien wars are being played out more aggressively and openly now through humans than they have been for awhile.


How America responds to the British Olcar’s ETS will show whether it has succumbed to the British Olcar, or if it still has the will to resist sabotage and stand on its own.