by Susanne Posel
June 22, 2012

from OccupyCorporatism Website



Climate change alarmist, Dr. Michael Mann, former professor from the University Of Virginia (UV) was involved in an intentional lie to coerce the American public into believing the propaganda that is the man-made global warming perspective now dubbed “Climategate”.

Known as the “hockey stick”, Mann created a fake 1,000 year temperature reconstruction that has since been discredited.

The American Tradition Institute (ATI), through their Environmental Law Center (ELC), have requested a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that the University of Virginia release emails and specified files that display correspondence and communications sent and received by Mann while during his tenure at UV.

Under the FOIA request, the UV was mandated to turn over the requested documents within 5 days of receipt of payment for,

“accessing, duplicating, supplying or searching”.

Yet, the UV did not comply and so the ATI was forced to file a compel production and compliance to hold the UV legally responsible for their negligence.

Since this defense stance by the ATI, the UV has turned over a mere 20% of the 9,000 pages of documents they have in their possession which was requested by ATI.


The papers that ATI received were fluffed with ads for Halloween costumes, public news releases and scientific journals that were utterly irrelevant.

“ATI pursues important public issues,” said Dr. Schnare, director of ATI’s ELC.


“This case is about whether the government can put up a pay wall to frustrate the public’s right to transparency. If it can, the public can’t hold government employees to the high standards of conduct they should meet.”

Michael Mann, corresponded with the British Climate Research Unit in creating the infamous “hockey stick graph” that was the crux of the climate change alarmist’s mythology about global warming.

In defense of Mann, Penn State University released a press statement, reminding the public of Mann’s accolades and accomplishments; yet none of this parallels with the intentional deception Mann participated in regarding climate change science.

Emails and documents from Mann, discussing his false climate change summation with other prominent alarmist scientists was leaked from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit in November of 2011.

The investigation into Climategate has extended far beyond Mann; although he remains the front-man.


Evidence of his correspondence to pursue the propaganda of his “hockey stick” theory and intentionally manipulate scientific data to make the global warming theory appear more dire than it actually is.


This involves such agencies as:

  • The US Environmental Protection Agency

  • The National Science Foundation

  • The British House of Commons Science and Technology Committee

  • Penn State University

  • Various independent panels

Mann’s corresponding emails shows that the theory of man-made climate change is a complete hoax, efforts were made to hide evidences proving this fact from the public, scientists who knew this were fired or stonewalled to keep the ruse, editors knowingly assisted in altering published documents which displayed evidence contradicting the climate change alarmist view.

All of these efforts cause any validity to the empirical science to determine what if any effect man has on the earth’s environment to be useless in the public domain.


What’s worse, it exposes a massive cover-up and direct intent to coerce the populations of the world that man is the only cause of the changing temperatures of the planet.