por Poppalloff
March 10, 2020

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In an article published February of this year within AGU Advancing Earth and Space Science, researchers have made a bold claim regarding the climate forcing effects of CO2:

"As for the near surface response to SSWs, the models, however, are in good agreement as to this signal over the North Atlantic:

there is no indication of a change under 4xCO2 forcing."

The study, entitled "Uncertainty in the Response of Sudden Stratospheric Warmings and Stratosphere-troposphere Coupling to Quadrupled CO² concentrations in CMIP6 Models," makes 3 key points:

  • The tropospheric signal of Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSWs) in the North Atlantic does not change under 4xCO2 forcing.

  • There is high uncertainty in changes of SSW frequency under 4xCO2 forcing; single models show the rate to be significantly halved or doubled (in other words, the models are useless, as always).

  • The boreal polar vortex will form earlier and disappear later under increased CO2, extending the season of stratosphere-troposphere coupling.

So, if carbon dioxide is proven not to be the force majeure it has been pegged as, and indeed the Sun is finally recognized as the main driver of our climate, as most of the historical data would suggest,

do you think that we'll get a refund on all the tax that we've paid in the name of saving the planet…?

I know, I know...

Silly me.

"Shut up and pay your taxes"...