by Anders Bruun Laursen
December 4, 2009

from Euromed Website



United Nations:

“Environment Should Compete with Religion,

So That We can Shape People and Countries”




The UN's Environmental Program (UNEP) is very ambitious. It wants the environmental movement to be vying with religion to set our standards and values. A heretofore secret document shows the UNEP will command governments on climate issues to include all social conditions, and milk governments for money.


The UNEP is engaged in a gigantic mission work, starting with green- and brainwashing children through 30,000 organizations worldwide - using the same methods as the British government's Futerra. At a meeting in Paris on 4th and 5 Sept. UNEP took the oath of the media to run environmentalist propaganda until the Copenhagen Conference and beyond, while the whole UN apparatus is mobilized in an unprecedented campaign of climate lies for a political agreement in Copenhagen.

Included are curves from Lord Monckton's report on the Climategate scandal. These demonstrate that while NASA GISS' own figures in 1999 showed a global cooling, which continues till this day, James Hansen of the GISS has engineered this on to global warming. This is the real, anthropogenic climate change!

The whole climate movement is a religion worshipping a "living" Mother Earth", Gaia of the ancient Greeks, with an Ark of Hope/the Covenant with ritual equipment, Earth prayers, magical formulas, and hymns to Gaia.


The Earth Charter is called the "10 commandments of our time" by Moses of our time, Michael Gorbachev, and transgression of the commandments is sin, for which our incredible politicians buy indulgences for our money in the Earth's poorest countries for a non-existent CO2 debt!.

There are corrupt high priests who have made the Doomsday threat the core of the cult. And there's a whole world to blindly follow and worship this green-painted red monster.

(Revelation 13).




Christmas is approaching, the time of reflection for Christians. And this year for worshippers of the New Age Gaia climate religion, too, strongly associated with the UN's Agenda 21.


While Al Gore is the unreflected preacher of that that religion, there are hidden prophets like the Club of Rome, and Edmund de Rothschild, Michael Gorbachev of the Green Cross, Steve Rockefeller and Maurice Strong, the latter 3 the authors of the Earth Charter.


But these smart fellows have transferred their profitable climate religion to the UN.

"Fully 91% of coordinating authors of the IPCC’s Fourth Assessment Report were WCRP scientists, and thus had the support of UNESCO behind them.”

Copenhagen Spokesman Calls for “Creation of Vision” through Works of Fiction at UNESCO Conference

One branch of the UN is the UN Environmental Program (UNEP).


It was established in 1972 and has a strategy 2010-2013 for green-washing and brainwashing the world under the cover of the climate religion.


The UNEP's mandate is to coordinate the development of environmental policy consensus by keeping the global environment under review and bringing emerging issues to the attention of governments and the international community for action.


The Governing Council is the primary developer of policy Gaia-new-american-guidelines for UN environmental programs and plays a diplomatic role in promoting cooperation between UN member states on environmental issues.

A secret document has emerged: Mark Halle's Report, “The UNEP That We Want”, from the UNEP Meeting 17 Sept. 2007:

“The environment should compete with religion as the only compelling, value-based narrative available to humanity. It is already happening in the field of climate change.”

A British court of Justice states:

“Green is a religion!"




Indeed, Environmentalism is a religion, a worshipping of Gaia, cf. the James Lovelock Gaia hypothesis:

“It may be that one role we play is as the senses and nervous system for Gaia. The earth is a living system and we are part of it.”

The Independent 16 Jan 2006:

“My Gaia theory sees the Earth behaving as if it were alive. We have given Gaia a fever and soon her condition will worsen to a state like a coma.”


The “holy” Ark of Hope containing Earth prayers, Earth prayer masks, and the Earth Charter,

the 10 Commandments of our time, as our day's Moses, Michael Gorbachev says.

The Ark symbolizes the Ark of the Gaia covenant.

As in most religions, fast and meat ascetiscism are being preached.



There are self-appointed, omniscient, Ark of hope-fundamentalist fraudsters as High Priests for Gaia - like James Hansen - seeing politicians as heretics buying indulgences in the Earth's poorest countries for a fancied CO2-debt.


Even if Hansen has 3 times been caught red-handed (incl. the next graph) tampering temperatures he is outraged at the Climategate scandal! In climate religion it is necessary to lie - but impermissible to be exposed under any circumstances. That is why they have bought the media.


The central element of the cult is the Judgment Day threat.

They have hymns to Gaia and prayers to Gaia:

"…Holy goddess, you honor them ever flowing spirit. Farewell Mother of the gods, bride of heaven…"


NASA-GISS' James Hansen's global raw 1999 temperatures and (left)

the same temperatures processed/manipulated 2008.

As you see, a global cooling since the 1930s (right) up to the year 2000 has elegantly been changed

into a global warming since the 1930s



The UN Copenhagen Climate Change Conference will start in less than a week - on 7 Dec. The UN is increasingly aggressive: A recent inspection of the official Seal the Deal Web site showed that 417521 as of 1 Dec people had signed up for the petition to have this deal.


The man behind this deal is Janos Pasztor, Ban Ki-moons climate adviser. Pasztor is the recently appointed Director of the UN's Environment Management Group (EMG), whose secretariat is provided by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in Geneva.


Fortunately the prospect of “Sealing the Deal” are bad, many countries being unwilling to pay greedy LDCs the 700 bn dollars they are demanding. Even the payment of the 100 bn dollars offered by the EU has split the EU countries.


The Climategate scandal may even have diminished the contributors' confidence in the climate deceit. On the other hand the climate policy is an intentional fraud based on a deliberate lie. But the present minimal prospect of the result is a big frustration to UN boss, Ban Ki-Moon who is incessantly lobbying the rich countries to make a communist agreement to send more and more of their wealth to the peoples of the world who produce nothing but ever more children.


Of course under the cloak of “CO2–debt” which we owe the poor countries which produce none of the harmless CO2 at all.

Here is from Lord Monckton's report on the Climategate Scandal:

Fox News 19 Nov. 2009

An intense lobbying effort led by U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in favor of the treaty is still pushing full steam ahead, under the campaign slogan "Seal the Deal!


Power green growth. Protect the planet" - a major effort at the international manipulation of public opinion.



Since 2001 the combined RSS (Remote sensing Systems at Santa Rosa)

and UAH (University of Alabama Huntington) temperatures

show clear global cooling - converted by the IPCC to global warming.

Lord Monckton's report.


The UN fishes children in order to have their parents into its nets
The New York Post

30 Nov. 2009


Children were the targets of a book co-written by the producer of Al Gore's star-making vehicle, "An Inconvenient Truth" with at least 11 heavy errors according to British court.


Producer Laurie David told Publisher's Weekly that she wrote the kids' book, "Down-to-Earth Guide to Global Warming," because,

"kids also are the Number 1 influence on their parents, so if you want to reach the parents, go to the kids."

So: My daughter came home from school recently with a song on her lips. Out came this chilling refrain: "...You can hear the warning - GLOBAL WARMING..."


We learned that:

  1. All the kids had been coerced into singing "The Warming Song," at a concert for parents.

  2. Further song lyrics scolded selfish adults for polluting our planet and causing a warming scourge that would, in no short order, kill all the polar bears and threaten the birds and bees.

The UNEP has a gigantic program to proselytize children - with over 30.000 organizations worldwide.



The UNEP is ambitious , feels it is being neglected, gets too small funds and wants to set the UNs policy on climate and society.


Her are the means: UNEP has a large natural constituency and this constituency needs to be harnessed to the UNEP mission without appearing to make an end-run around the member governments. This includes finding the right way to interact with, and draw the best from, the university and student community, and think tanks.


It must make a habit of challenging unsustainable behavior and practice, wherever it is found, These initiatives also represent a means to reach corporate CEOs. The UNEP will reach out Governments, other United Nations entities, international institutions, multilateral environmental agreement secretariats, civil society.

Comment: So, the mission of the UNEP is to bypass governments promoting its revolutionary subversive work.



Atmospheric CO2 from 1860-2000.

Alan Siddons and Professor Joe D'Aleo, Chief Meteorologist at WSI Corporation

in Billerica, Massachusetts, both writing in “Climate Realists.”

Human CO2 emissions (blue line) are only responsible for

1% of the quite small quantity of CO2 in the atmosphere.

CO2 is still on the rise, as always preceded

by global warming (does not cause warming) - due to

liberation from the oceans after the “Little Ice Age”.


Fox News 30 Nov.2009

Some of the world's top environmental bureaucrats put together a paper after an unpublicized day-long session in Switzerland on 17 Sept. 2007.

The ambitious paper, entitled "The UNEP That We Want” by Mark Halle, was the product of a select group of 20 top environmental bureaucrats and thinkers, including UNEP's current No. 2 official, Angela Cropper.


The document was later delivered to UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner (below image). Other participants included Janos Pasztor.





Another important attendee was John Scanlon, listed on UNEP's website as principal advisor to UNEP's Steiner.


Among other things, Scanlon is credited in his UNEP biography with being the leader in developing UNEP's new medium-term strategy, "Environment for Development," covering the period from 2010 to 2013.

Those ideas are being espoused at a highly charged time. Both environmentalists and the entire United Nations, led by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, are fervently pressuring governments around the world to sign a legally binding and more global successor to the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gas suppression, which expires in 2012.


At the moment, that deal appears likely to be delayed, at least until next spring, as some wealthy countries, including the U.S., balk at the high cost and potentially crippling economic impact of targets to reduce carbon emissions into the earth's atmosphere, even though President Barack Obama supports an ambitious Copenhagen deal.


Among other things, both documents (incl. the 2010-13 document) argue for:

  1. a "new and central position for environmentalism in the world's thinking," environment to move from often being considered as a marginal issue at the intergovernmental and national levels to the centre of political and economic decision-making," says the medium-term plan.
    UNEP's executive Director, Achim Steiner (above image)

  2. merge environmental issues with economics as the central priority. "We require an Environmental Bretton Woods for the 21st Century," The linkages between environmental sustainability and the economy.

  3. new environmental rules, regulations and standards, with stronger authority to command national governments. The Mark Halle paper calls it a series of "ambitious yet incremental adjustments" to international environmental governance.
    Seal-thedeal-34. an extensive propagandizing role for UNEP to "children and youth".





  4. reaching more powerful sectors of government as well as business .

  5. appeal to the more powerful [government] ministers responsible for economic policy; UNEP's message is not for environment ministers — the already converted… It must aim higher."

  6. seek influence as the world's guiding arbiter of a new measurement of human development.

According to Halle, however, in an e-mail exchange with Fox News,

there are signs that the hugely ambitious role he and his fellow-thinkers sketched for UNEP as religion's main competitor are "beginning to happen."


Chicago Sun Times reports on We Are Change Chicago confrontation



Halle pointed to UNEP's espousal this year of a so-called Green Economy Initiative, a proposal to radically redesign the global economy and transfer trillions of dollars in investment to the world's poorest developing countries, but one that is couched in terms of providing new green jobs.

The Green Economy Initiative is also called the Global Green New Deal. The fact that Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is only occasionally associated with UNEP is a scandal and a tragedy.


Comment: Indeed remarkable, since the IPCC was established by the UNEP in 1988.

Fox News - Manipulating the media

19 Nov. 2009

Another key part of the strategy is to draw international news media much more deeply into the cause.


Case in point: a meeting in Paris on Sept. 4 and 5, organized by the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and entitled "The First International Conference on Broadcast Media and Climate Change." Nearly 300 people representing more than 100 broadcasting organizations and broadcasting unions attended the gathering.


At the meeting's end, and with Copenhagen only three months away, the group issued a statement declaring that,

"dedicated collaboration among broadcast media to share and disseminate climate change information that incorporates both global and local perspectives would encourage individuals and policy makers to undertake timely action."

But the most curious statement coming out of the mouth of a UN communications person:

“Probably the majority of the world does not read news at all. They don’t look at news as to change, to get their information or to change their behavior. If climate change is about behavioral change, ultimately which I believe it is, then from a media perspective you must, you must look at it in a way that it’s not just about news.


It’s about creating an imagination, and a vision, of what a climate change world- or a successfully avoided climate change world- will look like. That will come through film, it will come through soap operas, it will come through reality TV, it will come through novels.”

Eric Hall- chief PR-man at the United Nations.

Comment: i.e. Using applied psychology to convert mankind to the climate religion is - Futerra's strategy!!





Here is a long list of participating organizations, mostly from LDC countries - but also from,

  • the BBC

  • Die Deutsche Welle

  • The European Broadcasting Union

  • France 3 and 5 France Televisions

  • The International Association of Broadcasting

  • The Japan Broadcasting Corp.

  • the OECD

  • UNESCO (overrepresented)

  • Radio France International

  • Thomson Reuters

  • The Tokyo Broadcasting System

  • TV5 Monde

  • The World Bank

Al Gore and Climategate? Well, he has bodyguards to remove any one asking inconvenient questions - at least 4 persons.


And then he rushed away to his gas thirsty Mercedes!



We have just seen how the the main purveyors of temperatures to the IPCC, present ones (James Hansen GISS) and future projections (the CRU, University of East Anglia), have been exposed as fraudsters. ie. Nobel Prize winner, IPCC, has received this prize on a big lie. So has Al Gore, of course.


And it means that the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen is a scientific hoax.

But as the above shows this is indifferent. That conference is not about climate - for they know very well that there is no climate crisis. It is about world government, as Lord Monckton of Brenchley says (below video).








The above Swiss paper is no surprise, considering the communist sympathies expressed by Ban Ki-moon.


This is part of the communist Agenda 21 as previously described on this blog.

Mark what Mark Halle writes: The UNEP is to seek influence as the world's guiding arbiter of a new measurement of human development. These scoundrels have taken the role of playing a god - or rather the Devil - thinking they can make their miserable mendacious climate ideology the equivalent of christianity. They think they are entitled to bypass governments and make themselves the arbiters of our development!

But why just climate as their tool?


Here is from The Creature From Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin, 1994:

“It may now be possible to create a world government in all nations will be disarmed and disciplined by a world army, a condition which we will call peace."

In this case, what could be a substitute for war?


One source is the 1966 secret Hudson Institute study commissioned by Defense Secretary Robert McNamara (later World Bank chief), entitled Report From Iron Mountain. This study cold-bloodedly discusses various means by which government might control the populace and perpetuate itself in power in the absence of war (UN peace).

Here, explains Griffin, is the origin of the stratagem to promote ecological doom as the new enemy that threatens the entire world. The threat need not be real, provided the masses can be convinced it is real. Credibility is the key, not reality.


The barrage of propaganda has had a phenomenal result. Politicians are now being elected on nothing but "concern for the environment and a promise to clamp down on nasty industries," with no one caring about the damage done to the economy or our freedoms.

In the same spirit Alexander King, Club of Rome, First Global Revolution:

“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill... The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.” i.e. the climate lie is sheer New World Order ideology.