by Paul Joseph Watson
April 21, 2023
from Summit Website

Despite continued efforts to flood the world with global warming propaganda, more and more people are responding "meh" while turning away.


Technocrats who created the global warming scam in the first place appear compelled to continue in the same direction, regardless of resistance.


Only total rejection will dethrone Technocracy.



Despite relentless Propaganda,

Climate Change Skepticism is Growing.
Re-education programs are failing.

Two recent polls have found that despite relentless propaganda promoting the man-made global warming narrative,

climate change skepticism is growing globally...

A survey conducted by a group within the University of Chicago asked Americans whether humans were causing all or most of climate change.

Whereas 60 per cent held this belief five years ago, that figure has now slumped to 49 per cent...

A recent IPSOS poll which covered two-thirds of the world's population also found that nearly four people in every 10 (40%), believe climate change is mainly due to natural causes.

"Perhaps the most surprising statistic from the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago (EPIC) survey is that 70% of Americans are unwilling to spend more than $2.50 a week to combat climate change," writes Chris Morrison.


"Nearly four in 10 Americans said they were unwilling to pay a couple of dimes.


Despite decades of relentless green doomsday agitprop designed to corral populations into living under a collectivist Net Zero-ordered society, it appears that the vast majority of Americans are unwilling to pay even the chump change in their back pockets to stop the climate changing."

Such skepticism is quite frankly astonishing given that,

the 'official narrative' on man-made climate change has been vehemently amplified by every single major government entity, corporation, media outlet and cultural institution in existence...

The fact that 'the regime' is still struggling to convince huge numbers of people that climate change is both the fault and humans and representative of an existential threat represents a massive failure of re-education and brainwashing.

As we highlighted yesterday (TikTok to Censor Content that Challenges 'Global Warming Dogma'), social media giants are now increasingly characterizing any skepticism of climate change as a forbidden opinion.

TikTok has become the latest platform to announce that any content challenging the sacred dogma of global warming will be 'fact checked' and removed...