by Ivo Sasek
Kla.Tv founder
August 04, 2023
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New laws from August 25, 2023 endanger EVERY educational work!


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The vaccine killers are in increasingly deep trouble.


This is becoming evident in:

  1. the new laws, effective on August 25, 2023, threatening all social platforms with maximum fines if these refuse to immediately block "politically incorrect contents"

  2. the excess of Covid vaccine deaths, which can no longer be hidden - unless they are converted into heat deaths...

But only one thing is necessary:

As malicious perpetrators Big Pharma, WHO and all the insidious masterminds and big profiteers of this plandemic must bear full liability for all vaccine injuries - including compensation payments.



Now the vaccine killers are in up to their necks - the water still rising.


The new laws announced for August 25, 2023 make it easy to see that this is so. From that day on, there will be an open threat (1) to potentially paralyze the entire Internet if anyone spreads any - let me use my own words - 'politically incorrect content'.


This applies to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Meta, TikTok, Snapchat, etc. - simply to everyone!

And they will all be forced to exercise total censorship on command, under threat of maximum penalties.


There is only one reason for this:

these insolent murderers are in up to their necks!


Whether concerning the subject of ritual violence, climate lies etc.

Concerning the vaccination issue, everything that Professor Bhakdi and all his scientific colleagues announced in time and warned against, is now about to come true.


That is why the criminals are in up to their necks.


The incidences of vaccine damage are just so blatantly piling up that now even the mainstream media can't avoid reporting it. (2)

But whoever thinks at this point that this will finally bring the whole truth to light, does not yet understand the whole sinister game.


I remind you of the thousandfold proven fact that all mainstream media are - at the top of the pyramid - only in very few hands (One World - Three News Agencies: in German).

And these hands are the same that also have,

  • Big Pharma

  • most of science

  • most of astronautics

  • the whole war business,

...and the like firmly in their grip.


But they are also the same hands that are currently pushing the whole climate mania.

And at this point it becomes bitterly serious - ˇfor all of us...!


So I appeal first and foremost to all you informers out there, no matter who you are, where you are from, and to what extent you are capable of providing information.


Let us not make strategic mistakes now. I ask you to keep in mind the same strategic priorities that I just committed all the Kla.TV editors to. What is at stake?

The fact is that the ever-increasing number of COVID-19 vaccine victims can no longer be hidden.


Weltwoche (World Weekly) (3) already revealed in April:

"Officially confirmed: Vaccination is dangerous - Swiss Federal Office of Public Health no longer recommends Covid vaccination.


Doctors who continue to vaccinate are newly liable."

What crass reporting...!

Then Philipp Gut reports how consequently here in Switzerland, vaccine doses we just paid for worth 780 million Francs are being thrown away.


And all this because our government now suddenly no longer stands behind the useless Covid vaccinations.


That this has moreover been quietly and secretly adapted by our government naturally angers everyone who hears it all the more.


Especially those who have been vaccinated completely in vain and to their own harm.

So this has now resulted in so many vaccine-damaged people that both federal and media houses are nearly in danger of being torn down or even burned down by the deceived people if they do not finally stand by the whole truth about the horrific Corona vaccine scam and its devastating vaccine damages.


Because it is now hard-core fact that vaccine victims get zero coverage and help. Instead of holding all originators accountable together with Big Pharma, the liability is now simply being shifted to all physicians and vaccine victims.


This is the most horrific thing of all.


Of course, all of this cries out for revenge in those who have been deceived.

That is why the insolent murderers - as Goethe called them without holding back - apply the age-old trick that millions of adulterers have successfully used after being caught in the act.


Instead of confessing to adultery and bearing the consequences for everything, they simply turned the tables.


The judge's finger was pointed at the innocent spouse, accusing him of all kinds of mistakes and sins.


And this point the same mistake happens again and again:

the blameless are so affected when the finger is suddenly pointed at them, about these unjust accusations, that they begin to defend and justify themselves to the guilty partner.

They get on the defensive.


Suddenly the tables turn, so that it is no longer the proven adultery that is at the center, but all kinds of accusations against any weak points of the blameless partner.


For example, that he or she is too untidy, too unkempt, or whatever, or that he or she is often late, has bad breath, and so on.

You see, the big impudent murderers out there act also exactly according to this 'the reversal of guilt' principle:

those who constantly damage whole peoples and have driven them with their Corona death syringes and all the coercive measures into ruin.

Instead of now confessing to the exposed damages and admitting that their death-injections have caused and will still cause immeasurable harm, they begin to point the finger at those people who have been harmed by them.

In this way, the aggrieved parties are being lured onto a side stage - but this should not be the issue now at all!


They do it consistently anyway, because they are masters of distraction to side shows.


For example, they just divert our attention from their Covid genocide by constantly terrifying us with the Russian or climatic threat.


Get the picture...?

But the people who have instigated these horrors are the very same who have pulled and are still pulling the strings of the whole Covid narrative.


And their problem is that more and more people are waking up and see through this sinister game.


They are also increasingly fed up with all this mainstream garbage - up to both ears.

They do not let themselves be covered with war rumors daily any more or be frightened and ˇput into panic...!


And these misanthropes, these impudent murderers notice this.


And that is exactly why they try to tow us constantly into sideshows.

One of these sideshows is their mendacious climate philosophy, their purposefully manufactured climate shock, their fomented climate delusion.


And why are they doing this again?


To divert attention from their serious, now exposed crimes with the Covid poison injections and unlawful regulations, to divert attention away from all the liability claims filed by countless vaccination victims.


That's why their mass media are already droning loudly on, screaming about heat waves as soon as the first admissions about vaccination damage are made.


Suddenly it's supposedly the heat (4) that has people dying like flies right now - but it's the vaccine damage, you see.


Suddenly it's the heat at fault, in spite of a cold Spring and below average Summer temperatures everywhere. (5) They're just pushing that through now, or at least trying to.


Like this they try to distract from the mountains of corpses in their cellars.

And at this point I have obliged all staff not to sink to the level of regulars, not to fall for such distractions and not to let themselves be maneuvered into all kinds of sideshows.

For example, we just these past days published a fantastic research that proves that we don't have any particular heat waves etc. at all.


This really thorough, good and elaborate research, shows that from Russia to India, from Germany to Spain, Great Britain to Mongolia, Ukraine, etc., basically rather the complete opposite is the case. (6)


But unfortunately, without any commentary and without any outcry of horror, it was seriously reported how Karl Lauterbach, of all people, this so-called Minister of Health, stirs up this new heat panic and demands tough consequences.


Excuse me...?


It nearly turned my stomach at that point, that we, of all people, had neglected to do the whole reckoning around this criminal. As a result, we ourselves landed imperceptibly in the desired sideshow.


That's really regular's table level, you know?

This is why I immediately directed that in the future we will not let any already exposed, disgraceful perpetrator out of our sight until his crimes are duly and completely judged.


Lauterbach just like Drosten, Spahn and the likes, are irrefutably busted for deadly misleading of the people and because of unconstitutional, law-breaking, murderous decrees.


Such men have just harmed whole peoples.


That now, one and the same man completely without penalty, is serving up the next destructive lies, this simply goes to far! impossible!! Do you understand?

We informers must learn to think more strategically!


These enemies of mankind must be dragged by us to the light of the public until they stand before a people's tribunal.


For the entire judiciary seems to have its hands tied, since they are consistently not lifting a finger.


So with each new outrage caused by such "Lauterbachs", we must repeatedly call their already committed crimes against mankind again into the consciousness of the peoples and demand their incarceration.


Such people must be imprisoned.

Moreover, it must be brought up and deepened again and again that even such people, like Lauterbach, Drosten and Spahn are only small puppets in the big political or rather economic game.


They are needed, they are controlled.


Yet we are truly governed by completely different circles, than those supposedly in power - which we are lied to about daily. Make this understandable to the people!

Our so-called elected politicians are, unfortunately, nothing but powerless puppets, who are enslaved by the most perverse laws - especially the police, etc. - and manipulated by a God-damned secret society mafia.


Our reporting must therefore always keep a fixed eye on the criminals who have already been uncovered, together with their crimes.


We must put them in the center and consistently show their new crimes in the light of the crimes they have already committed that have not been punished.

This is the way to act, do you understand?


Otherwise, like the gossiping club regulars, we are always just documenting and refuting their latest crimes, just as I said before about the cheated spouse.


Instead of keeping his finger on the partner's proven adultery and insisting solely on this fact for as long as possible, the cheated on person gets involved in the cheater's diversionary maneuvers and begins to defend himself, begins to slip into the defensive instead of remaining on the offensive, where the only chance lies - of gaining the upper hand.


And exactly due to this mistake, in the end even the cheated cover for the cheaters even better than these could mutually cover for themselves. Defense covers for this gang!

I ask you, all you esteemed informers and helpers of the truth to Implement this strategic necessity, now all the more consistently, as we also do it as


Let us drag the impudent, exposed murderers to the light and engrave their outrages into the consciousness of the peoples.


Until either the justice system punishes them - up to the highest level - or until millions of venerable people gather to proclaim tribunals, which will then legally, truly settle accounts with these very serious criminals.


If we do not enforce this, one and the same Lauterbach, who has forced so many people into death or crippling at the behest of those above, will now pass his outrages on to all of us.


You will see it with your own eyes. And he will continue to hammer the climate blame into our heads until all of us are only pushing new counter-arguments back and forth in a repelling, i.e. defensive attitude.

Instead the voice of the peoples must become louder and louder,

demanding that the extremely necessary settling of accounts with Lauterbach, Drosten, Gates and whatever their names are, must happen - down to the last guilty one...!

The peoples must not allow that the corpses, together with incurred costs by these criminals, is pushed into their own shoes, or that all those destroyed by the vaccination are now underhandedly declared as 'heat deaths', in order to hide the truth.


So in the end we would all be the culprits, because we breathe out too much CO2 and such nonsense, you understand?

To summarize:

It is indeed necessary to expose all new lies and to show the counterarguments.


But only after we have shown that these diversionary maneuvers are now being carried out by exactly those people who have just misled us as a whole and who were not immediately called to account.

We, the informers, must unite in the same cause and strategically demand that all vaccination damages must be paid for by Big Pharma and their vassals alone.


By Pharma - did you understand that well?

Not from our health insurances or ultimately even from our kind-hearted donations.


Because it is completely illegal that Big Pharma could make itself immune from prosecution before its fatally negligent vaccination-people experiment and also even profits as the only one from this heavy damage - in the trillions.


We have to insist on the punishment of all these evildoers until their misdeeds are atoned for.


Because no one stopped them, they have now been able to foist the entire liability for vaccine damage onto doctors and those they harmed.

And ultimately, of course, onto us, the deceived people. So let's also consistently not tolerate that vaccination damage may be billed via health insurance. That is the constant big battle on the side stage.


Because these costs are borne by us, the deceived people, do you understand?


All vaccination damages must be exposed as vaccination damages, and the costs including compensation payments must be transferred to the real criminals:

To Big Pharma, to the WHO - which has not been punished and which now wants to break through to a world health dictatorship - and to all those who have in some way directly or indirectly contributed to the whole disaster, this whole genocide.

They have to pay, we have to make them pay.


If we don't succeed in this, then as of August 25th, 2023, we will potentially be deprived of every last possibility to reach enough people via social media, because then the legal right to total censorship will potentially be introduced.


Then the impudent liars and murderers will have the only say, via their media, and then we, the peoples, will take the rap for all this and be bled out, to the last shirt - completely defenseless, completely hopeless, completely without rights.

So let us synergize together, let us condense and focus the disclosure until - if there is no other way - there is a legitimate people's tribunal.


Without such a tribunal, sooner or later there seems to be no chance for true justice.


By the way, at the end of the broadcast text you will find a link (7) to a new NGO that explains in detail both the prerequisite and the path to a legitimate People's Tribunal.

I am Ivo Sasek, who has been standing before God for 47 years.








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