by Alex Newman
21 February 2014

from TheNewAmerican Website







As global-warming alarmists become increasingly deranged in their attacks on experts and critics who reject their controversial and increasingly discredited theory, at least one of the world's leading climate scientists has finally had enough.


Dr. Roy Spencer (shown above), who served as senior scientist for climate studies at NASA, published a scathing rebuke of the alarmists and their "extremist" rhetoric.


Referring to the alarmists as "global warming Nazis," Dr. Spencer warned that their "pseudo-scientific ramblings" and support for fascist-style "radical policies" literally threaten the lives of millions of people - especially the poor.


What appears to have set off Spencer - a Ph.D. in meteorology and principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville - are the ever-more vicious and absurd tactics of extreme global-warming theorists.


In a February 20 piece on his website headlined "Time to push back against the global warming Nazis," the climate expert notes that "somebody" pushed his button. "When politicians and scientists started calling people like me ‘deniers,' they crossed the line," he wrote.


As countless other experts, scientists, and analysts have also noted, Spencer said that the warmists were trying to equate skeptics of global warming theories - those who do not see climate change as man-made or a serious problem - with those who deny that Hitler's National Socialist (Nazi) regime exterminated millions of Jews.

"Too many of us for too long have ignored the repulsive, extremist nature of the comparison," Spencer wrote. "It's time to push back."

In response, Spencer said, he is going to start calling them "global warming Nazis."


There are very good reason for the comparison, too, he added.

"The pseudo-scientific ramblings by their leaders have falsely warned of mass starvation, ecological collapse, agricultural collapse, overpopulation... all so that the masses would support their radical policies," he said. "Policies that would not voluntarily be supported by a majority of freedom-loving people."

According to Dr. Spencer, whose latest post has already attracted the fury of "global warming Nazis," the alarmists are just as guilty as a person who yells "fire!" in a crowded theater when there is actually no fire.

"Except they threaten the lives of millions of people in the process," he explained.

"Like the Nazis, they advocate the supreme authority of the state (fascism), which in turn supports their scientific research to support their cause (in the 1930s, it was superiority of the white race)," Spencer added.

The attack on science in the name of dubious global-warming theories, which The New American has described in great detail, also ruffled Dr. Spencer's feathers.

"Dissenting scientific views are now jack-booted through tactics like pressuring scientific journals to not publish papers with which they disagree... even getting journal editors to resign," he wrote.

Indeed, as the world learned during ClimateGate and ClimateGate II, leading so-called "climate scientists" were exposed in leaked e-mails doing precisely what Spencer describes - and more.


In addition to being caught trying to silence scientific viewpoints, the warmists, many of whom contributed to the United Nations' alarmist and discredited reports, were exposed fudging data to "hide the decline" in global temperatures and even conspiring to break the law.


There are many more reasons why the vicious warming-theorists resemble the National Socialists, too.

"Like the Nazis, they are anti-capitalist," Spencer said.


"They are willing to sacrifice millions of lives of poor people at the altar of radical environmentalism, advocating expensive energy policies that increase poverty. And if there is a historically demonstrable threat to humanity, it is poverty."

As many publications and analysts have documented, the warmists' hatred of energy and prosperity is deeply ingrained.


Spencer made clear that those who believe in finding new forms of energy are not the problem.

"I'm instead talking about the extremists. They are the ones who are sure they are right, and who are bent on forcing their views upon everyone else," he said.


"Unfortunately, the extremists are usually the only ones you hear from in the media, because they scream the loudest and make the most outrageous claims."

As countless real scientists and experts have also done, Spencer blasted the bogus invocation of "consensus" in the debate.

"This authoritarianism tends to happen with an over-educated elite class," he added. "I have read that Nazi Germany had more PhDs per capita than any other country. I'm not against education, but it seems like some of the stupidest people are also the most educated."

Spencer, who pointed out that he did not start the fight, concluded by saying that as long as the warming-theorist extremists continue to call those who disagree with their theory "deniers," he will keep calling them "global warming Nazis."


In the comments of his blog, several people wondered whether the term Nazi might be over the top. In a follow-up note, he disagreed.

"Considering the fact that these people are supporting policies that will kill far more people than the Nazis ever did - all in the name of what they consider to be a righteous cause - I think it is very appropriate," Spencer said.


"Again, I didn't start the name-calling."

As The New American reported just this week, the climate alarmists are now, in fact, openly advocating murderous totalitarianism as a way to fight "global warming" (which, of course, has been on "pause" for 17 years and counting).


Even as many experts are forecasting global cooling, real scientists and people everywhere must continue to reject tyranny and pseudo-science. Spencer deserves credit for fighting back.