by Frank Bergman
January 04, 2024
from SlayNews Website

One of the world's leading climate experts has spoken out to warn the public that the globalist green agenda claim that carbon dioxide causes "global warming" is "wholly untrue."

In recent years, unelected bureaucrats, corporate elites, and their allies in global governments and the media have been promoting the "decarbonization" agenda.

This agenda, championed by the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN), alleges that carbon dioxide is causing the so-called "climate crisis."

The solution to this supposed "crisis" is for world governments to comply with the WEF's "Net Zero" targets in order to meet "Agenda 2030" and "Agenda 2050."

The WEF's plan seeks to eliminate "man-made emissions" such as carbon dioxide to "save the planet."

However, critics argue that "decarbonization" is just a euphemism for the WEF's anti-human agenda.

Of course, the largest source of carbon dioxide on Earth is humans and human activities such as burning fossil fuels.

The average human exhales about 2.3 pounds of carbon dioxide on an average day.

Take this number and multiply it by a global population of 8.1 billion people, breathing away for 365.25 days per year, and you get an annual CO2 output of 3.4 billion tons.

However, experts are quick to point out that this figure is meaningless,

since human respiration is part of a "closed loop cycle" in which our carbon dioxide output is matched by the carbon dioxide taken in by the wheat, corn, celery, and Ugli fruit that we eat...

Nevertheless, the anti-carbon agenda directly targets humans and human activities.

The answer, according to the WEF, is that,

members of the general public must drastically lower their quality of life while handing over vast sums of cash to the Global Elite...

According to climate expert Willie Soon, however,

carbon has nothing to do with changes in the climate...

Soon is now blowing the whistle to expose the green agenda and warn the public that,

anti-carbon claims are a lie...!

The expert explains that,

changes in the climate are a natural occurrence that have been happening for billions of years and have nothing to do with human activity...

He says that humanity would need to look beyond Earth to find the source.

Soon, a visiting fellow on the Science Advisory Committee of the Center for Energy, Climate, and Environment at The Heritage Foundation, says,

the Earth's rotation around the Sun is what affects the planet's temperature, not 'carbon dioxide' as global power elites claim...!

For example, glaciers,

"melted away because the Sun started to get... brighter and provided more solar energy to the climate system," according to Soon.

Throughout his career, Soon, a former researcher with the Center for Astrophysics-Harvard & Smithsonian, says he has sought to pursue the facts surrounding shifts in the climate because,

"science is not about belief."


"Science is about data," he asserts.

Globalists claim that,

"rising carbon dioxide that is the main factor... that affects climate change, and that is wholly untrue," Soon says.

"That is such a distorted view that I think it needs to be corrected."



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Soon explains the false anti-carbon agenda during an interview on "The Daily Signal Podcast" for part two of a three-part series discussing "climate change."

He explains why the Sun is the source of the changing climate and how it affects the Earth's cycles of warming and cooling.

"Woke" bureaucrats and corporate elites cannot change these cycles, he notes...