by Ben Pile
August 05, 2022
from Principia-Scientific Website






In the last year, people around the world have suffered huge rises in the cost of energy.

Petrol, diesel, domestic electricity, and natural gas prices are now past the point that many people can afford...

The problem is affecting all businesses, with consequences for the wider economy, jobs, and the cost of living.

In poorer and developing economies, these problems are intensified and are having deeper and tragic consequences.

There is a growing risk that the progress the world has seen in dealing with poverty, hunger, and communicable diseases since the 1990s will be reversed.


what is behind these problems, what caused them, what are governments doing about it, and when can we look forward to a return to normality?

Since the mid-2000s, politicians have been driven by the idea that people’s well-being depended on eliminating CO2 emissions, and NOT on the energy that powered society and the economy.

Now we’re paying for those choices.







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