by Frank Bergman
May 16, 2024
from SlayNews Website

Billionaire Bill Gates has been exposed as the driving force behind a shadowy organization that is pushing for governments to begin vaccinating the food supply in order to supposedly "fight climate change."

The Microsoft co-founder has been quietly funneling vast sums of cash into a firm seeking to vaccinate all cows in cattle herds around the world that are destined for the food supply.


According to a report from Axios, Gates is the leader of an investment fund behind ArkeaBio.


ArkeaBio is a Boston pharmaceutical company behind a new livestock vaccine. According to the company, the vaccine will help reduce global emissions from livestock and "save the planet" from "climate change."


Gates and other unelected globalist groups such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the United Nations (UN), claim that methane from cows is one of the main contributors to the so-called "climate crisis."


In recent years, Gates, the WEF, and the UN have been demonizing the agriculture industry while calling for limits, or even bans, on the general public's consumption of meat and dairy products.


The WEF, UN, and green agenda politicians argue that,

methane gasses from cattle, or "cow farts," cause "global warming."

The pharma firm claims its vaccine reduces livestock methane emissions by suppressing cow farts.


The report reveals that Gates pumped $26.5 million into an investment fund he founded which was then funneled to ArkeaBio in the form of venture capital funding.


The Gates-funded company claims,

cows create more than 5% of global "greenhouse gasses."

Vaccines could be a relatively low-cost, scalable solution, particularly as food demand increases.


However, while the idea of tainting the food supply with vaccines causes outrage among many, Axios argues that the general public has now begun to accept the idea.

"The whole thing feels a little dystopian - giving animals injections so they cook the planet a little less before we cook some of them - but agribusiness sailed over the dystopian hurdle long ago," the report states.

Gates, who isn't a scientist or a doctor, is notorious for his interest in vaccines, "climate change," and the food supply.


He was a staunch advocate of vaccinating the public with Covid mRNA shots, despite the risks.


As we reported, Gates has been increasingly setting his sights on meat consumption among the general public and seeking to infuse this agenda with his other interests.


According to Gates and his globalist "green agenda" allies, beef cattle herds are "destroying the planet" due to their alleged "emissions."


Gates argues that the only solution to stop the claimed impact of cattle on "global warming" is to either "modify" cows or eliminate them...


In a recent episode of his podcast "Unconfuse Me With Bill Gates," the host unveiled his plans for using artificial intelligence (AI) to target the food supply.


Gates said he believes that AI would have a clear role to play in fighting "climate change."


Regarding the food supply, Gates revealed that AI will be able to develop a solution to solve the "problem" of meat consumption. He revealed plans to use AI to genetically modify cows to produce less methane.


Gates revealed that the long-term plan is to use AI to eliminate cows altogether by using the technology to develop a way to manufacture "meat without the cow."


Additionally, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (now 'Gates Foundation'...) awarded a $4.8 million grant to a London-based company to develop gas masks for cows. The masks are a similar concept to carbon capture technology.


Other research looks into food additives that go into the cows' feed.


Gates is also pushing for cows to be genetically "modified" to advance this agenda...


However, despite the growing efforts to demonize the farming industry, a new study has just concluded that blaming livestock for "climate change" is a globalist hoax...


As we reported, the new study debunked the globalist narrative that emissions from cows are causing "climate change" while proving that cattle herds actually lower methane gas levels in the atmosphere.


According to the new study, blaming cows for methane emissions ignores cattle's relationship with the land.

The researchers found that, if grazing cattle were removed from pastures, emissions would actually go up, not down.

Nevertheless, the war on food doesn't appear to going away anytime soon.

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