by Frank Bergman
April 01, 2024
from SlayNews Website





The daughter of Democrat President Joe Biden's former "climate czar" John Kerry has warned that,

the days of allowing the general public to decide whether or not to comply with the World Economic Forum's (WEF) "Net Zero" agenda are now over... (sic)

Although her jet-setting father left his role as the 1st United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate last month, Vanessa Kerry still serves as the Special Envoy for Climate Change and Health for the World Health Organization (WHO).

Both Vanessa and John Kerry also serve as key "agenda contributors" at the unelected WEF.

Vanessa Kerry is now warning that globalists must up the ante in order to force the taxpaying public into complying with "Net Zero."

According to the younger Kerry, complying with green agenda goals to "save the planet" from the "climate crisis" is "no longer a choice."

As we have previously reported, to comply with the WEF's "Net Zero" targets, all members of the general public will need to,

...and many other majors restrictions on freedom.

In a statement on meeting the WEF's targets, Vanessa Kerry said:

"We can and must make different decisions.

"We must accept that there is no other way forward than to phase out our reliance on fossil fuels.

"A study was released just a few days ago, that shows that more than 8 million people a year die from air pollution, more than in the entire Covid pandemic," she claimed.

"One person dies every four seconds.

"So by the time I finish this sentence, another person will have died, and 61% of those deaths are directly attributable to fossil fuels."

Kerry didn't provide any supporting evidence to support these claims, however.

Vanessa Kerry then declared:

"Simply mitigation and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions - is no longer a choice."





While serving in his unelected and unregulated role as Biden's "climate czar," John Kerry heavily pushed for taxpayers to fund the WEF's "Net Zero" agenda.

As we reported,

Kerry led the United States in joining twelve other nations from around the world in signing an agreement to crack down on the agriculture industry to fight "global warming"...

International governments agreed to sign the pact pledging to target food production by shutting down farms to reduce "methane emissions."

The agreement, led by the United States under Kerry, has been signed by several major cattle and food-producing states including,

  • Australia

  • Germany

  • Argentina

  • Brazil

  • Chile

  • Spain...

The nations signed onto a commitment to place farmers under new restrictions to reduce emissions of methane gas.

The Global Methane Hub announced in a press release that agriculture and environmental ministers and ambassadors from 13 countries, including the U.S., have signed the anti-agriculture pledge.

Interestingly, China and Russia are not mentioned at all in these anti-food policies that claim to "save the planet" from "climate change."

According to the press release issued by these nations:

…the Global Methane Hub collaborated with the Ministries of Agriculture of Chile and Spain to convene the first-ever global ministerial on agricultural practices to reduce methane emissions.

The ministerial brought together high-ranking government members to share global perspectives on methane reduction and low-emission food systems.

The gathering led to a statement in which the nations committed to support efforts to improve the quality and quantity of, and access to, finance for climate change adaptation and mitigation measures in the agriculture and food sectors and to collaborate on efforts aimed at lowering methane emissions in agriculture and food systems.

The thirteen nations that signed the Global Methane Pledge are:

  1. Argentina

  2. Australia

  3. Brazil

  4. Burkina Faso

  5. Chile

  6. Czech Republic

  7. Ecuador

  8. Germany

  9. Panama

  10. Peru

  11. Spain

  12. The United States

  13. Uruguay

The move seeks to,

drastically cut meat and dairy supply around the world to allegedly "fight the climate crisis"...


The U.S., Australia, Brazil, and Argentina, nations that are signing the pact, are among the world's largest producers of meat.

As we recently reported,

John Kerry has been calling for farmers to stop growing food in order to meet the radical "Net Zero" goals for lowering "emissions."

Kerry issued a warning about the supposed "threat" from farmers during a green agenda conference in Washington D.C. last year.

During the Department of Agriculture's (USDA) AIM for Climate Summit, Kerry told the audience that,

"we can't get to Net Zero, we won't get this job done, unless agriculture is front and center as part of the solution."

Kerry warned attendees that his and other global elites',

"lives depend" on farmers ceasing their operations... (sic)

He insists that stopping farmers from growing food is essential for meeting the globalist goals to lower agriculture "emissions."

He continued by noting that he does not even call it "climate change" anymore.

"It's not change; it's a 'crisis'," he declared...