by Mark Sircus
November 10, 2014

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Parts of the lower 48 states could see temperatures between 20 and 40 degrees below average, the National Weather Service said Sunday.


In the Wall Street Journal, we read that global warming has taken a long holiday or what officials call warming pause.

"Well, the pause has now lasted for 16, 19 or 26 years - depending on whether you choose the surface temperature record or one of two satellite records of the lower atmosphere.


That's according to a new statistical calculation by Ross McKitrick, a professor of economics at the University of Guelph in Canada."

The first scenes of the next mini ice age is all about us at the beginning of November.


Soon most in the northern hemisphere are going to have to throw out the idea of having a fall at all. Winter is going to run rampage earlier and earlier each year. Winter is going to annihilate the fall. It already has.


'Earliest and deepest snowfalls in more than 100 years in Southeastern U.S.' and lots of snow combined with record low temperatures. Tennessee, North and South Carolina and Georgia all saw unexpected snow, in some places almost two feet deep.


According to the Climatology Office in South Carolina, Concord, South Carolina has broken a 125-year record for the earliest snow seen. In addition, Columbia, South Carolina's capital broke a 129-year record.


Global warming is a dead idea. In fact, that is all it ever was, and unsubstantiated idea.


About 14.1 million square kilometers of snow blanketed Siberia at the end of October, the second most in records going back to 1967, according to Rutgers University's Global Snow Lab.


The record was in 1976, which broke a streak of mild winters in the eastern U.S. In addition, the speed at which snow has covered the region is the fastest since at least 1998.


Cold air builds over the expanse of snow, strengthening the pressure system known as a Siberian high. The high weakens the winds that circle the North Pole, allowing the cold air to leak into the lower latitudes.


The term "Polar Vortex" actually refers to those winds, not the frigid weather.


Last year, 12.85 million square kilometers of snow covered Eurasia at the end of October.

"The big early snow build will definitely set things up for a cold back half of the winter," said Todd Crawford, a meteorologist at commercial forecaster WSI in Andover, Massachusetts.

Over 1.2 million square kilometers more snow cover already. We are talking about a huge area.


For comparison, the entire United States, including Alaska, contains 3.8 million sq. miles (9.85 million sq. km).





Even relatively warm areas are seeing record cold. Miami, West Palm Beach, Naples, Key West, all broke previous records.


On Nov 2, 2014, in Miami, the temperature fell to 52 degrees, breaking the previous record of 54 degrees set in 1993.


In West Palm Beach, the temperature dipped to 49 degrees, breaking the previous record of 51 degrees set in 1993. In Key West, the temperature dropped to 61 degrees, breaking the previous record of 62 degrees set in 1957.


Record storms will bring record cold so on top of solar dimming and record volcanic activity slamming temperatures downwards we have cyclone Nuri racing up in the far north.


On Monday night, the European model was forecasting the cyclone to drop 36 mb (millibar) in 18 hours to an incredible low pressure of 916 mb. This would likely be the lowest pressure ever recorded in the Bering Sea - the previous record for Alaska is 927 mb at Dutch Harbor in 1977.


It would also come very close to the lowest extra tropical pressure on record for any location, which is 913 mb, set in the North Atlantic in 1993.


Weather Underground chief meteorologist Jeff Masters says Nuri's remnants are,

"predicted to become one of Earth's strongest storms on record."




This storm is setting the stage for a frigid blast of air into the mainland United States that will send temperatures plunging this week.





The Religion of Global Warming Goes On


CNN must be the world champion in terms of showing off how badly the news can be corrupted. You can read all about the glorious lie of global warming on their consistent posts but they are not alone.


The United Nations insists we have a warming problem. International government officials at a summit in Copenhagen over the past week, is intended to provide the clearest and most concise summary yet of the widely agreed scientific evidence on climate change.


Widely agreed on by blind men who are out to rob others of wealth through carbon taxes.


The United Nations is an organization whose day we should put behind the human race. Why the major media outlets even bother to print the disinformation the United Nations puts out is beyond imagination.


ABC News in Australia, a diehard global warmer publication says,

"The world's top scientists have given their clearest warning yet of the severe and irreversible impacts of climate change.


The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has released its report, a summary of its last three reports. It warns greenhouse gas levels are at their highest they have been in 800,000 years, with recent increases mostly due to the burning of fossil fuels.


Continued emission of greenhouse gases will cause further warming and long-lasting changes in all components of the climate system, increasing the likelihood of severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts for people and ecosystems," the report said.