by CarlosZ

October 31, 2021

from Bitchute Website

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Sorry globalists but people who use their heads know all about your propaganda.


The 'United Nations Development Program' YouTube's channel (UNDP) recently publicly released a television commercial video that stars a dinosaur warning representatives at a United Nations meeting about the need to spend money for preparation of a climate crisis.


Coincidence that they used a reptilian in the video...?


However, we have learned in the past five years about how we have been lied to on a daily basis by our world leaders, main stream media and corporations.


Propaganda has been used to brainwash the citizens around the globe.


But these globalists overly exposed themselves.


We have learned how they have stolen tax payers money, used people for experimental reasons and even murdered people if it furthered their agenda.


Furthermore, now they will be pushing as hard for this made up climate crisis lie (aka 'Global Warming') as they did with the Covid-19 weapon that was used on the human population.


Not even a 'dinosaur' can help promote yet another lie by a group of people who have a selfish, reckless and evil agenda.





Who is this for?

Are eleven year olds the UN's key demographic?


When the ruling class brings out the quirky ads

you know they're just mocking us.


The most unrealistic thing about this

was the standing ovation at the end.

They say that, but we all know

the 'dinosaurs' have been planning

their revenge against mammals

for a long long time.

According to the 'conspiracy theory' I'm trying to start,

at least half of all oil and gas company CEOs

are actually just pterodactyls

wearing business suits...

Did the UN forget to turn on

their non-reptilian filter?

Now everyone knows

the UN is run by lizard people.

The problem is that the general population

is so dumb that garbage like this

has a chance of actually getting to them.

Full-on, no nuance, in-your-face visual metaphor

plus semi-coherent message

is just about the only thing

people understand these days...


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