by Amitakh Stanford
20 December 2007

from XeeATwelve Website


This is a world at war, with a long history to prove it. Alien factions take the peace from the world as they jockey for local, regional and world domination.

The New World Order has been a long time in the planning. It is a scheme that has been closely guarded, and many crimes have been committed and wars waged to fulfill this treacherous plan – the Anunnaki war upon humans and minority aliens towards their ultimate vanquishment. Make no mistake about it, the Anunnaki will use any means to achieve their goal for world domination.

The Earth is the plum of the Virtual Reality because it houses the Atu-waa, the time-restarting device. Whilst I have written that the True-Light being trapped in the Atu-waa has been released by the Light and that the Atu-waa is now inoperable, the very few Anunnaki who know this to be the case continue to deceive all the other Anunnaki and every other alien race that knows about the Atu-waa into thinking it is still functional.


The war over the Atu-waa, a one-of-a kind device, will soon be obvious. The Reptilians have kept the location of the Atu-waa secret for a long time. They are doing all they can to cluster around it, and they have called upon their allies, the Greys, to infiltrate the area of Southeast Queensland where the Atu-waa is located.

The Lemurians know that the time for the Earth is short because nobody has re-started “Time”, and it is quickly ticking away. The Lemurians know the date when the Earth will end, but they had expected the Anunnaki Elite to return to Earth and re-start the cycle. They also surmised that they would be safe underwater during the re-start of “Time”.

However, because the Attas of Light have kept the Anunnaki Elite at bay, the cycle is counting down with no chance of re-starting. That is why the Lemurian elite began superheating Antarctic seas to release their two motherships that were moored under the ice of the continent. Several months ago, using their advanced alien invisibility technology, these Lemurians were able to escape from the Earth undetected by humans after they successfully thawed the ice away from the crafts.


These elite Lemurians have fled the doomed Earth, leaving the others behind in the underwater city to fend for themselves.

There was recorded reference to the Reptilian NWO agenda in the 1492 version of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, which were subsequently revised and released for public consumption about four centuries later. However, the Light’s intervention put the full force of the Light behind the colonists, which stopped the Reptilian plan for world conquest.


Had the Light not intervened, the Reptilians would have pounced on the American colonists to punish them for something the Reptilians had planned and instigated behind the scenes, and the NWO would have been implemented before the Rescue Mission of the Light was completed.

After the American colonists won their independence, the weakened Reptilians began working out new plans for their world domination, which culminated in the revised version of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. The Revised Anunnaki Protocols have been circulated widely of late, signaling that the time for the Reptilian move is approaching.

The latest “Protocol” signal was produced in the Kyoto Protocols, which are also a Reptilian scheme that makes the Reptilians the leading force – but not the only force – behind the environmental movement. The Kyoto Protocols and the limitation of CO2 emissions are part of the Reptilian agenda. The Reptilians already exercise almost total control of the world economic situation by dominating the banking industry and other aspects of the economy. The Reptilians have also built up the countries they want to have worldwide military, political, and economic influence. Under the Kyoto Protocols, other nations cannot emerge to effectively challenge those currently in place.


This, in effect, makes the past polluters the guardians of the environment.

The Vulturite-influenced United States have rejected the Kyoto Protocols because it is an important part of the Reptilian scheme. The former Australian Prime Minister also rejected the Kyoto Protocols, but the newly-elected government and Prime Minister immediately endorsed them because the new government is Reptilian sponsored.


The Americans are now trying to form their own type of environmental body without any CO2 emission caps tied to it to counter-act the Reptilian domination of the environmental movement to date. The Bush administration knows that the Reptilian Kyoto Protocols are designed to establish policing powers of the world under the guise of ecological monitoring, with the surreptitious goal of halting any new nations from emerging to global power.

The Kyoto Protocols, like most of the Anunnaki agenda, were planned long ago. Among other things, the following account shows that many human events have been orchestrated by another power before it filters down to this physical level:

Just over a decade ago, on a very hot and humid summer night, I was still awake because of the heat. While I was trying to get some rest in the lounge room, I heard some buzzing sounds, and the television screen filled with electronic “snow” before it suddenly cleared up and received a broadcast. This happened at about 3.00 am, and would be unremarkable except the television set was unplugged and the channel the broadcast appeared on was not a working channel in the area!


Al Gore came on the screen and began talking about global warming and greenhouse gases. At the time, he was the Vice-President of the United States.

Recently, someone handed me a DVD of Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. While viewing the video, I remembered watching a good portion of it over a decade earlier, long before the video had been created.

It should be mentioned that not all parties supporting the Kyoto Protocols are Reptilian representatives, nor are all the US groups Vulturite sponsored. That is, there is no litmus test to ascertain alien ties because there are spies and double agents everywhere who have infiltrated various political, religious, economic and other groups. This is why the whole alien chessboard and positioning can be so confusing to those who try to rationalize world events.

Last month, when the Reptilian-sponsored candidate became the Prime Minister elect of Australia (Australian Labor leader Kevin Rudd), the back-up Reptilian choice who held a very powerful position in the outgoing Vulturite-sponsored government, quietly moved back to political oblivion on the back bench instead of taking on the position of the opposition party leader.


There is no longer any need for him to be the back-up Reptilian-sponsored leader since that alien group has taken power in the new government.

Whilst Vulturites are still managing to win in some close elections, the Reptilians are presently enjoying many landslide political victories around the globe. The recent Australian election is one example of this, where the incumbent Prime Minister lost his own seat in Parliament. Some of these Reptilians might mistakenly think that the True Light is assisting them. If ever the True Light intervenes, regardless of which side is assisted, it is only for the highest good of the Rescue Plan.

Reptilian agents have recently requested assistance from the Light, under the pretence that the Reptilians will listen to the Light if the latter assists them. I take this opportunity to respond and make it very clear to the Reptilian representatives in human bodies that the Light will have no part in their alien wars. Any offers, no matter how attractive they are in worldly terms, will not entice the Rescuers of the True Light into taking sides. The True Light Rescuers will not take any bribes or succumb to any intimidations or threats!

Two of the Democrat party frontrunners for president of the US are sponsored by opposing alien groups. In other words, there are Vulturite-sponsored and Reptilian-sponsored candidates within the same party. This means that there is a real show of alien force taking place in the American Democrat primary process. These political fights go much, much deeper than they would appear.


The same type of thing is going on in the Republican party primaries. In alien matters, especially at this time, the saying that blood is thicker than water is not always applicable.

Many things have been said about the NWO. Finally, the framework is starting to emerge. It is being implemented in Queensland, Australia, which is to be the launching ground. Australia is heading towards totalitarian rule after the implementation of the NWO. There will be no prize awarded to Australia for acting as the launching pad of the NWO. It is, in fact, the victim of the ruling elite and is being used by them.

Many might expect a creeping encroachment of the NWO to originate from elsewhere, as seen in the early twentieth century Russian model from which the USSR emerged. This is because, unaware of the alien influence behind human affairs, and comforted by the flag of “democracy” their countries fly, most Westerners have been lulled to sleep, believing that capitalism has overcome a weaker socialist system by forcing the dismantling of the USSR into less powerful, independent nation states.

It is a common war gimmick for the same alien groups to sponsor and fight amongst themselves regarding certain matters in such a way that the general public is deceived into thinking that there are two different groups involved, when, in fact, they are the same group. This is much like the government-sponsored internet pedophilia that is broken up by the very ones who initiated the spread of child pornography. This is like the running and policing of drugs by the same group.


Water shortages are created and policed by the same parties. Ecological problems are presented and then solved by the same people. Nuclear proliferation and weapons of mass destruction are created and policed by the same source. The game of creating problems to exploit the people, then creating the solutions to further benefit themselves extends to many fields, including: legal and illegal drug trafficking, social and health services, dental care, nutrition, pet and animal food and veterinary services, work place conditions and so on.

The list goes on and on, from the basic user to the top of the chain of distribution and production. Like the junk in pet food, which extends throughout the system, and which involves pet food manufacturers, veterinarians, the academy of sciences, and, finally, retail sales outlets and consumers, it is difficult to identify the complex problems, much less to effectively combat the issues.


Exploitation aside, and dismissing financial considerations, this is indicative of a culling method that has been used on animals and humans alike on a long-term basis. Not only are animals and humans being culled, but aliens are also being culled as the Reptilians move closer to their goal of world domination.

The recent outbreak of equine flu in Australia is part of the bigger NWO plan that includes a “war” on animals. Dogs in Queensland are being subjected to another alien “designer” disease that emulates the parvovirus, but which is actually a lethal toxin.


In parts of Australia, some veterinarians are now being overshadowed by Masa-karas aliens (who are in alliance with the Reptilians).


Some of these vets are involved with forcibly swapping alien consciousnesses with animal consciousnesses of animals that are brought in for treatment. The aliens then temporarily use the animal body until a suitable, human body becomes available for forced possession. The widespread alien takeover of animals and humans in the Australian states of Queensland and Victoria also extends to many other states and countries.

As I have previously written, it was the Reptilian plan to implement the NWO in the USA. However, too much resistance was encountered in the United States. The bill of individual rights that was attached to the Reptilian-backed American Constitution proved to be a very difficult hurdle for the plan. Other factors also contributed to the final decision by the Reptilian ruling elite to modify their plans and abandon the location for the implementation of the NWO.

It is noteworthy that whilst America was being considered as the base for the implementation of the NWO, it was not intended to be its ultimate power base. The NWO needs tighter control of the people at the seat of government than is afforded by the American system. It needs a totalitarian regime to effectively govern the whole world.


This is why China has been chosen as the main seat of the NWO. As I have mentioned elsewhere, some of the consciousnesses of the top figures amongst the Reptilian representatives shifted to the bodies of certain Chinese citizens many years ago in readiness for the implementation of the NWO power in China.

America is an obvious world power and is closely watched by all nations. In fact, the message that America is the only superpower in the world has been so effectively drummed into the American psyche that it has inflated their collective ego and caused them to recklessly engage in and support many wars in the name of peace and protection for the world. Australia, on the other hand, would never be considered as a world power or threat. Nobody takes Australian politics as a serious threat to global peace, which is one reason that the NWO is being launched on the Australian continent.


The lack of world scrutiny makes Australia an even more ideal nation for implementing the NWO.

Australia was chosen as the alternate location for the implementation when it was determined that the USA was not a feasible nation. Australia is the alternative Reptilian choice for launching the NWO for many reasons. These include: geographic size and isolation, proximity to Antarctica, historical ties to Great Britain, non-existence of a bill of individual rights, culture, mandatory voting, language, mindset of the people and other factors, all of which make it an ideal ground for mass programming and the implementation of various agendas of the NWO.

Recently, many liberties have been stripped from the Australians who travel in motor vehicles. The majority of them have accepted traffic fines and penalties based solely on photos taken by speed cameras (radar tickets). When these tickets are issued, Australians have virtually no chance of confronting their accusers (the speed cameras) and little chance of effectively contesting the charges.


Australians have also accepted electronic surveillance of their driving patterns on various roads throughout the nation. They have also been subjected to random alcohol breath testing, and, now, there is mandatory random drug screening of motorists. It may seem that all of these infringements are reasonable and have been done for the safety and well being of citizens. But, few suspect that there is a very sinister purpose behind these intrusions – and those that are soon to come.

Military presence is expanding throughout Australia, with convoys being spotted all around the country. This is a precursor to military mobilization against the civilian population. Military exercises are now being conducted in towns to condition people to accept armed soldiers on the streets and to become accustomed to taking orders from military personnel instead of from civilian police. Outright martial law has been imposed upon certain Aboriginal communities in the Northern Territory, and there are now plans to expand this to Far North Queensland.

To be specific, it is the state of Queensland that will be the launching pad for many aspects of the NWO. Many abuses are being carried out on Queenslanders by local, state and federal governments to see just how far people can be pushed and controlled before they object. Amazingly, very few issues have even faced a modicum of resistance. However, when Queenslanders do effectively protest infringements or undemocratic processes, then the politicians drop even the appearance of Australia being a democracy and blatantly force the citizens to comply.


The media and the opposition party nearly become mute whenever these types of totalitarian impositions occur.

Bear in mind that Queensland is only going through the initial stages of the implementation of the NWO. Just imagine what will happen when the NWO is established and spreads throughout the world!

Do not be surprised when it becomes a common scene in various countries for people who run afoul of NWO dictates to be put on public display in glass cubicles. The new shame “jails” will be much like zoo cages. The “jail” cells will work as a deterrent for any who might be thinking of mounting a protest against the NWO. The ruling elite will encourage the crowd to gather around the “jails” and taunt the “criminals”. This has happened in other galaxies when the Reptilians imposed their NWO schemes.

Many things are happening in Queensland without concern for democratic principles; major changes have taken place against the wishes of the majority of the people. Over the past few years, many attempts have been made to try to indoctrinate the people in Southeast Queensland to accept the “benefits” of fluoridated drinking water, but the government has encountered strong resistance to it.


Thus, instead of having further discussion and referenda on the issue as would have been done in the past, the state government capriciously ordered the state’s water supply to be fluoridated. In other words, the democratic process has been abandoned.

Rather than continue trying to convince the public of the supposed benefits of fluoridated water, the premier of the state has dictated that most of the state’s drinking water will be fluoridated. The media has gone silent on the issue because most of the media are controlled by the ruling elite. All over the world, on important issues, there has been silence or very little noise from the media to keep people in the dark about what is happening around the planet.


This same attitude surfaced when the state government forced amalgamations of shires throughout Queensland against the wishes of the people. Forced amalgamation of shires could easily lead to forced amalgamation of states, territories and, ultimately, to forced amalgamation of countries.

The main reason for the forced fluoridation is that the Reptilians are re-locating many Greys in human bodies to Southeast Queensland. The Greys are, at present, important allies of the Reptilians. Greys have lived underground for so long that they have developed certain maladies that are assisted by adding fluoride to their daily intake. Fluoride is medicinally taken by the Greys to keep them reasonably healthy.

The Reptilian plan now calls for swift action, and democracies get in the way of swift action. Therefore, they are dispensing with the “niceties” of democratic rule and are imposing their will upon the people in order to get things going faster. With Brisbane being the capital of Queensland, there will be an influx of Greys into the area from all over the world. Many people are being programmed to relocate to Queensland from other states and countries. Brisbane will become a hub of Australian activities.

If a country as powerful as the United States were to so blatantly dispense with democratic principles on major issues the way Queensland and the rest of Australia has, it would cause a worldwide uproar. But, since Australia appears to be a small, harmless and isolated nation, the world takes little notice of Australian politics. If the Anunnaki have their way against humans, America is on the short list, and is scheduled to be among the first swallowed after Australia succumbs to the NWO.

Most people in the world do not suspect, let alone believe, that there are alien forces behind human affairs. The USSR emerged because the Reptilians backed it and pushed it with a powerful energy. World War I was used to help bring about the consolidation of various diverse regions into the Soviet Union.

When WWI ended, the Reptilians drove the world economy to great heights before collapsing it into a deep depression. This set the stage for two seemingly insignificant and relatively innocuous countries to build up military strength, and commence what appeared to be a move for global domination by Germany and Japan. After letting WWII run its course, the Reptilians folded it up into a neat package where the world remained in a continual state of war, but with no real winners or losers in most of the battles.

It is the same Reptilian force that launched Japan and Germany into military might that is sponsoring the NWO implementation in Australia. In other words, Australia is on a war footing, even though its citizens, most of its leaders, and few other nations suspect it to be. Australia will have the full support of the major Reptilian nations in this regard, so the mouse will be allowed to roar, until it has done the dirty work for its Reptilian masters.

In my book, The New Revelation, John the Divine Versus the Anunnaki God, I wrote about the upcoming alien battles:

And I saw when the Lamb opened one of the seals, and I heard, as it were the noise of thunder. And I saw, and behold Jesus, majestically radiant, and clothed in white raiment and he had a sword; and a warrior’s protective helmet was given unto him.

And he opened the second seal. And there went out a rider in brown raiment on a horse that was light chestnut brown: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

And when he opened the third seal I beheld, and lo another rider in black raiment on a black horse; and he that sat on him held in his hand a black lantern that shineth not.

And he opened the fourth seal. And I looked, and behold a rider in silvery-grey raiment upon a grey horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

And three of the riders had with them huge armies. The army led by the rider on the brown horse was exceedingly strong and fresh. The rider on the black horse fell to the ground, as if dead. Then cometh the rider in the silvery-grey raiment to lift up the black rider. The black rider and his army mingled with the silvery-grey army led by the rider in silvery-grey raiment. Together, they fought against the rider in brown raiment and its army. The army of the silvery-grey rider and the army led by the rider in black raiment were determined yet tired. As the brown, black and silvery-grey armies engaged in battle, Jesus calmly watched on.

At the turn of the century, the Reptilians turned their political power over to the Vulturites in the United States in such a manner that the Vulturites believed that they had wrested it from the Reptilians. Then, the Reptilians tricked the Americans into doing many dirty jobs around the world for them.

It has taken a very cunning plan to deceive the Vulturites into thinking that they have acquired an upper hand in world affairs.


As America marched on in the Middle East with the full support of the then Vulturite-led Great Britain and Australia, its ego swelled. The Vulturites deluded themselves into thinking that their policies were so good that they were able to keep economic matters humming all the time. Little did they realize that the seemingly good economic times had been propped up by the Reptilian ruling elite until the trap could be sprung on the Vulturites.

The Vulturites remain reluctantly confident that the economy will continue to hum, at least for several months, because one of the major leading indicators of economic reversals – the share markets – point in that direction. Despite the tremendous volatility in the share markets, which should alert the more astute analysts to be wary, the markets seem to be resilient, such that even the more astute analysts are in denial about what is before them. That is: we are in recession, and the recession is rapidly deepening.

In the past, the share markets would fall before recessions hit the economies, which is why they are often referred to as leading indicators of what is to come. However, right now, every time the share markets show decline, the Reptilian ruling elite steps in to rescue them. They do this through the central banks and in other ways to completely manipulate the situation, so that the economy looks strong when it is gasping and about to die.

Many of the central banks’ “rescue” maneuvers are designed to protect the lenders, not the borrowers. When the banks want to get things moving, or keep them moving in the economy, they relax credit requirements. In America, credit was loosened until it invited fraudulent loan applications. Lenders often turn a blind eye to these very questionable loan applications, which keeps things going until borrowers renege on loans. Now, the central banks are in effect trying to bail out the lenders, many of whom should probably face criminal charges for granting the loans instead of getting economic relief for what they have done.


And, in the end, most of the borrowers will still lose their houses.

Financial situations cycle because of external forces being applied to them. Financial issues are not always created by humans; many of the situations are instigated from the subtle realms. Whilst few economists would have an inkling of this, economic cycles have definite purposes in social matters. Recessions, depressions, booms and expansions are all part of the economic control exerted on humans by the ruling elite under the influence of a force.

It is important to remember that humans have been enslaved by aliens, many of whom reside in human bodies. Human bodies are being taken over at an alarming pace at this time.

The economic recession that many countries will soon endure is part and parcel of the plan towards the controlled system necessary for the implementation of the alien NWO. Whilst there are very few politicians who are consciously aware of this, there are many who are ignorantly instrumental in the ultimate plan.

As I have written in the past, the days are soon approaching when financial analysts will not be listened to by the investing public. A primary reason for this is that the analysts are being used by the ruling elite at this time to send out messages that things are manageable, and to encourage people to continue to invest in shares, preferred stock, commercial paper and so on.


Most of the analysts believe that the share markets are leading indicators of what is about to transpire, and whilst the markets have hiccoughed and demonstrated unnerving volatility, the analysts are still reporting that recession is at least several months away because the markets are still high. The situation in Australia is nowhere near as good as the analysts have said it is. Many will be shocked at what is coming.

The ruling elite have a great deal at stake with their implementation of the NWO, and they need to keep the public as unsuspecting as possible until it is too late for them to react. A part of this plan involves keeping the appearance of a robust economy, even though it is heading towards deep recession and depression. The ruling elite have been using their resources to prop up share markets when it is necessary to maintain the illusion of a strong economy. (Many individual companies are also doing this with respect to their own shares to deceive the buying public into thinking their shares are more desirable than they really are.)

At this stage, the ruling elites’ propping efforts are so massive that share markets are no longer leading indicators of economic cycles, but are actually lagging indicators. What this means is that by the time the shares fall through the floor, the world will be in such a deep recession that economic activity will literally collapse.

Financial analysts keep thinking that they have time to move because the market keeps correcting itself, and they do not suspect that there is a massive alien conspiracy to keep them fooled in this regard. But, just a few days ago, a chief Reptilian agent gave the signal for his agents to be on the ready to stop propping up the share markets and to let them crash at a moment’s notice.

They will crash harder than ever could have been imagined because so few know about the alien conspiracy to cause them. This time, the crash will not precede the economic slowdown, as it has in the past. This time, since we are already in recession, the share market crash is lagging behind, or is a lagging indicator.


By the time the analysts realize this, it will be too late to inform their clients to bail out of the markets, and the paper shares will be virtually valueless.

As I have stated before, the ruling elite want to cull certain types of people from the population at large. These are the people who are most prone to resist totalitarian regimes and who exercise more independence than others. There are others who the ruling elite view as sub-human or excess baggage, and these will be disposed of accordingly. The culling process has already begun.

One such group that is despised by the ruling elite is the Australian Aborigines. They have been treated ruthlessly throughout post-colonial history, at times being subjected to government-authorized bounties, at other times having children stolen from families under government-sponsored programs. The ruling elite have attempted to explain away these horrific events with their own reasons. However, the ruling elite have an alien force behind them which programs humans to treat other humans horribly. This fits the alien agenda.

Today, the inflammatory issue of alleged sexual abuse is being used by the ruling elite to disadvantage Aborigines. A few months ago, in the Northern Territory, Australian police and military took over various indigenous communities under the pretence that they were protecting Aboriginal children from sexual abuse in the families. In the past, such an issue has been used by the ruling elite to violate people’s rights. For instance, the Waco compound in Texas was stormed by the military and burned to the ground because American agents declared that children were being sexually abused by their Branch Davidian parents.

There are many reported cases of Aboriginal children being sexually abused. If many of the cases were tracked, a pattern would emerge that would demonstrate complete stupidity, recklessness or malice in the follow-up care and counsel of the abused children. Of course, the apparent stupidity is not really stupidity at all. It is all part of the plan to implement the NWO.

Aborigines are being used and their communities are being subjected to martial law under the guise of protecting the children. But, the ruling elite are right on the Aboriginal doorsteps to give their “helping” hands, which if they are not openly accepted, are forced upon them with military might. It is the plan of the NWO to implement more martial law in Aboriginal communities, so the test case in the Northern Territory could well be expanded to Queensland and beyond.

More and more young children around the world are being targeted by sexual deviants in societies. The latest trend is to abuse them prior to puberty, and even infants are being targeted due to the revival of the belief that having sex with virgins and very young children can cure manifold diseases such as AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. In addition to this, it is believed by some of the sexual predators that they can prolong their lives and improve their health, vigor and youth by sucking the energy of young victims through sexual contact with them. This is vampiric behavior at its worst.

Ironically, the predators can also become the victims of their own doing. There are dark beings on the subtle and physical realms that can use the physical predators as their slaves to do their deviant jobs for them in the physical. These dark beings derive energy from these putrid acts that happen on the physical. At first, the dark beings might even reward the predators, but will eventually use them as fodder, and for experimental purposes in the physical and subtle realms when the predators have sufficiently weakened their Will and fallen under the control of the dark beings.

Health problems, economic downturns, climatic changes, social unrest, political upheaval, domestic and international wars etc. will soon drive the whole world into physical, emotional, mental and spiritual insanity. People are going to find it harder and harder to cope.

Everyone has to make his or her own connection to the Divine for spiritual comfort, strength and well being. Anyone who relies solely upon others could be at risk of being misguided, manipulated, fooled, confused or let down by them. Ultimately, it is an individual’s responsibility for his or her relationship with the Divine. Everyone is responsible for his or her connection to the Divine. It is fortunate if you have those around you who are truly of the Light, but there are not that many sincere ones who walk the Divine Path.

The global map of the NWO players is shaping up now. The Vulturites have certain points on it, whilst the Reptilians influence others. Things can move about, and alliances will shift. To understand the shifting, it is important to consider the alien influence that currently holds power in the respective nations. If a nation is strongly influenced by Reptilians, it will lean toward other Reptilian influenced nations, regardless of demographics, wealth, religion, logistics and other factors.

It has recently been seen that Reptilian-sponsored leaders have formed partnerships to attack Vulturite-sponsored regimes.


For instance, Catholic Venezuela has joined Muslim Iran in a common battle against a common foe, the Vulturite influenced United States. However, the Venezuelan head of state has had barbs for the king of predominantly Catholic Spain and also for the king of Muslim Saudi Arabia. Why? Again, it is the alien influence or programming that is coming out and expressing.

Often, the Reptilians and the Vulturites will seem to tolerate one another and work together for the common alien goal, but either will take advantage of the other whenever the opportunities arise. Whilst the Vulturites and the Reptilians have long worked together for the common plan of alien domination of the world in what many have dubbed the NWO, it is now time for each party to take a more aggressive stand for themselves. The recent defeat of Reptilian proposals in Venezuela shows that the Vulturites are still active, effective and powerful too.

Today, the head of state of a country can hold much more influence than in the past. For instance, a Reptilian-sponsored legislature can be greatly retarded if the head of state is sponsored by Vulturites, and vice-versa. This is much more prevalent than in the past. In other words, in many nations, the power is at the top, and the elected assemblies are more or less on the leash of their presidents or prime ministers.

Recently, there have been some shifts towards the Vulturites. However, there have been many shifts towards the Reptilians. Two notable examples of Reptilian influence overcoming Vulturite influence took place in Great Britain in June 2007 and in Australia in November 2007.

Ata-i-lek is getting desperate!


He is trying to reinvigorate the shrine at Lourdes, France. Clearly, he is promoting idolatry, something the Church supposedly opposes. Esoterically, he is attempting to rejuvenate himself and his team by getting people to give out as much emotional energy as possible in their so called pilgrimage to Lourdes on the pretence of reducing the sinners’ time in purgatory.

Shrines do not have power in and of themselves.


However, they can be charged with subtle energies. Whilst many believe that the shrine gives off healing energies, and that some of the pilgrims will benefit from these healing energies, that is only a portion of what is occurring. The Lourdes shrine actually takes energy from most who visit it or think about being there. A small amount of this energy will be apportioned back to a small percentage of the visitors to keep the throngs coming. In this way, the shrine acts much like a vampire. Ata-i-lek knows what he is doing by trying to pick up the flow of visitors to the shrine.

If Ata-i-lek has the power to grant indulgences, then he and all the popes before him must be self-proclaimed Gods, or at least be claiming to represent God and have the power to delegate God’s power to others. This is absurd and egregiously arrogant! If this were true, it would mean that non-Catholics, including Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Pagans, Taoists, and others would be doomed.

If Ata-i-lek’s “Heaven” can be so easily entered by paying indulgences, let us leave it to him and his ilk. If the truth be known, the physical Earth is a lot more analogous to the Catholic purgatory than Ata-i-lek dares to admit. The relationship between someone and his or her God is entirely a personal issue that cannot be determined by another.


Ata-i-lek’s fanciful promises aside, false piety and worshipping of God through fear are not going to buy anyone a ticket to “Heaven”. The reinforcement of indulgences shows the return of the iron fist of the inquisitions. This is the path to fear-mongering, fire, brimstone and the Dark Ages!

The consciousness of Ata-i-lek could be leaving soon. As expected, he has caused severe division amongst the Church’s elite and its followers. Already, his “boss” has planned to remove his consciousness from its present physical vessel.


The body could continue to operate, albeit at a very different level, even after the removal of the alien consciousness.

And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.

And I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven. Matthew 16:18-19.

By Ata-i-lek’s interpretation of the above conveniently modified verses in the extant Bible, he, and the popes before him, have declared themselves to stand in the shoes of Peter.


Hence, every pope can supposedly let any of their choosing into their heaven. Given the many unsavory characters who have taken the seat of the papacy by either force, fraud or otherwise, one shudders to consider just what would have been let into Heaven. Such spiritual pollution would certainly spoil the place beyond redemption.

The Reptilians have to concern themselves with humans and other aliens on the Earth. But, they are also being watched by aliens from outside this planet and solar system. Unknown to humans, the Reptilians have been thwarted by other evil aliens who seek to control the Earth.


There have been massive, intergalactic wars in the past and the Reptilians are currently holding Earth as one of their bases. In the midst of all these alien wars, the Light is retrieving the viable ones from the Virtual Reality.

There are many methods that the ruling elite have used to keep track of people. Examples of these are credit cards, health care cards, pension cards and other programs that seemingly benefit the users to facilitate services. Even the simple use of libraries and video rental shops are tracked and numbered. All of this data is available upon request by the ruling elite or their agents.

Shortages of drinking water will be felt throughout the world. Part of the NWO plan is to contaminate and waste much of the drinking water supply so they can limit water supplies and control people by restricting water usage. In some countries, water supplies are already being drained for one reasonable sounding excuse or another. If credible issues are not readily available in some regions, water shortages are being contrived by the ruling elite.


In Queensland, water dams are being secretly siphoned to fill underground storage facilities for the chosen ones of the ruling elite and alien groups.


When the secret water storages are full, then water is drained off and purposefully wasted to keep the dams at critically low levels so that the government can continue to impose ridiculous water restrictions on Queenslanders.

Even though there has been ample rainfall of recent, the dams have remained low. The newsreaders repeat just what the ruling elite tell them, which is that no matter how much it rains, little has fallen in the dam catchment regions. Everywhere in the region, it is so green from the ample rainfall that many people are starting to question why the dams are not holding water like they did in the past. The people on the street are beginning to realize that something is seriously amiss. However, the people are helpless to protest and the media will not expose this issue.

Many people are trapped and confused by others who influence them in their lives based on the fact that their “mentors” can read subtle energies. In this “mentor” category are those who can really read subtle energies, but only up to a certain level. There are “mentors” who are deluded into thinking that they can but are unable to do so. Lastly, there are outright charlatans who pretend they can read energies, but know that they cannot.

Conversely, there are those who can read energies who are unaware or unconvinced that they can do so. The egotistic ones who cannot really read energies are often quick to determine someone else’s energy and advise others how to act based upon the determination. These “mentors”, who are so sure of themselves, are misguiding many gullible ones.

Many people are finding it harder and harder to cope on all levels. Hence, many are wanting to belong to a group of like-minded people for support. Of course, in such a group one is often likely to fall into a similar trap from another “mentor”. Everyone should look within, because it is the spark inside that is crucial. Then they will be less likely to be misguided or pressured by peers or “mentors”. Everyone needs to use their own inner guidance to make their own decisions. There are very few true teachers left in this world, but there are many “mentors”.


If you will let your higher self be your true teacher, you will be guided.

The time will soon come for the final removal of the viable True-Light beings out of Darkness. Soon, all the Rescuers and the Light Workers will also leave the Virtual Reality. Everyone and everything in the Virtual Reality has been given freewill to choose their own path. Each individual consciousness, over many eons, has had opportunities to make its own choice, regardless of its circumstances.

When the tundra melts, many will not laugh nor turn their heads in circles.


There will come a time when six powerful nations will vie for supremacy, but only one will prevail. All nations will then look up to the victor. Humans, animals and all those on Earth will suffer the consequences of weather patterns and wars.


There will be no peace on the planet.

Although there will be floodwater everywhere, ironically, the Earth will finish in flames.