-  America - The New Saudi Arabia?


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 -  BP's "Cloak of Silence" - Geology is "Fractured", Relief Wells May Fail


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 -  Cheney, Rothschild, and Fox News’ Murdoch to Drill for Oil in Syria, Violating International Law


 -  Company Loses Latest Stage of Amazon Pollution Battle - More Trouble for Chevron


 -  Compañía Petrolera se Retira de Tierra Amazónica habitada por Tribus No Contactadas


 -  Corexit - Coast Guard and Obama Administration Betrays The People and Country It Is Sworn to Protect

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 -  Gulf Loop Current Stalls From BP Oil Disaster


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 -  It Is About to Get Ugly - Oil is Crashing and So is Greece


 -  La "Agenda Verde" de Davos contra la Geopolítica del Petróleo


 - "L'Agenda Verde" di Davos contro la Geopolitica del Petrolio


 -  La Guerra Secreta del Petróleo ha Comenzado


 -  La Guerra Segreta per il Petrolio è Iniziata



 -  La Energía "Verde" es una Estafa - No está destinada a Funcionar


 -  Las Grandes Reservas de Gas en el Mundo


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 -  Russia is Defeating the U.S. in the 'Middle East Oil Game'


 -  Russia Overtakes Saudi Arabia as World's Top Crude Producer


 -  Scenes From The Gulf of Mexico Oil Catastrophe


 -  Severa Contaminación de Petróleo Encontrada en la Reserva Nacional Más Grande en Perú


 -  Severe Oil Contamination Found in the Largest National Reserve in Peru


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 - "Si las Cosas no Mejoran estamos Dispuestos a Ofrecer la Vida" - Indígenas del Norte de Perú y Petrolera


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Books - Treatises


 -  Crossing the Rubicon - The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil - by M.C. Ruppert


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