Archivos Con Un Solo Artículo - Single Files

2001 - A Space Odyssey

2010 - The Year We Make Contact

Abducción Extraterrestre, Posesión Demoníaca, y La Leyenda del Vampiro

Abduction and The Reptilians

Ádam Genisiš - Les Chroniques Du Girku

Agenda de Los Controladores - Gnosticismo, Arcontes-Grises, La

AIDS-ET Connection Hypothesis, The

Air Force One and The Alien Connection - A Video Interview With Bill Holden

Aldebaran Mystery…?, The

Alex Collier - Andromeda Contactee - Video Interview

Alien Disclosure from an Astronaut

Alien Mind - A Primer - The Verdants

Alien Mind - The Thought and Behavior of Extraterrestrials

Alienígenas Parecidos a Humanos, entre Nosotros - Entrevista con Timothy Good

Alien Interview - Personal Notes and Interview Transcriptions Provided by Matilda O'Donnell MacElroy

Alien Invasion, The Fake

Alien Memories and Dreams

Alien Question - An Expanded Perspective, The

Alien Races

Aliens and The Government

Alien Saviors

Alien Underground Bases and Remote Viewing

Allegory of The Alien - Alien Intervention on Earth, The

An Alien Detour

An Alien Harvest Evidence of Grey Origins and Reasons for Human Abduction

Ancient and Future Custodial Alien Races and the HyperDimensional Symbolic Cryptographic Munitions Conspiracy

Ancient Astronauts (AA) Theory Revisited, The

Ancient Astronauts - The Shining Ones

Ancient Gnostic Disciples of Jesus Reveal Reasons for Extraterrestrial Denial in ...

Andreasson Affair, The

And There Was War In Heaven

An Open Letter to The Prime Minister of Canada Concerning the Extraterrestrial Presence

An Overview of the Major Events in the Galaxy

Antiguos Gnósticos Discípulos de Jesús Revelan la Razón de La Negación de Los Extraterrestres en La Sociedad...

Anton Parks y El Secreto de Las Estrellas Oscuras - Entrevista de Karmaone

Apollo 10 Gets Glimpse of an Extraterrestrial Monolith in Space

Apollo 14 Astronaut Claims Aliens HAVE Made Contact - But It Has Been Covered Up For 60 Years

Archivo LACERTA, El

Are Extraterrestrial Biological Entities Among Us?

Are We Alone In The Universe?

Armageddon Chronicles, The

ASTRO-METRICS of Undiscovered Planets

A Summary of "Terra Papers - The Hidden History of Planet Earth"

A Voice From Space

Bases y Vehículos Submarinos Relacionados a Los Cetáceos

Bep Kororoti and The Ancient Astronauts

Biggest Story in Human History

Big UFOs Battle Around The Sun, The

Blue Blood, True Blood, Conflict and Creation - Selected Excerpts

Blue People - Ancient Races, Angels and Hell...., The

Blue Planet Project - Alien Technical Research 25

Briefing for the Landing on Planet Earth

Brujos Hablan, Los

Bush Sr. And Aliens?

Case For The UFO - Unidentified Flying Object, The

Cassiopaeans Logs - Cassiopaeans Transcripts from 1994 to 2002, The

CE-VI - Close Encounters Of The Possession Kind - Interference From The Extraterrestrials Among Us

Challenge of Contact - Joining the Galactic Federation, The

Científicos Encuentran Genes Extraterrestres en ADN Humano - ¿Existen Civilizaciones de Seres Humanos Avanzados Regadas...

CoEVOLUTION - An Interplanetary Adventure

Colegio Invisible - Guerra en El Cielo - Un Concepto Completamente Nuevo y Revolucionario Sobre La..., El

Colegio Invisible - Guerra en El Cielo - Resumen del Libro de Kyle Griffith, El

Colegio Invisible - Una Conversación con Leo Sprinkle, El

Conexión Humano-Reptiliana, La

Conexión Reptil, La

Conflicto Cósmico y Las Guerras de DA'ATH

Contactee Movement Revisited, The 1950s

Contact Has Begun - A Trilogy, The

Contacto... - Informe Celea

Controllers Agenda - Gnosticism, Archons/Greys, The

Controllers - A New Hypothesis of Alien Abductions, The

Cosmic Conflict

Creation of Universes and The Creation, The

Crime in Alien Societies

Cuando los Dioses Extraterrestres Huyeron de la Tierra

Cuarentena Planetaria y Sus Causas - Viendo El Universo Cabeza Abajo, La

Cuestión Alienígena - Una Visión Ampliada, La

Dan Sherman - Way Above Black - A Video Interview With Dan Sherman

Defendiendo Tierra Sagrada - El Compendio de Andrómeda

Defending Sacred Ground - The Andromedan Compendium

Determining Human Relations With Aliens

Did Magicians Cause UFO Sightings?

Dioses del Nuevo Milenio - La Asombrosa Verdad de Los Orígenes Humanos, Los

Dioses Siniestros El origen extraterrestre de la especie humana, Los

Discerning Alien Disinformation

Discriminando Desinformación Alienígena

Disclosure 101

DOMA Daughters Of Ma - The Way

Dreamland in the Rockies

Earth’s First Step in Joining the Cosmic Family Is to Have Some of the Cosmic Family Join Us - The Mission of the 12 Scient...

Ederman Message, The

Élites Esconden a la Humanidad el Conocimiento y el Contacto con Muchas Civilizaciones Extraterrestres

Elites Hide From Humanity Knowledge and Contact With Many Extraterrestrials Civilizations

Elohim, Zecharia Sitchin, Pyramids and Christopher Dunn, The

Encuentros Cercanos y Transformación Personal

Enigma of The Archons - Alien Dreaming, The

Entrevista de Proyecto Camelot a Miriam Delicado

Erideanos y Los An-Unnaki - ¿Quiénes Son y de Donde se Originaron?, Los

Erideans and The An-Unnaki - Who Are They and Where do They Originate?, The

Especies Alienígenas Activas en la Evolución de La Tierra - De la A a la Z

E.T. and God - Could Earthly Religions Survive the Discovery of Life Elsewhere in the Universe?

ET Civilizations

ET Message

Ex-China Foreign Ministry Official says Extraterrestrials Live Among Us

Exoconciencia - Los Orígenes Extraterrestres de La Conciencia Humana

Exoconsciousness - Extraterrestrial Origins of Human Consciousness

Ex-Oficial del Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de China dice Que Extraterrestres Viven Entre Nosotros

Extraterrestres y Dios - ¿Podrían las Religiones Terrestres Sobrevivir al Descubrimiento de la Vida en Otra Parte en el Universo?, Los

Extraterrestrial Contact - Political and Social Implications of “Going Multi-Dimensional”

Extraterrestrial Contact - Why Might ETs Be Interested In Humanity?

Extraterrestrial Exposure Law - Already Passed By Congress

Extraterrestrial Races - According to Alex Collier and The Andromedans, Typology of

Extraterrestrials Among Us

Fake Alien Invasion, The

Fake Invasion - The Fake Rapture (The Alien Agenda: Coming Soon)

Fake Second Coming - TechnoRealities / What Is Going On In The Skies - Are Some UFO's..., The

Famed NASA Astronaut Confirms Extraterrestrials Are Here

Fingerprints of The Gods

First Contact

Flying Serpents and Dragons

Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race, The

Former Extraterrestrial Exposure Law Proves Extraterrestrials Live Among Us

From Here to Andromeda

Galactic Exchange Univer-City, A

Galactic Federation Members

Galactic History

Genetic Agenda - A Double-Cross?

Gente Azul - Antiguas Razas, Ángeles e Infierno, La

Gente de Otros Planetas

George Green - Messages for The Ground Crew

Global Fuse is Ignited - A Post Disclosure World

Gnostic Theory of Alien Intrusion, The

Gods Of Eden, The

Gods Of The New Millennium - The Shattering Truth of Human Origin

Gold of The Gods, The

Great UFO Coverup Is Falling Apart - We Are Definitely Not Alone, The

Grey Aliens Bite The Dust

Greys - extracted from 'Matrix II', The

Greys, Rigel and Procyon - A Tentative Taxonomy of Extra-Terrestrial Humanoids, The

Guerra en El Cielo - El Colegio Invisible - Resumen del Libro de Kyle Griffith

Guerreros Estelares - Los Hopis y Los Grises

Hav-musuvs' Story - Secrets of the Mojave

Hawking - A UK Psyops to Promote Space Weaponization and A False War Against Extraterrestrials?

High Strangeness of Dimensions, Densities, and The Process of Alien Abduction, The

Historia Exopolítica del Siglo 20

Hombre Que Cayó a La Tierra, El

Humanos ante la Manipulación Cósmica, Los

Human Looking Aliens Among Us - Interview with Timothy Good

Human-Reptilian Connection - from "The Hollow Earth Insider Research Report", The

Human Simulacra On The Manipulation of Society Via Artificial/Reprogrammed Humans

Implants, Abductions and Other Stuff

Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitation

Inflation - Theory Implications for Extraterrestrial Visitation

Informe Celea - Contacto...

Informe Sobre los Motivos y Actividades de Razas Extraterrestres - Una Tipología de Las Más Significativas Razas..., Un

Intergalactic ORBs

Intergalactic Politics

Interprete de Extraterrestres - Sgto. Clifford Stone - Una Video Entrevista con Clifford Stone

InterStellar Christ – The Coming Insectoid Cosmogenesis, The

Invisible College - A Conversation with Leo Sprinkle, The

Invisible College - War in Heaven - A Completely New And Revolutionary Conception of The Nature of Spiritual Reality, The

Is Someone Killing Our UFO Investigators?

Italy’s Disclosure of Human Looking Aliens

KRLL Papers A Situation Report on our Acquisition of Advanced Technology and Interaction with Alien Cultures, The

KRLL, Val Valerian, the Cassiopaeans and Other Mysterious Beings...

LACERTA, El Archivo

Lacerta Files - Reptoids of The Inner Earth, The

Lear's Aliens - Original Statement

'Leendanik' - Desde el Principio - Una Visión Sobre el Génesis del Hombre

Legado Prohibido de Una Raza Caída, El

Letters from Andromeda

Life Beyond Earth - An Ocean on Mars. An Earth-like Planet Light Years Away. The Evidence is Mounting, but...

Love Bite - Alien Orchestrated Human Bonding Dramas, The

LUCAS - Borderland Sciences SETI Project, Project

Marcianos Entre Nosotros

Martians Among Us

Mayor Historia en La Historia de La Humanidad - Project Camelot Entrevista Bob Dean, La

Meaning of Life Questions - A Speculative Look at The Big Picture of Life in The Universe

Messengers of Deception

Mission of The One Star - Transforming Planet Earth to Planet Star, The

Monolith in Space, Apollo 10 Gets Glimpse of an Extraterrestrial

Moon and Mars Bases - Ets Coordinate Their Activities From a Distance

Mordisco de Amor - Dramas de Relaciones Humanas Orquestadas por Alienígena, El

Mothman & The Thunderbird - Separated at Birth? - A Striking Resemblance...

Nation Split-Minded About ET Contact - And Why It Might Be So

New Dawn Rising - Formal Extraterrestrial Contact - The Ashtar Command

Only Planet of Choice, The

Open Contact Law - Alien life Form

Oppressive Manipulative Extraterrestrial Infiltration of Human Society Through Militarism - Egyptian Artifacts Support

ORBS, Intergallactic

Orion Technology and Other Secret Projects

Other Side of Truth - Abductions and Abductees, The

Outer Limits of The Soul - UFO Abductees, The

Overlooked Aspects of The Alien Presence

Ozma, Project

ParaSETI - ET Contact via Subtle Energies

Photo Reveals Star Trek-like Human-posing Extraterrestrials Who Visited U.S. Capital in...

Planetary Quarantine and Its Causes - Looking at The Universe Upside Down

Políticas Intergalácticas

Prisma De Lira - Una Exploración De La Herencia Galáctica del Ser Humano, El

Prism of Lyra - An Exploration of Human Galactic Heritage, The

Project Awareness

Project LUCAS - Borderland Sciences SETI Project

Project Ozma

Project RedBook - Subterranean Worlds / Alien-Human Underworlds

Psycho-Social Study of Human Conflict Reveals Alien Influence on Humans

Pyramid of Thoughts

Quien o Que Cosa son los Poderes Cósmicos Extraterrestres

Red Elk's Medicine Message Of Worlds Within Worlds

Religioso en la Farsa Cósmica, Lo

Rebelión de Lucifer, La

Regreso de Inanna, El

Reich's Contact With Space

Report on the Motivations and Activities of Extraterrestrial Races, A

Reptilian Connection, The

Reptilians - Humanity's Historical Link To The Serpent Race, The

Reptilians - Why They are so Obsessed with Bloodline and Ritual, The

Resistencia a las Abducciones Alienígenas

Resumen de "Los Documentos Terra" - La Historia Oculta del Planeta Tierra, Un

Rise of The Watchers, The

Robert Morning Sky Is Keeping His Promise

Rockefeller Tells Clinton to tell All About UFOs

Rockefeller - UFO Connection: An Alien Conspiracy?, The

Rockefeller UFO Report - Summary, The

Rockefeller UFO Report  The UFO Briefing Document - The Best Available Evidence, The

Role of the Star Visitors in Human Development, The

Ronald Reagan - The Alien Thread

Root ET Races - Evadamic and Draconian

Roswell, The Day After

Salvadores Alienígenas

Scientist Proposes Telepathic Communications in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Scientists Find Extraterrestrial Genes in Human DNA - Do Civilizations of Advanced...

Search for Extraterrestrial Artifacts (SETA), The

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence - A New Empirical Approach - Astro Biological Nonl...

Secret des Etoiles Sombres - Les Chroniques Du Girku, Le

Secreto de Las Estrellas Oscuras - Las Crónicas del Girku - Volumen 1 - El

Secrets of The UFO

Secretum-Omega / Intervista al Gesuita - Roma, 2001

Secretum-Omega - Vatican and UFO

Serpientes y Dragones Voladores

Serpo - The Zeta Reticuli Exchange Program, Project

Sin Alma - Hombres de Orion, Los

Sky Gods and Earth Deities

Slave Species of God - The Shocking Truth About Our Human Origins

Solar Wars and Amenti's Halls

Sol Station SouthEast - We Are Not Alone!

Soulless Ones - Men from Orion, The

Soul Technology

Spheroids, West Germany - Video/Battle Of Two

STAR KIDS - The Emerging Cosmic Generation

Star Visitors, The Various Kinds Of

Star Warriors - The Hopis & the Greys

Study Of Alien Humanoids, The

Subterranean Tunnels - Underground Alien Bases

Subterranean Worlds / Alien-Human Underworlds - Project RedBook

Synopsis of The Alien Master Plan - The Hybrid Breeding Program and Impending Enslavement of Mankind

Taken - Inside the Alien-Human Agenda

Tecnología de Almas

Terra Papers - A História Secreta do Planeta Terra

Terra Papers - Hidden History of Planet Earth

Terra Papers - La Historia Secreta del Planeta Tierra

The Man Who Fell To Earth

Thoth Identity Links Anunnaki to Orion and Rigel

Threat - Revealing the Secret Alien Agenda - by David M. Jacobs, The

"Threats to Human Freedom" - Prepared for All Terrestrial Earth Humanity

Three Steps to Integrate The UFO/Extraterrestrial Reality

Top Secret Apotheosis - Excerpts

Truth, The

Truth About A Semitic People..., The

Typology of Extraterrestrial Races - according to Alex Collier and the Andromedans

UFO And Reported Extraterrestrial On Moon And Mars

UFO-Contact From Planet Iarga

UFO Contact From Planet Ummo - 14 Lightyears Away - A Perfect Case?

UFO Contact from The Pleiades

UFO Reality Shift?

UFOs - A Great New Dawn for Humanity - of Enrique Castillo Rincon

UFOs and The National Security State

UFO, Secrets Of The

UFOs Land On Capitol Hill

UFOs - The Psychic Dimension

UFO Retrivals, The White House Role in Crashed

Ummo, UFO-Contact from Planet - 14 Lightyears Away - A Perfect Case?

Una Historia de Engaño - Definitivamente Nunca Hemos Estado Solos en El Universo...

Underwater Bases And Vehicles In Relation To Cetaceans

Unidentified Flying Objects Briefing Document: The Rockefeller UFO Report

Unidentified Flying Object, The Case For The

Univer-Ciudad de Intercambio Galáctico, Una

US Billionaire Funds Crop Circle Research

Vajra Chronicles, The

Various Kinds Of Star Visitors, The

Vatican and UFO: Secretum Omega

Vatican Says Aliens Could Exist

Verdad Acerca de un Pueblo Semitico..., La

Verdants - The Contact Has Begun - A Trilogy

Vida Más Allá de la Tierra - Un Océano en Marte - Un Planeta Similar a la Tierra a Años Luz de Distancia La Evidencia es...

Visitors From Within - Extraterrestrial Encounters and Species Evolution

Wall of Light - The Book, The

War in Heaven - The Invisible College - Summary of Kyle Griffith's Book

War In Heaven - War On Earth

WARNING - The Alien Agenda Revealed

Watchers, The Raise of The

Way - DOMA Daughters Of Ma, The

West Germany - Video/Battle Of Two Spheroids

White House Role in Crashed UFO Retrievals, The

Who and What are the Extraterrestrial Cosmic Powers

Who Are They? - Strange Things Are Happening In Our Skies

Will Contact With ETs Lead to Space Weaponization and Space War? - Paul Hellyer vs. Stephen Hawking

Wisdom of The Higher Extraterrestrials

Y Hubo Una Guerra en El Cielo

Yo Visité Ganímedes... - ...El Mundo Maravilloso de Los OVNIs

Zen of Stars - Michael St. Clair, Futurist and Visionary



Archivos Con Varios Artículos Incorporados - Main Files

Abductions and Abductees
Aliens Among Us
Amitakh Stanford, The Research of

Andromeda Connection, The

AN.UNNA.KI, Descendants of the

Anunnaki, The

Anunnaki - The Elite and The Remnants
Apollo 19-20 and The Crashed Extraterrestrial Mothership
Archons - Los Arcontes, The

Área 51

Ashtar Command, The

A-Z of Alien Species Active in Earths Evolution

Características y Propósitos de los Extraterrestres

Casiopeos y Laura Knight-Jadczyk, Los
Channelers and Channeled Information

Charles Hall and the Tall Whites ETs

Chilbolton 'Arecibo Message', The
Clifford Stone - and Alien Races

Confirmaciones de Vida Alienígena

Contact and Contactees

Cosmic Top Secret Report - UFO information from Command Sergeant Major Robert O.Dean

Council of Nine, The

Cronicas de La Tierra, Libros de Las

Diferentes Tipologías de Extraterrestres
Different Typologies of Extraterrestrials
Divine and The Manipulative Extraterrestrials, The

Dulce Base

Earth and Celestial Conflicts

Earth Chronicles Series, Books of The

Effects On Humanity by Manipulative Extraterrestrials
Extraterrestrial Civilizations
Extraterrestrial False Flag Operation
Extraterrestrial Technology And Reverse Engineering
Galactic Diplomacy
Galactic Federations and Councils
Galactic History
George LoBuono and Aliens
Gerry Zeitlin - The Work of
Gods of Eden, The

Hacedores de Alas - The WingMakers

John E. Mack - Alien Abductions Research
Lam, The
Life in The Universe
Life on Mars
Lloyd Pye and Starchild

Lyricus, The

Lyssa Royal and Galactic Information
Mars Records, The
Mente Alienígena - Un Detonador - Los Verdants
Message of The Pulsars, The
Nephilim, The Watchers
Nexus Seven, The

Objetos voladores en el Arte (siglos XI - XVIII d.c.)

Occult Reptilian Saga, The

Reptilian Humanoids - (Homo-Subterreptus) - Case Files

Reptilian Saga, The Occult
Research of Amitakh Stanford, The

Revelaciones y Reveladores del Gran Secreto del Cosmos

SERPO, Project
Sitchin, The Work of Zecharia
Starchild Project, The
Star Nations

Sumeria y los Anunnaki

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly in Ufology

'Trilogía Básica' de Salvador Freixedo - Alienígenas y Humanos, La
Underground Anomalous Constructions
Universal Races
Verdants - Alien Mind, A Primer, The

Vida en El Universo

War In Heaven
Watchers - Nephilim, The

WingMakers - Hacedores de Alas, The

Work of Gerry Zeitlin, The
Zecharia Sitchin, Sumeria, Los Anunnaki y Nibiru

Zeta Reticuli Incident, The

Zeta Reticuli Interaction with Earth

Zonas Off-Limit: Área 51, Base Dulce