by Angelika Whitecliff
Earth Transformation Examiner
May 25, 2009

from TheExaminer Website


Galaxies of HCG 87 - NASA/ESA

It is no longer enough to simply ask the question if we believe in extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial visitation to the Earth.


If we the people really desire truth, transparency and full accountability, especially on the controversial subject of UFO Disclosure, then the greater public must be prepared for the changes that our reality will experience with this unveiling. It is not enough for a small minority to have discovered the depths of this reality of extraterrestrial contact that spans our history and escalates in recent decades.


A tipping point in the mass awareness (the collective psyche) is required for movement to successfully take place.


Here are the clear and immediate steps that will prepare all for the inevitable great changes ahead of us, especially in our own perception of our place within this universe and a thriving galactic community filled with advanced life.

  1. We need to consciously acknowledge the choice of interaction with other races and species not of the Earth.

    If we desire the current secrecy and censure of extraterrestrial interaction to be brought out into plain sight and into the public arena, we must accept that we are at the crossroads of vast change that once accepted, leads us to balance and planetary maturity.


    We each need to consciously understand our own power in our collective choice. When we together choose interaction instead of ignoring or denying this issue, our day-to-day lives are directly and invaluably impacted.


    This acknowledgement will transform the most humble life because it opens the door to reveal interaction; thus releasing information for new energy technologies and science, moneyless cooperative economies and most importantly, concepts in universal spirituality.


  2. We need to identify within our lives the cause of separation from a source that unites us all.

    In our quest for individual success within manmade systems that control, manipulate, cause fear and distract from a greater spiritual vitality of expression, we have grown so separate in our concept of ourselves as a mere ‘I’ that our reality has become crushingly personal in its illusion of endless and false division.


    We have forgotten our strength as ‘we’ the people, ‘we’ a species, ‘we’ a living planet and the fulfillment that our interconnectedness brings. The human species in its most natural state is clearly and dynamically aware of its unity that has us as cells working together within a vast, living body that houses all reality.


    To thrive within fundamental changes before us, people must recognize only ‘we’ and not just ‘I’ creates lasting wholeness.


  3. We need to begin to exercise our multidimensional condition with discipline.

    Multidimensional awareness extends beyond the limits of the five senses and therefore the confines of pure rational thought to direct intelligence and experience.


    Only the intuitive senses can penetrate ‘non-local’ realities, and this special awareness requires discipline to develop.


Therefore, to fulfill # 3...

  1. People must study stillness – the process of quieting the mind. Meditation is a primary tool for this quieting of the outer senses and strengthening of the inner sense of intuition. This is the ability to penetrate the veils and artificial perspectives that hold a mind hostage to sensory data alone, and finally allow a tangible communication with one’s higher self.

  2. People must come together in their communities around common goals that benefit all. These goals must specifically address the safety, governance and provisions of the people. The acceptance of open contact with advanced extraterrestrial civilizations will infuse our world with new ideas of how to build our future in a way that consciously cares for all our people, maintains our unique identity and restores balance to our relationship and practices with nature.


    Interaction with benevolent extraterrestrial groups will require our intuitive faculties to be developed so that we may fully understand and consider the often highly spiritual foundations they offer.


    These then can be practically applied as a community chooses to address primary needs with dynamically creative and inspired (multidimensional) answers.*

As individuals and groups contemplate and integrate these three principles that ready our civilization for the great changes that open extraterrestrial contact will bring, it will also quickly build a sturdy foundation on which to place the pillars of our transformation – our awakening to our multidimensional capacity and connections.


(* Author’s addition: Many advanced extraterrestrial races marvel at the innate psychic capabilities we possess on Earth.


The father of remote viewing, Ingo Swann, details in his book Penetration the fear some negative extraterrestrial groups hold toward us because of this potential and how they work to ensure that we do not develop such powers en masse. Even many benevolent advanced extraterrestrials must use technology to achieve results that we are able to do with our minds.


Only our conscious development of these multidimensional abilities traditionally ascribed to yogis, seers and sages will allow us to solve all our challenges and to transform our world. Here we also have an invaluable gift to contribute to our reality and to teach to our advanced extraterrestrial friends.)