by Peter Farley

from GER32 Website


Listening to the guest speakers at Roswell's 50th Anniversary UFO Encounter, it was easy to get caught up in the whole subject of aliens and close encounters of the third kind. It was exciting and almost satisfying to be able to listen to "specialists" talking about what was known so far on a such a new topic of discussion. That is unless you yourself were an unwilling abductee.

For them, the discussion was more painful than exciting. The only satisfaction to be derived from the conference for them was that now at least they could talk about their experiences without being thought totally out of their heads. The questions they had to ask of the speakers could not be answered in any satisfactory way. The invited speakers even seemed somewhat reticent to even deal with people who thought or knew they had been abducted. Like most people in the counseling and psychiatric fields, alien abduction and its after effects is still a fairly taboo subject.

As one well-known psychotherapist in Albuquerque commented, "most of the people in the field don't want to get into trouble with their colleagues." In fact, trying to find a professional who deals with the kind of problems abductees have is a daunting task in itself since none of them like to publicize the fact that they deal with abductees.

Even when Budd Hopkins, a pioneer in the field of treating abductees, was asked by one woman what she should do about the many symptoms she suspected hinted at her and her child having been abducted and implanted, the only answer he seemed willing to give was that she should go see a doctor. How many local general practitioners do you know who can deal with alien abduction?


In fact, what many of the speakers had to say tended more to keep the subject shrouded in mystery than to open up new avenues of understanding and possible treatment. Of course, where does one go to study about alien abduction? What school teaches classes in how to counsel abductees? Truly, those in the various fields of psychology who are attempting to help abductees are real pioneers in their field. But is the problem something bigger than they can deal with?

Travis Walton's own story of abduction, made famous in the movie "Fire in the Sky", turned out to be one of scattered memories and brief images, memories and images that were then turned into a full-blown scenario of nightmarish proportions by a Hollywood seeking to satisfy the public's desire for more specific details. And herein lies the root of the whole problem. Professionals in the field say that so little is remembered, if at all, by the abductees, that little or nothing can be done to help them after the incident is over.


Like the small flashing light used to erase and reprogram the memories of humans encountering alien colonizers in the movie Men in Black, most people who have experienced alien abduction are simply not consciously aware of the fact. More often than not it is only through nightmarish dreams, clinical hypnosis, or physically unexplainable scars appearing on their bodies that any of the abductees even suspect that something might have happened.

One Encounter attendee I spoke with had a story to tell of missing time, a phenomenon which often accompanies an incident of alien abduction. While driving through the broad, vacant expanses of western New Mexico, he and his wife noticed that they were being followed by what appeared to be the red tail lights of a car, a car that would have had to be going backward at something like seventy miles per hour. A short time later the lights disappeared, only to reappear directly above the cab of their pickup as it drove down the highway. Once again the lights disappeared, only this time, they didn't return.

When the man and his wife finally arrived at their destination many hours later, it was with only a vague memory of the lights that had followed them, but the question that still haunts them to this day is the fact that they arrived at their destination four hours later than they had expected to arrive, and with no explanation for where those missing hours had gone.

When I talked with this man about the possibility that he and his wife had been abducted and implanted, he was at first leery, but at least he was open to listening. One of the hallmarks of being human seems to be that we inherently harbor the attitude that "it can't happen to me"—‘I could never get AIDS’, ‘I could never see a UFO’, I could never . ..’ And so it goes on. How many of us would ever believe that we could have an encounter with a UFO?

How many of us would ever believe that we could be kidnapped from our homes, taken to an alien spaceship, and then surgically implanted? Things like that only ever happen in movies or to "other people." Local psychologists and counselors in the Roswell area admit they don't know how to deal with people who say they have, or might have been, abducted. The psychotherapist in Albuquerque admitted she had come across people who seemed to have been abducted, but she had to "pass them along" since she was already thought to be "on the lunatic fringe" for delving into past-life therapy.

Since first writing this article I have re-acquired the gifts of spiritual healing and ‘seeing.’ I have now worked with many dozens of people who have been abducted, either against their will or as part of their life contract - or, worse still, have been:

  • ‘birth goddesses’

  • ‘alien fronts’

  • have alien entities still connected to them in some way, shape, or form

  • others are simply aliens here in physical bodies as ambassadors to the planet, or as spectators to what is now taking place.

And the percentage is a lot higher than anyone guesses at. Those who are abductees seem to be able to tell those who are and those who aren’t. And the percentage of people who are abductees seems to reach as 40 to 50 percent of the population.

Do we call that a minor social problem?

One couple who say they do deal with abductees are Drs. Loren and Diane Mickelson, a psychically gifted couple from St. Paul, MN. Frequent visitors to New Mexico, the Mickelson's say they have worked with many thousands of abductees over the past few years, and estimate that as many as forty percent of the "average population" have been abducted and implanted with what they term crystal implants. These crystals are used to track and cause limitations to the person who has been implanted.

The Mickelson's say that, once again, the major factor common to almost all the abductees they have dealt with, is the fact that the people involved had no remembrance of the event, only the lingering effects of the crystals. They have also found that in many cases where these crystals have been implanted on specific organs of the body they have been found to be the root cause of a disabling illnesses such as cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome.

One Roswell resident who prefers to remain anonymous says she has experienced "a 95 percent recovery" from her chronic fatigue syndrome since having her crystal implants removed by the Mickelsons. After spending most of the past ten years significantly limited in the daily routine she has been able to perform, she is now able to return to a more regular lifestyle, one in which she has even more energy than she remembers ever having before.


Another of the Mickelson's Roswell patients says for him it is like a great weight has been lifted from his shoulders.

"All of a sudden I have an energy I've never known before. I think for the first time in my life I'm experiencing what it's truly like to be fully human without any controlling limitations. I guess if I had to put it simply, I would say that I have a new sense of freedom and clarity after having the crystals removed."

The Mickelsons, a multi-talented and multi-degreed couple who until recently spent most of their lives working in academia and the corporate environment, say that working with alien abductees would have been the last thing they ever would have thought of doing as a life mission.


Like many psychically gifted people, however, they say they have been "led" to utilize their paranormal abilities to educate people to the alternative levels of existence, in particular to help people remove limitations - both those placed upon them from outside influences such as through alien abduction, and those acquired through the normal course of interaction with an often oppressive world.

  • Loren says he is clairsentient, while also having the ability to tune into and channel the energies of any dimension.

  • Diane can both "see" and "hear" multi-dimensionally—not only in the present, but also in the past and in the future.

  • Both of the Mickelsons are certified Reiki masters.

The Mickelsons involvement with alien abductees began at a rock and mineral show a couple of years ago where a strange man appeared to them and gave them "an other-worldly message" of importance to their future. After struggling for a while against what they saw to be the ultimate outcome of this message, Loren and Diane received further confirmation under similarly strange circumstances, and all of a sudden their lives took a rather abrupt change in direction.

"You have to understand," says Diane, "This was so out of character for us, it nearly scared us to death. This person told us this astonishing story:

Over 45,000 years ago in Lemuria, a continent which once existed in the Pacific Ocean, there were politicians who wanted to remain in office for life - the average life span of humans in those days being so much longer than now. To limit or punish anyone who would oppose them, these politicians had the people implanted with programmed crystals which, when activated, served to control or limit the natural abilities or rebellious tendencies of those people."

The Mickelsons listened quite attentively, but the last sentence struck a particular nerve with them because they had recently regressed a client back to the days of Lemuria where she had been an infant selected for crystal implantation.

"We certainly didn't understand the regression at the time," says Diane, "but all of a sudden it was beginning to make more sense."

The Mickelsons say they went on to find out that not only were programmed crystals implanted back in the days of Lemuria, but also in the civilization that later followed in Atlantis. It even occurs frequently today in people who have been subject to alien abduction, whether they are consciously aware of ever having been abducted or not.

The story the man told the Mickelsons seemed far out to them at the time, but they ask if it is really any stranger than the crash of a UFO some fifty years ago near Roswell? When one looks deeper into the technology that is available today, the implications of this story may not seem so unlikely. Descriptions of both Atlantis and Lemuria appear in the traditional literature and folklore of almost every culture on Earth, both supposedly having been technologically advanced societies that were destroyed by major Earth upheavals.

It is also not out of place, say the Mickelsons, considering the fact that the US military is currently implanting small micro-chips in many of their new recruits to act as a means of identification rather than using of the old familiar dog tags which can be lost or destroyed during combat. Banks are also now talking about implanting a bar code-like micro-chip under the skin of a person's wrist that will identify them and the details of their bank account.


These implants will then enable them to make purchases by simply running their wrists over a scanning device such as the ones commonly used in grocery stores. The Norplant contraceptive and other medical treatments use implants to release hormones and other control drugs into the system at a calculated rate. It is also not impossible considering the fact that the whole technology of radio, television, and space communications is based on one form of crystal technology or another.

I have already written before on the ‘digital angel’ and its microscopic size. California is now trying to pass a bill to have all pets implanted, perhaps as a prelude to all humans too.

"We asked how a crystal programmed 45,000 years ago could still be affecting us in this lifetime. The man replied that it is the nature of crystal programming that a program continues until it is erased or removed."

Loren explains that the imprint of the original crystal implant is carried forward from lifetime to lifetime in the etheric body of that person, one of the higher dimensional bodies surrounding the person's spiritual essence. It then shows up in the current lifetime whenever that person tries to rise above the level at which he or she has been stymied for so many lifetimes.

"The crystals were programmed thoughts of limitation. Your strongest natural ability has been programmed to be your weakness, causing you great personal frustration each lifetime. It's extremely frustrating knowing internally that your life really could be easier if you could just remember how to do it. Imagine a life without limitations; without interference."

The news the Mickelsons say they are trying to share is that these crystal imprints can be removed, and with them, many of the limitations that hold a person back from fulfilling their full potential in this lifetime. Working as a team, Loren lighting up the crystals with the energies passing through his body while Diane removes the crystals from the etheric body, the Mickelsons say they are able to completely remove all the crystal imprints from a person's past and current lives in one simple 30 minute session. This then allows the person to then be able to start their life again unencumbered by outside limitations.

Echoing this idea, another of the Mickelson's Roswell patients interviewed said that he felt "less inhibited and less self-conscious," "more able to express what I really feel." Similar themes of clarity, unshakable inner calm, and heightened energy and endurance, were also echoed by other patients interviewed.

Testimonials from other patients treated by Loren and Diane suggest that not only physical problems, but also emotional and mental problems have been alleviated or totally removed as a result of the removal of the crystal imprints. Even physical addictions to substances such as drugs, alcohol and tobacco have often disappeared along with the removal of the imprints.

  • Diane explains that removal of the crystal imprints is only the first level of the six levels of treatment into which they have now expanded their practice.

  • The second level involves removal of self-imposed limitations such as negative beliefs: religious, cultural, societal, and family dogma, both from this lifetime and other past lifetimes.

  • The final levels have to do with what the Mickelsons term "soul emergence patterning" and preparation for ascension.

The Mickelsons say that levels one through three can be done absentee - that is, without the patient even being present. Only the later level needs to be done in person. People interviewed for this article who had the treatments done absentee quoted the same extraordinary results as those who had the work done in person. The number of crystals imprinted in a person seems to vary. The Mickelsons say they have seen as few as 91 crystals in a person, ranging all the way up to people such as the woman with chronic fatigue syndrome who have had as many as 15,000 crystals imprinted throughout their body, severely disabling them on every level of their being.

Diane says the crystals may also vary in size from the early Lemurian crystals that were implanted in systems and look like a string of Christmas lights, up to the credit-card size crystals that were implanted in the time of Atlantis, and in recent alien abductees.

Is the procedure to remove the crystals safe?

"Crystal removal affects people in different ways," says Diane. "You may feel nauseated, you may feel euphoric, or you may get a traveling headache, etcetera. All these feelings will go away almost as suddenly as they come up. One thing is pretty constant, a sense of calm comes over most everybody, a sense of calm that never really leaves them."

How can you tell if you are one of the people who may have been abducted or had crystals implanted?

"If you have any questions at all in this area, there is a strong probability that you do have crystal implants," explains Loren. "Just get quiet and check in and ask yourself if you do - intuitively you will know. Not all individuals have crystal implants. Only about 40 percent appear to have been implanted."

"Crystal removal is not for everybody. We do not try to talk anyone into it, nor do we defend crystal removal. Crystal imprint removal does not cure or solve anything. What it does do is remove limitations. You will just know if it is right for you."

The Mickelsons say that the average price of a crystal imprint removal treatment runs about $110 absentee or $150 in person. Further information on the procedure can be obtained by contacting the Mickelsons at