by Robert C. Brand
September 2003
from TheMilleniumGroup Website


Many people have reported seeing unidentified flying objects as far back as BC times. And from BC times to the present the various governments in the world have said it is all our imagination. But the fact remains that they are seen everywhere and we might wonder what they are doing here. The fact that they have been here for thousands of years and show no sign of leaving would indicate that they have some sort of business relationship with earth.


Which means that they must have people on earth helping them in whatever their endeavor happens to be. If so, Who Are They?

Stupas, are symbolic religious "sanctuaries" of the Buddhists world-cosmos. Design-wise they are much like flying saucers seen around the world. They were rounded mounds of earth covered with stone, much like a slightly elongated melon cut in half and placed on the ground, only they were of tremendous size. Sometimes a small square structure was placed on top of the dome.


Coming out of the top of the dome or the small square structure was generally a tapered steeple, sometimes resembling a stack of slightly smaller dinner plates, one on top of the other, finally coming almost to a point and sometimes with the circular plates spaced apart and attached on a tapered stick. The bottom section below the steeple is always designed to be open to the atmosphere. Usually the conical spire on top, or the dome itself, was covered with gold (probably for radiation shielding).

This identical design, sometimes without the tapered spiral on top, also appears in early mythology in Africa, which states the first gods to arrived on earth in
their cloud crafts had compartments inside in which they stored the food and water supplied to them by the people on the earth. Anybody who has seen any photographs of UFOs will recognize the structure immediately as a type of UFO that has supposedly been photographed both in the United States and Europe.


Early records worldwide tell us that, like the Egyptian god king civilization, the tax on the people was one third for the gods (aliens), one third for the priests (the political organization in power who operated the political structure of the government) and one third for the people.

Many stupas were constructed in India up to about 150 AD, the end of the reign of the third Buddha King, Kanishka, the greatest of the Kushana kings. During this later period opulently carved stone gates and railings were placed around the stupa sanctuaries which can be seen today on some of the few remaining (see Joseph Campbell for detailed information).

The inside of these gates and railings were carved in symbols representing the world as being empty, without being (sumyan). On the outside we find

  • winged lions, representing the coming doomsday (as well as representing a trip to the underworld), or the battle between the gods

  • earth demons shouldering heavy clubs guarding the Sun Wheel of the Cosmic Law of the Universe

  • flowering vines and lianas (thunderbolts) pouring from the mouths and navels of mythological monsters

  • conchs, masks and vases (weapons) emitting lianas

  • lotuses and fruit-and-jewel bearing plants, from which animals or birds spring (disease)

  • tortoises, monkeys, elephants and rabbits representing the big battles between the gods and the demons which destroys the earth

Most interesting, the carving on the outside of the gates and the stupas shows the lotus-goddess in all sorts of scenes with the lotus, and many, many children, mostly naked, representing the sinless and pure ones, the children, being taken away by the goddess of children in the "sanctuary of the world-cosmos".


The happiness expressed in the scenes would indicate that the people believed the children were on the way to paradise or the promised land, while the children's view of the inside of the gates and railings told them that they were leaving an empty world without being.

It recalls a present-day scene at your local airport, where you are saying goodbye to your children, never to be seen again.

History, as opposed to myth and legend, tells us that in a single night around 200BC Ashoka "built" 84,000 stupas, of which only about six survived. Quite impossible. Aside from the almost physical impossibility of a construction program such as this, to say nothing of scheduling all work done at night, the stupas were said to be covered with gold.


It is highly unlikely that even Ashoka had that much readily available gold to play with. More than likely 84,000 flying "sanctuaries of the world-cosmos" arrived from who knows where to pick up some passengers for a trip to paradise where the foreigners would be their servants. Possibly that paradise was Central and South America. As we mentioned earlier, the Indians of the Americas did not come from the Far East via Alaska according to blood type investigations and almost all the earlier histories of the Americas state that the people arrived by aircraft of some sort.


In the Americas (as well as other parts of the world) there are many ancient stories worldwide of how strangers suddenly appeared from nowhere and conquered the existing people by force. Present-day historians have failed to explain where the strangers came from, as there is no record of them being in the area before they subdued the local people by force. A present day example could be Cuban troops in Angola or US troops in Iraq.

These symbolic religious sanctuary designs are found on top of most churches, showing the steeple sitting on a structure that allows the surrounding air to be underneath it. UFO crafts use the air pressure underneath, with a vacuum on the topside, (as well as electron ejection) for propulsion. People who claim to have seen a UFO on the ground usually tell of three legs underneath the UFO with the craft sitting on top of the legs. This allows the atmospheric pressure of 14.7 pounds per square inch to push the craft forward with a tremendous force. A ten by ten foot bottom (14,400 square inches) would give 211,680 pounds of theoretical thrust.

The basic stupa religious sanctuaries were designed very early on (BC era). They became the standard design for most churches around the world, be they Buddhist, Protestant, Christian, Catholic, Islam, Judaism (?) etc. churches. That it encompasses most churches everywhere would indicate that almost all churches are really subsidiaries of the one god of old, the Sun God, found world wide in the ancient past.


The UFOs we sometimes see are driven by aliens (who probably look like the people on earth as the Bible says, be kind to strangers, they might be angels) and are part of a governing system set up by the aliens to rule the earth much like the British East Indies Company did in India. In all probability it was these aliens that first colonized and peopled the world.

A craft such as the UFOs we see, if flown by the aliens, would push back the possible history of the universe to a time preceding the "Big Bang", or infinity in the past. The big bang is a theory accepted by many astronomers whereby the universe had an instant of creation with a vast fireball explosion fifteen or twenty billion years ago.


This explosion is thought to have been caused by a gravitational pull of all the matter in the universe into one place, or ball, where it then exploded throwing the material back out into the empty universe to form anew the stars and planets. However, a craft such as is mentioned above could have flown away from the gravitational pull resulting in "people and knowledge surviving" the destruction of the universe to begin again the establishing of new civilizations as the planets reformed.

The propulsion unit of the small UFOs will work equally well on an object the size of the moon, or earth, or larger and can be designed to be any shape desired.

Astronomers tell us that many millions of stars like our sun are millions of years older than our sun. This would indicate that if these stars had planetary systems like our Solar system (most scientists agree that this could be true), on an evolutionary time scale a civilization existing on one of these planets could be millions of years ahead of us, technologically speaking. We are now sending artificially constructed crafts into outer space. What will we be sending into space only one million years from today?

Some of the anomalies we find in the heavens today seem to resemble artificially-constructed spacecraft, as the following descriptions by astronomers will attest:

  1. Novae -- small object ejecting material

  2. Supernovae -- small object ejecting larger amounts of material

  3. Nebula -- the material ejected from a nova of small angular size

  4. Flare star -- a localized disturbance on a "small part of a star" acting like a miniature novae

  5. Planetary nebulae -- ejection of an appreciable amount of material from star of small size

  6. X-ray sources -- sources of radiation, many too small to be identified

  7. Pulsar -- pulsating radio stars emitting extremely regular pulses coming from a region at most a few hundred kilometers in diameter

  8. Quasar -- unusually large amounts of variable radio energy associated with a nuclear jet and traveling at speeds approaching the speed of light with variable visible light far more luminous than the brightest elliptical galaxies

  9. Seyfert galaxies -- unusual galaxies with a small nucleus (resembling quasars) which is bright compared with the rest of the galaxy and with some identified as strong x-ray sources

  10. N-Galaxies -- bright and compact nuclei with large red shifts (indicates high velocities)

  11. Narkarian galaxies -- bright nucleus with indications of ionized gas

  12. BL Lacertae objects -- radio sources identified as extreme versions of quasars and N-galaxies with rapid variations of intensity at all wave lengths with strong polarization (indicating magnetic field)

  13. Extra-galactic radio sources -- radiate up to one million times more energy at radio wavelengths than the Galaxy does with irregular variations within a few months observed in many compact sources

It is possible that these anomalies in the heavens are examples of ions reacting to an electrostatic point charge (artificially-constructed alien space craft) and that Pulsars could be a result of controlled expulsion of ions from a craft for purposes of acceleration and de-acceleration.

The fuel to operate these crafts is probably radioactive sodium twenty-two. The Ramayana of India says that the ancient airships (owned by wealthy people) were self-propelled by a yellowish-white liquid. Sodium is silvery in color, burns with a yellow flame and reacts with the moisture and carbon dioxide of the air to form a white powder, which remind us of the strange white streaks found on the moon.


If the white streaks are sodium carbonate resulting from sodium reacting with moisture and carbon dioxide it could be the remains of a positive ion control propulsion system utilized to place the moon in orbit around our earth. In ancient India it is said the fuel of the flying machines used by the wealthy was mercury but in actuality it was probably mercury used for radiation shielding and which would eventually it into turn into gold.

In the Bible story about Babylon and the temple-tower reaching to the sky, it would appear that the aliens took a dim view of people on earth promoting a one-world political philosophy. In the words of God, "If they are able to accomplish all of this when they have just begun to exploit their linguistic and political unity, just think what they will do later."


(Possibly the temple-tower of Babylon was a stone tower with a pointed top designed -like the Washington monument- to prevent the cloud crafts ‚UFOs of the aliens from descending).

In the early days of the aliens, we find the political setup best described by the early Egyptian government in which the god-king (alien) was the undisputed boss, and the people were controlled basically by fear. But as time went on and the population of the world increased and spread, the aliens (who had more important things to do) would be hard put to maintain the political control desired, and if it ever got away from them they would find they had the entire world united against them.

Whether this had anything to do with it or not, we don't know for sure, but it is a fact that most of today's organized religions became dominant over the world in a rather short span of time. And from that time on, there has been almost no chance of achieving world political unity. During a rather short period of time before and just after the year 1 (BC-AD) we find the formation of Judaism, Zoroastrianism, Islam, Christianity and Buddhism.


If we include Hinduism, which at this time began to systematize its vast traditional lore, including taking over the caste system when the sacrificial aspect was down played, we find a large percentage of today's world population covered under these banners.

In faraway Peru, Alan Lapiner reports that the Paracas era dates until about 100 BC, when it gave way to the Nazca tradition under pressure of new religious concepts. In Japan during this period, we find the newly established clans, which suddenly superseded the political organizations of the tribes. Each clan had a specialized hereditary function such as agriculture, metalworking, etc. In India about 600 BC, the Gautama Buddha and the Jains were preaching new religions, and the Harivamsa manuscript clearly affirms that profound changes took place in Indian religious thought about 400 BC.

During this same period we find that Alexander the Great all but destroyed Zoroastrianism. Whatever the reason for the change, we do know that it was highly successful and appeared to be a result of an official policy change by the aliens, just as we have changes in official policy in governments around the world today. And the new policy could be aptly described as the concentration of all energies on the conservation of established (and separated) values rather than on progress or experiment. Possibly significant, this was also the period (500 BC) when the Aramaic "speaking language" became the language of administration in the Middle East.

If the world churches are really controlled by the aliens what is their mission? The I CHING probably says this best where we find:

"Let religion rule in the minds of men" which helps to keep law and order in the world.

It would also thus appear that the churches of the world are really Secret Societies operated by the aliens with their secret agenda being to rule over the minds of men. There are many secret societies in the world operated by the aliens and they compete for political control of their governments. Some better known ones in the United States are the Freemasons, Elks, and the Illuminati and it is a fact that all members of all secret societies believe that their "god" (the Sun God ) is a law higher then that of the constitution (another way of saying that their actions are approved by the divine will of god) and that all members are only to be judge by this 'higher law' as well as judge, in the case of judges, by this same 'higher law'.


Also of interest, secret society members are not allowed to testify against fellow members. All secret societies have their do-good cover, such as the hospitals run by the Freemasons. Usually the penalty for a member who discloses the secrets of a secret society is death.

In his book of Exodus Moses went up to the mountain and disappeared into Yahweh's cloud for forty days. When he didn't return the people asked Aaron to make them "gods to lead them". Aaron then collected up all the golden earrings from the slaves, sons and daughters and, melting the gold, molded and tooled it into the form of a calf-idol to represent the gods.


Previously Yahweh had made a covenant where the Jews "shall be to me a kingdom of priest and a holy nation" and a covenant of the law that was sealed by oxen blood, half poured on the altar and half poured on the people. Aaron then built an altar before the calf-idol which was followed by a feast to the lord including a wild party followed by sexual immorality (symbolizes everything is permissible in the pursuit of the goals of the Sun God.

Moses, on orders from Yahweh, who is aware of what is happening, returns during the festive ceremony and breaks into pieces the two stone tablets of the Ten Commandments (moral law, the do-good cover, is secondary), melts the gold calf-idol in the fire (slays the sacred bull) and mixes the ground up gold with water which the people drank (sacramental meal representing reward of riches).


Aaron then advises Moses that the people involved in the ceremony were wicked people (recruits for Knights Templars, Egyptian priests, secret societies, etc.) and that when the gold was placed into the fire a calf-idol came out all by itself (reborn). Moses orders all the participants of the ceremony who are on Yahweh's team to join him (become full members) and all the Levite (name derived from the artificial monster weapon Leviathan) priests joined him.


Moses then orders them to go throughout the community and kill (warrior-priests) their brothers, companion and neighbor (the loyalty and secrecy sacrifice of members renouncing family and friends) that they did -- right after Aaron had made the victims naked, or ready to be processed by the aliens.

Yahweh then had made two more stone tablets of the Ten Commandments to be presented by Moses to the Jews (the do-good cover of the secret society) after which he sent a great plague (corpses for the gods) among the Jews. Interestingly, the Talmud (Hebrew, to learn), a code of Jewish civil and canonical law which is sometimes said to include magical secrets is a compilation of Hebrew oral tradition which is believed to be the oral law (or real law) delivered by God to Moses at the same time he received the written law.

Strange things are happening in our skies and it apparently started around two or three years ago. And not just our skies but the skies around the other planets in our solar system as well. This all began with the sudden "disappearance" of the moons of Mars that so far seem to still be missing. People are still looking at Mars when they have the chance but so far nobody is willing to say (and show pictures) that the two moons have returned or are still there.


Now, the non-government (government will not talk about it) astronomers have gone back over past government photos as well as photos taken by amateurs and found what appears to be maybe a hundred or so strange objects that are all, like moons of Mars, about 3 miles in size. They move around showing that they are not something in orbit and a number of them are hovering (and moving as if directed by occupants of the craft) over the United States and the Gulf of Mexico but not in a permanent orbit.


The strange objects have also been viewed by the new observatory in Arizona built (in a hurry) by the Vatican. Some photos show indications of these strange flying objects being fired at with weapon from earth as well as battling among themselves. Mythologies around the world state this would happen just before the world is destroyed.

The secret societies are the backbone of the operation of the aliens on earth. The members running the secret societies (not the members of the do-good cover who do not know anything about how some members are "invited" into various branches of the secret society for an unknown agenda) are in charge of various duties on earth and are paid handsomely for their services. However, once in they can never resign or leave, as they know too much about the hidden agenda.


The services performed include delivering foodstuff and materials, including finished manufactured products, to be shipped off the face of the earth. It is a worldwide operation and must have the cooperation of government to fulfill their duties. It is the aliens that say who on earth gets the "business" and make all the money meaning that they must be efficient or the business orders will go to others secret societies. It would also seem that the aliens need human bodies, both alive and dead, and as such cause wars and order wars to be instigated to fill their needs.

For the aliens to operate on the large scale needed requires the active help of governments worldwide. The active secret societies members working for the aliens' worldwide number about one percent of the population of the world. (Total secret society membership consists of approximately two to maybe three percent of the population of the world).

Only the top approved membership (and on a need to know basis) of secret societies know the meaning and ramifications of the UFO symbolic religious sanctuary dome design open to the atmosphere on the bottom. As such, when we find this design on the American capital building in Washington D.C. and most of the State capital buildings (about 40 of them) we can logically assume that the political structure in the States has been under the influence and control of the aliens in one form or another since the Republic was first founded.


This symbolic religious sanctuary dome design can also be found on government capital buildings in many foreign countries. This same design can also be found on some Masonic Temples and University buildings as well as slightly altered designs on a few large castles, large homes, grand hotels, etc.

Secret Societies have been protected by governments worldwide over the years. England in the past has declared all secret societies illegal except for the Freemasons. Germany once declared all secret societies illegal except for the Illuminati. In the past in the United States there have been political battles over which secret society would have control of the government.


In Russia, there are indications that secret societies played a major part in the formation of the new communist government after World War I.