'Contactees' are usually those who have reported

'friendly' contact experiences with extraterrestrials.


'Abductees' are those who have had

what they perceive to be fearful experiences.


Experiencers are those who neither view the experience

as 'good' or 'bad,' but simply just an experience.





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 - "Strange Evidence" - International UFO Reporter (IUR) 1999


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Additional Information


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 -  Awareness Grows About Extraterrestrials, Consciousness, Emerging Mysteries


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 -¿El Fin de La Industria de La Carne? - ¿La Mutilación de Animales Explicada?


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 -  In 2 Worlds - Waking Up to Another Layer of Reality


 -  Influencias Extraterrestres Sobre La Humanidad


 -  Italy’s Disclosure of Human Looking Aliens


 -  Las Secuelas del Mordisco del Amor Alienígena, Tipos de Alma y Depredadores


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 -  The Aftermath of the Alien Love Bite, Soul Types and Predators


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 -  The Divine and The Manipulative Extraterrestrials - Effects on Humanity's Religions, Beliefs and... - Main File


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 -  Wisdom of The Higher Extraterrestrials



Corrado Malanga


 -  Alien Cicatrix I - da Corrado Malanga


 -  Alien Cicatrix II - da Corrado Malanga


 -  Alien Cicatrix I - por Corrado Malanga


 -  Alien Cicatrix II - por Corrado Malanga


 -  Alien Cicatrix III - por Corrado Malanga



 -  A "Virtual Reality" - The Holographic Universe


 -  Génesis - Tetralogía - por Corrado Malanga


 -  Global Alien Interference - Dr. Corrado Malanga’s Research


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 -  The Transcript of Dr Malanga’s Lecture - Updates on Alien Interferences


 -  Alien Abduction - Corrado Malanga


 -  Interferencias Alienigenas - Corrado Malanga


 -  Prenderne Coscienza - Rapimenti Alieni - Corrado Malanga


Books and Treatises


 -  2012 - The Return of Quetzalcoatl - by Daniel Pinchbeck

 -  Barbara - The Story of a UFO Investigator - by Barbara Bartholic


 -  CE-VI - Close Encounters of The Possession Kind - Interference From The ETs... - by William J. Baldwin


 -  CE-VI - Encuentros Cercanos del Tipo Posesión - por William J. Baldwin


 -  Divine Encounters - A Guide to Visions, Angels and Other Emissaries - by Zecharia Sitchin

 -  I Forgot What I Wasn't Supposed to Remember - An Expanded View of the Alien... - by Katharina Wilson

 -  Incident at Devil’s Den - by Terry Lovelace

 -  Into The Fringe - A True Story of Alien Abduction- by Karla Turner


 -  La Amenaza - Revelando La Agenda Secreta de Los Alienígenas - por David Jacobs

 -  Masquerade of Angels - by Karla Turner


 -  Story of A UFO Investigator - by Barbara Bartholic


 -  Taken - Inside the Alien-Human Agenda - by Karla Turner


 -  The Key - A True Encounter - by Whitley Strieber



 -  The Mission of The One Star - Transforming Planet Earth to Planet Star - by Alloya. N. Huckfield

 -  The Otherness - A Personal Interaction - by Tim Watts



 -  The Threat - Revealing The Secret Alien Agenda - by David M. Jacobs


 -  Visitors From Within - Extraterrestrial Encounters and Species Evolution - by Lyssa Royal and Keith Priest




 -  Alien Abductions and Hybrids - Dr. David M. Jacobs


 -  Experiencers - John E. Mack


 -  Military E/T Abductions - with Barbara Lamb


 -  OVNIs, Extraterrestres, y La Posibilidad de Contacto


 -  Prenderne Coscienza - Rapimenti Alieni - Corrado Malanga


 -  Touched


 -  Transcending The Dualistic Mind - Transpersonal Psychology - John E. Mack

 -  UFOs, Aliens, and The Question of Contact



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