1. Remote Viewing Underground UFO Bases - by Cassandra 'Sandy' Frost

  2. Mount Ziel Underground Facility in Australia's Northern Territory - by James Casbolt

  3. Russia - Alien Base in The Mountains of Caucasus?

  4. Deep Underground Military Bases - report by Greg Szymanski



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Remote Viewing Underground UFO Bases
by Cassandra 'Sandy' Frost

from Rense Website


Atwater is the author of 'Captain of My Ship, Master of My Soul' and is an internationally acclaimed speaker. He was personally hired by Robert Monroe in June, 1988 and he currently works as the Research Director for the Monroe Institute:

Joe McMoneagle runs his own Remote Viewing company Intuitive Intelligence Applications at, has written MIND TREK, The Ultimate Time Machine, Remote Viewing Secrets and THE STARGATE CHRONICLES: Memoirs of a Psychic Spy. He most recently astounded Japanese police by Remote Viewing a woman in her apartment who'd been missing for 27 years.

Mel Riley lives a quiet life in a remote part of the mid-west, is involved with Native American culture, participates in pow wows and is Vice-Commander of the Mohican Veterans.


Remote Viewing is a very controversial thing. But what is even more controversial is when the best Remote Viewers have perceptions of several underground UFO bases on Earth. Some months ago the former Canadian minister of defense asked Canadian Parliament to hold hearings on relations with alien "ET" civilizations.


He speaks of finally disclosing the biggest secret in human history, ET presence on Earth.

When then Lt. F. Holmes 'Skip' Atwater began the US Army Remote Viewing Star Gate program in 1978, he had no idea that he'd challenge his viewers with targets like underground UFO bases.

Atwater grew up in a southern California home where it was normal to talk about things like leaving your body and hands on healing. During the Vietnam Era, on February 14, 1968, he joined the Army as an intelligence specialist.

Along the way, Atwater had read 'Journeys Out of the Body' by Robert Monroe, which described how Hemi-Sync (tm) binaural (in both ears) beats enhanced learning, induced out of body experiences and stimulated different states of consciousness. He also read 'Mind Reach' by physicists Hal Puthoff, Ph.D. and Russell Targ, who later introduced him to remote viewing.


He was asking questions like,

'What is this remote viewing? What is Monroe discovering about our consciousness with his Hemi-Sync applications?'

In 1977, Atwater packed up his wife and three kids and headed towards his new duty station, Ft. Meade, Maryland, to join the US Army's elite Intelligence and Security command program, Systems Exploitation Detachment or SED. He worked on the Sensitive Activity Vulnerability Estimate or SAVE team. Cold war commanders were expected to take measures to protect ALL aspects of their operational capabilities. Once a new threat was identified, the SAVE team would 'attack' a command, challenging all aspects of security.

Exploring his new Ft. Meade office, Atwater opened up his safe and discovered three Department of Defense documents "mistakenly" left by his predecessor.

The first two described the Soviet Union's research into psychic spying. The third was written by Targ and Puthoff and described remote-viewing research at SRI International in Menlo Park.

Atwater read a 1972 report on how the Soviets were conducting parapsychology research at over 20 separate institutions with an annual operating budget of over 21 million dollars. The KGB funded this research.

The other document described 'bio-information' such as telepathy, precognition and clairvoyance and bio-energetics like psychokinesis and telekinesis.

'Sounds like remote viewing to me,' Atwater thought.

Soviet Remote Viewing was now considered as a potential security threat.

The third document described Project SCANATE, highly classified, CIA funded remote-viewing research conducted primarily at SRI that demonstrated the ability of remote-viewing surveillance to acquire and report intelligence to the intelligence community.


What is RV?
According to Atwater, Remote Viewing is,

"The acquisition and description, by mental means, of information blocked by ordinary perception by distance, shielding or time. A way of perceiving something with mental powers alone using a scientifically designed, protocol driven structured process for acquiring information."

Typically, a viewer and interviewer are isolated with a target, which may be a picture or randomly generated numbers, in a sealed envelope. Neither know what the target is and are both blind to the target. This is known as working 'double blind' so the interviewer can't feed information to the viewer. The interviewer might ask 'Describe the location inside the envelope?'


The viewer might then make sketches or jot down brief word descriptions.

Atwater then designed a proto-type RV program to assess if we could defend and/or hide our secrets from the Soviets and began working with SRI to orient the first six candidates to remote viewing.

As operations and training, Atwater needed to,

'determine the operational capabilities and limitations of remote viewing, identifying and developing the individual RV skills, and test and evaluate the accuracy of remote viewing on unique targets.'

Challenge targets such as ET's and UFOs were used to hone skills and stretch RV capabilities.


Pat Price's Underground UFO Bases
Atwater not only worked with Robert Monroe to develop his training program, he also co-operated with Targ and Puthoff at SRI and learned of a viewer named Pat Price.

Former CIA director Stansfield Turner described Price as,

'A man who could 'see' what was going on anywhere in the world through his psychic powers.'

≠ Chicago Tribune, August 13, 1977.

One day in 1973, Price walked into Hal Puthoff's office, tossed a file on his desk and said,

'You might be interested in these UFO bases.'

Price believed that ET's had established four underground bases, had remote viewed them and provided Puthoff with descriptions of their locations and functions. Hal Puthoff, Ph.D., founded and directed the CIA funded Remote Viewing program at SRI from 1972 to 1985. Price, who died under mysterious circumstances in 1975, was believable had a proven RV track record and had neither agenda nor any axe to grind.

Puthoff passed the same folder on to Atwater in the early '80's, saying,

'You might be interested in this.'

At this point, it's important to note that Price's information was viewed without protocols, the results were not officially reported and Price did not use sealed envelopes.

Price's report stated that the bases primary purpose was to 'reinforce B.T.L. implants, transport of new recruits and overall monitoring function.' Today, Atwater has no idea what B.T.L. implants are and to his knowledge, no one has remote viewed this term.

Price also reported that the base inhabitants looked like us, homosapiens, except for the heart, lungs, blood and eyes. He reported that the sites were highly protected from discovery, mutually supportive, and had very high technology.


He also noted that they used 'thought transfer for motor control of us.'

Mount Perdido
So where are these bases?

The first is at Mt. Perdido is in the Pyrenees Mountains, between France and Spain.

'A famous set of caves in the Pyrenees have ancient drawings of ancient astronauts and flying spacecraft,' Atwater explained. 'And there have been a number of sightings here.'

Mt. Perdido, aka Mt. Perdu, is 3,352 m, 11,007 ft. high and is the third highest mountain in the Pyrenees. It's about a quarter inch west of Andorra. Price reported that the main base was protected around a 2-mile perimeter with detectors. Several craft were in the launch recovery area and had what looked like an electromagnetic field propulsion system.

Price's next underground base location is Mt. Inyangani, the highest mountain (2,592 m, 8,503 ft) in Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, Africa.

'Actually, it's more of a maintenance and tech center,' Price viewed. 'This base looks like overhaul and maintenance unit. I see lots of spare equipment. Parts are being welded in a vacuum area with window area then parts are fused. A grayish white powder is pasted on both parts then fused.'

His attention was drawn to unit that several were working on. It is a tubular grid system 'for ionizing a layer of air.'

Mount Hayes
The next site is at Mt. Hayes, Alaska. It appears to be a weather and geological center and has similar security measures to prevent discovery. He described 'computer equipment' and followed leads on an 'oscilloscope' which led to a small box like structure which contained rotational antenna that sat on top of a mountain peak.


The receiver seemed to be part of a detection system.

'If they were discovered,' Price wrote, 'personnel are deployed physically in activity to make sure of failure of that certain project. This site has also been responsible for strange activity and malfunction of US and Soviet space projects.'

Atwater suggested that if a probe was launched over this part of Alaska, that it might be interfered in some way, to prevent detection of the Mt. Hayes base.

'It comes to mind that these 'people' have infiltrated all government in sensitive positions, not to control government, the processes or people, but rather to be in positions of power to stop politically any activity that may produce a result that could cause discovery.'

Mount Ziel
The fourth site is Mt. Ziel, a personnel center, in Australia's Northern Territory.

'It is interesting that this unit appears to have the most personnel. There are personnel from the other three sites here, like a rest and recreation area.'

For a few moments, Price felt slightly disoriented and decided they had detected him so he led them to Melbourne.

Price returned to the site and saw vehicles from the other bases, with each having different ID marks that correspond to each site's different functions.

'Mt. Ziel had personnel for all bases and is the homosapiens introduction point.' he observed.

Price also noted that the site should be approached with caution and that the area was under alert at that moment.

Is any of this true?
Atwater looked at Price's data and asked 'Is any of this true?'


After reviewing the file, Atwater conferred with Puthoff. Puthoff told Atwater that a colleague of his knew northern Australia's CIA station chief and had decided to call him and ask what was going on.

The colleague called and asked,

'Hey, is there anything unusual going on down there?' The station chief answered 'No, this is a dead assignment, nothing is going on other than all those UFO's flying around Mt. Ziel.'

Atwater now oversaw a cadre of skilled remote viewers and needed challenge targets. In 1982, he pulled Puthoff's file from his drawer and thought,

'Here are some interesting targets to look at. What would happen if I used these as training targets? If they tell me that there is UFO stuff there, it will corroborate what Pat Price said.'

Atwater emphasizes that this targeting was his idea, that there was no CIA or military tasking. He was a military officer in a military unit using his own challenge targets to test and evaluate the viewers he was training to see how they were progressing. As such, the challenge targets were viewed under strict protocol.

In July, 1982, Atwater gave Joe McMoneagle a challenge target of Mt. Hayes.

'I've never seen anything like it' he began. 'It's like walking into a place I have no familiarity with at all. It's not just something you describe. It's all brand new. There's a desolate open range of mountains.'

McMoneagle perceived a mountainous location with underground tubes and tunnels and ball shaped objects.

'The whole thing is underground and is powered by like an atomic power plant. I have seen something and don't have the rudimentary terms to describe it,' McMoneagle continued.


According to McMoneagle 'This is a prototype of something. I don't get an aggressive nature to this target. I don't sense the presence of individuals at the target.'

McMoneagle went on to draw some radio type of intercept things.

The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program HAARP Array is about 100 miles SE of Mt. Hayes.

'If you ask Joe McMoneagle today about the Mt. Hayes site,' Atwater explained 'he'll say it was more like a radio site or something that NSA would put up there and that he doesn't remember anything about UFOs, so we have an interesting dilemma.'


'All of the drawings and comments support a number of probable possibilities,' McMoneagle said. 'One is underground UFO Bases. The other is an Over-the-Horizon Radar site. Another would be some other form of system like the HAARP which is still classified.'

Star Gate team member Mel Riley, US Army, ret., was given this same target in November, 1986. Riley's introduction to RV happened when an agent on the ground had taken a picture of a piece of military machinery that was completely covered by canvas. He told his comrades that he could draw what was under the canvas.


He proceeded to draw what he pictured and in his terms, the feedback he received was,

"It totally freaked them out".

Immediately thereafter, Mel was asked to go to Ft. Meade. He worked in the unit as a viewer, project officer, monitor, and analyst.

He began with the impression that structure is some sort of UFO.

'A dark figure is seated at a circular control panel, another light figure is in the background,' he viewed. 'The structure is located within a mountain with a large triangular peak with a large lake at the base of the mountain,' Riley recorded.

'There are two people walking outside and two people inside the structure. Inside the structure sits something that looks similar to an organ. The word observing comes to mind. There appears to be some sort of screen or monitor.'

Update, September 1, 2004

Mel Riley's notes from an email
dated Sun, 21 Apr 2002 08:35:22 -0500.

The structure mentioned in the Mt. Hayes session was not a UFO. It was merely a complex located within the mountain. Fortunately I have a copy of the monitor's summary. I will include it here in its entirety.

(See sketches), triangular peak, inside domed, cavernous, tunnels, rough, natural, (AOL-like being inside NORAD), two persons outside (unable to make contact with them or gain information of any sort, fossils, music box melody, reminds me of Switzerland: site appears to be a structure located within a mountain which has a triangular peak, there is a large lake at the base of this mountain which is surrounded by high rugged mountains or cliffs, it seems fairly impenetrable, there were two people walking around outside of the structure and two people inside the structure, one of the people inside the structure sat at a circular position which appeared to look similar to an organ because of the keys, buttons and switches (the word "observing" comes to mind), it appeared to be some sort of screen or monitor, but could not make it out clearly, entity at console appears to be human in form but lacks definitive facial features, he seems friendly enough and invited me to observe his actions at the console

The above is complete and verbatum. For this session I was completely blind as to what the target was. I was given only a set of coordinates and asked to describe the location. The coordinates given were the actual latitude/longitude of Mt. Hayes, Alaska.

Hope the above info is of help,


'When I saw Mel's drawing,' Atwater said 'it reminded me of the oscilloscope description given by Pat Price, his idea of some sort of a round sort of screen you might watch signals on.'

Atwater concludes,

'The two viewings above are part of others that appear to confirm the existence of these bases. These sites are described as protected from discovery, mutually supportive in purpose, and of very high technology. The later data reports the site's purpose as benign and involving precise observation, location, relay, and perhaps some navigational use. These data also indicate that the sites may not always be occupied and may be somehow connected with a deep space object.'

'So it's entirely possible that some sort of extraterrestrial civilization checks in every now and then but does not man a 24/7 kind of a crew. It's a possibility.'

'We are not alone in all that is, he continued. 'But should we expect that our companions are made of the same "stuff" as we are? I think not. It's hard to grasp the idea of a periodic table different from ours, given our closed-end perspective of physical reality.'

'I would suspect that given an alternative zero-point field environment, atoms and electrons would combine differently and that process would yield far different intelligent life than we know,' Atwater hypothesized. 'Perhaps that is why physical contact with extraterrestrials is so rare.'

'The answer may be in seeking contact on the mental and spiritual planes beyond the often-narrow confines of physical reality,' he concluded. 'For our presence here is transient and our spiritual existence is timeless.'

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Mount Ziel Underground Facility in Australia's Northern Territory

by James Casbolt

from JamesCasbolt Website


According to my NSA contact 'X3' the Mt Ziel underground facility is the twin facility to the Pine Gap base in Northern Australia.


The following is part of an EYES ONLY document that was given to me by X3 regarding Pine Gap.

'Pine Gap - Alice Springs, Australia. This base is a massive multi-leveled facility run by the 33rd degree of Zion which, fronting as the Bilderberger organization, is the control and command centre with the Rothschild apparatus Illuminati. Pine Gap is a major control center for the New World Order Dictatorship and is equipped with levels of computer terminals tied-in to the major computer mainframes of the world'.

'The Mt Zeil underground base is a Anunnaki stronghold. The Anunnaki (who may be from the Sirius star system) have a loose strategic alliance with the Draco Prime Reptilains from the Draconis star system. Both ET groups have timetabled this planet for invasion and takeover. However with the many positive ET races including the Pleiadians that are helping Humanity I do not believe this will happen.'

'Mt. Ziel, a personnel center, in Australia's Northern Territory. It is interesting that this unit appears to have the most personnel. Mt. Ziel had personnel for all bases and is the homosapiens introduction point.' He observed.

Price (Northern Australia's CIA station chief) also noted that the site should be approached with caution,

"...this is a dead assignment, nothing is going on other than all those UFO's flying around Mt. Ziel."

At the March 5, 2000 Annual International UFO Congress held at the River Palms Resort in Laughlin, Nevada, Leonard Buchanan confirmed the existence of four previously undisclosed Extraterrestrial bases discovered on planet Earth. Mr. Buchanan detailed his background as a military controlled remote viewer (CEV).


His company trains CRVers at all levels and performs CRV work for individuals, corporations, and government agencies. Mr. Buchanan is also a lifelong psychic as well as an alien abductee. During the military controlled remote viewing sessions, trained observers discovered four extraterrestrial bases found across the globe.


These ET bases are located at:

  • Mt. Parted in Northern Spain

  • Mt. Inyangani in Zimbabwe

  • Mt. Hayes, Alaska

  • Mt. ZIEL, Australia

Pyrenees location is a "main base" from which "flying units" (UFOs) took off and landed and was under Mount Perdido. The African base under Mount Inyangani is a base for maintenance and repair.


The base under Mount Ziel in Australia if for a mixture of "personnel" from the other bases while the fourth, under Mount Hayes in Alaska, is a weather and geological study center.


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"Interplanetary Space Port is Discovered in the Foothills of North Caucasus Plateau, Where UFOs are Pasturing" - this is headline of the article in a respected Russian newspaper "Trud", Moscow, dated June 20, 2003, p. 4.


Intensive alien activity is reported from the area of Lagonaki plateau north of the Russian resort town of Sochi, near the nature reserve.

"Local residents and Ufologists are convinced that there is an interplanetary space port," states Mr. Nikolay Sedov, the journalist.

  • All facts indicate that, very likely, another underground alien base in located in the area of Mt. Fisht (2867 m over the sea level, with eternal ice glacier) and nearby Laganaki plateau (isolated remote area), as well as in the other places of the Caucasus region (including its highest mountain - El'brus) that have numerous underground alien bases, sub-bases, deep caves, connected by tunnels. These tunnels go to Crimean bases as well.....

  • ...secret U.S. troops set up their own clandestine "bases" next to the Extraterrestrial "bases."

  •  Humans and off-world races are said to be working together in super-secret underground bases at Area-5 in Nevada; Pine Gap, Australia and El Yunque, Puerto Rico.

  • ...some top military brass has all but admitted that the alien's plans are not totally "altruistic", and parts of the ET/human project are very "troubling." The creation of alien-human hybrids obviously must be part of that classified agenda.

  • There is even speculation that the new breed of alien/human hybrids will replace the current crop of Homo sapiens entirely.

  • There is a rummor that a "certain group" is getting "tired" of current human activities and plan to drastically change the "status quo"....Art Wholeflaffer, President of HACA (Human-Alien Contact Agenda).

Are the Hidden Underground Military Bases the Real Headquarters for the New World Order?


A former Canadian military officer finally goes public with shocking information he learned while working at an underground base at Cold Lake in Canada.


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Deep Underground Military Bases
report by Greg Szymanski
20 Oct 2005

from ClubConspiracy Website

recovered through WayBackMachine Website


Are the Hidden Underground Military Bases the Real Headquarters for the New World Order?
A former Canadian military officer finally goes public with shocking information he learned while working at an underground base at Cold Lake in Canada. Although some may say his story is pure fiction, others claim the secrets to the New World Order's depopulation plan lies underground.

Everyone is talking about the New World Order and a one world government, but according to a former Canadian military officer, nobody wants to believe its true sinister nature lies in the mysteries surrounding thousands of deep underground military bases scattered throughout the world. Here is his story:

Timothy of Canada tells a wild story, a story of underground military bases where animal and human sacrifices nourish the bowels of creatures that have inhabited the earth long before man arrived.

He doesn't expect anybody to believe him, saying most people will think he's talking science fiction anyway. But nevertheless he feels compelled to speak, feeling compelled to risk life and limb as the New World Order zeroes in on the last stages of its incredible worldwide population reduction plan.

They have been delayed with their plan to reduce the worlds population by 80 percent but the globalists are now stepping up their activities, said Timothy, who refuses to use his real name, in an extended conversation this week from Germany, where he's employed in the aerospace industry.

I am not about to use my name, risking incarceration as I would be in violation of our country's State Secrets Act. Also, do you know that more than 3,000 people have been killed for trying to talk about what goes on in these underground bases. Its basically a death sentence when you start getting too close to the nerve center of the real New World Orders plans.

And Timothy says the real heart and soul of the New World Order plan lies in the mysterious underground military bases scattered all over the world, including roughly 30 in Canada, 140 in the United States and more than 1,500 worldwide.

He became privy to this top secret information when he served as a junior officer in the Canadian Armed Forces in the aerospace engineering branch, while working at one of the top secret deep underground military bases at Cold Lake in Canada.

And what he learned and what he has been researching ever since leaving the military is how this network of underground bases not only houses and conceals non-human life forms with incredible powers, but conceals an underground warehouse of sophisticated super-human technology used for mind control, advanced military weaponry and weather manipulation with the eventual goal of depopulating the world.

Most people, including most of the so-called patriots, are sincere about defeating the New World Order, but they are really looking in the wrong direction. They need to uncover, expose and alert the people of the world what's going on below the earths surface, said Timothy who likes to talk in a machine gun, rapid fire fashion, as he recalled first being alerted to the underground military base phenomenon when he researched the mysterious events surrounding cattle manipulation in Alberta, Canada, in the 1970s.

It is very dangerous and you could be killed if you try to expose what the globalists are doing with this network of tunnels and underground facilities, but I have ended my silence since they are now in the final stages of there plan. Remember, AIDS being manufactured? Well, what's in store for mankind is now much worse and we need to do everything we can to try and stop the destruction of the world as we know it.

Although Timothy's story can easily be dismissed as pure fantasy, stories like his have a funny way of getting under your skin, a funny way of creeping up on you right before you fall asleep at night. They have a strange way, no matter how outlandish and unbelievable they are, to solicit questions in your mind like What if he is telling the truth and what if these sinister plans and military bases really do exist?

Even though Timothy has promised from his undisclosed location in Germany to provide names of at least three other people, making this initial story an ongoing saga, he provided a battery of questions and perhaps a scientific Shakespearean soliloquy of sorts in the interim, explaining why he decided to go public and why it is imperative to uncover the secrets of the underground military bases.

With the outbreak of the flu virus I feel compelled to break my silence. Maybe some of you have heard the term New World Order and feel confused about its significance.

From this point lets put everything into a series of hypotheticals. Maybe I do not wish to break the Official Secrets Act and wind up incarcerated. Let us pretend I am about to reveal ultra-sensitive information to you. Please approach this with an open mind.

In the late 1970s I first became aware of the cattle mutilation phenomenon living in Alberta, Canada. The reasons given were unusual for this and it was the suppression of the outcry and true angst I sensed from the cattle farmers protesting outside of Calgary that first got to me.

This was the first time I realized there was something seriously wrong. The hush-hush of this left a lasting impression.

Let us assume I served as a junior officer in the Canadian Armed Forces in the Aerospace Engineering Branch. One base was Cold Lake. The members of this base wondered innocently why this was the only base where it was required to always wear a black radiation exposure detector.

Maybe this is due to a Deep Underground Military Base (DUMB) with unusual aerial phenomena a few hundred statute miles north almost straight in line with Cold Lake bordering with Saskatchewan.

What if you were to realize that Canada has over 30 DUMBs, and its neighbor to the south has over 140 active DUMBs. Worldwide there are now over 1500 DUMBs.

Let us assume all North American DUMBs are connected below by oxygenated magneto-leviton trains from Krupp, Germany, and are able to reach MACH2+, having the tunnels vacuumed of air to eliminate air resistance. Adjacent to this is a subterranean tunnel highway.

Let us assume that many of these bases are actually underground cities for beings that in actuality have resided here for millennia.


Do you have the courage to believe this?

All patriots who are willing to resist this New World Order should realize that globalists who have submitted are not the only problem. Maybe they have sold the rest of us out-thinking they will survive and not be enslaved as the remaining.

  • What if by 2029 the global population is to be massively reduced, the remaining subjects enslaved and hauled off to underground slave labor factories to serve the global elite?

  • What if the SDI project is in reality a weapon system to ward off unwanted "guests". Maybe all countries were fighting secretly a global war against strangers once they realized in the late 1970s that true intentions of inhabitants of these DUMBs were evil beyond belief.

  • What if society cannot handle the truth?

  • What if Eisenhower decided at Holloman AFB keeping things secret would prevent mass panic and decay into total anarchy? Examining the panic Y2K generated, has society become more courageous with time? I, for one forgive Eisenhower.

  • What if over 8 million humans have literally been devoured by residents of these bases, the majority nourishing themselves with human glandular secretions?

I do not expect anyone to believe this. But let us assume I have been privy to a lot of horrific information.


Let us assume that in reality there are 143 elements in the periodic table.

  • Maybe the only way the SR75 can reach MACH9+ is by using metal technology not of this world?

  • Maybe the stealth aircraft use special coatings combined with electrochemical electronic countermeasures?

  • Maybe this is why the stealth never were used when it rained in former Yugoslavia?

  • Maybe the cloaking technology successfully tested at Tonapaz Range and S2 employs high frequency helix devices in the leading edges of the newest generation vehicles, refracting light making the aircraft invisible.

  • Maybe I have dealt with metallurgic technology with crystalline structures not of this earth?

  • Maybe the general public has been kept in the dark for many decades?

I wish things were not the way they are. Nobody has the right to sell anyone out. Maybe I would not be revealing anything if I was not certain that all the secrecy and timeline is reaching a climax. We are all going to have to assert ourselves beyond belief. We have been lied to and we thought we were doing our best for betterment.

I know mankind is destroying this planet, but I refuse to be enslaved. I am sick of the lies and the New World Order agenda. Maybe the force driving it resides in these bases. If you sense your freedoms are being revoked, you are not mistaken.

After the last element of gun control is implemented, all freedoms will be removed within a ten year period. Never surrender your weapons. I wish this was not happening and I have had many sleepless nights, but for me I cannot stand it anymore. Never believe that the One World Government is good for us. Observe the dismantling of nations now and how the United Nations is taking over.

I wondered back then why is the Canadian military shrinking. This is no accident. The American military is becoming more and more the global force combined with NATO. What can we do? Well, I know this. I will not cooperate with anyone who has sold me out. I will fight for every right I have, simultaneously enjoying the freedom of travel which still exists. Not for long though.

I will not believe whatever the World Health Organization dictates. Do not believe anything?

Examine the new Denver International Airport. Maybe in reality below it is a massive DUMB with 8 levels. Why does the fence point inward? Why the unusual security? Maybe the tent spires are in actuality large ventilation shafts to the subterranean levels. Start with this airport please.


If you cannot find anything bizarre there then I feel sorry for you.

Casa Diablo (CA) is the most obvious of the underground bases. Look for a depleted spring hole which is about 9 foot in diameter. Break down the door if you can. Donít forget to wear scuba gear. What you will find on the other side will not be human.


SEE Entrance at:


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