by Rebecca Hardcastle
June 21, 2005

from GalacticCivilizations Website

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In 2005 I taught Extraterrestrial Reality, one of the first college sponsored ufology courses in the nation, at Scottsdale Community College through the Community Education department.


The college and local media embraced the course, publicizing it on television, radio and in the print media which filled the class with students. The class had a high caliber of students, many with contact experience and broad intellectual knowledge of the science, history, and metaphysics surrounding UFO and alien or star visitor phenomenon.


Ufology, the study of extraterrestrial phenomenon such as alien visitation, craft sightings, and contact experience, has finally left the dark ages of speculative hypothesis and is growing in regard as a testable scientific theory.


The massive accumulation of physical data from sightings and contact experiences gathered by independent and university researchers, government organizations, the military and experiencers shifts ufology from a mere hypothesis to a theory which can be tested and documented.


Since the 1940’s, a dedicated generation accomplished the hard task of compiling scientific data so that following generations might move research forward without the need to delineate scientific and historical believability of ufology. Intellectual energy need not be channeled into repetitive skepticism and circular criticisms.


Ufology is established as theory. Now commences the work of refining the data and creating scientific applications for the 21st Century as humans move forward in aerospace travel and cosmic consciousness.

The Scottsdale Community College Extraterrestrial Reality course was designed to expand on the idea of what it means to be human in the 21st Century as we relate to forms of intelligent, responsive life originating or occurring beyond or within Earth dimensions. Ufology was presented as an academic body of knowledge.


Conceptual knowledge was combined with hands-on, competency based learning. Participants were encouraged to share and expand on their experiences in a safe, non-judgmental environment. All styles of learning were respected.

Why is an academic ufology curriculum necessary?


It provides a body of knowledge that may be used to understand current news and cultural events. As the media embraces ufology and nightly newscasts of sightings are used to boost audience ratings, a background of ufology is essential in separating the wheat from the chaff. The illusory from the possible. The staged from the actual.


As scientific theories from fields like quantum physics and zero point energy emerge from the subatomic realm into the mainstream, ufology curriculum easily accommodates the new reality. As an extraterrestrial reality becomes pervasive, individuals have a touch stone, an objective body of respected research, to use when examining their subjective experiences.

Subjective experience is recognized as an integral part of ufology.


As participants create their extraterrestrial reality it was necessary to lean on their subjective experience to integrate objective information. My reality shifted while attending the 2005 X-Conference in Washington,

D.C. Jaime Maussan, fondly known as Mexico’s Mike Wallace of 60 Minutes, presented a compilation of UFO videos that had been sent by his viewing audience. During one of his videos, I watched a morphing mother ship, suspended in space, simultaneously digest and launch hundreds of craft. I intuitively sensed that these craft were not the technological nuts and bolts of our aerospace industry, but were plasma-like conscious entities.


Conscious craft were expelled out of the mother ship while others returned. With each flight and landing, the shape of the mother ship morphed into another shape. There was an obvious consciousness component at work. I was enchanted. I was hooked.


I sensed a similarity to human consciousness.

Questions swirled.

  • Do humans possess an extraterrestrial conscious ability?

  • Is there an extraterrestrial dimension within our consciousness?

  • Is it part of our DNA?

  • Is it integral to our body as well as our mind?

  • If so, what does it do?

  • Can we learn to use it?

  • Manage it?

  • What help is available?

The UFO familiar phrase, “we are not alone” was replaced by the possibility that an examination of consciousness might confirm that “we were never alone.”


Is our body the mother ship and our consciousness the craft? As though a deck of mental cards reshuffled, my paradigm shifted.


All the years of yoga, tantra, body work, and spiritual discipline opened to a new reality.

  • Was my body the propellant?

  • Was I the zero-point?

  • Was the consciousness I so faithfully nurtured and developed being prepared to launch and re-enter the mother ship?

  • Was Maussan’s video simply a display of astral projection on a macro-scale?

  • Was I both the mother and the ship? If so, how many ships could I launch?

  • Did I possess one consciousness or many?

  • Could my consciousness multiply?

  • Could I possibly evolve into a mother ship with hundreds, if not thousands of craft?

  • Were these beings showing me the way?

I began to search for a term to describe the phenomenon I witnessed. Exoconsciousness emerged.


As I integrated the knowledge I witnessed I intuitively knew that humans possess an extraterrestrial consciousness, or exoconsciousness, integral to our bodies and our minds. We possess a cosmic consciousness which links us directly to what the ancients called the star visitors and we term extraterrestrials.


The purpose of this paper is to explore human consciousness as directly linked to the cosmos and its inhabitants and further understand how this cosmic cord could be utilitized to travel, communicate, and evolve as intergalactic beings.


First I had to examine human consciousness.


It seemed to be a key.




Consciousness Craft

Finding an agreed upon definition of consciousness proved illusive.


Consciousness studies, though ancient, had only recently, in the 1990’s, been accepted into academic curriculum. In consciousness studies, biologists researching the neurological workings of the brain joined with mathematicians postulating quantum theories and philosophers eager to move beyond dualism and perhaps even resurrect Platonic ideals more amenable to quantum science.


As these academics dialogued, a definitive, consensual definition of consciousness dissolved. The academic waters muddied, though they may soon clear.

Common use of consciousness may refer to the opposite of unconscious. One who is conscious is awake and alert. One who is unconsciousness is in an altered state, either chemically or sleep induced.


Susan Blackmore, in an attempt to mold consciousness studies into a text book curriculum, defines consciousness as,

“knowing something, or attending to something”.

(Blackmore 5)

It is the equivalent of subjectivity, the first person view of the world. Consciousness doesn’t fit neatly into brain studies or biological definitions.


She boldly asserts,

“studying consciousness will change your life”.

(Blackmore 5)

One is left wondering whether her consciousness assertion includes changing your scientific theories and academic assumptions.

Others, such as Leslie Brothers, a psychiatrist, question whether consciousness is an entity or a thing. Is it only a concept?


Stuart Hameroff, an anesthesiologist, who handles patient consciousness on a daily basis, asserts that consciousness in a restrictive sense is experience. It is an awareness possessed by biological systems.


Joe Bogen, neurosurgeon, maintains that the brain produces consciousness. He looks at levels - subcellular, cytoskeleton, microtubles, cellular, circuit levels, as well as how one brain interacts with others. Agreement is scarce. Disagreement is the consensus (Kuhn).

At a Tucson Conference in 1994, philosopher David Chalmers pulled the consciousness discussion toward what he defined as the hard problem and the easy problems.


The easy consciousness problems were not solved, but we were making progress.


The easy problems included the brain’s ability to,

  • discriminate, categorize and react to environmental stimuli

  • integrate information

  • report on its own mental states

  • focus attention

  • exert deliberate control over behavior

The hard problem was determining how standard physiological processes translate to subjective experience (Huff).

  • What is it like to be a biological organism?

  • What is it like to be in a given mental state?

The thorny philosophical mind body issues were once again on stage and experience the star as the hard problem.

The media weighed in on the hard problem and speculated in movies such as Matrix that evil computer aliens imposed a version of reality on humans from the outside. Chalmers seems to question the scriptwriter’s fantasy. Instead he theorizes that the brain appears to be constructing reality from within on the fly as waves of sensory information flood from the outer world. He marvels at how our brain processes a tsunami of sensory data (Huff).


Our brain’s involvement is essential.

In Wider than the Sky: The Phenomenal Gift of Consciousness, Nobel Prize winning neuroscientist, Gerald Edelman uses magnetoencephalography, a non-invasive technique to explain the workings of our brain. He measured tiny electromagnetic currents in small groups of neurons to develop neurological correlates of consciousness.


He determined that there is no one place in the brain where consciousness takes place. No command center. There is also a wide variation in neural response among individuals responding to the same stimulus or scene. Finally he determines that the brain or the mind is not “software.”


He agrees with William James that,

“thoughts don’t necessarily need a thinker.”

His research points to the possibility that our working brain was not designed, but evolved, as he postulates a “neural Darwinism” (O’Reilly).

The promising model of anesthesiologist Hameroff and mathematician Penrose proposes that quantum computation occurs in cytoskeletal microtubles within the brain’s neurons.

“The basic idea is that consciousness involves brain activities compiled to self-organizing ripples in fundamental reality. Brain stimulates reality based on sensory input and is also intimately connected to that reality at the quantum level”.


What about cosmic consciousness as the evil alien computers? Is it a media parody of reality at the quantum level?

“In Panpsychism theory, mind is fundamental in the universe. All matter has associated mental aspects or properties… Everything in the universe is seen as conscious”.


Critics of panpsychism question why then have both physical and mental properties.


Another door that leads to the hard problem. But Chalmers indicates that the door must be opened. At the 1994 Tucson conference he claimed that consciousness was a fundamental constituent of reality. It may be a building block of the universe, as photons are to light. Consciousness may be an inherent requirement of all that surrounds and composes us (Huff).

Is the evil alien computer simply a means of imaging consciousness at the quantum level, albeit a fearful image? The physicists, neurosurgeons, philosophers and mathematicians substitute the less threatening term proto-consciousness to indicate that consciousness may be a fundamental constituent of reality, a building block.


Is this a spiritual force? Danah Zohar merges religion and science with proto-consciousness.


In her book SQ: Connecting with our Spiritual Intelligence she writes that David Chalmers,

“suggests that something called proto-consciousness is a fundamental property of all matter, just like mass, charge, spin and location. In this view, proto-consciousness is a natural part of the fundamental physical laws of the universe and has been present since the beginning of time.


Everything that exists - fundamental particles like mesons and quarks, atoms, stones, tree trunks…possess proto-consciousness”.

(Zohar 81)


  • Is proto-consciousness the universal “mud” where Buddhists image the stem of the lotus rooting, emerging to flower as individual spiritual path?

  • Are we all rooted in proto-consciousness and emerge from the stem of creation to follow our designated spiritual paths this lifetime?

Zohar agrees,

“if neural oscillations in the brain were a coherent version of a fundamental property pervading the whole universe, then our human SQ roots us not just in life but at the very heart of the universe. We become children, not just of life, but of the cosmos”.

(Zohar 82)

Proto-consciousness, the mud of consciousness, may also be the answer to riddles of string theory.


According the Michio Kaku, string theory was stumbling over the possibility of a world hidden from our senses. Quantum theory made it impossible to pinpoint the exact location of atomic particles like electrons. They had no single location. Subatomic worlds operated by outlandish laws that called into question many scientific theories. Kaku began to solve the riddle of subatomic worlds by positing the possibility of parallel worlds.


He identified the difficulties of merging string theory and cosmological concepts like the big-bang. The laws of string theory physics break down with the big bang. String theory formulas failed to work with the big bang. Then a once dismissed theory of super gravity re-emerged with an elegant 11 string theory.


After years of being dismissed by the string theorists, the super gravity model of 11 strings offered hope.

“The astonishing conclusion was that all the matter in the Universe was connected to one vast structure: a membrane. The quest to explain everything in the Universe could begin again and at its heart would be this new theory. It was dubbed Membrane Theory or M Theory”.

(Barlow 12)

In the super gravity model, gravity was noted as extremely weak in comparison with other forces.


They questioned whether this weakness was because gravity was leaking from our universe. Then the question was flipped, what if gravity was in fact leaking into our universe from another universe. Perhaps a parallel universe.


Membrane Theory and 11 string dimensions indicated it was so.

  • How does consciousness fit in Membrane Theory?

  • If mathematicians could work with the force of gravity to develop formulas to fit Membrane Theory, what about the nature of consciousness?

  • Was consciousness leaking out of our brains?

  • Or was consciousness leaking in from a membrane into our brains and bodies?

  • Was M theory, mother theory?

  • Were our prehistoric matrilineal ancestors on to a significant cosmic fact that we moderns have overlooked?

  • Might our culture be preparing to re-embrace the Great Mother?

  • Was the evil alien computer really a nurturing great mother - Kwan Yin, Magdalene, Mother Mary, Isis, Mother of the Universe?


DNA Mother Ship

What was the role of the human body in quantum consciousness?


Returning to Jaimie Maussan’s video of the mother ship launching and recovering the conscious craft entities, what role does the human body serve? Traditional science perceives the body as a thing, a biological, biomechanical machine that can be regulated with chemical reactions, using drugs. Yet this image of the body falls short when related to cosmic quantum consciousness.


The valiant genome project proposes many answers in understanding human genetic makeup while it also left the door open to flood science with new questions. The discovery and understanding of DNA left scientists having to address the issue of junk DNA and phantom effects.


When confronted with the reality of junk DNA, the scientific manifesto “nature is not profligate” began to sound hollow. If, as the traditional scientists speculated nature never provides more than is needed for an organism to function in its environment, how did scientists solve the riddle of junk DNA?


Junk DNA researchers argue that the majority, 97%, of our DNA does nothing. In this Buddhist realm of “nothingness”, scientist Colm Kelleher speculated on the activity of transposons.

According to Kelleher, these useless 3 million base pairs of junk DNA await activation by retrotransposons, creating a jumping DNA phenomenon.

“Only 3% of human DNA encodes the physical body. The remaining 97% of the 3 billion base pair genome contains over a million genetic structures, called transposons, that have the capacity to jump from one chromosomal location to another. Transposons that jump to a new location via an RNA intermediate are known as retrotransposon”.

(Kelleher 9)

According to Kelleher, there were confirmed cases of retrotransposon activation of previously unused, “read junk”, DNA.


This quantum-like DNA jumping phenomenon bolstered Nobel Prize winning scientist, Barbara McClintock’s assumption that our genetic code or DNA was not a,

“static structure, transmitted unchanged generation to generation”.

(Kelleher 11)

Instead, she asserts that certain DNA sequences jump from one location to another. In other words, our genetic blueprint changes with this jumping phenomenon and Kelleher believes we are able to influence the movement.

Designing research experiments to track DNA sequence-jumping was most successful when performed as cancer research.

“…it must be emphasized that in humans only the disease-causing consequences of transposition have so far been found…It is very difficult to catch an element ‘in the act’ of moving to a different chromosomal location”.

(Kelleher 13)

Despite the research hurdles, Kelleher makes a bold claim and traces this activation process, or jumping DNA, to possibly explain dramatic physical conversions initiated by metaphysical or religious experience.


He cites the sages, mystics and yogis who experience age reversion, levitation, transfiguration, and possibly ascension as possibly resulting from jumping DNA. He seems to indicate that humans can somehow tap the human potential that lays dormant in our DNA and utilize it for miraculous abilities and achievements.


As ancient and modern spiritual disciples have long claimed, their DNA changed (jumped) as their discipline intensified and their level of enlightenment heightened.

Awakened kundalini exemplifies another possible DNA conversion on a cellular level. Awakened disciples often comment on the feeling that every cell in their body shifts during a tantra episode of kundalini.


As tantra disciple Richard Sauder writes, his body changed with an infusion of metaphysical/physical voltage.

My spinal column was turbo-charged with what felt like 50,000 volts of rippling, crackling electricity that came surging up my spine with an ear-splitting roar and arced out of the top of my skull… my heart chakra was powerfully opened and I could see all around me without any physical impediment… the heart itself sees, with great acuity and without physical restriction, when in a state such as this.

(Sauder, 11)

Could the DNA, opened through kundalini practices, be one of the paths toward cosmic consciousness?


Kelleher seems to be pointing to DNA as a potential physical propellant system with which to launch a consciousness craft and then recall it back into the body. Junk DNA and the quantum jumping phenomenon may be an energy system innate in the human body.


Have generations of spiritual masters perfected this technique until the 21st Century when it may tip into the mainstream? The populated floor of yoga studios seems to indicate the path is opening.

Kenneth Ring, author of The Omega Project: Near Death Experiences, UFO Encounters and Mind at Large, compares lengthy and spontaneous or quick enlightenment experiences. The enlightenment accessed by a lifetime discipline of a spiritual master may be the same as the dramatic, quickening of enlightenment triggered by near death experiences (NDE) and UFO encounters.


Depending on the individual and the culture, the enlightenment process may be fast or slow, yet the quality of experience was similar. In a technological culture, the increasingly commonplace emergency room revival of “dead” patients provides a strong data base to examine the spiritual enlightenment of NDE.


This research dovetails the increasingly commonplace UFO sightings by our current culture, researched contact reports, and internet email forums as yet another database of enlightenment research (Ring).

According to the esteemed Harvard psychiatrist, John Mack, who interviewed, tested and diagnosed numerous contact experiencers, they all seemed to move through similar stages.


His book, Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformations and Alien Encounters identified four dimensions accessed by the experiencers.

  • First, each was taken against their will and given fear producing intrusive procedures.

  • Second, upon completion and returning to everyday life, they often experienced a sense of isolation and estrangement.

  • Third, they experienced an “ontological shock” where their normal paradigms of belief and values had to shift. They knew they were not alone in the universe.

  • Fourth, after the paradigm shift, many seemed to manifest a spiritual enlightenment.

Many experiencers interviewed and treated by Mack pushed through the terror of abduction to experience the beauty of the cosmic source of their being.


They also began to experience a consciousness that could separate from and return to their body. This consciousness could live in multiple universes simultaneously (Mack ).

The separation and return of consciousness that Mack describes reflects the experience of the mother ship and the consciousness craft. His research nudges us to ponder whether we as a species are being “pushed” into a spiritual awakening through UFO, contact encounters as well as Near Death Experiences.


Our species is not only accelerating our economic wealth, our collection of data information, our speed of travel, we are also accelerating our spiritual evolution. What once required a lifetime of disciplined, isolated, rigorous prayer and self-denial now was accomplished by an almost over-night NDE or close encounter.


As DNA research opens human physical possibilities, our fears and limitations fade. We no longer need to limit or block our evolution; we simply need to jump into a new consciousness propelled by the power of our DNA.

Two streams - DNA and consciousness - are merging. Yet the merging is often perceived as chaotic and oppositional. Is our scientific understanding of the potential power of our DNA influencing our understanding of the enlightenment phenomenon? Or is the inflating scientific database driving our need to make sense of our human potential?


Regardless of the origin, 21st Century humans seem quick to convert their image of their human body into a quantum field of potential rather than a biological machine.

Beyond our consciousness, brain and mind, our entire body is involved in exoconsciousness.


As the kundalini experience highlights, our heart energies also seem integrally involved in raising our body’s frequency to manufacture a consciousness propellant. 21st Century physicians are beginning to take apart the body’s engine - not as mechanic, piece by piece, organ by organ, but as quantum physicians - energy by energy, frequency by frequency.


The DNA phantom effect studies the quantum quality inherent in our physical bodies.

DNA phantom effect as researched by Vladimer Poponin and Kirlian photography presents the best evidence to date of the quantum subtle energy phenomenon in our genetic makeup. In the 1990’s the Russian researcher Poponin discovered an amazing relationship between DNA and light.


He developed a series of experiments to research the patterns of light in the controlled environment of a vacuum. Under the vacuum conditions the light fell into a random distribution. He then placed physical samples of DNA into the chamber and found that in the presence of genetic material, the patterns of the light particles shifted. The random pattern changed with the presence of DNA.


A new pattern emerged resembling waves as they crested and fell. When DNA was withdrawn, he assumed the light would revert to the prior random distribution, but instead a new pattern emerged.


The presence of DNA affected the light photons even after it was withdrawn (Poponin).

  • Did DNA possess a force that lingered long after the genetic material was withdrawn?

  • If so, what does this say about the power of our body’s presence in the physical world?

The presence of our DNA seems to have a measurable effect in the physical world.


If this effect can be measured, it can be understood. If it can be understood, it can be used effectively. The human heart is the starting point.

California researchers adopted the discoveries of Kilian photography and Poponin’s DNA phantom affect to create a new understanding of the power of the human heart. The Heartmath project wanted to harness the power of the heart frequencies to accelerate and heal the body. As with kundalini experience, Heartmath researches determined that the heart possesses the most powerful electrical field in the body.


This powerful field coming from the heart also has the ability to entrain or bring other energy systems in the body into its frequency. Like a mother with a fussy child, properly used, our heart pulls the disparate energy systems in our body into a higher harmony. This included the brain. In an electrical sense, our hearts rule our heads.

In The Hidden Power of the Heart, Heartmath researchers also needed to incorporate the quantum model to understand the energy field of the heart. They too turned to genetic research to understand how the powerful DNA blueprint in each and every cell of the human body holds the perfect image of the total body as a holographic template. Kirlian or holographic photography demonstrated a phantom affect that lingered when a leaf was cut.


The Kirlian phantom leaf effect occurred when a researcher photographed a leaf with a hole cut in the center. Instead of a marred leaf, holographic photography revealed the whole, perfect leaf. Once again evidence seemed to indicate that within the DNA structure of every living thing a force remains after the genetic substance is withdrawn (Paddison 167).

Is our DNA a product of our extraterrestrial nature? As we become familiar with our intergalactic self, the power inherent in our DNA may be used more effectively.


A group of extraterrestrial researchers investigates ancient myths of human origins to find whether a common extraterrestrial thread weaves the story of our beginnings.


Is the Stuff of the Stars in Us?

As scientific information emerges regarding the hidden potential of our DNA, quantum cosmic consciousness information regarding our possible cosmic, extraterrestrial origins seems to parallel the scientific disclosures.


While information of our possible extraterrestrial origins is currently on a divergent research tangent, largely ignored by the scientific community, some mainline researchers are embracing the possibility. Yet, most extraterrestrial research is independent of the academic, scientific community. Despite the exclusion, a growing number of independent researchers are opening much needed information.


These independent researchers are trained academic scholars who hold themselves to high research standards, regardless of the present separation from their academic community. Due to their commitment, information on our possible extraterrestrial origins is becoming widely available.

The godfather of extraterrestrial origins research is Zecharia Sitchin, a biblical scholar knowledgeable in modern and ancient Hebrew, Old Testament, Semitic and European languages. Sitchin researched ancient Sumerian documents for 30 years prior to the publication of The Twelfth Planet.

According to Sitchin, Sumer, which was biblical Shin’ar, was situated on the plain between the Tigris and Euphrates, site of current-day Iraq. This ancient civilization held knowledge of the full solar system with all outer planets, including Uranus which was discovered in 1781, Neptune which was discovered in 1846 and Pluto which was discovered in 1930.


The Sumerian story of the planet earth’s creation is that when Planet Nibiru, (“Planet of the Crossing” or “Planet X”) entered our solar system, one of its moons collided with planet Tiamat, breaking it in two. One half became an asteroid belt and one half became planet earth. Planet Nibiru, according to the Sumerians, is on a large elliptical orbit that brings it into our solar system between Mars and Jupiter every 3,600 years.


Its arrival is announced with a comet-like tail called the “seed of life.”

Sitchin’s research also uncovered evidence of our human origin being linked to the Anunnaki, a race whose home planet was Nibiru.


These extraterrestrial beings created humans by a carefully conceived union of their DNA and that of the most advanced human life form on earth at the time. The Sumerian records cite the creation of advanced humans by the Anunnaki for the purpose of mining gold and working as slaves. Despite that fact that immortality was not granted this hybrid human, these hybrid humans were able to cause no end of grief for the Anunnaki.


The documents relate a decision by Enlil, one of the Anunnaki leaders, to cause a global catastrophic flood and weather upheavals to wipe the troublesome hybrid human off the face of the earth.


The Epic of Gilgamesh tells the story of another Anunnaki, Enki, who was dedicated to protecting humans, against his elder brother’s wishes. Enki instructed select humans to build a vessel to survive the floods. Of course this flood story is retold in many versions throughout the world. The best know to the Western world is the Old Testament Noah story. This seems an obvious retelling of the Epic of Gilgamesh.

A primary religious resource for mainstream religious sermons and biblical teaching, The Interpreter’s Bible, briefly references the Sumerian and Babylonians as the basis of the Old Testament.

“Israel drew on a widespread fund of images and ideas to shape into a creation story”.

(Fretheim, 341).

It cites similarity of the Old Testament creation story with Babylonian Enuma Elish, the Epic of Atrahasis, and the Egyptian creation account that emphasized “the word.”


Dissimilarities between the Old Testament and the Sumerian Babylonian creation include an Old Testament lack of

  1. theogony (listing of Gods)

  2. conflict among the Gods

  3. prevailing monotheism

  4. high value of humans

Similarities between the Old Testament and Babylonia creation include,

  1. images of God as a potter, working with existing materials

  2. God fighting with and achieving victory over chaotic forces

    (Fretheim, 341)

As ancient research aided by technology advances, the slender thread separating the creation stories may soon break, allowing humans a clearer understanding of who we are, and where we came from in order to move forward.

Will Hart in The Genesis Race: Our Extraterrestrial DNA and the True Origins of the Species researches the creation stories of the Old Testament, uncovering a possible extraterrestrial presence.


The two creation stories, Genesis 1 and 2 present divergent creation stories.

  • Genesis 1 outlines the familiar seven days of creation

  • Genesis 2 outlines the creation of man from dust and the Garden of Eden

    (Hart 44)

Citing both creation stories, Hart points to the confusion between,

  • Yahweh, one God, creating man in his own image

  • and Elohim, or the plural “Let us make man in our image”

    (The New Oxford Annotated Bible, Gen.1.26)

Whether the God of creation is singular or plural, Genesis reflects an almost human nature onto man’s creator. Genesis 3.8 refers to the “sound of the Lord walking in the Garden.” Genesis 3.9 refers to the Lord calling to man “where are you?”


The Lord then makes a garment for Adam and Eve. Genesis 6.2 tells what happened when the “sons of God saw the daughters of man.”


This scripture is often used to refer to the race of giants or the Nefilim. Finally Hart refers to the human nature of angelic appearances in the Old Testament. In Genesis 19, Lot is sitting at the gates of Sodom as the Angels approach. They go to Lot’s house where they eat and speak.


Hart asserts that Old Testament Angels and God(s) of creation who walk and talk may be extraterrestrial beings. Talking, walking, sewing, reproducing all indicate that the God(s) of the Old Testament had human-like qualities and abilities (Hart 61-62).


Hart indicates that the ancient storytellers were pointing to our extraterrestrial ancestors who also may have been instrumental in our creation.

The Dead Sea Scrolls and Nag Hammadi, additional source documents of the Old Testament, also provide information on our possible extraterrestrial origins.


The Dead Sea Scrolls contain fragments of the books of Enoch in Aramaic. Enoch was known as the first among the children of men born on the Earth with knowledge of writing, science and wisdom from the Angels.


Watchers are a specific divine race of Angels,

“meaning those who watch or those who are awake”.

(Collins 3)

These Watchers are Angels sent from the Lord who come down to Earth to instruct humans to bring about justice and equality. Enoch travels to heaven to meet with the Angels to testify about the interbreeding among Watchers and humans. Punishment was determined to come by flooding the Earth (Enoch 10)

The creation story of the Nag Hammadi refers to the bodies of Adam and Eve as overlaid with horny skin that was bright as daylight, like a luminescent garment, such that they didn’t need clothing.


As Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge,

“She took some of its fruit and ate, and she gave to her husband also…then their minds opened. For when they ate, the light of knowledge shone for them. When they saw their makers, they loathed them since they were beastly forms. They understood very much”.


These documents refer to a possible extraterrestrial superhuman reptilian race involved in human creation.


Neurologists cite the vestiges of human reptilian heritage in the core of the human brain.

  • The R-complex, or reptilian complex is responsible for aggressive behavior, territoriality, ritual, and social hierarchies.

  • The middle brain, or limbic system, represents the human mammalian heritage. This part of the brain is responsible for feelings of love, hate, compassion and sentimentality.

  • The outer layer of the brain or the neo-cortex is responsible for reasoning, deliberation and the place where we determine the difference between good and evil.

As ancient biblical source documents are examined using technology and lost books become main stream, our extraterrestrial lineage may become more apparent.


Our concept of God(s) may need to readjust and broaden as the truth of our divine maker emerges.


Those familiar with research concerning our extraterrestrial origins are moving into new territory, characterizing certain behaviors and attributes as “Star Seed.”


Star Seed - Human Extraterrestrial Hybrids

Researcher, behavioral scientist, exo-anthropologist and hypnotherapist, Richard Boylan, directs an email group for experiencers and those interested in contact.


His work with experiencers led him to identify and delineate Star Kid characteristics in some children and Star Seed characteristics in some adults.

“A Star Kid, or adult Star Seed, may be defined as a child (of adult) of both human and extraterrestrial origin.


The extraterrestrial contribution to the star person’s makeup may come from:

  1. genetic engineering (gene splicing of certain Star Visitor genes into the Star Kid’s human parent’s reproductive material)

  2. physical-mental transformation of an existing youth or adult during an encounter with the Star Visitors

  3. by a Walk-In experience (where a person’s body almost dies and the consciousness-personality-soul which previously inhabited the body leaves…, and a new and off-world consciousness-personality-soul takes over and inhabits the body, providing continuity of lifespan)

  4. the directed incarnation of a Star Visitor into a human body to experience a lifetime, but retaining some consciousness from the previous life as a Star Visitor

  5. the entrance of a Star Visitor consciousness into a human’s mind/cranium to coexist for a brief or longer period as a second consciousness aboard that person alongside their own human consciousness; and utilizing the human’s vision, hearing and other senses and mental processing to vicariously experience what is going on on Earth.


Therapists and researchers continue to expand the database of experience testimony that points to a high level of psychic ability following contact as identification of “Star Kid” characteristics.


Boylan is compiling an extensive database of information from responses to his “Star Seed Questionnarie.”

The following is a list of “Star Seed” PSI abilities collected from anomalous researchers including Richard Boylan, Ruth Hover, Mary Rodwell, John Mack, and Linda Moulton Howe.

  • Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Precognition

  • Prophecy, Premonitions, Visions

  • Remote Viewing, Lucid Dreaming, Out of Body Experiences

  • Time Anomalies, Light Orbs, Presence Apparitions

  • Angelic Contact, Divinations, Healing

  • Channeling, Psychometry, Psychokinesis

  • Auric Vision, Kundalini, Near Death Experiences, Levitation, Astral Travel, Extrasensory Perception

While not providing proof of exoconsiousness, these anomalous researchers are gathering a sufficient scientific database of experiencers’ psychic ability to begin to theorize the presence of an extraterrestrial consciousness.


As these abilities move mainstream, we expect to see an increase in these abilities. We also may understand how to use these abilities through means such as remote viewing, psychic detection and energetic readings. Exploration of the mother ship or Membrane of consciousness holds vast resources of information.


Akashic Records is an ancient name for this consciousness resource of information.


Akashic Records

While Remote Viewers move their consciousness through time and space to a coordinate or geographic earth location, the reader of Akashic Records moves thorough the astral plane to locate a “library” of information.


In Sanskrit, “akasha” translates as primordial substance or that out of which everything is formed. It is historically documented in Hindu, Egyptian, and Persian culture. Possibly the Oracles of Delphi and other Roman visionaries used the Akashic Records.


Robert Bruce defines the Akashic Records as,

“an infinite, never-ending, inter-dimensional, energetic echo field, containing perpetual echoes generated by each and every act of consciousness, in energetic form. Levels of the Akashic Records can be accessed and perceived (viewed) in various ways during an OBE, with the most common being the traditional ‘library’ scenario”

(Bruce 531-2).

Bruce considered the records to be an energetic medium as opposed to the common belief that the records are a structured “esoteric repository” (Bruce 532).

A database of detailed experiences of accessing Akashic Records has been cited in numerous metaphysical and esoteric texts. Certainly, much of Edgar Cayce’s readings came from the records.

What happens during this Akashic Records experience? What can it tell us about the conscious membrane?


If information is energy, the Akashic Records may be available for all human consciousness to access. Meditation and directed relaxation into altered states begins the journey to the records.


Any blocks or beliefs that hinder conscious travel need to be resolved and removed. Remaining conscious so that wisdom from the records may be remembered is essential. Often psychic travelers access the records to answer personal questions regarding the past, present or future for the records are outside the time-space continuum.


When personal information is sought it is necessary to release the ego control of the future and remain within a psychic void to clearly receive information.


The process is most effective when emotions and personal agendas are bracketed, releasing the traveler into the “mystic mind” where duality and fear no longer exit. Some travelers have tested the experience by asking specific historical questions they could not answer, then bringing back information, which they subsequently verified through historical research.


The Akashic Record experience gives the traveler the opportunity to utilize his or his own consciousness to answer important questions as opposed to depending on the psychic ability of another person.


Through continued exercise, one’s consciousness becomes more adept at accessing the records to retrieve information. As with modes of earth travel, there are many ways to access the records.


Individual consciousness determines the best mode of transportation to this energetic realm.


Astral Travel

In her book, Out-of-Body Experiences: A Handbook, Janet Lee Mitchell outlines the methods to access out of body experiences (OBE).


They include sleep and dreams which include unconscious OBE’s, especially dreams of falling or flying. Lucid dreaming takes dream memory to another level by accessing conscious dreams, where the dreamer remembers details of the experience upon awakening. The experience of extreme fatigue may breakdown the body’s conscious and ease the transition into OBE.


The astral body may leave the exhausted physical body to recharge with cosmic energy. Shamanic rituals often invoke extreme exhaustion to ease the OBE. Drugs may be a doorway to conscious expansion, yet don’t seem to directly engender astral travel. While drugs are often touted as astral-friendly, a test of 247 LSD users who had OBE experiences showed that under the influence of drugs they were out of body only three to four percent of the time.


Others tests have shown that LSD and mescaline may promote an increase in body temperature which produces OBE. (Mitchell 20)

Extreme sensory deprivation through Ganzfeld conditions or meditation and hypnosis decreases the body’s motor output and transforms the consciousness to altered states of being. Trauma and psychological stress also trigger altered states of consciousness.

However the method that OBE is achieved, the elasticity of the mind in astral travel corresponds closely with theories of quantum consciousness. In quantum consciousness theory particles and waves change form when observed, moving forward and backward in time, and occupying two places simultaneously. The physical self remains the anchor as well as the propellant for conscious travel.


The legendary silver cord connecting the conscious to the physical body points to the necessity of a continuing healthy flow of physical energy to continue the OBE. Upon death, consciousness departs the body and no propellant remains to call back the conscious craft.

At home in the astral plane, consciousness adopts quickly to a quantum reality beyond the limits of time and space where the will moves the craft. OBE experiencers report the ease of chosen destination movement directing their consciousness. Further, unfamiliar or frightening astral dimensions are easily departed with a mere thought projection to another destination.


Throughout the OBE experience the physical body, the mother ship remains the monitor. The traumatized astral traveler can always move back into the safe haven of the physical body.

In 1999 International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) developed a sophisticated online survey and analyzed 98 different aspects of OBE.


Well over 7,000 responded. The international survey showed that OBE had many shared characteristics with people around the world irrespective of age, gender, nationality, ethnicity, cultural background, religion and education. The IAC continues its research by refining an investigative instrument to understand the processes by which an individual captures information through OBE and remote viewing.


They want to investigate both the capturing of the information and the subsequent transfer of information into the physical brain (Gustus).

Several distinct phenomena are present during an OBE that leads to an expanded awareness of the powers of human consciousness.

  • “Self-bilocation - in which the person perceives himself to be in two places at once,” for example seeing one’s physical body. Self-permeability - in which the projected individual is able to move through physical objects

  • Internal autoscopy - in which the individual has an internal view of his or her own body and can see bones and organs either with the consciousness inside the brain or outside the physical body.

  • Cosmoconsciousness - a state of highly expanded awareness, in which the individual perceives the order, balance and logic of the universe, simultaneously feeling and celebrating that he or she is part of it. Nirvana, Satori and Samadhi.

  • Precognition - in which the individual, fully projected from the physical body, obtains information relating to events that have not yet occurred. Retrocognition - in which the individual, fully projected from the physical body obtains information relating to events that have already occurred, in this life or a past life.

  • Extraphysical telepathy - in which the projected individual communicates with others who are in the physical, projected or nonphysical condition through transmission of thought” (Gustus).

The OBE occurs in an astral reality between the physical and extraphysical or consciousness bodies.


It is not a dream, although it may be triggered by a dream state. OBE reports indicate active participation during the projection - making decisions, using mental attributes and creating travel itinerary. The environment encountered, though of another dimension has a distinct reality. The projector is in a reality separate from the physical body and may observe his or her own body and be aware of both the launch from and the landing back into the physical body.


As theories of quantum consciousness take root in culture, individuals will readily open to astral travel or OBE experiences. Growing databases of experiences add to the scientific knowledge of our body as mother ship and its consciousness craft.


Like knowledge of the automobile engine, individuals will not wait for complete understand quantum consciousness, before test driving their consciousness.



In 2005 cosmologist and astrophysicist Eric Davis completed a paper for the United States Air Force arguing that teleportation was an achievable technology and a legitimate science.

“Specifically the purpose of his study was to collect information describing the teleportation of material objects, providing a description of teleportation as it occurs in physics, its theoretical and experimental status, and a projection of potential applications”.


Davis compiled five futuristic viable modes of teleportation.

  1. “Quantum teleportation is a technique that shifts the characteristics, but not the location of sub-atomic particles at great distances”.


  2. "Wormholes, a highly theoretical possibility whereby the intense gravitational field near black holes could rip open entrances to distant locales”.


  3. Parallel Universe travel in parallel dimensions.

  4. Science fiction based Star Trek transporter beams, which he dismisses.

  5. Psychic Teleportation, the most reasonable starting point.

Chinese researchers have demonstrated test subjects teleporting fruit flies and grasshoppers with their minds alone (Witcher). Famed and defamed psychic Uri Geller supposedly teleported a sealed crystal compound out of existence.

Dangers of human teleportation loom large.

The “original you would be destroyed, and a new you would emerge elsewhere. It will take a brave person to try that one the first time. No one knows if the essence of you would be preserved”.


The point of Davis’ research was to bring together all the existing research on teleportation so that other researchers might use it as a springboard.


When the Chinese boast success, the US Air Force and American research institutes at Stanford and Princeton are not far behind with their classified consciousness research.

The power of consciousness to merge with and move matter, once the subject of extraterrestrial themed movies and experiencer reports, is moving into the realm of possibility with military, aerospace applications.



Experts in UFO sightings report extraterrestrial craft as disappearing, instantly reappearing, hovering silently for extended periods of time, dividing into separate spheres, multiplying, and as launching and returning to a mother ship.


These extraterrestrial craft behaviors reflect the power inherent in human consciousness - levitation, teleportation, time anomaly, and astral projection. The highest potentials of our human consciousness indicate an exoconsciousness.


We are children on the stars.

Developing and using this exoconscious ability to its highest potential requires attention and commitment to move forward in the following areas.


  • Awakening:

    Individuals committed to development of exoconsciousness require accepted infusion of an awakening experience to open exocommunication power. This awakening may be generated by a religious discipline such as yoga, tantra, or body-mind-spirit ritual; a near death experience; or a conscious UFO sighting, contact experience or communication. All experiences generate the same results, exoconsciousness is awakened.


  • Living in and acceptance of an Extraterrestrial Reality:

    Individuals living in an Extraterrestrial Reality no longer question the presence of other beings on Earth. The need shifts away from proof to acknowledgement and rapid learning through communication and openness.


  • Release:

    Individuals shifting into an Extraterrestrial Reality feel the need to shed worn out suppositions, fears, inhibitions and prejudices. The traditional bounds of earth existence are transcended. Emotional release involves letting go of the storehouse of accumulated energies that no longer serve the individual’s highest good. Mental release involves letting go of worn out assumptions and beliefs that no longer work.


    The clearing of ineffective mental attitudes allows the adoption of a new set of beliefs, such as quantum consciousness, that are concurrent with Extraterrestrial Reality. Physical release involves relaxation through the transition into an Extraterrestrial Reality. Attention and care of the physical body heighten the energy level which allows the transformation of DNA to create a physical vehicle for the propulsion of our exoconsciousness.


  • Building a bridge:

    During this phase of transition it is essential for individuals to create a bridge between their earth-self and their expanding exoconsciousness. Time and patience are required for the development of exoconsciousness “space legs.” Management and development of our physical body during this process can be assisted by mind-body-spiritual disciplines such as tantra and yoga.


  • Parallel Dimensions:

    Individuals moving into acceptance of an Extraterrestrial Reality and use of exoconsciousness accept parallel dimensions where assistance and guidance by star beings may be accessed. As we are of the stars; the stars are of us. They are our DNA, our consciousness, our bloodline. As we ascend into our highest potentials their beings rise in unison. Acceptance of safe entrainment to their spiritual energies leads to easy, effortless movement.


  • Subjective Experience:

    David Chalmer’s Hard Problem of experience holds the solution. Individuals committed to Extraterrestrial Reality and exoconsciousnss development learn through trial and error, trust and relaxation that inner subjective experience is the key to transformation. Guides and advisors line the way as the individual determines the path. Each path is distinct and different. Inner subjective experience of the Earth’s sensory world, the protoconsciousness membrane, and exoconsciousness hold the answers to every question. Intuitive knowing accelerates as subjective experience flows into consciousness.

The power of the physical body propels our consciousness craft into inter-dimensional worlds where our exoconsciousness inheritance can be experienced through travel and communication with the realms that are one with us.


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