by Graham Hancock

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Spanish version





Part I

  • Chapter 1
    Ancient sources
    A man ahead of his time
    Piri Reis and his sources
    Legacy of a lost civilization?

  • Chapter 2
    Ross Sea
    Mercator and Buache
    The epoch of the map-makers
    South America
    Sea levels and ice ages

  • Chapter 3
    The mysteries of longitude
    Precision instruments
    The lost mathematicians

Part II

  • Chapter 4
    The riddle of the lines
    Linemakers, map-makers

  • Chapter 5
    ‘Foam of the Sea’
    Citadel of Viracocha
    The bearded stranger

  • Chapter 6
    Civilizing mission
    The work of demons?

  • Chapter 7
    Casting down the giants
    Ancient traditions
    Time capsule
    Machu Picchu dreaming
    Jigsaw puzzle

  • Chapter 8
    Rumours of a cataclysm

  • Chapter 9
    Boats, water and salvation
    Reed boats of Suriqui
    Road to Tiahuanaco

  • Chapter 10
    Sunken temple
    Gateway of the Sun

  • Chapter 11
    Fish-garbed figures
    Images of extinct species

  • Chapter 12
    Struggle and abandonment
    An artificial language

Part III

  • Chapter 13
    Children of the Fifth Sun

  • Chapter 14
    Viracocha’s Mexican twin
    Cosmic struggle
    Fire serpents
    Serpent Sanctuary

  • Chapter 15
    Tears for the past
    Gigantic men of deformed stature
    Pyramids upon pyramids

  • Chapter 16
    Santiago Tuxtla
    Tres Zapotes

  • Chapter 17
    San Lorenzo
    La Venta
    Deus ex machina
    Whispers of ancient secrets

  • Chapter 18
    Hypothetical third party
    Villahermosa to Oaxaca

  • Chapter 19
    Monte Alban: the downfall of masterful men

  • Chapter 20
    Pacal’s tomb
    Pyramid of the Magician
    A science of prophecy

  • Chapter 21
    Knowledge out of place
    Someone else’s science?

  • Chapter 22
    The Citadel, the Temple and the Map of Heaven
    Egypt and Mexico—more coincidences?
    Hints of forgotten wisdom

  • Chapter 23
    Erasing messages from the past
    Eternal numbers
    Mathematical city

Part IV

  • Chapter 24
    And the ark went upon the face of the waters
    Central America
    South America
    North America
    Water water everywhere
    Greece, India and Egypt
    On the trail of a mystery

  • Chapter 25
    Indescribable cold, fire, earthquakes and derangement of the skies
    A monster chased the sun

  • Chapter 26
    Cinderella’s slipper

  • Chapter 27
    Alaska and Siberia: the sudden freeze
    A thousand Krakatoas, all at once
    Global flooding
    A token of good faith



Part V

  • Chapter 28
    The wild celestial dance
    Recondite influences
    The wobble of a deformed planet
    A great secret of the past

  • Chapter 29
    When did the ancients first work out precession?

  • Chapter 30
    At the mill with slaves
    Openers of the way

  • Chapter 31
    Computing the Great Return
    Better than Hipparchus
    Times of decay
    Dogs, uncles and revenge
    Scientists with something to say

  • Chapter 32
    A message in the bottle of time
    Mill of pain

Part VI

  • Chapter 33
    Inexplicable precision
    Black hole in history
    Ships in the desert

  • Chapter 34
    Time and motion
    Rampant stupidity
    The guardian and the vision
    Under Egyptian skies
    Thinking like giants

  • Chapter 35
    Trivializing the mystery
    The cupboard was bare
    Bottlenecks in the well-shaft
    Not like other tombs
    A certain smell

  • Chapter 36
    A singular oppression
    The moving finger writes and having writ it moves on
    Pandora’s Box

  • Chapter 37
    The Beacon
    Mind games of the pyramid builders
    Unknown dark distance
    The Queen’s Chamber

  • Chapter 38
    Stone enigmas
    Ceremony of the sarcophagus
    The game-master

  • Chapter 39
    Temple of the giants
    Lord of Rostau
    Vastly, remotely, fabulously ancient
    Whose Sphinx is it anyway?

Part VII

  • Chapter 40
    Bauval’s Stars and West’s Stones
    The way of the jackal

  • Chapter 41
    Connections and similarities
    Gift of the Gods?

  • Chapter 42
    Broken images of a lost technology?
    Repositories of a lost science?
    The train of the Sun and the dweller in Sirius
    Millions of years and the movements of the stars
    Copies, or translations?
    Last records of the First Time?

  • Chapter 43
    Records of prehistory
    Gods, Demigods and Spirits of the Dead
    Diodorus Siculus and Herodotus
    The Turin Papyrus and the Palermo Stone

  • Chapter 44
    Breath of the divine serpent
    Osiris and the Lords of Eternity
    Serene stability

  • Chapter 45
    Atef Crown
    Seventeen centuries of kings
    The most ancient stone building in Egypt
    Frankfort’s facts
    Setting sail across seas of sand and time

  • Chapter 46
    Climate Change
    Unseen connections?
    ‘Where is the rest of this civilization?’

  • Chapter 47
    John West
    Robert Schoch’s geology: Unriddling the Sphinx
    Legendary civilizations
    Magellan and the first dinosaur bone
    The problem of transmission
    Second opinion

  • Chapter 48
    Geodetic marker
    Doing things by degrees
    The Pyramid/Earth ratio
    Matching fingerprints?
    Navigators in the Boat of Millions of Years
    The signature of a distant date

  • Chapter 49
    The Orion Mystery
    The First Time
    The platform
    The cult
    The machine
    The second signature
    Forcing the question




  • Chapter 50
    Geophysical impossibilities
    Library angels
    The missing piece of the puzzle
    Gravitational influences
    The lost continent

  • Chapter 51
    A lifeless polar desert

    Exhibit 1

    Exhibit 2

    Exhibit 3

    Exhibit 4

    Exhibit 5

    Exhibit 6

    Exhibit 7

    Exhibit 8

    Exhibit 9

    Exhibit 10

    The icy executioner

    Mars and earth

    Memories of the polar dawn?

    An epoch of turmoil and darkness

    Exhibit 11

    Exhibit 12

    Exhibit 13

    Exhibit 14

  • Chapter 52

    For the benefit of future generations of mankind

    More than just Kilroy was here

    The civilizers

    Transmitting the essence

    An urgent mission

    Walking in the last days

    The end of the world

    At the millstone grinding


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