by Brian Vike

Director - HBCC UFO Research
September 21, 2005

from Rense Website


HBCC UFO Research Note:

When I received the footage and watched it, I was pretty amazed at what took place in the sky's over West Germany.


An object appears out of no where, and then disappears just as fast. Another object was also seen by the witness and is shown in the footage, both of the objects looked like they were in a fight or playing as the witness suggested.


This I believe is good footage of some unknowns.

Date: February 5, 2005

Time: 11:38 a.m.

On that day I was testing my video camera because I just bought it two days before. I see a plane in the clear sky and start testing the zoom. There is an airport half an hour away from my home so I see planes all the time.

I was just looking in the monitor of the camera and not recording it at that time...then after some seconds I saw a big thing in the sky, just above my house, appearing from nowhere. It was looking like a big egg but very shiny like gold.


It was very hard on the eyes because of its light reflection.


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After a second I just saw another strange object that it was more on the left and more high then the other one.


So, it was two flying objects I can say, and it was appearing to me like they were fighting or playing with each other.



It was all too fast for about a second or two, then after that, I press the red button and start recording it.

I watching the video many times, again and again, and I just can say from what I saw with my own eyes and also from this footage that it was a battle of two spheroids, and that the darker spheroid was after the light one.


Strange things are happening in these days in our blue sky.



Video clip

West Germany - Video/Battle Of Two Spheroids