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Chapter 6 - The Preparation

from 'UFOs: A Great New Dawn for Humanity'


Enrique Castillo Rincon was in a ufostudygroup in Bogota, Columbia that for some time (1972) had received telepathic and - automatic-writing -contact to some Andromeda and Pleiadian spaceships near Earth.


At a time they had been told to go to a place to see them, but the group had been watched and others followed them - concealed. Police and the army. But they all saw some "lights" that some thought to be helicopters - others that they was reflected lights from cars in clouds.


Here we enter when these policemen appeared:





"One of the officers asked what we were doing there. They had been warned by some peasants, who had called the central police station after seeing a strange "helicopter" hovering over the fields. They thought it could be smugglers and decided to warn the authorities. At that time, Colombia had not yet been afflicted by drug trafficking.



"I immediately associated the strange lights, which we had blamed on cars, with "flying saucers." There was no doubt, the country people had seen the same objects! They were not cars, they were…..

Richard Deeb, the oldest in the group, approached the commander of the patrol and identified himself. As a coincidence, Richard carried a calling card from a friend of his, a general of the Republic, when the officer looked at the card, speechless, he saluted him, thinking he was the general himself.

Richard explained to them that our presence at that place and hour was part of certain contemplation and meditation exercises that were to be practiced outdoors. The officer was satisfied and, after looking at the faces of each one in the group, allowed us to go our way.

We breathed freely again. At least, for a short while, we had forgotten the purpose of our visit to La Calera. Several country-folk around the soldiers stared at us with curiosity. We were a rather unusual sight, at midnight in such a place. We walked down to our cars, without a word, and once inside them agreed to follow exactly the instructions given by the "beings from Andromeda."


Each of us would await a message the next day at our homes at noon sharp, and at 8:00 p.m. we would meet at Richard Deeb's home to compare our information. Then we left for our homes.

I arrived home very late that night. My wife didn't ask anything. She assumed that I had been busy working late, perhaps installing a computer or taking care of some important business. She had no idea where I had been.

The next day was October 12, "Dia de la Raza" (Race Day), a holiday in Colombia, celebrated with special ceremonies about the "Discovery of America." Minutes before noontime, I tried to persuade my wife to leave me alone in the house for a couple of hours. I lived in the barrio "Santa Isabel" in Bogota, well-known because of the many emerald traffickers who lived there.


My wife protested angrily, and in a moment of rage, confronted me with this statement:

"Enrique, if you get involved with those "Martians", you are going to become insane!"

She slammed the door and left with my dog Dingo, who, happily wagging his tail, ran away after her.

I was finally alone. I disconnected the doorbell and retired to the bedroom. I readied paper and pencil and sat on the bed, starting my relaxation and concentration exercises. I removed my watch from my left wrist. It was almost 12:00 noon. Time passed quickly, but nothing happened. I decided that I was not one of the chosen ones and that I should end the concentration. I got up and walked towards the window.

I looked at the sky and asked myself:

"How can a 'flying saucer' possibly arrive at my home, at 12:00 noon, on a holiday, and with all these people on the street? Nonsense!"

I had barely thought about this folly, when I heard a voice:

"Enrique, write!"

I turned around and, surprised, ran for the bedroom door. I opened it, but there was nobody in the living room.

"Enrique, write!" the voice repeated.

As fast as I could, I took paper and pencil. I looked around, trying to locate the source of that order. Then I felt the strangest sensation I had ever felt: a steady, buzzing sound, like the sound of bees, affected my ears. Panic got the best of me.


The voice persisted.



At the center of my brain, I heard a rhythmic drum beat.


My breathing sped up abnormally. I held the paper on my legs and started writing what the voice dictated. This was at l2:02 p.m., October 12, 1973, a Friday. Minutes passed, and I wrote. It was my first communication with extraterrestrials.

Tears, or perhaps perspiration, dripped on the paper. Pages were filled at the speed that my hands permitted. A strong shivering affected my whole body, and a strange force took hold of me. I was so moved that I could no longer think.

The notes had to do with a "Third World War."


They ended by telling me that there would be no contact that night, but that other space brothers had already arrived.

"Continue with the group," the voice said. "They will get in touch with you. Goodbye!"

The voice also stressed our poor behavior during the preceding night, during which basic rules of conduct had not been respected, such as when we had argued furiously over the incidents just described. According to them, this line of conduct did not help the group. I trembled when I heard this observation.

The communication ended. I stood up and went into the bathroom.

I turned on the faucet and looked at the image in the mirror. My eyes were bloodshot. My arms and legs still shook. It was not perspiration that had fallen on the paper. They were tears, which streamed from my eyes uncontrollably.

Around my nose and my nails, a purple line appeared. My body itched all over. I washed my face and returned to the bedroom, rested for a while, then gathered and ordered the sheets just written, reading them over carefully. I was deeply moved. I then folded them and put them in my pocket.


Then I lay on side of the bed and rested again.

Much refreshed, I went back into the bathroom and could see that the purple lines were gone. I washed my face again and felt renewed. I arranged my clothes, reconnected the doorbell, and opened the door of the house. Then I whistled, calling one of my sons, who was playing soccer some fifty meters away.

When my family returned, Beatriz could not control her temper. She asked me why I was so pale and again criticized my activities with the UFOs. I had spoiled the lunch hour.


At this moment, my brother Roberto arrived, and offhandedly I showed him the written pages.

"Enrique, where did you get that?" I didn't explain anything to him, and he said, "I know that the Third World War is being held back, but it will come, no matter what," and that was all.

I put the pages back in my pocket and left, seeking the company of a friend of mine, to whom I could relate the recent events. I invited her to the movies, and while there told her about the message. She listened, surprised, and suddenly cut off my monologue with a warning at what she termed as cheap spiritism or imagination.


I decided that I would rather not continue with my story.

That night, among nightmares and insane thoughts, I barely slept. Flying saucers landed at my house, doors slammed, footsteps echoed through my dreams. The next day, a Saturday, I was late arriving at the office. It was nine o'clock. Four people from the group were waiting for me.


One of them spoke up for the rest, saying,

"Enrique, Karen is offended. Why didn't you go to the meeting? Several of the group received messages, ordering them to go to such and such places. We were at Fontibon, El Rosal, LaCalera, Choachi. We waited in vain until 3:00 a.m. Nobody showed up."

I listened to them silently. Calmly, I answered that the reason for my absence was due to the message received the day before, in which the beings from Andromeda informed me that there would be no contact that night.

My friends looked at each other. I handed them the handwritten pages, and they read them eagerly. An idea crossed my mind. I warned the four members of the group to maintain their silence about the messages I had received until that night's meeting. I wanted to discover for certain whether anyone else in our group had received a message such as mine. That night, at the moment of reading the messages given to each one, no other messages were announced.

All agreed that I had been selected in some way by the beings from Andromeda to relay a message, and that mine was the true message. With this unexpected result, I read aloud the message. No one discussed the truth of my report; it was self evident. The others didn't want to talk much about the subject, and the meeting proceeded quite like any other. Sitting in our usual places, at 8:15 p.m. on Saturday, October 14, 1973, we started our relaxation.

I was sitting with my back to a window that opened to the street. I was dressed in informal clothing, wearing a blue shirt, scarf, and leather jacket. All were looking at Chela. Ten or fifteen minutes elapsed with no communication. Then I felt that same buzzing sound, same as the day before.


A voice, this time very tenuous, said,

"Enrique, write!"

The message started this way:

"We are messengers from Pleiades; the same who gave knowledge to the Inca and other races."

Shuddering, very uncomfortable, almost breathless, I tore open my shirt and tossed the scarf away, which landed on Marjorie Hollman's lap. This time we were connected to beings from the Pleiades, not Andromeda!

I fell into sort of a mediumship spell, with my tongue tied. All my friends noticed it and rubbed their hands and placed them on my head. A new message started, and at that point I lost track of time and place.

I remembered nothing. After half an hour, I opened my eyes. Marjorie and Maria Teresa wiped perspiration from my face. Karen was holding my head, and without thinking, I asked,

"Karen, what happened?"

She replied categorically,

"My child, you were gone very far away!"

The message read that I was the one selected in Colombia by the extraterrestrials to make direct physical contact on a date that they would give soon. Until then, I was the only person in the country to undergo this experience. Paulina, Richard's wife, brought me a cup of warm milk with brandy. I stood up with the same drowsiness as the day before.

Marjorie and Jorge Eduardo rubbed my arms vigorously. I was put to bed. Luckily, there was a doctor, Rafael Contreras, who, after examining me using his stethoscope, said that other than a slightly elevated heart rate, I appeared to be in good health.

He complained bitterly about not having a movie camera to capture the moment when I drew some strange symbols in the air with my hands. Much of the information given made reference to a golden disk, hidden in a temple in Peru, and to some papyri and manuscripts. Everything had been recorded on tape, and this allowed us to end a small argument over some misinterpreted words. Then we agreed to meet again the following Tuesday.

A throbbing headache tormented me each time that communications were received. It was no longer Chela who received the messages; it was I who had to bear the consequences of the communications. The terrible headache forced me to skip work for two days. Twice I refused to receive more communications from the extraterrestrials.


They said that after two or three more sessions, the headache would go away.


left to right picture from 1992

Garciela Torres - (Chela) - who first received the ET-communications.

Enrique C.Rincon and mrs. Majorie de Hollman in whose home many instructions and messages were received in Bogota.

At one time I heard that they were taking measurements of my brain. They even gave a figure. According to them, the vibration rate of my brain was 829 "valiums." I thought maybe that was a voltage, the natural frequency of my brain. However, they never clarified this point.

It is extremely difficult to put into words the full depth of the meaning of these experiences, because most of the time, with all the attendant reactions and consequences, the impact was blended and interwoven on many levels with internal events, invisible to the eyes of the other people in the group.

Karen's role was not clear anymore. She had been the initiator, but once her mission was completed, the shine of her "aura" faded. Karen insisted on my need to strengthen my bonds with the "OVERSELF."

I carried out, step-by-step, her recommended techniques for contacting, but I felt frustrated, for I realized that I lacked the paranormal faculties of others. I tended to blame it on the "unconscious." Certainly, I did not know about the forces that dominated us. Anyway, our group was organized, at first with seventeen people. Later it grew to twenty-seven members.


Because of the importance of the events that sequentially took place, I will give the names of the initial group:

1.   Mr. Richard Deeb
2.   Mrs. Paulina Deeb
3.   Marjorie Hollman
4.   Maria Teresa Paladino
5.   Graciela Torres (Chela)
6.   Alfonso Blanco (Poncho)
7.   Cosme Mejia
8.   Heberto Cediel
9.   Dr. Rafael Contreras
10. Pedro Avila
11. Gloria Avila
11. 12. Alba Avila (daughters of Pedro Avila)
13.  Alcides Camelo
14.  Victor Rodriguez
15.  Fernando Ma' rquez
16.  Jorge Eduardo Silva
17.  Adriana Turner (Karen)
18.  Enrique Castillo (myself)

Sometimes the group grew as a result of invitations made by some of the members. The opposite also occurred. As time passed, several of the members left, convinced that what was going on was fraudulent, or the manifestation of witchcraft, spiritism, or insane minds. Others left because they expected something more spectacular.


We met regularly, Tuesdays and Fridays, at 8:00 p.m.

During another communication, we were told about an old temple in ruins in Peru', where the true history of humankind was hidden. But they said that not only in the Peruvian temple was there such information: It was also hidden in different locations in Central and South America, where there are lost cities, located somewhere in the Andean mountain ranges.

Once the riddle is put together, with the information taken from temples, pyramids, and forgotten cities, humanity will have no other alternative than to accept the facts of this knowledge, which is quite different from what we are presently taught about the history of the planet. All of this was news to us. We were excited about the possibility that we might be the first to receive such information.


In a way, we were a privileged group.

Still, sometimes, in spite of having the evidence at our fingertips, we doubted. By the end of October, 1973, the "emissaries" from Pleiades announced the date of a physical contact with them.

The moment had arrived, and we were prepared!


The Contact
By late October, 1973, during one of the telepathic sessions with the "Emissaries from Pleiades," they announced to me an appointment for November 3, near a non disclosed lake.


Having been chosen as the only person in Colombia to undergo such a relationship, I suffered a series of experiences related to its preparation. The first one was during a dream.

During four successive nights, I repeatedly saw faces pointing to a lake surrounded by forests and low-hills. Unable to explain this to my friends of the group, because they probably would attribute it to abnormal influences over the subconscious, I decided to keep it to myself and to follow through on my own with whatever directions I received. It would have been impossible to explain something that by itself seemed illogical, anyway.


Besides, many doubted, given the failed attempt at La Calera, which in spite of having been carefully analyzed, still evoked certain suspicions as to its authenticity.

My friends from space, anticipating this, and interested in the success of the mission, intensified their personal communications, detailing the exact coordinates of the place selected for the meeting. Besides this, they gave me a plan to follow, once I arrived at the lake and the forest that surrounded it. I was told to follow the instructions from the dreams, for finding a clearing. There should be a tree, and under its roots, hidden by a medium-sized stone, I should find a sphere, take it in my hand, and walk to the designated place.

They set the time for the meeting at 8:00 p.m. They forbade me to carry any knives, etc.

I got up early on Saturday, November 3, and afraid of some unforeseen event, alerted my wife and associates to expect a possible absence of a few days, without further explanation.

I had lunch as usual and, around one in the afternoon, headed for the bus station. The bus left at 3:30 p.m. and was on its way without any unusual incidents, except for the folkloric activities of the many peasants who boarded or left it along the way.

After two-and-a-half hours, I got off the bus. It sped off; leaving behind an annoying cloud of dust. I watched it until it faded in the distance, while reviewing in my mind the sequence of events that would lead me to the physical encounter with the extraterrestrials.

My apparel was simple: cotton trousers, working shoes, a ruana, and a hat, property of Richard Deeb, which made me look like a country man, so as to avoid arousing any suspicions. After taking a look at the scenery and gathering all my forces, I began walking determinedly. For two hours I walked, stopping only to regain my breadth. The path was difficult, and the effort made my heart pound.

I recalled with some fear my childhood difficulties with asthma. The region was very fertile. Its green color contrasted with the blue sky. Nature's noises didn't predict anything unusual. Once in a while, the acute yell of a woman who was not visible, protested for something that I could not perceive, and disturbed my thoughts.

Approaching sundown, I arrived at the edge of the lake. Stepping on soft ground covered with abundant vegetation, I sank into the mud and got my boots and feet wet, forcing me to climb back to firm ground and take a detour via a seldom used "bridle path." I realized that there were two forests, separated by a finger of the lake, which stretched between them. The water was calm, breaking quite softly against the shore, driven by a very weak but chilling breeze.

I checked my automatic watch, trying to figure out if I was going to be on time, and made a renewed effort to move faster. The groups of trees were in front of me; I recognized the first one and walked fast in its direction. When I entered it, I was impressed by the density of the grove.


No wonder the extraterrestrials looked for lonely places such as this….


Continue in "UFOs: A Great New Dawn for Humanity"...







of Enrique Castillo Rincon in BOGOTA, COLOMBIA

The Colombian story is briefly as follows:

Engineer, D. Enrique Castillo Rincon, president of the Instituto Colombiano de Investigaciones de Fenomenos Extraterrestres, conferee and delegate to the Unidentified Flying Objects Investigative Organization, with home and offices in Bogota, got off the bus more than 150 kilometers from the capital. It was about 20:00 in the evening of Saturday, 3 November 1973. This was near the appointed place (where he had been telepathic told to wait for them).


He had been told to carry nothing that could cause harm or damage to anyone or anything. He had arrived a little in advance of the appointed time because he had to walk a ways around a small lake, and he didn't want to be late.

He was wearing a ruana, a kind of poncho, and a sombrero. He arrived at the site that had been designated before this appointed time. He had been given his instructions in a communication prior to embarking on this trip.


left to right picture from 1992 Garciela Torres -Chela - who first received the ET-communications.

Enrique C.Rincon and Mrs. Majorie de Hollman in whose home many instructions and messages were received in Bogota.


When he arrived near the lake everything was familiar to him, as if he had been there before, as if he were now reliving something he had already done before, and he could see the place that would be marked by the metal sphere placed there to guide him.


He thought,

"Good this is the place".

"I arrived with great anticipation," Enrique recalled, and walking too close to the lake, stepped in water up to my knees.

It was very cold. In Bogota our study group was meditating at this very moment. They were praying that all would work out well in my anticipated meeting with the spacecraft."

There were more than 30 others in this study group in Bogota who had developed a "voice channel" contact some time before with a communicator who said he was a visitor from another planet to Earth (remember that this happened 20-25 years before the method of "channeling" became "normal").


A number of voice channel recordings were made and many questions were asked and answered. In response to a request for a more direct face-to-face meeting, the group was invited to choose one member from among them to represent them in such a meeting. They had chosen Rincon, leaving their "channel" with the group in meditation in Bogota.

"So I forged ahead. I came to the small metal sphere in the exact site described. I remembered having seen in my preview of this scene, a woman with a child in her arms and a burro carrying some wood, and two dogs, and another child walking along beside. So I waited. Sure enough, they were there too.


They looked at me a little strangely but continued walking, and I continued walking normally also. I arrived at the point where I could see two clumps of trees exactly as I had seen in the preview some time before. I did not know which was the intended one, so I picked up the sphere and went into the nearest one thinking, since I had the sphere they would know where I went."

"The sphere became activated and began to heat up. It was about the size of a golf ball and was full of small holes. As soon as I took it into my hands it began to heat up and small rays of light shot out of the holes. It got so hot that I had to hold it with the point of my poncho to carry it. I had the impression that it was something like a compass, but it did not have any needle, or anything else. It was a metallic sphere of some material like stainless steel.


I went into the clump of trees remembering mentally that over there was where I had seen a clearing. I reached it about 20:10, some 10 minutes late. I was worried about this. I still had the sphere in my hands and I looked around me but didn't se anything unusual. I looked up and saw only branches and leaves.


Then I heard something like a distant boat motor which was lost in the distance. I waited in the woods as the minutes passed terribly slow. I looked at my watch and it was now 20:15.

I thought,

'Dear God, what is going to happen? Protect me in any case.'

I began to feel fear. It gave me a sincere fright. There I was, representing all the people who were praying for me, and thinking of backing out. I decided I will not give up. At 20:25 I began to hear a tremendous noise. I was in the woods and could not tell where it was coming from. Suddenly the whole area was illuminated brilliantly.


Two huge craft approached and passed directly over me. They came streaming water as if they had come from the bottom of the lake. Water cascaded from the sides like from a submarine when it surfaces. I waited breathless as I watched. They flew over me and the whole area warmed up from the heat.


They must have put out a tremendous amount of energy."



"These craft were flattened disc-forms, and underneath I could see something that rotated, and below that, saw three large white round parts that turned slowly a colored light came out.


These gigantic objects, such tremendous spectacle, gave me new cause for alarm. And then it fell silent. I could only hear a very low sound dying down. They hung there in the sky, about 100 meters between the two as best I could calculate. These objects were shaped like huge soup plates joined at the rims. They were about 45 meters in diameter and about 12 from top to bottom. I could see the cupola on top very clearly.

The light slowly dimmed down leaving only a small bright light source illuminated. It lighted only the area directly under the craft. Then one of the ships began to approach. The other remained quietly in place. It gave me new fright to see this tremendous monster so close. And then it stopped, suspended above the small stream there, and two lateral beams of light came on. These new beams shined down and I saw two beings descending in them as in an elevator.


In their descent they disappeared behind the trees from my position, and I couldn't see them land. Then I heard their steps as they approached. At this moment all of the lights on the spacecraft went out and they remained completely silent."

"After seeing the tremendous luminosity, bright as day, I couldn't see anything when the light went out, and then I heard the steps of the beings, and then I saw them at about 10 meters away. They approached separated one from the other. They wore helmets and suits that seemed very fitted, and I could see them clearly as they neared me.


Then I heard the first telepathic communication,

'Brother, we are here. Do not fear. We are your friends.'

I tried to coordinate my ideas and thought,

'Yes, why not, I am not afraid'.

Then I heard the voice say,

'I am your friend, Enrique, do not be afraid'.

I shook my head. I could see that they were tall, more than a meter seventy in stature. When they came up to within two meters of me he said,

'I am your friend. Do not be afraid'.


I said, 'Yes', and the other said, 'If you are not ready we can suspend this until another day. If you are not afraid, we can continue this contact and we may ascend aboard.'

I said I was ready and took a step forward so that they could see that I had lost my fear.

They noticed that I was still a little wary, and one of them took me by the hand and the other by my shoulder and said,

'Walk with us up to the light.'

We went a few meters forward and one of them said,

'Straight ahead. You feel a little worry in your head and in your body, but nothing is going to happen to you.'

The other said,

'Brother Enrique, we guarantee it. We do not want to cause you any harm. Moreover, if you are still afraid, you may return and we will prepare this for another day.'

I could not see their faces for the helmets.


I asked if the helmets had visors, and a form of visor raised a little in front of one, showing the nose and mouth but partly covering the mouth, which had a rectangular shape. I could not see the mameluco (space suit) well because of the dark, and I could not see up to now exactly what color they were. Then they stopped me and said they could sense a little worry.


At that moment the spacecraft came forward and flashed a ray of light.


recreation of the situation - years later, in 1978,

of Enrique's encounter in the woods by the lake

I felt tremendous thrills and some twitching in all the skin of my head, like needle picking me. I stood erect and began to ascend.


When I saw that I was leaving the trees below, I thought,

'What if I should fall.'

I continued to ascend like in an elevator. I was surrounded by a yellowish light. It gave me the impression of being solid. I tried to touch it with my hands and it felt solid like crystal.


It must have been only energy, because I did not see crystal; I didn't see anything, but when I touched the light it felt solid I felt a thump and then a port began to open, and there it was fully open and I was inside and it closed. A moment later the other two entered, removed their helmet and smiled.


They had taken their helmets off so I could see their faces."


picture: this reminds of the first meeting that the Norwegian contact person Arve Jacobsen had in the early 70ths

HGe also asked to see the eyes of the man-like ET -

who raised the visit and when Arve then saw his eyes he says he felt immediate recognition.

"They asked me for the sphere, which I gave them, and then they said,

'Wait here. Take off your clothes.'

And I took everything off. They opened an automatic port and we entered. Then they opened a side port, like a window and looked at me smiling.


I heard a voice say,

'Do not be afraid, we are going to enter a little smoke, but this is necessary. Do not be afraid.'

In spite of their assurances, I associated this immediately with the Nazi' gassing of the Jews. I did not see where the smoke came from, but it came in and it smelled like lemon. It only lasted a minute and was then drawn out through some rectangular openings in the wall and disappeared.


Then I noticed that there was no shadow from my body anywhere and I thought,

'Where is the light coming from?'

I could not see any lamps."

"Then they gave me my clothes which I put on, leaving the ruana and "sombrero" aside.


They opened a door and said,

'Now you may proceed'

They explained that the process was simply to disinfect everything from whatever microbes we may have brought from the Earth's surface."

"I went into the first compartment that they opened, and there were four persons seated there waiting for me.


I came to the first one and he said,

'Enrique, how are you?' and gave me his hand.

He gave me his hand like we shake hands and said,

'How are you, brother?'


'I am going to shake your hand,' said another, 'This,' indicating the first, 'is the Commander.'

He said his name was what sounded like Cramish. I gave him my hand and he gave me some thumps on it. The rest greeted me this way also. The only one who did not give me his hand was the first who had said,

'Brother Enrique.'

He now turned to me and said,

'I am Ciril.'

I said, 'How are you, Ciril,' and he said 'Ciril, Ciril Weiss, remember in 1969 in Caracas Venezuela, at the entrance to the theater, when we met?

And I said, 'Ciril Weiss! But you are a little changed. And what are you doing here?'

And he said, 'I am one the crew of this ship.'

I was terribly surprised. He said,

'We have been in contact with you for 8 years.

I understood now why they had given me their hands like Terrans. Then he presented me to the others. There was one by the name of Cramecan, another named Krulula, an Krenza, and then he told me that his name was not no Ciril, but Krhisnamerk. The name sounded Hindu. They all spoke telepathically except the one who spoke first, who articulated words to me in perfect Spanish."

"They seated me there at a table, as of crystal, with seats of a material like plastic with a leather-like finish. The beings were all dressed alike, except the had two types of suits. Some wore silver colored outfit and others has suits of a Coca-Cola color. There were others who had similar suits in a dark gray color with orange gauntlets and orange boots. One of them took of his gauntlets so I could see his hands, which were perfectly formed. Their faces were beautiful and without blemishes and imperfections, but clean like a child. Their hair was long, coming almost to their shoulders.


Cramecan told me that he is the commander of that ship and that there are 12 crew members. They are making contact's in order to divulge to them clearly what is going to happen on this Earth.


I asked him what kind of contacts, and he said,

'Men like you.'

He didn't say more on this and I did not pursue the subject further. I then asked him if they had women aboard, and he said,

'Yes we have women with us, but at the moment we will not see them.'

Then I remembered that he could read my thoughts before I asked the question and knew I was going to ask it before I even formed the words."

"We began with the first questions. I had brought many questions given me by the study group. Almost all of them were of a religious nature. I did not want to ask those at this time. I began by asking them where they were going to get their contacts and why they had chosen me. They told me that my name was not really Enrique. They told me another name which I still have revealed to nobody. I am waiting to see what develops in all of this first.


I got the impression that they knew something about previous incarnations of mine for some reason. I asked then where they came from and they in reply said,


I asked them,

'where are the Pleiades' and they said, 'It is what you call The Seven Sisters.'

And then I remembered that it is a small constellation having seven bright stars. I asked them how far it was from here, and they said,

'You say that it is more than 328 light years from here, which is not true. It is much farther.'

Later they told their home-place as 'SHI-EL-LHO', the name which they called their home sun somewhere in what we call the Pleiades.

So I asked them,

'How did you make the trip?'

Perhaps I was asking them infantile questions, but for me they were important.

'How did you make such a long trip?'


They answered, 'Do you know anything about relativity?'

They told me that Albert Einstein's theory was not complete, that we are going to have to make three corrections; that the velocity of light is not in fact 300,000 kilometers per second as we believe, but much more. And they went on to explain details that I could not follow. Then they told me that there is another measure of time, unknown to us, in which we can not remain long (in physical bodies). I did not pursue this further after that."

"They took me to visit various rooms. I saw a room for meditation. They said it was where they rest and meditate. It was beautifully appointed, with tremendously exquisite brocades. Another room was a laboratory where there were flasks of a green substance. I asked about this and they said that it was chlorophyll which they had extracted from our trees, a substance vital to their own alimentary system.


They use it in preparing various food items. They had fruits also. They told me they ate much fruit from South America. They particularly liked the duraznos (peaches) and melocotones (apricots), and they carried much fruit, corn, wheat, rice and other vegetable substances.


To compensate for what they had taken, they used an ionizing radiant beam that accelerated the life process of the plants and caused them to replace their fruit in a few hours. I didn't quite understand this, that they could project a radiation that could accelerate the growth and maturity of the plants from which they had taken produce and cause it to be replaced in hours. This was incredible.


I began to understand another thing. They knew about biological engineering and could control the genetic codes by means of a process which they called consubstantion. By this process they could continue the life forces of a cell forever."

"They told me they were there on a mission. They belong to a brotherhood of civilizations, with others, from which they had received specific orders for our world. They pointed out that we have always been guided indirectly by certain great personalities who have passed through our civilizations throughout history. Those so-called Masters, some approaching divinity, have always had contact with extraterrestrials. I had a feeling that these beings had been sent on a mission pertaining to the evolution of our planet."

"Then Cramacan, the Commander, permitted me to visit the control room where I saw great electronic maps on a wall. I saw the great panorama around us through the green glass cupola. There were three men seated, and as we entered they came over and greeted me and then returned to the control panels of the craft. The control room was the third level, under the dome on the top of this craft. When I saw the maps he took me to them and explained that they were cosmic maps.


I could not understand them. I saw small lights. They moved a control and I saw small lights like neon, in various colors, begin to take form on the map panel. There were points of light and lines of light, and some of the lines were indefinite. Some of the greater points of light represented Galaxies and Nebulas. They said that many thousands of inhabited planets are in contact with each other and exchange cultural, technological and scientific information.


Some are tremendously advanced in spiritual and scientific evolution. I asked which planets, and he said it would be needless to tell me as the names would mean nothing to me anyway. He told me that where the lines between the the lights were brighter there was regular commerce; these dimmer ones were under exploration. The indefinite ones were lesser developed. They were on the map but they lacked thousands of years of development before they were ready for contact."

"They do have a sense of time because they talked of millions of years, but I had difficulty coordinating this with their discussion of laws of relativity (where time changes). Also they seem to be aware of future time because they told me that we are going to experience a third world war, and that they know exactly when it will start.


They desire that all men unite in one thought, to seek real peace for the whole planet without distinction of race, creed or color; that in the next few years we are going to make the greatest discovery in the history of the planet, the discovery of God, the final truth.

'But how is this possible,' I said, 'if we already believe in God?'

Their answer was,

'You have never believed in God in a normal form,' and I think I know what they meant.

They called it a great unknowable, preferring to give the force no name. They told me that we have to distinguish between the inner and the outer forces, and I began to understand that we have searched for God outside when in reality IT is within, and that the kingdom of God is in every one of us. We must understand this first before we will live in peace and understanding with all men."

"They told me that they were in a way emissaries of beings superior to them, and that they had been the destroyers of Sodom and Gomorra! This gave me a great sensation.


I said,

'How can you be judges? How can you destroy a nation with thousands of people, including many innocents?'

They said,

'You cannot comprehend this now. We will try to explain. We were emissaries of forces superior to us that govern the Cosmos, and when they give us an order, we carry it out, and in the case of Sodom and Gomorra it was exactly that.


They sent emissaries, they warned the people and they refused to understand and would not believe that which was happening over their heads. The hour arrived and it had to be destroyed.'

I thought,

'How could they be the judges,' and I said that I could not understand, that I would not go into detail, but that I also could not understand.

For me it was not important to know at that time, because there were other things.

They told me the time of the beginning of the third world war, and told me also that they had been the inspirers and the consultants on the building of the great pyramids, where they have placed many years of the Earth's history. In the future, we are going to discover two cities in South America where there are records of the origin of the Earth's races, how they came here, how the history was written and why it was done."

"They told me the time of the beginning of world war III and said that we could delay that time 3 or 4 years and its intensity by a condition of heart, that mankind alone could do this, because they are not permitted to interfere with nor restrict the freedom of action of a civilization such as is developing here. I understood what they meant quite clearly and didn't have to ask twice. They answered all my questions rapidly."

"When I asked them if we could go someplace, they said,

'We are already traveling, from the moment you entered the craft we have been traveling.'

They took me to a special panel there, like a great telescope, which I was allowed to look through, and it gave me the strange impression that I had gone out of there into space, which was very still. There was no feeling of acceleration. It felt like the aircraft was standing still and not moving at all. I didn't hear any sound and I couldn't detect the least movement.


They seated me in front of a panel which they opened and said,

'Here is your house.'

We seemed stationary some 5,000 to 10,000 meters above it, and they focused it into the telescopic device. They said it was an electronic device, but it had to be very advanced over any electronic telescope of ours, because it could penetrate walls and metals, and I could see my family sleeping.


I asked them if we could look at something else, and the craft, which had been hovering over my house now began to move about, and I looked at the two great avenues (in the city) and saw the autos and the people in the streets."

"Time passed and we talked much. I looked at my watch, and had to look again. It read 20:25.


Krhisnamerk said,

'Your watch is not going to function until you leave this craft.' and he laughed.

I asked him what caused this and he said,

'Precisely when you came within the field of this craft and its energy force it stopped. It may not work again.'

They must have a different notion of time from ours, because I did not see clocks of any kind aboard. He just smiled and dropped the subject I did not want to bother him about how long I had been aboard, as it did not matter anyway. He told me things about all our religions which at this time I do not want to divulge (røpe).


He told me something about the Fatima letter, which they seemed to know all about. At that time I understood though, and I understood also something that I had learned in a Mormon Church, that hidden in the heart of all men, are the great truths of all time, waiting to be awakened, and that this awakening must come from within. We talked about many other things that came to mind."

"They gave me a kind of chocolate bar, sealed in plastic, which I opened and ate. It had a taste like 'sabajon', a kind of mild liquor sold in Colombia, and my hunger disappeared completely.


And then he said,

'We have something that we want to give you that is very important.'

My body began to warm up all over.

'You are going to eat something very interesting and which you will like very much.'

They brought me something like large white corn taco and told me to eat it. I broke it and put some in my mouth. In a moment I felt a tremendous sensation and warm feeling.


I thought at that moment that they were drugging me.

'Ciril' Krhisnamerk said 'Do you know what they called that? The Jews were fed on that for 40 years in the desert.'

'The manna of the scriptures,' I said.

'No more, no less,' was the reply 'You are eating manna and you will not get hungry for 24 hours. It gives you tremendous energy; it is prepare for us.'

Then ideas began to rush into my head, so fast I could not coordinate them. I thought of Elias and of Moses, and then I returned to the present. I felt like I was going crazy.


They laughed and simply observed,

'We were one of those who helped the Jews. Our great ship were always camouflaged. They could be made invisible by a simple change of vibrational energy, right over the heads of the people, and they could not see them."'

"I couldn't understand this then, and I can't today. I have a little more knowledge about it now but I still do not completely understand. The public has asked many questions and I have tried to answer but I must confess (tilstå) my ignorance concerning a civilization so advanced as this, and they were trying to simplify everything as much as possible so that I could understand it better."

"After eating the substance it made me sleepy, and they let me sleep about three hours. Then they came and wakened me. I was lying on a very comfortable bed, and where I had been lying I left the imprint of my body.

'Pardon me Enrique, you have awakened because we gave you a suggestion to awaken at this point. You are going to receive your last information and it is time we left you in the place where we met you,' a voice said.

Cramacan had gone someplace and did not return. We circled the eastern plains and they showed me a site that was illuminated like day. It was the site where we would next meet.

'look well and observe the highway. Here we will meet again on the 18th of this month at 8:00 in the evening.'

They lowered the ship and passed slowly so that I could see the place well. I saw that the highway was long and ran through the mountains. I tried to remember all I could of the place, thinking I may have to come here by horse."

"Then they took me back and left me in the exact place where they had picked me up. They bid me good-bye with a form of embrace. With Ciril Weiss, I always talked in Spanish.


The others bid me good-bye with strokes on the shoulder.

'We will see you' Ciril said, and I descended to the ground.

They left me off about 05:00 in the morning. I slept a little, awakened and saw that my watch was running and indicated 11:15. I left the place running as fast as I could. I wanted to tell the whole world what had happened.


The first person I met was a farmer leading a burro, and I said,

'Pardon me sir, what time is it?'


He replied, 'Almost 8, 08:00 in the morning sir.'

I calculated that I had slept about three hours."

"When I caught the bus at the road I wanted to tell everybody. I wanted to tell the whole world what I had just lived, and I wanted to embrace all men. I was happy. When I returned to the house I had left the night before I found some 60 people awaiting me."

"I met with the man who had made the telepathic contacts, and began to give him the first information about the experience. I told him about the war and its timing, and the great destruction, and the great religious power around the Earth, and the years that remained of normal life. Nobody believed me, of course. They thought I was attacking religion and society for some reason of my own. I did not say much more then nor ever in public, because I could see that it would cause confusion and possibly even harm.


I could only hope that someday all men would arrive at an understanding of the things I had just been shown.


That is all that I can say about that first contact now.





Comments from Wendelle Stevens

author of the book "UFO CONTACT FROM THE PLEIADES"

This was amazing!


Enrique Carlos Rincon had received almost the same information from Pleiadians as was outlined to Eduard Meier in Switzerland, by other Pleiadians, only a little over a year later.


The philosophy expressed and the criticism of our world deficiencies was almost identical, yet nothing had been released out of the Bogota group until some time after the Swiss contacts began. Even more astounding was the receptivity of the UFO community over these momentous events unfolding before their very eyes.


An International UFO Congress was gathered in Acapulco in 1978 to assess the world UFO situation up to that time. It was well organized and well attended. One of the featured speakers at that congress was Enrique Carlos Rincon, who very briefly described his contacts with Pleiadian ETs.


His lecture was coolly received and politely put down by all the "experts" there, presumably because it had happened to him and not them.

Jim Lorenzen of APRO, or of the stronger advocates of contactee phenomenon at a time when most other clubs were throwing them out, sat next to Rincon at the speakers table for three full days and never asked for more details on Rincons contact experiences, and never published anything on Rincon's report, although I had by that time briefed him on what I found happening in Switzerland. He didn't believe me and he didn't believe Rincon.


I never told him about any of the other Pleiadian cases I was encountering. He still refuses to accept any validity to any Pleiadian contact case. It was after that that I discovered the Acaya contacts going on in Peru, and learned that Pleiadian ETs were discussing almost the same spiritual philosophies and scenario of events concerning our world and that witness was unaware of the other two, and they of him and his contacts.


I knew nothing then of the Pleiadian contacts going on with Pedro Romaniuk in Argentina or others with Deverus in Arkansas, here in the U.S.A. and again the philosophies and scenario of events was very similar. They all came under severe criticism for what they were revealing and so they all began to hold back and release less and less to the world. That is the situation we are in today.


Amazing indeed!

MORE from this first meeting - now from the book of Enrique:

Here from page 63 in the book where Enrique asks how they can know so much about things on earth.

And they answer:

"It is very easy - making our ships invisible, camouflaging them above your cities, thanks to a special vibratory field, we fly practically above your head, yet you do not notice it. We fool your radars, creating confusion with our maneuvers. We handle our ships whatever way we want to. Those are the advantages of our technology. On the other hand, we have people on the ground, blended with the humans, who daily walk the streets and avenues of your large and small towns, as in my instance back in 1969. Many of us are among you. "

At this point it occurred to me to ask once more about the super-high velocities they achieved to move through space, how they had traveled from the Pleiades to Earth, and whether they could give me any more information without harming their own interests. Cyril took me with two other crewmen to a section where the machine that generated the power used for their displacements was located. My heart beat quickly. What emotion to become perhaps the first Earthling to see in operation the "engine" that propelled the ship!

When we entered the security zone, Commander Kramier was waiting for us.


He must have entered through an alternate access-way. When we entered, several alarms were activated, with a signal that went directly to the belts of the crew. They explained that the other crewmen had been warned about our presence in the propulsion area, which was also apparent at the remote control panels in other areas. Ahead of us was a window embedded in a metal wall, and in front of it were two comfortable chairs. They invited me to sit in one of the chairs and get close to the window. Wonder of wonders!

In the innards of the ship, a group of three great diamonds or crystals rotated slowly around a vertical shaft extending from ceiling to floor, which turned also, in the opposite direction. The colors and shades of the shaft surface were like a kaleidoscope of pure crystal. I was truly fascinated by the gorgeous spectacle. When I removed my face from the window, to ask some questions, I sensed that my features probably showed some pallor. The crewmen, smiling, watched me carefully.


I addressed Cyril, but the Commander answered, guessing my question.

"Those are crystals, not diamonds. We call them 'memory crystals;' they are programmable and receive information from the 'main transducer' (the rotating shaft). We also call them 'living crystals.' We obtain them on a certain planet, where they grow and reproduce."

I had noticed that the crystals rotated around themselves, united to a base that also turned around the ''main transducer,'' or shaft. The crystals must have been about seventy centimeters in diameter, maybe less. I was watching the same movement as of the Earth around the Sun, but in miniature!

I was breathless, but the answer to my next question left me even more flabbergasted.

"Commander, could you speed up the movement of the crystals, so I can see better the colors and reflections?"

"No, Enrique, "he answered, 'it is not possible while you are here on board. If we speed up the rotation for only two minutes, when you get off the ship, more than 200 Earth years will have elapsed. As you well can understand, we cannot do it."

Anguish overcame me. I thought about my family, my friends, and how the Planet might change in 200 years, if the extraterrestrial were telling me the truth, and all this could happen almost instantaneously. I thought, here, Einstein's relativity theories come into place. I could not stop feeling astonished.


To calm me, the Commander addressed me once more (my anguish centered on the possibility that someone of the crew could speed up the crystals, forgetting that I still was aboard the ship, and I could become marooned 200 years in the future, knowing no one, without a family, in a totally changed world).

"No, Enrique, that is not possible while you are here on board. I am the one who commands the ship mentally, and we have thus reduced the possibilities for error. If something should happen to me, other members of the crew have authority to carry out the mind-machine integration, where the coupling takes place directly by means of mental impulses, to the 'transducer and crystals' program.


The mental energy that we deliver is translated as flight energy. That is why we told you that 'we have just left. 'For us, the time factor is not a problem; we live in a present that modifies the future. That is why the future is 'malleable' and cannot be predicted with certainty. Not so the past; that is already history and is unmodifiable."

With their hands over their folded arms, two of them watched my reactions to the information they were giving me, so crazy-sounding to my flimsy terrestrial knowledge.

Inside my brain, questions stirred without answers. I was facing one of the greatest opportunities in history and could not manage to pose good questions. Because of my ignorance, perhaps I was wasting the chance to acquire great knowledge.


I was the living proof that collective reactions can be fatal for our civilization, for I could not integrate within myself how they could travel at the speed of thought without suffering physical alterations.

  • How had they solved the problem?

  • Perhaps their bodies had some different organs, or were they a race that had achieved mastery over Life and Death?

Later I would obtain an answer that may be the key as to how they vanquished the barrier of disease and death.


But for comprehending how the mental energy referred to by the Commander and Cyril was produced, I had yet to witness another sensational show. That same "mental force" that reached the "transducer," achieved the vertiginous speed of thought.


I could not recover from my astonishment.

  • Why did they tell and teach me such things?

  • And what was the role I played, or was about to play, in light of this avalanche of information?

  • How were people going to believe me?

  • Was there a preconceived plan, prior to my contact?

  • What were their real motivations?

As I wrote these lines in the year 1976 (and in the twenty years since then), the panorama was (and is) still unclear.


To be true, I do not know the motivations for why I was chosen for contact with the extraterrestrials. Maybe, in the course of time, when more results are obtained from research carried out by scientists in all disciplines, it will become clear not only what was the reason for my contact, but also what is the logical explanation for all encounters with intelligent citizens from outer space.

While reflecting on all this aboard their ship, I was directed to climb a ladder going up to a walkway. We arrived at the great hall, at whose center the "kaleidoscope" or "transducer" rotated, the same that I had seen through the visor. The room appeared to be devoid of furniture or visible accoutrements. We stopped at the entrance.


Cyril and Kninula escorted the Commander. Kramakan arrived, and then some additional crew appeared through another entrance at the opposite side of the room. They were twelve altogether. I thought, how is the ship traveling, if the total crew is twelve?

Eight of the extraterrestrials wore the dull-gray uniform, and the other four, including Commander Kramier, were dressed in the "reddish-brown" type.

Thought-power of the ship
"All of a sudden, before my weary eyes and already tired senses, twelve chairs emerged from the floor. They looked like dentist's chairs, located in a circle around the transducer. Then, lo and behold, from the ceiling dropped twelve helmets, similar to motorcycle helmets, which descended onto the heads of each of the crew members, as soon as they sat in the chairs.


The four with the different uniform sat precisely equidistant. They held hands in "padlock fashion," each one holding the arm of the next, until the circle was complete. I, from my observation post, watched the scene in complete surprise. This ritual lasted perhaps one minute; then the helmets retracted up into the ceiling, the company stood up and released each other's hands, and the chairs collapsed into the floor.

All of them returned to their normal duties, except Kramier and Cyril, who now watched me, waiting for my customary questions. They said that I had seen them liberate their mental energy to the transducer, where it would be converted into flight energy! (as also told in the book "A spacewomen speaks" - overstate her)

With the extraterrestrials, everything was surprising. Had they performed this ritual with the sole purpose of being seen? But, what was their purpose, and to whom should I tell about it? It was obvious that they did it so that I would tell about it. But to whom?

We came back to the control room. Through the observation panel, I realized that we had covered many kilometers, moving at random. My eyelids were very heavy, and I was tired.


Somebody asked,

"Are you sleepy, Enrique, would you like to rest?"

It was evident, and the Commander ordered the others to take me some place to rest.


All of them stood up, and Cyril led the way.

"you are going to rest, Enrique."

Kninula went with us; he didn't leave us for a second. We walked out to a straight corridor, no longer than four meters, and reached another room, whose door opened automatically, without using any manual control.

The room was well-lighted, and four beds appeared before us. Cyril told me to choose one; then I lay down. The bed was very soft and yielding, the surface leather-like.


It conformed to the shape of my body as I shifted positions.

"Sleep well don't worry, we will wake you up."

They said goodbye, and the door closed. With my hands under my cheek, sideways, and my legs folded, I dropped into a comforting and refreshing sleep. My last thought was about asking for concrete proofs of my contact, to show my family and friends. Then I knew no more.

A strong pull at my brain woke me up, as if someone had touched a nerve. Upon sitting up, I saw Cyril and Kninula.

"Enrique, please excuse the way we have awakened you, we have impacted your brain with a psychic order," said Kninula. "We are going to give you some final information, because the time is approaching to drop you where we picked you up."

I stood up quickly, feeling as though I had slept many hours, totally rested and with renewed energies. Back in the room visited previously, the Commander and another crewman were waiting for us.

"We want you to remember the following:

  • A Third World War is inevitable

  • Men will have a four-year grace-period to attempt to attenuate it, in accordance with their behavior

  • Only the mental state of mankind can ease its effects: it is squarely your problem"

Then they took me to the main control room, and advised me:

"We are going to take a short trip, so that you can memorize the details of the place you are going to see."


Through the wide window, they showed me great valleys, covered with rich vegetation, until we reached some low, flat lands.

"This is what you call 'Los Llanos Orientales' (the Eastern Prairies - above image)."

The whole place was illuminated, as if it were daylight.

"Pay attention to that road and that dirt path. Our next meeting will be right there. Memorize the location."

The place was fenced with barbed wire. A battered wooden gate, ready to fall off, was the entryway to the pasture grounds. They gave me a name. I quickly memorized it, besides recording the details of the terrain, after repeated over-flights above the area.


Years later, I still wondered why they selected such a remote place.

"The date for next meeting will be November 18, at 8:00p.m. Enrique, don't forget."

With a nod, I told them that everything had been duly registered. I was sure to find the place with no trouble.

"We are getting close, look."

In minutes, the ship had covered the distance between the cattle farm on the lowlands and the location in the highlands where I had been picked up…


"The second meeting took place on the 18th of the same month as predicted, and I was gone 26 hours, and the knowledge that I gained was tremendous and very disturbing, and would completely fill a book by itself. There is much information that I cannot tell anybody, not even my friends in this experience."

"I had gone to the place at the appointed time. It was in eastern Colombia. The circumstances of this meeting were a little different. I arrived 15 minutes early, by horse, with a guide whom I paid 120 pesos.


He left me at the designated place but was disturbed leaving me in the jungle alone at night.

'They will pick me up here in a jeep,' I said.

'Ah, you are going to the ranch of the Fulano de Tal', he said, and I answered, 'Precisely. That is where I am going.'

'But at these hours it is very dangerous here. There are tigers (jaguar) about.'

'Do not worry about me,' I said, 'Go in peace.'

I paid him and he departed on his horse and left me there."

"The meeting did not take place at 8:00 in the evening as indicated, but more like 03:00 in the morning. I walked 50 meters in this direction, and 50 meters in that, but I did not leave the site. I kept looking at the clear and cloudless sky and waited until 03:00, when suddenly 13 spacecraft of various types arrived! Only one small one descended and landed on 3 'shoes'.


Krhisnamrk disembarked saying,

'Brother, here!'

He told me to wait a minute... and then said,

'Now, come on, enter.'

And I did as invited. Inside, there were two small beings.


They were not like those of the Pleiades. They must know different races. He told me that those did not come from the Pleiades, but from 'Mercury', and they took me in that small craft. The small craft sat on three legs, and had a diameter of 4 to 5 meters, and was no more than 2 meters 20 high.


It had two levels inside. We now entered through a cabin that had a metal stair, like in submarines, that went to the upper level which was the control room. I did not see much of the ship as they transported us to a mother-ship almost immediately."

"I did not want to ask why such a long wait, though I was thinking that I could have been attacked by a snake or a tiger. If I had been bitten by one of the poisonous snakes, where could I go in the 5 minutes I would have to do something? the same with a tiger (jaguar). Then I remembered that I had not been bitten by even a mosquito, an impossibility, unless the zone was protected in some way.


Then I thought that the reason for the long delay may have been a test of my patience. They did not tell me this, but I had the feeling that they had tested me to see how long my patience would last. I was happy that I had passed their test. They opened the port and lowered the ladder and we left the ship."

"They explained that two of the strange craft, very different from the others, with a bow structure some-thing like a great whale were relieving the smog and air pollution of Bogota. I saw another with a similar bow structure, and they said a ship like that was the 'whale' that swallowed Jonah.


These points of scripture kept coming up, and I thought,

'These extraterrestrials have certainly had contact with many of our prophets.'

This may lead us to a new concept of cosmic theology, as I told the Congress of Witchcraft, where mankind may become truly united with the superior entities, which we shall proudly call brothers when we ascend to that understanding, when we make contact with these intelligence's en mass."

"They did not let me off in the same place as they had picked me up this time. They left me much closer and near the highway. I asked them why they did not make contact with more people and with governments, and they said I would have an experience that would show me one reason why they were not doing this."

"It was getting daylight, and must have been about 05:30 in the morning when they brought me in the small craft with the three crew members to let me off. In the farms of the plains many people get up early to feed their animals and milk cows. The small craft made a circle over some people below. There were two men milking cows in a small shed behind a house. They saw the bright light and jumped up; the cow kicked one and also knocked over the pail of milk, and both men ran like they had seen the devil.


We shot up rapidly behind some clouds where they couldn't see us. Then the farmer came out and the two men pointed up, moving their arms excitedly. A woman came out drying her hands and a child of about 8 years, and they all looked up but couldn't see anything.


We were still in the cloud.

'Observe their reaction,' said one.

'Yes, no need to explain, we have caused panic, but these people are farmers,' I said.

'Now we will try an experiment with slightly different people,' the ET said.

And we flew to the highway where we saw a truckload of cattle approaching.

We let it pass on. Behind it was a Jeep which we also let pass. Then came a pick-up and an automobile, very close together 100 to 120 meters apart. We let them pass.

'There comes a car alone, there is no other within kilometers,' the ET said.

We took a position above and held that so that I could see. I could see through an electronic apparatus which they had, that inside the auto were two men wit suit-coats and soft ties. One was driving while the other sat at his side talking.


In the rear seat another man had his collar turned up and was sleeping.



The gentlemen seemed to be cultured middle class people from their dress and the appearance of their car.


We descended In front and hovered along side of the road. They were so surprised to see us so unexpectedly that the two men in front opened their doors to exit running.

The other knowing nothing of what was taking place, fell off the seat when the driver hit the brakes. He stuck his head out of the window and yelled something, because I saw his mouth open.


When he saw our craft parked above an to the side, he got out running and tore (rev av) his coat trying to scramble through a barbed wire fence.

'That is the reaction of everyone,' said my companion, 'Do you think that answers the question?'


'Brothers,' I said, 'though I know that I am with you, and this is the second time we have met, and knowing that you are living beings much advanced in evolution, there are many things which still do not understand. I hope that in time I may be able to do so.'

I felt very honored and considerably humbled.


They continued giving me information up to the last experience in Peru."


"That took place on the 25th of July 1974, when Guadalupe and Monserrat, professed spacemen, met me in Bogota. It was about five in the morning, and I spent 45 minute in a spacecraft talking to them. We remained on the ground in the spacecraft and did not fly.


This craft rested on three feet, and was of the Adamski type but much smaller. It was not very big.



This craft could not have been more than 9 meters in diameter and no more than 2.80 meters in height.


Those spacemen that I saw then - were no more than one and a half meters tall. All of them were alike, light colored, and looked much like those of the Pleiades but smaller.


I have seen others from Orion, Orton, Yamaru, Yonica, Yaraka and other places.


Some of them also had no women with them.

In the second encounter of the 18th of November, I saw two women, and very beautiful they were, for a few minutes. And I saw at that time, on the mother craft, a very strange being. I could not tell whether it was a human or an automaton, but they permitted me to see it. When I was talking with them in the ship, an automatic port opened and one of them passed by. It had a large head like a basketball with a transparent case.


I thought I could see the brains, and the veins and the organs, and the eyes were large and moved like those of an iguana, and could look on all sides.


It walked like it was a robot, with a thin gray uniform and boots and gauntlets of a dark blue and some colored buttons at the waist, which was thin like a woman, which with their broad shoulders gave them a triangular aspect. The door opened, there was a light, and it entered. We all turned to look as I continued talking to them. I did not ask about it. For the first time I saw a kind of symbol, on its back, at the shoulder.


Up to this time I had not seen any kind of mark or symbol.

This was the first I had seen, and it was very strange. I have tried to draw the symbol since then but I have forgotten one of the upper parts. It was a kind of an "H" but it had something else above, and I can not remember what it was. I had the feeling that they had let me see this creature, to know that such did exist. I saw also a gigantic being of 2 meters 80, whom they told me was a Jovian.


He never spoke to me, and he always kept his hands crossed. He watched me with a smile the whole time and never said a single word. He seemed to understand all."

"A strange thing happened with my ball-point pen. I took out my pen to sketch the solar system for a question that had come from an anonymous letter delivered to the newspaper "El Tiempo" of Bogota. The writer had allegedly made contact with beings that looked like Hindus, who operated a flying saucer.


They told him that they came from a planet similar to Earth, that it was Earth's twin and occupied the same orbit, but on the opposite side of the sun, for which we never saw it. I wanted to ask if there was such a possibility, and I took out my pen and paper to sketch the orbit and see if I could make them understand. When I produced the pen they all displayed great curiosity, especially the Jovian.


Krhisnamerk told me to let him see it. He took it apart and examined it and then gave it back.


I asked why the pen was of such interest, and Krhisnamerk said,

'It is be cause we have one very similar, but you must see it, and they produced one fastened by a line to the table'


'Write something. Here are papers.'

I took the pages which were almost transparent, and paused over them.

'Write whatever you like; make a sketch.'

Then this happened.

They asked me if I could paint the house where lived as a child, if I could remember it, and I said yes.

'But paint it, I can't even draw,' I said.


'Make any thing.'

I said I painted a butterfly when I was a little boy in school, and they said do that then. So I began by pressing the point, which was finer than ours, but the moment I pressed the button the pen began to vibrate in my hand, and I heard a small sound, and felt a slight vibration. But the most surprising thing came the moment I began drawing the butterfly.


It came out in relief and in exact colors.


I stared,

'But how is this possible'

And they laughed and explained,

'Whatever you have your mind is captured and sketched exactly as you think it, in colors, and in exact scale and size. This apparatus captures exactly the vibration, the color, the size of what you think and produces it accurately. The apparatus receives the vital image and translates it then into a sketch.'

I was stupefied, and I then understood their interest in my pen which looked similar."

"After that, on the 24th and 25th of December l974 they took me to an energy vortices in the Andes.


I was in Caracas attending a conference when they contacted and arranged a meeting. I boarded the spacecraft between two small villages near Caracas. One is called El Juiquito and the other, where many Germans live, is called Colonia Tovar. From there they took me to the vortice five minutes. It was in the uplands of Peru, at 4,200 meters altitude, between Marcahuasi and Macchu-Picchu.

"These beings have submarine bases in lake Titicaca and under the seas. I was taken to one of the bases the Mariana Trench. I am writing a science fiction story to be able to detail what is going on in the marine depths. By some manner I am going to give this information to the world, and I believe the time has come. We are going to make, together with others in Venezuela, kind of census of the public, of their opinions concerning flying saucers. If they accept them, we want to know why. If they do not accept them, we also want to know why.


This will serve to measure the information that can be released of that which we have. Little by little we hope to give this information to the world, as much as it can accept, to prepare them for the day when they shall also experience the UFOs, hoping that they will not panic, and that they will be a little bit prepared for what will happen."

One may look around and see that we have availed ourselves of little of the vast amount of knowledge and experience we could have enjoyed. Even this little was too much for many, and for most of the UFO clubs. Witness the treatment any contactee gets once he decides to reveal even a little of what is happening to him.


He would be better off to have said nothing and to avail himself of these experiences in silence, which is exactly what most of them do after their first experience with the public. We may state that these experiences have gone on for years, and the descriptions and dialogue up to now would fill volumes.


The undersea base in the Pacific alone would take a whole volume to describe.


We have undertaken the task of translating Enrique Gastillo Rincon's full report on his contacts from the original Spanish to English for your enlightenment.


Our working title for that report is UFO CONTACT FROM SHI-EL-LHO, the name which they called their home sun somewhere in what we call the Pleiades.