by Eve Frances Lorgen, MA

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Alien abductions extend beyond the physical medical exams and presupposed "alien/human" genetic hybridization breeding programs as premised in current UFO abduction literature.


Alien orchestrated human bonding dramas in numerous abduction cases suggest an alternative factor in understanding the motives of the extraterrestrials’ interaction with humanity.


These bonding dramas consist of alien instigated, "staged" relationship manipulations, emotional and sexual bonding arrangements between two targeted abductee partners, often resulting in dramatic love obsessions in one or both partners.


Several case studies will be presented demonstrating the characteristic signs, symptoms and patterns of alien directed relationship bondings and manipulations. An alternative explanation and motivating factor for these alien orchestrated dramas will be presented.



Alien abduction research has struggled to maintain credibility in the UFO community and academic world. It’s paradoxical nature and lack of concrete physical proof of extraterrestrials thrusts UFO abduction researchers into taking greater efforts in empirical methodologies. In essence–a hard line, nuts and bolts approach.

As an abduction researcher of 15 years and from the perspective of female intuition, I contend that most Ufologists and abduction researchers are so adamant about the nuts and bolts--that they overlook the whole drama of what is taking place in abductees' lives.


Even other well-known abduction investigators, such as Bud Hopkins have commented that many events within the abduction scenario appear to be pre-arranged or staged events in the abductees’ lives. Some of these staged events take place in and out of the classic abduction scene and into the interpersonal lives of the abductee.


Specifically, I am referring to a variety of alien orchestrated human bonding dramas, relationship manipulations and love obsessions that are carried out in the abductee population mediated through the alien presence.

Observe the Drama

This angle of approach is better understood if you place yourself in the position of a drama director: Imagine for a moment, watching a children's puppet show.


Raggedy Andy meets Raggedy Ann. They flip and flop to the tune of an enigmatic love affair. Raggedy Andy courts his beloved Ann, wooing her to that anticipated kiss. Raggedy Ann swooned into a spell of romantic love. The curtain closes.

Next scene Raggedy Ann is yearning for her newfound knight in shining armor. Raggedy Andy sees her, but instead of running to embrace her, he turns around and walks off stage, leaving Ann grieved with unrequited love.

Raggedy Andy and Ann are not really puppets; they're real people who have had lifelong alien encounters. The puppet masters are the aliens playing the role of the proverbial Cupid and his arrow. Perhaps a puppet show is a harsh analogy for the lives of some abductees caught in the dramas of the alien matchmakers. But I adjure you to take a look from a different perspective, one that asks different questions regarding the modus operandi of the alien or extraterrestrial intelligence.

Throughout my experience studying and counseling abductees and "experiencers", I can confidently say that the alien presence - or whoever is acting behind its image - exerts a heavy influence on their lives, sometimes down to the lovers they meet and even the very partners they choose to marry.


Alien Orchestrated Love Relationships in Abductees

Bud Hopkins famous Brooklyn Bridge UFO abduction investigation brought to light this rarely discussed aspect of alien directed human bonding arrangements in some abductees' lives.


Mr. Hopkins recent book, Witnessed recounts the dramatic story of Linda Cortile's UFO abduction in 1989 from an apartment window in Manhattan, USA.


Three men witnessed the extraordinary event, one of whom (Richard) Linda Cortile had previously met in her abductions as a child and young adult. These mutually shared encounters and dream like scenarios that took place between Linda and Richard can be described as alien orchestrated bonding exercises.

According to Hopkins, the bonding that Linda and Richard experienced are not isolated incidents in the abductee population, but are rare. Mr. Hopkins has observed the bonding dramas in 14 out of 650 cases, which accounts for roughly 2% of al his cases.

Barbara Bartholic, a hypnotherapist and abductions researcher of 25 years, has observed that many of these alien manipulated bonding dramas result in dramatic love obsessions. Ms. Bartholic maintains that the bonding phenomenon carried out by aliens occurs much more frequently than one would think. In my own work, I’d say a rough one third have had either a bonding experience or some kind of relationship manipulation with another person (i.e., shared abductions or mutually shared dreams with the targeted partner) within their abduction experiences.


These may include a classic physical type of abduction, a vivid, alien controlled or "stage managed" dream or virtual reality scenario. The oversight of these dramas result in a serious lack of understanding concerning the alien intelligence and their motives for interacting with humanity.

The bonding experiences exhibit a characteristic pattern and sequence of events that goes something like this:

An abductee meets another abductee during one or more alien abductions or in very vivid dreams. The couple may interact on a verbal or physical level to initiate the bonding process. This can occur several times until a strong emotional connection occurs. The nature of the bonding exercises seems to be tailor-made to the individual.

The bonding interactions may or may not be consciously recalled by either partner. Often, only one partner will remember the experience, while the other has no memory or only a vague recall. When both partners meet in real life, there is an instant sense of recognition and the couple may fall in love. There are variations to the pattern and sequence of events, but in most cases one partner falls in love more than the other and is left feeling unrequited.

In a few cases, a bonding with an alien being or spirit guide progressed into a love obsession where it was discovered later that the spirit guide turned out to be an alien masquerading as the "lover".


Supernatural Events and Synchronicities

The relationship between the two bonded individuals is such that both persons are magnetically attracted to one another, often in unlikely situations.


The love relationship set-up may include a number of bizarre synchronicities, vivid dreams, supernatural events and bonding exercises during alien encounters.


The orchestrated experiences are often intimate and sexual such that one or the other develops an intense chemistry and love obsession with the targeted partner. Oftentimes, either person is married to or has an existing relationship with another mate. It makes no difference.

The emotional, passionate and even telepathic connection between the bonded pair is unlike normal relationships (whatever normal is, anyway). Some have described it as the most exhilarating love imaginable, to the point of total spiritual immersion or indwelling with their "beloved." Then the inevitable happens. It's absolutely devastating. The targeted love partner becomes "switched off" and the love-struck other half becomes painfully unrequited.


The switching off is described as an emotional and sexual disinterest in their once "attractive" partner. The chosen partner may have an initial attraction or even a strong love for the other, but then loses interest, often right after an abduction or vivid dream. If one or the other abductee has a good recall of their dreams and abduction memories, they may remember being previously bonded together in one or more experiences.

Some abductees report spontaneous remote viewing images and visions of the intended partner in such a way as to elicit emotions, such as jealousy, obsessive love, yearning and grievous unrequited love pangs. The alien manipulated love obsession process is akin to a carrot being dangled just enough to get the obsessed lover into a constant cycle of love and unrequited love.


This can extend from relationship to relationship and is emotionally exhausting.


Characteristics, Signs and Symptoms of a Bonding Set Up


  • Multiple abduction histories

    In most cases the person had numerous alien encounters and/or UFO sightings. In a few cases the targeted love bite partner did not realize him/herself to be an abductee. For example one partner was said by the "alien handlers" to have been abducted only for the purpose of the love bite relationship with a particular female abductee.


  • Memories of bonding scenarios in abductions, vivid dreams or virtual reality scenarios

    Some have described it as a "stage managed" dream where both partners are present in a bedroom scene set up, where both partners are being given telepathic messages to initiate contact, either on a verbal level or more physical sexual level. Oftentimes either partner appears to be in a tranced out or drugged state.


    Other stage-managed dreams and/or abductions may have the partners in various situations as if they are being tested for their emotional compatibility or coerced into thinking that this person would make an ideal romantic mate.


  • Supernatural Events and Synchronicities

    Uncoincidental coincidences and psychic flashes concerning the targeted partner. Meeting the person seems to be set up in a supernatural way such that the couple may believe their eventual union to be divinely arranged. A match made in heaven.


    A first meeting of the pre-bonded partner may set off a series of de ja vu memories, flashback memories of previous abductions or dream related bondings. Some have even described it as a "body memory" of having made love to that person before. One or both partners have a strong sense of having known the person before, as if they knew them all their lives or a strong soul connection.


  • Paranormal and supernatural phenomena increases during the love bite set-up

    This may include empathic and even telepathic communication between the love bite pair. Spontaneous remote viewing images and mutually shared dreams. Other oddities may include the physical sensation of the partners "touch" or energy field when the other partner is thinking or fantasizing about them.


    Strong emotional, mental and even psychic connections with the bonded partner–such that it sets up the conditions and desire for them to meet one another. The connection can be so strong that they have described it as a soul immersion in their beloved or literally having their souls joined to one another.


  • A need for one partner or the other to be with them to the point of becoming obsessed

    This includes the need to meet the person, even if it is in secret, and having to hear the person’s voice on the phone, sometimes calling the person daily or several times a day. Just hearing the targeted partner’s voice may have a calming effect on the obsessed lover. Extreme anxiety may be felt if the obsessed person cannot hear that person’s voice or see them somehow.


    The obsessed partner usually feels "love at first sight" and may lose all critical reasoning ability. Some have described it as having the compulsion to make sudden life decisions like moving away, changing jobs, getting divorced or going out of their way to do things for the targeted person.


    It has been compared to being under a "love spell" whenever the obsessed person hears their partner’s voice. They may go to great lengths to please the person–doing anything for them, even giving up their life for them.


  • Switching off

    One or the other partners becomes unplugged emotionally, leaving the other in a state of unrequited love. Usually the obsessed lover becomes painfully unrequited after the other partner loses interest, often right after an abduction. It has been described as the psychic and emotional unplugging of the targeted partner.


    Unfortunately the obsessed lover still feels the strong psychic/emotional connection, but the other "switched off" partner feels nothing, leaving the obsessed lover grieving. Or the conditions for the bonded lovers are such that it is impossible for them to consummate their strong love, such as both partners being married to others or living a great distance away.


  • Emotional turmoil in the unrequited partners life

    These powerful emotions of love and grief may cause the person to be inspired with creative energy, so that they write poetry, music, or any other art form of creative inspiration. Conversely, the degree of emotional pain may throw the unrequited lover into suicidal tendencies, mental and physical exhaustion or illness.

    Profound mystical experiences may also be perceived during the time of increased emotional processing or periods of prayer.


  • Increase in alien encounters during periods of high drama and emotional conflict

    These alien encounters may also increase if the person gets involved in alternative sexual lifestyles or increased sexual activity–especially if it is with the targeted love bite partner. Some have reported increases in reptilian activity with methamphetamine or "crack cocaine" abuse.


    Some abductees have reported the bonding experience to take place more than once, whereby they have been on both sides of the love bite; the obsessed unrequited end, or the non-unrequited end. When they are on the non-unrequited end, a platonic friendship may be engendered. Some heterosexuals have suddenly become obsessed with a homosexual where a drastic change in lifestyle occurs.



Case Studies of the Love Bite

These cases have been condensed for the sake of this paper and can be read in more depth in "The Love Bite" book.


The Case of Sophia and Dave

Sophia, a 33-year old married wife and mother was on a truth quest concerning her lifelong alien encounters. Her husband George did not share her spiritual interests or fascination with the UFO phenomena.


George was not an abductee and spent most of his time working long hours in his career. His emotional coolness left Sophia lonely and wanting for a companion who could understand. During Sophia’s alien encounters George seemed to be "out cold" or deathly unconscious. In any event, he was conveniently out of town or unavailable.

Two months before Sophia became pregnant with her daughter, she had an alien encounter where a telepathic message was given which stated:

"We need more offspring."

When the couple’s daughter turned two, she would awake screaming in terror during the night and hide in her bedroom closet, "away from the monsters." This sometimes happened on the same nights Sophia had alien intruding "dreams." During these periods, the daughter acted out with a lot of anger especially towards her father. She also displayed an extreme phobia to bugs.

In the midst of Sophia’s quest for an abduction therapist, Sophia met an older man named Dave. Dave was also an abductee and happily married. When the two met, Dave couldn’t stop staring at Sophia as if he knew who she was. Both exchanged business cards after briefly meeting at a UFO conference and continued to correspond by telephone.

Sophia then recalled "déjà vu" type dream memories of having been with Dave before in very intimate detail, years before met. She became empathetically connected to Dave and had several dreams of him in which she was able to pick up real information on Dave’s personal life that she had no way of knowing.

Dave started having spontaneous remote-viewing images of Sophia, which she was able to confirm as true to detail. Sophia also had remote viewing images of Dave, and intuitively knew things about him and his family, which he confirmed also.

Sophia was in love with Dave and couldn’t understand why she loved him so much, as Dave was many years older than she and not really her type. The two experienced a strong, spiritual and emotional connection with one another as if they had known each other for years.

Sophia made plans to visit an abduction researcher and hypnotist but was detracted from visiting the therapist following an encounter akin to a virtual reality abduction involving military men. She became ill after the threatening scenario and could not visit the therapist. One of Sophia’s main reasons for seeing the therapist was due to her overwhelming love obsession with Dave.

Sophia called Dave often, initiating most of the communication. Soon, she started to get the feeling he was trying to get rid of her, as he became indifferent and uncaring. Even though Dave rarely called Sophia or reciprocated her affections, she made excuses that he was just too busy and really would be with her if he could. Wrong.

Dave was friendly and enjoyed Sophia’s affections. But he was not in love with her. It didn’t seem to matter to Sophia, as she thought that perhaps in the future they would end up together. After all, the synchronicities, profound love and bonding they experienced must have been divinely ordained.

Two years later and with the help of an understanding abductions therapist, Sophia’s love obsession with Dave finally tapered off. It had taken an enormous emotional and physical toll on Sophia and at one point she became very ill. Part of the therapeutic process was for Sophia and her husband George to undergo marital counseling, bringing to light the awareness and effects of alien abductions, and avoiding emotional isolation of one another.

Even though Sophia and George’s marriage is still intact and improved, the love obsession left Sophia very hurt. She loves her husband, yet admits she is not as attracted to him anymore. Sophia’s consolation is her faith in God and helping others.

The Case of Andrew

Andrew, a 32-year-old single male abductee has had difficulty maintaining long term relationships with women.


He fell in love with a beautiful, affectionate woman named Sharon. Two months into the romantic relationship a tall, tan, "Grey" alien and a shorter, dark alien in a hooded cloak visited the sleeping couple. Andrew recalled the first part of the abduction with the tan figure, but feelings of fear and foreboding overcame him and the memory faded.

Sharon was seriously distraught and emotionally distant the next morning. Later, Andrew discovered that the cloaked, alien jabbed Sharon in the side with a pointy, spear-like object as the entity warned her to stay away from Andrew, leaving her petrified. Even though Sharon found a red triangular mark on her body the next morning, she assumed it was just a horrible dream.

Less than two weeks later, Sharon no longer had amorous feelings for Andrew and seemed to be "switched off". She soon broke off the relationship, leaving Andrew grief stricken, pining away for his lost love.

In the next couple of months the aliens revisited Andrew. In this encounter he remembered graphic imagery of his girlfriend Sharon being a "slut", having sexual relations with his best friend, making it appear that his best friend cheated on him behind his back. This invoked feelings of intense jealousy, rage and unrequited love for his ex-girlfriend Sharon.

In another relationship of Andrew’s the aliens again interfered. This particular girlfriend, Ingrid, did not recall the alien visitation they both shared one night. Andrew remembered the tall, tan aliens in the room and saw Ingrid sitting up in bed, her face contorted in horror, frozen into a silent scream. During this encounter, Andrew attempted to ask the alien,

"Why are you always interfering?"

Within seconds of his request, Andrew experienced intense pain and blacked out.

After the abduction, Ingrid abruptly changed her amicable attitude from indifference to outright nastiness and the love affair suddenly ended.

Andrew’s persistence at pressing the aliens for an answer was met with a barrage of platitudes such as,

"She wasn’t one of us. You are one of us. She wasn’t necessary, not part of it. She doesn’t understand us." And the notorious, "You are not ready yet to know."

After both of these broken off relationships, the aliens projected into Andrew’s mind seductive images of a beautiful, exotic Tahitian woman with children, implying that this was Andrew’s future wife and kids. The understood message, according to Andrew, was,

"If you stick with us and so as we say, this is what we will give you."

It never happened. The aliens lied.

Today, Andrew is dating a nice woman who is understanding of the alien abduction phenomena. They share a mutually beneficial relationship. Andrew still distrusts the aliens, but maintains a positive and hopeful attitude of overcoming his difficulties and has even had some success in resisting abductions.

The Case of Angelina and Steve

Angelina, a 30-year-old wife and mother of three children has experienced multiple abductions since childhood. Her mother and sisters have also reported encounters with alien Greys at various times throughout their lives.

In addition to Angelina’s encounters with Grey’s, a tall, 7- foot lizard man replete with tail, claw like hands and feet and yellow snake slit eyes, repeatedly visits Angelina and rapes her. Very often, the reptilian being will physically enter her bedroom at night through an interdimensional portal or doorway and proceed to have intercourse with her.

Angelina’s husband, Dick does not believe his wife that she is getting abducted. He emotionally isolates her and is sometimes abusive, even blaming Angelina for the abductions.

Angelina’s children have seen small reptilian creatures in the house at night and even in the daytime on rare occasions. One neighbor has also witnessed poltergeistic activity and ghoulish looking beings in their home as well.

When Angelina tries to tell her husband Dick about her encounters with the aliens he becomes angry and jealous and blames his wife that she enjoys the reptilian "sex" better than him. Angelina has been turned off to her husband sexually and is repulsed by his human "pheromones" as if she has developed a heightened sense of smell that others cannot discern. She has conflicting feelings of guilt and shame because her body responds to the sexual liaisons with the reptilian male to an unnatural degree–so much so that she is completely turned off to her husband.

Paradoxically, Angelina also reports frightening, violent and unpleasant sexual assaults in her abductions as well, which include the reptile being and also human military men. She has recalled other abduction related procedures such as medical gynecological exams, implant surgery, pregnancies and disappearing fetuses, non-pregnancy related lactation and miscellaneous body marks such as puncture marks, triangles, bruises, etc.

In one abduction memory, Angelina recalled being in bed with a man who she was strongly attracted to. She found herself in bed with a good-looking man in a non-descript white hotel room, white bed covers and sheets. They are both nude and she receives messages to make love to this man. They have sex and Angelina recalls being told that she will meet this man named Steve in two months. Angelina noticed that in the bonding "dream" Steve appeared to be tranced out and not as fully aware as she was.

Two months later Angelina meets Steve in her hometown, which is over 100 miles away from his residence. It is unlikely that they would even meet considering the distance between them. The couple has an instant attraction and sense of recognition with one another. They fall in love at first sight and are compelled to continue to communicate with one another.

The love bite pair call one another often and make secret plans to meet one another. Steve is married to another woman, but going through a separation. One weekend the couple sneaks off for a weekend fling in another city so that no one would recognize them.

While Steve and Angelina are away, Dick is at home experiencing spontaneous remote viewing images of his wife making love to another man. These vivid mental images pop into Dick’s head as if they have been ‘inserted" in his mind. (These mental pictures Angelina has associated with some ball of light phenomena).


He sees his wife in a sexy, teddy night gown with a man he later described perfectly as Steve although the two had never met, nor had Dick ever seen his wife’s new teddy that she had just bought for her weekend rendezvous - purposely hiding it out of the house so her husband wouldn’t find it.


Dick is incited to jealousy and rage, accusing Angelina of having an affair when she returns from the trip. She denies his accusations, fearing abuse, but is shocked he could perfectly describe everything Angelina and Steve did, as if he was right there in the room with them.

Dick is so enraged that he starts having homicidal ideations and obsesses over taking revenge on his wife, her lover and then killing himself. During this time of chaos and conflict, the paranormal activity and balls of light phenomena increase in the household.

Meanwhile, Angelina and Steve make plans to get married, but are continuously prevented from being with one another for one reason or another. They both are in anguish because they seem to be prevented from consummating their love and passion for one another.

Dick’s homicidal tendencies subside as the couple goes to counseling together with a friend who understands the aspect of mind control and alien abductions. They try to make it work between them, but Angelina is doubtful things will ever work out.

Six months later Angelina has another abduction where she recalls beings told, "Steve will not be needed anymore." She also was told that Steve was an abductee just for the purpose of their bonded relationship, but he was "not in training" for any other purpose as opposed to Angelina. Thereafter, Angelina no longer feels the obsessive yearning for Steve and can easily let go of the relationship. She breaks up with Steve, leaving him bewildered. Steve has never been aware of the abductions, but only felt a strong sense of recognition when meeting Angelina.

Meanwhile, Angelina continues to have abductions involving Greys, Reptilians and human military. She is put through a number of testing and training scenarios in very vivid dreams. She and several other abductees in the support group experience mutually shared dreams and abduction related testing and training elements together.

A male abductee in the support group named Scott was set up in a bonding encounter with Angelina in which both recalled the sexual nature of the "dream". This creates a strong sexual tension between the two when they meet. They also experience a psychic link and even telepathic connection with one another. Although they feel a powerful chemistry between them, they refrain from any sexual behavior. Both have become aware of the love bite bondings and purposely avoid any intimate contact.

Instead, they are good platonic friends and enjoy a close psychic bond with one another.

To this day, Angelina is still married to Dick. He has become aware of the abductions and even has had some of his own. They have numerous marital difficulties but have managed to stay together despite the odds against them.




Marital and Family Issues of Abductees

On the surface, these relationship problems appear to be easily explained marriage and family issues.


But as I got a closer look at a number of abductees’ lives and interpersonal relationships it made me wonder. The psychological swamp gas theory was no longer palatable.


There was something real, possibly sinister going on beneath the veil of alien contact in these people’s lives. It made me ask the classic question:

  • What came first, the chicken or the egg?

  • Are some dysfunctional relationship problems due to faulty coping mechanisms of the individual’s response to alien abductions, or have the aliens’ deliberately contrived these family problems all along?

In my experience counseling abductees, one of the hallmarks of these peoples’ lives is the pattern of emotional isolation.


This behavior can be explained as a result of conditioning, learned adaptations from the abductee’s family members, or reinforced by the alien handlers. In fact, some persons have discovered that the aliens instructed them not to talk about their encounters, making if apparent that the alien presence will go to great lengths to maintain secrecy. They have often instilled false or screen memories into their victims to cover their true activities and motives.

Some researchers, myself included, believe that the human bonding relationships which result in high drama and love obsessions may be instigated for purposes other than the alien breeding and hybridization program, as one may suspect at first glance. (Although that is a factor that can’t be ignored).

Barbara Bartholic, a hypnotherapist and abductions researcher of over 25 years has studied and defined the love obsession phenomena down to a T.

"First", Barbara states, "the individuals are set up during encounters from childhood for maximum emotional and sexual bonding. The bonding process sets the stage for the drama of the love obsession. The aliens are somehow able to harvest the energies emitted by the emotionally charged persons. These emotions range from intense love, longing, passion, rage, jealousy and anticipation of one’s beloved."

Ms. Bartholic believes we are all affected by this phenomenon, not just abductees and contactees. It is just that we only find out about this love obsession phenomenon and all its associated life dramas through the ones who do remember.

"The love obsession drama can be played out on a large scale as well." Barbara adds. "This is incorporated through glamorous public figures or super stars."

The drama-directing aliens can use the super star images for massive unrequited love obsessions in the general population.

"In short," Barbara concludes, "It is like one big human Nintendo game".

Bud Hopkins takes a more conservative approach and stated,

"The bonding phenomena is not an across the board aspect of abductions. It is relatively rare and must be differentiated from group abductions where two or more persons get taken simultaneously, like husband and wife, or friends for various reasons".

When asked the general trend of how the abductees handle the bonding dramas, Bud commented,

"It depends on the circumstances. If they are already married, it is extremely difficult".

According to Barbara Bartholic and Bud Hopkins, the bonding is not always directed towards romantic, opposite sex situations, and can include same sex friendships and even homosexual relationships.

A noteworthy point here is the emotional energy derived through a series of intense dramas and crises. As ludicrous as it may sound, the aliens may feed off these emotional energies.

I’ve had several persons admit to me in private that they had a higher frequency of alien encounters during the more stressful and chaotic periods of their lives.


As one of my support group members has sarcastically described it,

"The aliens have a way of jerking my emotional chain, putting me through intense highs and lows."



Emotional Isolation and Maintenance of Secrecy - Dysfunctional Families

Our social structure and especially in the Western world, reinforces the precept that "aliens and extraterrestrials do not exist", and is only science fiction or psychological delusion.


The result of these negating and isolating conditions forces the abductee to turn inward or even act our in rebellion against parents, school, religion or society. The abductee who has been denied validation of their experience will have a tendency to distrust their own feelings, stay in denial or even act out in anger.

When core issues of alien abductions (especially traumatic ones) are not addressed or resolved, a variety of unhealthy coping skills result and extend into their relationships and family systems. When alien abductions occur multigenerationally, dysfunctional family issues are compounded. As such, abductees may find themselves in unhealthy, unfulfilling relationships that perpetuate the viscous cycle of emotional isolation or even abuse. These dysfunctional patterns of relating serve to maintain the secrecy of alien abductions.

Resolution and healing of alien abduction related issues - and the dysfunctional family systems which serve to maintain the secrecy - can only be complete when false and misleading "swamp gas" theories are put to rest. It makes one ask what the real culprit is.

There are scores of courageous abductees who have come forward to share their stories, only to be ridiculed and blamed later by the mainstream or even their peers in the UFO community. For these reasons, many abductees simply remain silent. Volumes of valuable witness testimonies and alien abduction related information remain under lock and key - by the twin pillars of fear and imposed ignorance.

Whatever the true reasons for the aliens’ interference in our relationships, we may never know, but from what some abductees have reported, the effects are both devastating and exhilarating.

After surviving of the grievous effects of an alien contrived love obsession, Sophia poetically stated,

"Even though my experiences have been incomprehensibly painful, I wouldn’t trade them for any other. I realized it was better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all".

I marveled at her statement and could only imagine what the aliens are missing. Life itself.


The Question of Spiritual Warfare

It doesn’t take long for any abductions researcher to realize the alien presence - or whatever is acting behind its image - is deceptive, manipulative and intelligent. The aliens act both in a physical and non-physical reality, a true paradox.


Their ability to orchestrate elaborate dramas, bondings and love obsessions in abductee’s lives bespeaks an adeptness with unseen spiritual realities.

Researchers and abductees have reported that as they delved into UFO related matters and especially abduction related memories, they were besieged with a number of detracting efforts that served to steer them away from retrieving hard core information on alien abductions.


One woman in my group named Sophia described it eloquently,

"Once I decided to pursue in-depth research into my abductions, a series of tests and trials assailed me, like going through a gauntlet of spiritual warfare."

If we take a closer look at how spiritual warfare operates within the abduction phenomenon, we can see it manifest itself in the bonding dramas that resulted in love obsessions.


Two targeted abductees are chosen by their alien handlers for their ability to create and express a high degree of emotion within the context of a romantic attraction.


This romantic attraction more often than not results in an unrequited love obsession for one or the other partner– or they are unable to consummate their feelings due to other impossible circumstances. These conditions release a variety of powerful emotions such as intense love, longing, passion, rage, jealousy and anticipation of one’s beloved.


In the more severe cases, the abductee became exhausted, depressed and ill, even to the point of suicidal ideations, or brought close to death from severe illness. The dramas that were set into motion in these people’s lives caused a lot of chaos and conflict, some even losing their marriages due to alien interference and manipulation.

The flip side is that some of the abductees who experienced deep emotional conflict and intense love also reported a release of creative energy at the height of the obsession. In one case, the abductee moved into new levels of ecstatic mystical experience as a result of reaching the deepest degree of her emotional capacity.


Paradoxically, we see excruciating grief and pain of unrequited love on one hand, and ecstatic mystical visionary unions and creative inspiration on the other.

If frequency of alien encounters is directly proportional to high drama, chaos and conflict, then we can surmise that the alien presence is somehow benefiting from our emotional energies. In the cases of bonded love obsessions, a high degree of emotional and sexual passion was present. Aliens have a keen interest in our capacity to feel and express love and other highly charged feelings.

We need to ask some serious questions. What is the true essence of human abductees as a resource for these alien beings? Rather than researching indefinitely with frustration and confusion, ask the question: What are the intentions and capabilities of the aliens based on their ability to insidiously orchestrate such elaborate dramas such as love obsessions?

Within the annals of contemporary alien abduction research we can say that the aliens are carrying out some kind of genetic human/alien hybridization program spanning several generations. This is what we see on the surface and it may very well be true.


When we look deeper we may suspect the worst conspiracy theory imaginable. And somewhere in between, you may get a glimpse of the magick trick taking place right before your eyes.

But where is the evidence of UFO’s and extraterrestrials?


Everyone asks,

"Where’s the beef?"

And to this I’d say,

"There is no beef. Only chunks of horsemeat in a tossed salad of confusion."





Alien directed human bonding dramas that resulted in love obsessions were a serendipitous observation of abductee’s interpersonal relationships.


Although these bonding dramas did not occur to a majority of abductees, its profound effects and ramifications are of noteworthy importance.

If the alien presence can orchestrate people’s lives to the extent demonstrated via their love lives–then we need to reassess the intentions and capabilities of the alien abductors. Perhaps it is not a far-fetched idea to hypothesize that the aliens play the role of the mythical Cupid and his arrow. And much, much more.

Observing the dramas of abductees lives opened up a doorway of perception hitherto unacknowledged in the more scientific nuts and bolts methodologies of UFO abduction research. I liken this concept to a "blocked memory" only retrievable to conscious awareness by re-routing the neural pathways.

Summarized case studies of alien orchestrated human bonding dramas were presented with characteristic signs and symptoms. These patterns are unique to the abductee population and can be clearly distinguished from other non-abduction related psychological and relationship issues.

It is of great importance to address the culprits of emotional isolation and the maintenance of secrecy regarding alien abductions within marriage and family systems. The key to unlocking the mysteries and motives of the alien intelligence lies in the tenacity of abductees to search for the truth of their experiences. Creating an environment of safety free from ridicule and politically correct peer pressure is the first step in uncovering the truth of alien abductions.

Discovering the reality of a lifetime of alien encounters is a Pandora’s box few are willing or ready to open.


A few brave souls have explored the depths of their interactions with the alien presence. For some, this means the realization that their whole lives have been staged, manipulated and orchestrated at the hands of the alien puppet masters - the architects of human drama.


This realization throws a whole new understanding on the quest and value of human freedom.