by Daniel Fry

from TimeStarEarth Website

The reality, nature and extent of extraterrestrial contact with Planet Earth have been a maelstrom of debate since 1947, when the press coined the term "flying saucer". Explaining that the nine disk-shaped craft he saw flying over Mt. Rainer in 1947 looked like saucers, businessman Kenneth Arnoldís report initiated the search for truth that continues with the UFO Disclosure Campaign in 2001. The earliest reports of UFO contact tended to be straight-forward accounts of awesome events that one might expect from an encounter with another world.

The earliest UFO experiencers were often professionals who changed the course of their careers after experiences with the UFO. Early accounts of contact with extraterrestrials generally offered advice about environmental dangers of nuclear power at a time when the majority of voters were unaware of the long-term potential of destruction that nuclear power had. The environment, science, biogenesis, and reincarnation were consistent themes of UFO contacts in the 1950ís. Bizarre and horrifying accounts of abduction exploded a decade after the first reports of contacts with UFO pilots proliferated. The complexity of UFO accounts in subsequent decades exponentially increased with official efforts to control public opinion, suggested in an article on the CIAís web site dealing with its role to control public opinion about UFOís. The intelligence and military communitiesí efforts to obscure the truth about UFOís have had an inestimable impact on public opinion. The truth must be pieced together from the beginning of extraterrestrial contact before the CIA, military and other agencies organized a concerted front again belief in UFOís.

Daniel Fryís contact with extraterrestrials in 1950 remains one of the most precise and clearest accounts of early UFO activity. A scientist at the White Sands Proving Groundís rocket project, Dan Fry on July 4, 1950, Fry sighted an object that blocked out the stars in the night sky. A small remotely controlled craft landed on the desert near Fry and communication established with space travelers who reported that they had evolved from the same genetic root as modern Homo Sapiens. Their technology had allowed them to escape the devastation of Atlantis more than 12,000 years earlier, and they had ultimately developed technology that gave them independence from any single planet.

A spokesman for the space-faring group that had departed from Earth when Atlantis collapse, Aylan, described the flight of seven Atlantean disk craft. After making an initial landing in the high mountains of Tibet that had been pushed up by the final cataclysm, three of the craft elected to stay on this planet. Of the four that attempted flight to Mars, three arrived safely and one craft disappeared. The first step taken by the survivors on Mars was to compile all knowledge about Atlantis into a history called "The Great Lesson". Eventually they built self-sustaining space stations independent of a planet. Aylan, the extraterrestrial who spoke directly with Dan Fry, expected that he would be genetically compatible with humans on Earth in all respects as his race and ours evolved from the same genetic root. A tree of life and serpent were embossed on the seat of a disk craft used to transport Fry from New Mexico to New York during the initial contact. Fry had a special interest in Atlantean records stored in underground chambers placed in key triangulations with the Great Pyramid.

Chambers beneath the Sphinx, laser technology, and human genesis in the Pacific were a focus of extraterrestrial contacts with Ida Kannenberg. First contacted by extraterrestrials on the California desert in 1940, Ida discovered in 1978 that her contactors were in fact time travelers from Atlantis. Her dialogs with the time travelers are chronicled in her book, Project Earth. One of the first projects Ida was asked to accomplish by the time travelers was a visit to the Association of Research & Enlightenment to search the files for references to Atlantis. Ida later worked with pioneer psychologist Leo Sprinkle, who organized the Rocky Mountain UFO Conference, at the University of Wyoming, the first forum for UFO experiencers in the United States. Ida and I have shared telepathic dialogs with the same time travelers and Sirians and, in practical terms, are students of the same teachers. Each student has a specialty so that the efforts of one are not duplicated by another but the overall focus of the time travelers are the dynamics of time-space in scientific, social and spiritual terms. In unpublished letters, Ida commented that in 55 years of contact the only subject they ever criticized her about was TIME. In all respects, they have pointed out that our concepts of time are incorrect. The creational elements of time in the quest of the spiritual being in the material world through the mind and body have been a central subject in my contacts with them since 1963.

Among many applications, the pyramid system was a global energy generator. Using crystals, the pyramids served as nodes in the planetary energy grid equivalent to a main frame computer. The power source for the nodes were reflected in the word, "pyramid". "Pyre" means fire and "mid" means middle; so the word means fire in the middle. The geometric cut of the fire crystals used in Atlantis but no longer known on this planet was briefly mentioned by Cayce. An inventory of at least 27 stones removed from the Great Pyramid was reported by Zecharia Sitchin in The Wars of Gods & Men. When we chose our current path of evolution the stones that powered the pyramids were removed from the planet, according to contacts from Sirius B. The crystal skulls were left behind to remind us of who we really are but the power was in the codes of the stones. If we change our minds about how we want to live, and the time travelers believe that we will, then the stones will be returned. Of course, the planetary energy has changed considerably in 12,000 years so adjustments need to be made in the pyramid system to activate it.

When the Sahara was still a wetland 6,000 years ago, scientists from the reaches of the galaxy resided on the Earth with the native people. After thousands of years of accumulated conflicts, open warfare raged between galactic factions that each inspired the native people to join in their causes. With the major pyramid centers turned to desert waste in the aftermath of conflict, the galactic forces withdrew from the planet around 2000BC, leaving behind Marduk. Revered as Ra in Egypt, Marduk obliterated the history and knowledge of those who opposed him and wrote a new history that exalted himself as Ra, god of gods. Son of lead scientist known as Ea, Enki, Ptah and Apollo in various traditions, Marduk and his brother, Thoth, were both heirs to a powerful scientific lineage and trained in specialties by their father. In 3113BC Marduk exiled Thoth to Mesoamerica for "rebellion" when he introduced a 13-month calendar in Egypt. Thus is the Sumerian literature excavated from Iraq in 1877 translated by Zecharia Sitchin.

Recovery of Earthís true history has been a slow discovery of places hidden from Marduk/Ra who wielded the night-side of technology that turned wetlands into the harsh Sahara desert. In their separate domains, Marduk in Babylon and Thoth in Mesoamerica, two distinct traditions and beliefs in reality took root to form modern society in America through the crossroads of Egypt. Moses, an Egyptian initiate, carried the wisdom of Egypt with the Hebrews into the Wilderness. Pythagoras, an initiate and priest in Egypt for 22 years, returned to Greece to found its mathematics. Plato, another initiate of Egyptian mysteries, wrote the prehistory of Egypt and the high civilization of Atlantis in Timaeus and Critias. The Egyptian Lord of Astronomy and Calendrics, Thoth, encoded the secrets of numbers and symmetries in the Mayan calendar and pyramids in Mexico. Underlying the differences of these worlds was a common galactic origin and planetary science that had been confounded at the Tower of Babel and forbidden when Upper and Lower Egypt were united under Marduk as Ra in 3113BC, the beginning of the first pharaonic dynasty in Egypt and the beginning of the Mayan calendar in Mesoamerica.

The pyramid system has survived the trials of time as stone witnesses to the measures of master scientists who paced comets through Stargates. The Great Pyramid in Egypt, Sun & Moon Pyramids at Teotihuacan in Mexico, and the Angkor Pyramids in Cambodia were placed on the globe to show rotation in a circle by unique relationship to each other and the numbers of the Mayan calendar. The Great Pyramid was the first of the three complexes built before the Tower of Babel.