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Brad Steiger is the author/coauthor of 154 books with over 17 million copies in print. His first published articles on the unexplained appeared in 1956, and he has now written more than 2,000 articles with paranormal themes. From 1970-'73, his weekly newspaper column, The Strange World of Brad Steiger, was carried domestically in over 80 newspapers and overseas from Bombay to Tokyo.

He was born in Fort Dodge, Iowa, on February 19,1936. He is married to Sherry Hansen Steiger, a licensed and ordained minister, herself the author or coauthor of over 22 books. He has two sons, three daughters, and five grandchildren.

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Part 1

March 26, 2008


In 1967, I put together a questionnaire that was originally designed as an attempt to establish a pattern profile of paranormally talented individuals, contemporary mystics, and spiritually inspired men and women. Admittedly, in the beginning, I primarily used the questions as a guideline for conducting interviews on a one-to-one basis.


These were pretty much basic questions, such as,

"At what age did you begin to develop mediumship?"

"How often do you experience telepathy or clairvoyance?"

"Do you believe that you have a spirit guide?"

About 1969, interviewees surprised me by departing from the sequence of the questions to begin to speak spontaneously about their having dreams or memories of having come to Earth from some other planet. Some saw themselves as arriving on some kind of expeditionary unit in prehistoric times. Others perceived themselves as survivors seeking refuge from a devastating interplanetary war. Still others beheld themselves as beings of light, moving through space, reaching Earth and acquiring physical form.

By 1972, the Steiger Questionnaire of UFO, Paranormal, and Mystical Experiences had grown to include far more questions than those on my first elementary note pad, and even greater numbers of individuals began to report their extraterrestrial or multidimensional memories or dream scenarios. In 1987, I combined elements in my questionnaire with the research of Sherry Hansen, who, in 1970, had developed a similar list of questions.

Soon after we began as research partners, we married, and while we have now authored and co-authored many books on many subjects, we continue to receive a steady flow of emails regarding the alien dreams and memories of hundreds of men and women. We also continue to keep the statistics of the questionnaire updated.

As of 2008, over 40,000 individuals from all over the planet have returned the Steiger Questionnaire of UFO, Paranormal, and Mystical Experiences.

Of that number:

  • 59% have had dreams or memories in which they were viewing a city or a planet made of crystal

  • 69% have vivid dreams or memories in which they are in a spacecraft and viewing Earth from a perspective far away from the planet

  • 54% perceive themselves in dream or memory scenarios as being an actual member of a UFO crew

  • 43% state that they have dreams or memories in which they observe themselves coming to Earth as Being of Light

  • 44% have dreams in which they are drawn aboard a UFO to receive instructions and counsel

  • 85% believe that they have lived a prior existence on another planet or in another dimension

  • 53% experienced dreams or memories in which they see Earth as it might have appeared in prehistoric times

For purposes of research and discussion, we have termed the vast majority of our respondents and interviewees as belonging to four general groups that we have termed:

  1. the "Refugees"

  2. the "Utopians"

  3. the "Energy Essences"

  4. "The Helpers"

The Refugee Alien scenario surfaced from men and women who claimed memories of having come to Earth after they had fled their native planet because of great civil wars or cataclysmic natural disasters.

In some cases, they seemed to recall having come to this planet on a kind of reconnaissance mission and crash-landed here. In any case, the aliens ended up trapped on Earth, unable to return to their home planet. They described themselves as humanlike in appearance.

The Utopians seemed to form the largest category among our interviewees. They appeared to be deliberate planetary colonizers who erected their space domes wherever they traveled in memory of the lifestyle on their world of origin. They were themselves dome-headed, suggestive of a highly evolved brain capacity, and were similar in all recognizable aspects to Homo sapiens.


We labeled them "Utopians" because their descriptions of their social and political structures seemed so idealistically perfect.

The Energy Essences were the strangest of all. These interviewees spoke of existences as disembodied entities of pure energy, yet with awareness. In a sense, they were mind/spirit essences, which were able to exist on even inhospitable, barren planets - or in space itself.

In our opinion, these entities were not at all to be confused with angelic intelligences. In many cases, these essences drifted rather purposelessly through space. In other instances, they approached specific planets with the intention of inhabiting already existing physical bodies.

As I suggested, we gained the most information about the Utopians. We heard of a planet with a reddish sky and with two moons. The cities and the individual homes were described as having been of crystal or some material, which was crystalline in effect. The buildings appeared translucent for the most part, but we also heard descriptions of the sun reflecting off spires and turrets. We were often told that the cities were sheltered under protective domes.

The subjects who recalled lives as Utopians expressed a great nostalgia for the culture of that lost planet. The cities seemed to be run according to the ideals of a perfect democracy. Citizens enjoyed total freedom without the harsh by-products of civilization - crime, hunger, and poverty.

Family units as we know them did not seem to exist. Communal living, of a sort, seemed to prevail, although each person had his individual space and privacy.

Numerous interviewees testified that the Utopians ate very sparingly, most often of a concentrated food that was made into a soup-like mixture. The culture was completely vegetarian with no flesh foods of any kind being consumed.

Most of the Utopians remembered themselves as slender, quite short, with big-domed heads. Although they had little body hair and no beards or moustaches, they did mention longish golden hair and eyelashes. Their skin was most often said to be of golden-brown complexion, and their eyes were of a similar color.

Music seemed to be an intrinsic element in their culture, and we were told that it was primarily a free form, no repetitive sound that often became a part of their thoughts.

In contrast to the tranquil, gentle lives of the Utopians, the Refugees' memories and dreams were filled with accounts of violent civil wars, burning cities, global holocausts. Many reported that they had fled the planet before it exploded.

The accounts of a beleaguered, dying planet began to sound so reminiscent of tales of the legendary Atlantis that we speculated whether or not that memory which seemed so indelibly etched in humankind's collective unconscious might not have actually occurred on another planet light years away in space.

Although the Refugees were generally less able to provide us with the kind of detailed information about their culture, which the Utopians had given us, we found a number of these subjects concerned with the recall of antigravity devices, cancer cures, fireproofing formulas, and other advantages of their advanced technology.

Most of their memories, however, were cluttered with survival thoughts and plans of escape from their doomed world. We did eventually manage to interview a number of subjects who seemed to have shared lives in the priest craft of a temple on this planet, but they, too, remembered more of the destruction of the building than their daily rituals.

Most typical of the Refugee regressions were graphic descriptions of immense portions of their planet being ripped apart by explosions and of large numbers of the population being annihilated. We also heard from several subjects describing fiery crash landings on Earth or on other planets, as their war-damaged spacecraft failed to negotiate proper landings.

By 1979, we began to hear from increasingly large numbers of questionnaire respondents who claim to recall coming to Earth for the express purpose of assuming incarnations on the planet as part of an extended mission of raising the level of humankind's consciousness. We named them, The Helpers.

Typical of such reports is the one sent to us by A.M., a schoolteacher from Colorado:

In this dream, I am in a place of great (but not blinding) light. Other "beings" are there. It seems that we are in a rather large, round object which hovers a short distance above Earth. I am being shown a chute like passageway leading downward, and I am given to understand that I am to go through this chute.

My feelings about descending are not those of joy, but more like necessity or duty. This all seems to be part of the Plan. My last awareness is of passing downward ... toward the Earth.

There is no feeling of threat or danger, merely some sadness at separation from the other beings. The dream ends. The images remain.

A woman secretary in the California school district informed us that she "remembered" volunteering to come to Earth. Her role was to be that of one of a group of counselors who would assist Earth to evolve spiritually. On her planet of origin, she was a scientist who worked with channeling light as a source of energy.

According to her alien memories, her first life experience on Earth occurred in the Yucatan, where she was regarded as an oracle and where, for a time, she experimented with hypnotic drugs, which had been carefully devised to enable the native people to establish closer telepathic contact with her.

Jay of Ontario, has his Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, and a belief that this is his first incarnation on Earth:

I volunteered to embark upon a specific mission, now nearing the completion of its first phase. It is my understanding that it is my mission to discover and to develop the skills needed to help my fellow human beings, whether they are homo sapiens or homo astrolis.

I also understand that I now have two parts of a three-part puzzle.

The first part involves the fundamental importance of the ways we perceive reality. These perceptions, the operation of which we are largely unaware, can serve to help or to hinder our progress, depending on whether or not they reveal or mask our true pathways.

The second aspect relates to the ways in which we apply our perceptions, as a build-up of others or as a put-down of them or ourselves. Considerable skill is needed here, since put-downs are often subtle and overtly unintentional.

I can only guess, at this point, the basis of the third part. I have been told to work on these two for a while, to get their details, and that the third will come. With the third, the golden chain will be complete and the window will open.

Another interviewee from Ontario, a thirty-two-year-old man, stated that he can recall each of his five previous lifetimes on this planet, and in each prior existence he has served as a contact point for UFO intelligences:

On my native planet, I was a dream interpreter. I was sent to Earth to help prepare Earthlings for the coming UFO contact on a global basis.

I lived in a city of light, of crystal buildings, where everything was peace and harmony. I used dreams to interpret any forthcoming health problems and to help people better understand themselves. We had conquered pain and suffering by our mental abilities - and these are gifts that we will one day be able to give to Earthlings.

Interestingly, we have heard from a number of members of Native American tribes who seem to fit into this fourth category of aliens on assignments of raising Earth awareness.

A Cherokee physicist, who now lives in Alabama, not only had recall of a past life in the Pleiades, but he was also able to fit his alien memories together with tribal legends that his people had come from another world:

We lived in domed cities with translucent walls. We could fly, communicate with animals, and transport ourselves instantly to other parts of our world.

I remember our city as a golden color - a place of great beauty and calm.

I came with others from my planet to help Earth through its birth pains into an intergalactic community and oneness. We were members of the priest craft in ancient Egypt; we were alchemists in the middle Ages; we are scientists and clergy in the modern world.

A woman named Monica remembers being a scientist from another world who participated in creating the first crude [Homo sapiens] of this world.

Apparently, in this scientific work she did, she was cruel and uncaring to these creatures.

But something happened. One day she realized these beings had feelings. One of the creatures had taken her hand one day and caressed it. Monica realized then that just because one may have the knowledge to create a life form, doesn't give one the right to abuse a life form.

A Massachusetts social worker told us her memories of having lived on a planet where the inhabitants were basically humanlike in appearance, spoke a language known as Sumer, and sent emissaries to Earth to design the pyramids as transmitters of an energy system known as Usan.

She went on to inform us of her recollection of having been sent to Earth by a "Council of Twelve."

According to her memories:

We were responsible for the miracles recorded in the book of Exodus. We parted the Red Sea. Our craft created the columns of fire and of smoke, which led the Israelites. We rained manna from the skies to feed the wandering tribes, and we even located water for them, cracking apart the ground to cause it to well up.

A forty-three-year-old industrial consultant from Arkansas vividly recalled memories of a life as a "starcraft engineer" who was on board a vehicle that was forced to crash-land on Earth during an expedition to gather raw materials for industrial processing.

All our systems were failing, and the pilots could barely keep the craft under control. We had lost most of our drive system, and we were preparing to die in the impact of the crash.... My readouts were going mad, and when I glanced out the porthole, I could see the surface of Earth approaching.

After the crash landing in what is now northern Europe - we discovered that the pilots had managed to touch down with only minor damage. But, tragically, although the engineering crew worked for months to attempt a repair, we could not get us space borne again. We couldn't even get our emergency signals to muster up enough strength to have a chance to rescue.

I died in what is now Germany, and I lived several lifetimes on Earth prior to my present existence. I feel trapped here. I still want to get back to my home planet.



The whole matter of sensible men and women who claim alien memories and persistent dreams of extraterrestrial origin invites extensive speculation.

  • Are these people, because of their higher intelligence and greater sensitivity, rejecting an association with Earth because of all the inadequacies and shortcomings, which they witness all around them?

  • Does the mechanism of believing oneself to be of alien heritage enable one to deal more objectively with the multitude of problems, which assail the conscientious, and caring at each dawn of a new day?

Dr. Leo Sprinkle, formerly director of counseling services at the University of Wyoming and an internationally acclaimed authority on the UFO mystery, has said that he has also found men and women who claim significant experiences, memories, and dreams about prior existences on other planets.

"Although we cannot prove that it is true," Dr. Sprinkle admitted, "I am convinced that it is possible that some people have lived before as aliens. One other possibility is that these memories have been implanted in order to program us to prepare for life off this planet."

Professor Sprinkle had heard of the red sky and the two moons from several patients. He had also listened to accounts of crystal cities and translucent buildings.

Academically cautious, Dr. Sprinkle was confident enough of his research to state:

"These recollections are vivid and powerful, and I believe that these people are being sincere when they say these were their past lives. I have one woman who feels very angry. She feels she has been trapped here on Earth, and she just wants to get off the planet and return home."

Dr. Sprinkle went on to say that most of the people whom he had regressed considered themselves to be part of a larger system, part of a larger order. Dr. Sprinkle is of the opinion that we should consider the enigma of alien memories from various standpoints:

If we don't like the hypothesis that we have been seeded from extraterrestrial beings, we can still accept the hypothesis that somebody - our own subconscious, God, higher beings, somebody  - is encouraging us to think in terms of space travel. We may be undergoing a process of mental programming by intelligent beings to provide us with guidelines so that in the future our children or our grandchildren will be able to go to other worlds.

Linda, a nurse who has recently left formal medicine so that she might become a spiritual healer, related the following experiences:

My earliest recollection was at the age of five. I was at our country house. It's something I have never forgotten. For some reason I was very upset. I remember standing on the very top of my slide, looking up at the night sky.... I was just about hysterical as I looked up toward space. Through my tears I remember screaming:

"Come back, please! Don't leave me here with these barbarians. Why am I being punished so? This is not my home. These are not my people!"

I had an awareness that my people were leaving me behind. My world was the planet Orion.

Linda is fortunate in that her husband is very understanding of her beliefs:

He now knows and sincerely believes that I am an alien. I've told him about my past lives on this world and my lives on other worlds.

I have met a few ... like myself, but only one remains in contact. The others are finding it very difficult to cope with their memories of our true Home.

Linda has written a poem, which expresses many of her feelings of being an alien living on Earth:

I remember as if it were yesterday.

Three ships approaching Earth - one burning as it entered the atmosphere, our people dying.

Were they the lucky ones?
A voyage into time to save our planet.

That was why we came here.

So few of us are left, but we are so close, so very close to accomplishing our task...
...My heart cries for these people and for this Earth, for there is so much agony they have yet to go through.
...This world knows so much beauty, but man has chosen to destroy it and himself.
... Earthman will not conquer space.

But in time the Gods will descend to walk with man.

Part 2

April 23, 2008

Within the outer world of sense
Thought-power doth lose existence of its own;
The Spirit-worlds are finding
Once more their human offspring
Which must its seed discover
In spirit; but its fruit
In Self must ripen
Rudolf Steiner

In an earlier article for UFO DIGEST, I shared accounts of men and women who claimed to be experiencing alien dreams and memories. The response to that article has been remarkable.


I am gratified to report emails from across the Canadian Provinces and the United States, as well as from across the big waters from France, the UK, Australia, Spain, and Poland.

"Thank God, you spoke up. I thought I was all alone down here, " was one very common response."

"Thank you for helping me to understand my true mission on Earth," was another remark often heard.

"Reading the article was like reading an account of my own experiences," wrote another . "I am so happy so many of us are coming together as a Family."

For many readers, such as Angie, a writer from Los Angeles, the article provided memories that had long lain dormant in their psyches:

According to Angie:

"One summer night when I was a child, I woke up without reason to see a shining, silver humanoid being standing at the foot of my bed. I remember the sensation of undistilled terror. But the feeling changed into awe and wonder as I watched the being fade away.

"The second event that I recalled was when I was older and driving alone on a dark country road. Suddenly I saw directly behind me and just above me a brilliant white light with a bluish center. I did not hear a voice, but I was unmistakably getting a message from the light or from something. I knew somehow that [the message] was from myself - or from something connected with myself - in the future or in the past... I came away from that experience knowing with a deep certainty that 'I am.'

"It was years later that I found out what the 'I am' phrase means in theology, in regard to Moses' experience with the burning bush. It's hard to put into words, but from that time on, I knew that 'I was,' that I exist, that I will do so for all time, and that there has never been a time that I have not existed."

Christa had her life saved two times by three entities who guided her to safety as a child struggling for survival in Germany during World War II.

Once she was trapped in the cellar of her uncle's home, the survivor of a direct bomb hit. The entities, who at that time appeared as three bright lights, contacted Christa's grandparents in a mutual dream and caused them to insist that digging be resumed.

Later, the entities manifested in human form and motioned her off a bridge just before Allied bombs obliterated it.

Christa saw her first UFO when she was sixteen and living in Great Falls, Montana. The experience began her longing for the stars.

"I knew as I saw this UFO that I did not belong here on Terra [Earth]," she wrote. "Longingly, I wanted to go to my true home beyond our solar system. That night I was told in my dream that the time was not yet, and that I must grow and have patience."

In February of 1961, Christa "lost" five days of her life:

"I remember a bright light, a control console and revolving crystals ... I had knowledge of a planet that was my true ancestral home."

She awakened fifteen miles from Great Falls. Five days had passed - although it seemed as if only five minutes had elapsed. Christa soon discovered, however, that not only had she lost five days, she had also lost her job.


And running through her thoughts was this bit of poetry:

Lo and, behold I enter your mind,
and into your hands I deliver to you
the body of a child!
Born I know not where
Conceived among the stars up there.
Delivered to be raised by Terrans
And to learn their ways
Before returning back home
To my ancestral race.


Jack, a former U.S. Coast Guard electronics technician, from Morro Bay, California, has experienced "visions of an infinitely expanding universe" since his early childhood.


He also expressed his occasional feelings of sadness in living among largely insensitive men and women who express too much of the Earth, and too little of the stars.

"It is difficult for me to find people who are willing to drop their daily schedules and thoughts and work and social conglomerations to just experience the magic of life and spirit with a fellow human, "Jack said. "Alas, this tends to dampen my enthusiasm at times, and I pick up too much of the oppression which surrounds me.

"Occasionally, though, there is the fresh breeze of the exceptional individual who blows in from the depths of humanity. At those times I rejoice."

Sherry and I are convinced that if even the archest of skeptics would read the mail from well-adjusted, well-educated, highly contributive men and women who freely claim such transcendental experiences, they would have to concede that "something is going on," that the individual mystical experience is far more widely spread than certain materialistic pundits would have us believe.

We have determined that integral to the individuals whom we have named "Starseed" is an activating visionary experience which occurs at about the age of five, introducing the child to an intelligence who thereby becomes a guiding entity and who maintains at least a sporadic contact with the individual throughout his or her life.

Virginia, who once served as a technician with the Air Force, remembers that her activating experience occurred on a Christmas Eve when she was about four. The incident was highlighted by an out-of-body experience when Virginia got up and "walked" to see the Christmas tree lights, then saw her still-sleeping body lying in bed.

"I knew that if I woke up then, it would still be Christmas Eve and I would still be four years old," she said. "Then I knew that somehow, that even If I didn't wake up until years later, like Sleeping Beauty, nothing would change. It's really funny, but that incident formed my entire approach and attitude toward life. I know that, somewhere, I'm still four years old, and it will always be Christmas Eve."

Luana, a former schoolteacher from Nevada, wrote that after her encounter with an alien or a multidimensional being as a college student, all of her senses became extended. In the area of sight, her color perception extends in both directions, principally on the blue end.

In hearing, the extension is such that any loud noise of prolonged duration - over thirty seconds - sets up a vibration which first causes pain in the mastoid area, then causes uncontrolled shaking which lasts for several minutes. The nerves of her entire body "jangle" and only subside when the noise ceases. It takes a good hour to return to normal. Sirens are a constant menace.

As a retired schoolteacher, Luana recalled that one of her worst experiences with noise occurred in the school parking lot when all the drivers began honking their car horns to celebrate a sports victory.

It took fifteen minutes to get away from the noise. and a half an hour before she could get control and get out of the car. It took a stiff drink to dull her nerves to a semblance of normality.

Bright light is also a hazard for Luana. Once, standing in the sun, perceiving flashes off band instruments, caused a temporary blindness. Her students led her back to class. It took about half an hour for her sight to return.

Emotions seem to create problems for those who experience "alien dreams and memories," because they are so empathic. In order to function effectively as counselors, they must learn to create shells around themselves.


As Luana remembered it:

"At one time in my mid-twenties, it was necessary for me to escape from my friends whose problems and joys I absorbed to such an extent that I was physically drained ... It was also at that time that I learned to seal my emotions off and no longer absorb so much. There have still been recent times when I have been physically drained by the problems or excitement of others, but the renewal is rapid."

In his response to alien dreams and memories, Cliff, a hospital intern, expressed a hypersensitivity to light, touch, emotion, and hearing, but he has found some compensation in a response that other respondents have also noted:

"When I kiss or make love, I hear music coming from the other person and/or myself."

Sensitivity to vibrations considered "musical" by those in the physical plane is also a common factor in the individuals who have responded to our Steiger Questionnaire (see Cliff said that he was also visited by such entities as a "girl-woman who radiates shining white light and speaks in a soft, musical voice."


Consistent with our earlier research, those who wrote regarding their alien dreams and memories were at least 87 percent "night people," who prefer to do their most important mental or creative work after sundown.

In our broader sampling of individuals with such awarenesses and memories, we find that about 94 percent of them vividly recalled their activating experience with an entity or light manifestation at about the age of five, while the other six percent are consciously aware that "something important" happened to them at that time.

Nearly all those who claim such memories remember always yearning for a place that they consider their "true home," somewhere not on Earth.

Stephanie of Youngstown, Ohio, first wrote down her concept of "Cosmic People" in 1980.

Stephanie commented to us that,

"as with probably everyone else that you have heard from, I, too, was shocked to discover that thousands of people have been contacted by Light Beings; I was also completely amazed that so many people have been given the same types of ideas and messages from their sky families. It truly is wonderful and wondrous!"

Stephanie told us of her encounter with two Sky Beings at age five, which altered her life from that moment onward. As her quest continued, she, too, had become interested in documenting the awakening of the "Cosmic People."

As in the case of our own research, Stephanie commented:

"They do not originate in any single or special group of human beings; they seem to come from every race, color, creed, nationality, philosophy, psychology, and political belief on the face of the Earth. However, they hold certain ideas and ideals in common within their hearts."

Those visited by alien dreams and memories are not without their frustrations in dealing with this Earth, as Frederike of Pasadena, California, confessed to us:

"Let me say that your books, meditations, and so forth, are helping me to rid myself of much anger at the people who are messing about with the Earth ... Sometimes, much to my shame (I don't like admitting this to you!) I think,

'Why should we help these idiots? These people who kill and tear and hurt things without so much as a thought of regret are barely out of the caves. Just let them go'"

"This is not a very enlightened thought on my part, is it? I know, and deeply, too, that we have an obligation to help everyone - and most especially those people who are living in the dark and who are ignorant when they destroy Earth' s gifts and resources and all the other things they mess up."

Regardless of whether or not they might be blessed with such an insightful and restorative personal vision, many of those people who seem to be experiencing alien dreams and memories seem well aware that they can always rejuvenate their energies through meditation.


Dale of Waltham, Massachusetts, uses a crystal to go deep within her psyche and to return with such expressions of the experience as the following:

Seas of brilliant colors, flowing and swelling,
moving, like graceful wings.
Energy surrounds my whole being.
My mind grows even stronger,
and I am filled with the light of a thousand suns.
I feel totally alive, rejuvenated, and renewed.
I live.
I am the Light, eternally guiding others to my Creator,
Growing brighter and brighter,
Bursting and rising into the far reaches of the Universe.
To the place of beginnings…