by Gabriel Chiron

Spanish version
from MinotaurLabirinth Website




Earth Humanity has been kept isolated in cosmic darkness for so long that it has been rendered intellectually dysfunctional and unable to process cosmic information.


People are kept fixated on whether to "believe" or "disbelieve" in Aliens or Extraterrestrial Intelligence or even Ultraterrestrial Intelligence.


So, the real question is: Why is humanity kept in this state?

According to the American contactee, Barbara Marciniak, a large group of telepaths from the Pleiades (normal blond Aryan space people) told her that they, the Blonds, made a deal with the Reptilian races of our Galaxy to inhibit the evolutionary development of the human race in order to bring about a special genetic splice that would allow races from the Blonds of Andromeda to reproduce with the non-Aryans of the Milky Way, which includes the Reptilians in particular.


In accord with this state of affairs, two planets were selected for this genetic splice experiment of closing off of normal evolution for the sake of creating special breeding races. The Earth was selected for this in the Milky Way Galaxy and a sister planet, Koldas, was selected in the Andromeda Galaxy.

Let us now take a look at other information sources and see how all this adds up.


  1. Firstly, a little knowledge of Astronomy would tell us that the Andromeda Galaxy has been rushing in space on collision course toward merger with our Milky Way Galaxy for millions of years. According to one source article, published over thirty years ago by an untraceable contactee source in Australia, with the title The Starbridge, Andromeda is already so close to the Milky Way that a joint, tenuous arm of stars with their planets is already connecting both galaxies and that races from both Galaxies have been migrating back and forth across this "starbridge".


    This would explain why the ability of joint reproduction has become significant. It would also explain why the ruling elders of both Galaxies would have to find a way to share power and learn joint governorship.


  2. Secondly, according to the American contactee, George Hunt Williamson, there was a major attempt at forming a joint government union approximately one million years ago. The speciality of the Andromedans was technology; the speciality of the Orvontans (Milky Way) was psychic development. So a Pax Galactica was created, as it were, so that the Orvontans would receive advanced technology and the Andromedans would receive a boost of psychic development. Unfortunately, the technology became a kind of Trojan Horse through which the Orvonta Galaxy came under a digital tyranny through a planetary sized grand computer on a planet called Tyrantor (hence the origin of terms such as tyrant and tyranny).


    Apparently, the Orvontan Elders agreed with the Andromedan Elders, that all individual members of the Orvonta Galaxy should receive physical implants to keep them in the New Galactic Order through being plugged into the grand all-controlling computer on Tyrantor. At the same time, the psychic development of the Andromedans was apparently only partially received, for the Andromedan agenda was that they were the superior races, the more advanced galaxy due to technology.


  3. Thirdly, a million years ago, the Earth was nearer to the Sun with a warmer climate, as was the planet Mars. The hothouse of Earth had two major evolutionary projects going on. In the oceans was the development of a new dolphin evolution for the development of a new dolphin phylum humanity. This was similar to the little greys of the old defunct lunar evolution while the land masses were developing a predominantly reptilian phylum humanity. These were race-renewal projects of tremendous importance to both the Little Greys and the local galactic Reptilians.


    Suddenly, due to the Genetic Splice Agreement, the dolphin and reptilian projects were to be suspended and not taken to the human individualization stage. The Earth had been designated as an anthropoid simian acceleration, for the predominant ruling phylum in Andromeda is anthropoid simian (monkey based). So it is that Neanderthal man was planted on the Earth a million years ago with native stock from within the Orvotan Milky Way systems. This Second Root Race was artificial and not natural to the planet Earth.


    Also, the deliberate slaughter of Reptiles was begun to protect the Neanderthals. Until then, the mammalian evolution on the Earth was to serve as food for the reptiles, the dinosaurs. As for the Reptilian Humanoids, monkeys and low-grade humans have always been a food delicacy. The hungry Reptilians will break open the skull of the monkey or low-grade human and eat the living brain. Some Japanese people were taught this culinary pastime by the Reptilians and it is a known fact that some Japanese people will perform this cruel rite of eating live monkey brain to this day, though they do not go out of their way to advertise it! But, it gets better.


    We can well imagine that the Little Greys and the Reptilians were quite distressed and angered that their particular race-renewal projects were put on ice and supplanted by the "monkey boys". So, as we go along, we will take a close look at past and present efforts of the Reptilians to sabotage the Earth Genetic Splice Project.


  4. Fourthly, on the planet Ba'avi, there is a race of Giants or Titans based on the horse phylum, sometimes referred to as the Yahoos. Their planet orbits the nearby star Proxima Centauri. One of their contactees from Earth was told that when the drive to implant everybody took place, there were large numbers of their race who rebelled against this idea. So, a deal was struck, and all those who did not want to receive implants could avoid them if they would agree to migrate to the hothouse Earth and have intercourse with Neanderthal women and create a hybrid accelerated race on the Earth for the coming splice experiment.


    Another group was sent to Mars to oversee the bringing in of the Green and Red races from Alpha Centauri A and B to reproduce with Ape races planted on Mars, but this other group of Giants, horse people, were perhaps implanted members of the collective who were to also keep an eye on the non-implanted Giants on the Earth. So the race called Ba'al from Ba'avi came to the Earth as the Gods, the Elders, the time-space travelling El's or Al's, a million years ago.


    They brought their machines as well, and legends have it that there are still such equipments of the Giants deep underground in Peru and greater Mongolia. In fact, the term Shambhala is derived from the older term, Shem-Ba'al, which means Spaceport of the Ba'al. It is also stated by the Theosophists that Shambhala was in fact built by cyclopian giants, as the Ba'al are both two-eyed and one-eyed or cyclopian. On Easter Island there are remarkably accurate statues of the Ba'al.


  5. Fifthly, the planet Williamson called Maldek was intact a million years ago, though now it is just our Asteroid Belt of our Solar System. This became the new home planet of a race of Aryan Andromedans who set up there on the Fourth Planet from the Sun to oversee the Genetic Splice Experiment, to keep the Little Greys and Reptilians in line and to make sure the Giants or Ba'al were up to speed on Earth and Mars. This included the Green and Red reproductions or hybridization on Mars, and so on.


  6. Sixthly, and the Star Wars movie series actually reflects all this, the native races of Orvonta, the Milky Way, went into general rebellion against the Tyrantor Empire half a million years ago. They removed their implants and began to fight wars in space against the forces of the Empire and Andromeda. The Reptilians were natural leaders and instigators of this rebellion, and their main heroes are the beings called Lucifer and Satan in the Bible. The Rebellion was about psychic or spiritual development overcoming technological dehumanization in general.


    At any rate, 500,000 years ago, approximately, the Rebellion moved in a Death Star and pulverized Maldek, killing millions of supervisory Aryans of Andromeda. This was a grievous, horrendous loss for the Aryans, but they would have a kind of revenge later when they sank Atlantis on the Earth, also killing millions of mostly Orvontan Red Hybrids, Atlans, who to this day we call "Red Men" (our Amerindians).


  7. Seventhly, the Rebellion was successful and the new Space Confederation dismantled the all-ruling computer on Tyrantor and killed the Emperor and his associates there. At the same time, a local computer of this kind has still continued to operate on six planets within the near-Earth region of space where six colonies of Aryan Andromedans still have their adopted planets. One of these apparently is the artificial planetoid moon called Acart that orbits Saturn, replacing the Maldekians who were blown away 500,000 years ago.


    It seems that the Elderhips of both Galaxies have still maintained some interest in learning to live together and make the Earth Project somehow work. So, a truce was called. Our Red-hybrid Race (Amerindians) were thus transferred to the Earth from Mars after Earth's Orbit was extended to its present milder position. They were brought down apparently in the Hopi Indian country in the American Southwest. According to Williamson, Hopi pottery has the same design as the canals of Mars traced by the American astronomer, Percival Lowe. The Hopis also say that when they first arrived on Earth, there was warm mud everywhere, and that makes sense for a planet whose orbit has just been changed from a closer, hotter one.

    The Green-hybrids were also transferred from Mars to Central Asia at Shem-Ba-al. They of course are our Oriental Race (Yellow Race). Now, since they knew Mars under the name Mongol, they naturally called their new land, Mongol, which for them meant the same thing as solid land on which to live. Hence, Mongolia refers to Mars. It is also a fact, that the Hindus call Mars by the name of Mangalam, for the same reason, for in very ancient names they knew Mars was "Mongol".


  8. Eighthly, around 50,000 years ago the Aryans introduced onto the Earth two genetically designed human beings, Adam and Eve, who would be able to sexually reproduce with Lemurians (the Negro race of accelerated Neanderthals) as well as Red and Yellow Atlantian races (Alpha Centauri hybrids) that were planted on the Earth half a million years ago. This genetically designed couple was put down in the Garden of Eden, and were given the names Dawn (the man, Don, Addonis or Adam) and Eve.


    The Garden of Eden, was, according to the Book of Urantia (and rightly so), on what is now the island of Cyprus, but which was connected to the land before the Flood as an isthmus, which from the air looked like an erect penis(!). Extraterrestrial humor may have been somewhat involved in coming up with that. At any rate, this couple were produced in a state of child-like innocence and had to be taught everything from scratch. So, they were trained to believe that the main purpose of life is to have sex and to teach their children to have sex (both directly and indirectly) and fill the island of Cyprus with thousands and thousands of Adamic Aryan "children of the great gods".


    The first great temple was produced at Jerusalem (root of the sky penis) where Aryans and non-Aryans (Atlanteans) could meet in joint committees to discuss the Divine Plan for the Earth, which would result eventually in the Adamic Aryans reproducing with Non-Aryans, once the Adamic-Aryan gene pool was big enough. Well, we all know what generally happened.


    The old disgruntled Reptilian Ruler of the Earth (Satan, Set-An, or Sanat Kumara) visited Adam and Eve and initiated them in Yoga, raising their Kundalini (Serpent Power) and enlightening their consciousness and blowing their minds with explanations of the real state of affairs with them. He thus despoiled them and their children in the Garden of Eden as innocent breeders.


    The Kundalini Yoga Cult swept through Cyprus and there was a great debate among all Adamic Aryans as to their purpose in life. Naturally, the Pleiadean Aryan Governor or God, named Van, was also extremely pissed-off when he realized what the Old Serpent Ruler had pulled off through premature transmission of psychic ability to the Adamic Aryans, who were effectively now co-conspirators in the Old Rebellion against the Borg Empire that wanted to keep everybody implanted.

The Adamic Aryans of Eden were given one of three choices.

  1. They could accept transfer to another planet to develop their own culture and build up greater numbers of themselves off the Earth

  2. They could go to a special island in Northern Europe, which we know as Ireland, which is also known as Thule, which would be a new Eden for maintaining Aryan purity and building up sufficient numbers for the future

  3. They could join Adam and Eve, and travel the Earth having sex with the native peoples and starting the production of a new hybrid race of Adamic Aryans with Atlanteans, which hybrids would be special and encouraged to maintain their own pure bloodlines, which would be the new dominant Sumerian Empire over time, as we know

Sum-Aryans are of course at the core of the present ruling classes of the New World Order who want a global police state ruled by them after killing off the majority of us until there is nothing but a couple of billion implanted slaves, kept for sacrificial purposes as well as slave labor. Naturally, the angry old Reptilian Race wants this arrangement, for they have the modern Sum-Aryans under control, just as reported by David Icke and others, thus making sure that the old Borg Empire will have their own weapons used against them.

The Reptilians are saying "Be happy, Andromedans, you will have an Earth filled with mind-controlled implanted slaves just like you always wanted and we can eat bunches of this monkey food just as we always wanted. You will have what you wanted and we will have what we wanted."

And of course, the Humanity of Earth are so unbelievably stupid that they will happily let all this abuse from the two galaxies destroy them.

So the White Race went three directions. This is the meaning of Adam's Trident he carried everywhere, whether as Shiva of the Hindus or Poseidon of the Greeks.

For a large group of Adamic Aryans did go to the other planet. Later, some contactees in Southern England were told by these people that they were from the planet Janos and were originally Greeks (Cyprus) who wanted to come back to Earth. Of course, the Aryans of Ireland were called the Tuatha De Danan, the People of Dan or Adam. Later, Thule was invaded by refugees from Spain (Mil) due to the Islamic invasion.


These Sons of Mil slowly drove the Danes, Dens, out of Ireland. They, the Dons, Dans, Danes or Dens, had to relocate in present day Denmark to maintain their Aryan purity, which was being lost through intermarriage with the incoming Spanish people of Mil. Later on, they spread north into Norway and Sweden, and after an unsuccessful attempt as Vikings to re-conquer the British Isles, some of them decided to form a new Aryan colony in Iceland. Beyond that they went to Greenland, still controlled by Denmark, though the first colony died out due to changing conditions and insufficient numbers.

Those who went with Adam and Eve, first settled in Mesopotamia, founding the Sum-Aryan Empire, as I have said above. Later, Adam and Eve settled at Mount Kailas in Tibet. Kailas literally means "party" as with sex orgies and such. The Party Mountain. Aryan pilgrims would travel on the Silk Road that stretched from Ireland through Germany and into Russia and down the Volga and across Central Asia to the Takla Makan and Tibet regions near Kailas.


They formed a great Aryan civilization that stretched from the Takla Makan region and down through present Pakistan to Hing Laj on the sea through the length of what was once the Saraswati Holy River, but now simply the Indus, from which we get the name Hindus. These regions of settled Aryan pilgrims to Kailas were all called Ag-Hara-Ta, which means Inner-Hara-Toward (Inner land of those who go to Hara, Shiva or Adam).


The body of Adam Shiva is preserved in ice high within Mt. Kailas to this day, and many advanced Yogi Adepts of India have gone there and seen it. The Non-Aryan pilgrims formed a culture in the Indian subcontinent called Ba-Hara-Ta, or Outer-Hara-Toward. Hence, that is why the real name of India is not after the Indus river, but Bharata. So it is that Agharata and Baharata were cultures build up around Mt. Kailas over 50,000 years.


And so it is that the old Viking Seidhr religion spoke of Agharata as Asgaard, a city or community ruled by Odin, who, again is Adam.

Adam/Odin also stayed at one time in Germany in the early days to have meetings with his children from the Thule colony. It was there, at a place now called Exterstein, that he invented the Runes for both writing and oracle purposes. That is why there is a place near there in the city of Paderborn called the House of Adam and Eve. It is also interesting that the Gaelic language of Ireland and Scotland has been called by certain Gaelic historians, "the original language of Adam and Eve", which is indeed the Western root of the Indo-Aryan language that stretched through the Sum-Aryan Empire from Ireland to India, with Sanskrit being the Eastern root of the same language.

A joint study of Gaelic, Sanskrit and Ancient Sumerian would enable an interesting reconstruction if there were philologists who could grasp the significance of all this.

So why were the old Vikings from Sweden going down the Volga through Russia? They were trying to retrace the old Silk Road pilgrimage route to Asgaard, Agharta. They wanted to go physically alive to Asgaard instead of only through going in the spirit with the Valkyries when killed in battle!

  1. Ninthly, since the Little Greys, the dolphin phylum people of the old Lunar evolution of the Moon, have been promised a renewal of their race under the new Intergalactic Agreement or Pax Galactica. So they were allowed to do forced abduction-cross breeding with selected American women, and were given a planet on which they could build up this new Grey + American hybrid race, called the Essassani. The American ET revelation TV movie called The Intruders, reveals this fairly blatantly.

    Apparently, this program is virtually complete, though there continues a tail-end program of extracting semen from American males that can be utilized for further artificial insemination of Little Grey women. Little Greys are not however from Zeta Reticulum. The Zetas are another race, and it is they who abducted Betty and Barney Hill. Those who call Zetas the same as Little Greys or vice-versa are ignorant. Also, the Rigellian Race are neither Zetas nor Little Greys.

    As for those who think the Earth is in some battle between Little Greys and Tall Blonds, they are also ignorant of the new Intergalactic Agreement. However, it is also true that the Reptilians have a natural, original dominion over the Little Greys and sometimes treat even them as foodstuff, which is an unpleasant problem the Little Greys continue to have to deal with. But one thing is for sure, the domed ancient Little Grey cities on the Moon are no longer operable as such. Also, their Square Flying Saucers are now antiques, though they have been occasionally still seen by Earth humans.

    The Andromedan warning that they will "tow away the Moon " (to rid the Earth of the Little Grey abductions and breeding program) is itself just sour grapes, as that program is already virtually complete according to other contactee sources.


  2. Tenthly, it was Aryans of the planet Erra in the Pleiades who contacted Hitler and set him going on his Aryan Master Race program, which resulted in the genocide performed on both Jews and Gypsies in the Second World War. They also promised Hitler military assistance and Pleiadean technology for building Flying Saucers and beam weapons. That is why Americans say German planes were accompanied by "FOO Fighters" or UFO's. However, Galactic forces did not allow the Pleiadeans to help the Germans conquer the world, so they had to stand down and allow the Third Reich to be suspended.


    However, a new genocidal Fourth Reich, apparently entailing Reptilian and Aryan cooperation, is now busy promoting genocide on the Earth, with Africa being the first target through injecting AIDS into African populations through UN vaccines programs. This also explains why the Bush Neocons of the New World Order want everybody in America and Britain vaccinated as soon as possible, if not with ostensible Smallpox vaccine, then probably with Flu vaccine.


    So their latest step is to set loose a terrible designer superflu in America and Europe that will make Americans and Europeans cry out for a protective Flu Vaccine against the new killer flu. So, at first, the new vaccine is in "short supply", which primes the populace to demand it rather than fighting against it as they did the Small Pox version of the potentially lethal vaccination, which will reincarnate as a Flu shot.


    Once these bastards can get inside our bodies with vaccines and/or microchips, it is all over for humanity. They will have total New World Order control and all personal freedom, truth and conscience will be rendered inoperable. With the controlling forces of two galaxies supporting this outrageous cruelty to Earth humanity, it is hard to see where rescue might come from!


  3. Eleventhly, the Pleiadeans sent in a new genetically designed Male and Female, Jesus and Mary Magdalene, to Israel to assume pro-Aryan spiritual leadership of the Earth and start a new Edenic colony of SuperAryan blue-bloods. After the crucifixion or pseudo-death of Jesus, he and Mary Magdalene went on to Andorra in the Pyrenees and began a new Edenic reproduction episode, thus producing a new race in Southern France, called the Cathars. But the Sum-Aryan rulers could not allow this new Aryan breeding stock to survive, as it would kill their Reptilian controlled elitism and blueblood program, so they arranged to get the Cathars slaughtered.


    Only a few handfuls of the grandchildren of Jesus Christ now survive in Andorra, and not in any numbers to threaten the Sum-Aryan blue-bloods program carried out today by such families as the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Royal Families of Britain and Europe. All of these families perform rites of human sacrifice to Lucifer as their Illuminati belief-system refers to. Sacrifice to Reptilian "gods" of course goes all the way back to Atlantis and was continuing among the Mayans, Toltecs and Aztecs in Mexico until quite recently.

    And, of course, you are not a real psychic master in either Mexico or India unless you are developed enough to be a Nagual or Naga, an equivalent to a Reptilian Yogi. This does not mean that higher human development is intrinsically evil or Reptilian, however, which is an added dilemma for us human beings. We have other choices beyond Aryan technological atheism and Reptilian cannibalism or vampirism. Somewhere between the Borg Empire and Illuminati Vampirism is a path of viable human evolution, even if ultimately it cannot take place on this utterly wrecked Earth of non-evolution and anti-evolution.

It should be clear that humanity has been given a great deal of both information and disinformation from Extraterrestrial sources.


It should also be clear that only an isolated individual or small group of two or three here or there can take on the full story as brought out in this article. It seems that we live in an immature Universe where the predominant races of two entire galaxies can behave as mis-guided, cruel and inhumane decision-makers.


It seems that the local cosmic Gods also double as local Cosmic Devils on both sides of the Intergalactic Political Tension as Andromeda or Haton, comes into union with the Milky Way or Orvonta. One can only hope that Moth Man or the Bird People, the apparently true Elder Races of Orvonta, will come to some arrangement with the Andromedan Aryans so as to somehow agree to stop the ongoing destruction of the Earth and Humanity.

Some may ask where the Ummos fit into all this. I would say that they are the local Elder Gods of the nearby planets of Andromedan stock. They are the Elder Gods who supposedly defeated the Titans or Giants and had them removed from the Earth. This would have happened 50,000 years ago at the time of the introduction of Adam and Eve.


The Ummos are a scientific, anti-spiritual race who feel themselves so vastly superior to Earth people that they practically explode with their puffed-up big brains. Spiritually, they desperately need Kundalini Yoga and the more gentle, kindly and spiritually mature Reptilians know this, but cannot reach them with it.

Another race, the Iargans from the planet Iarga, who in ancient Egypt were known as the Water Dogs, because they have doglike faces and are amphibian swimmers with very little solid land on their planet, have also been trying to help out by contacting and educating some Dutch people, for the people of Holland live near the sea and have a big population on very little land, thus slightly reflecting Iarga.


The Iargans have been trying to promote more harmonious government and culture in the Netherlands in spite of the prevailing Illuminati working through the Dutch Royals and the Shell Group of Companies. The location of the planet of Iarga is apparently the star Procyon, which is not a directly Aryan location. Any Aryan establishment there is for keeping an eye on the Iargans so that the Iargans will not interfere with the plans over the Earth.

Another heavily involved Extraterrestrial race is the yellow-eyed, white skinned "Big Nosed Greys" from Sirius who set up Baba-Lion, Father Lion, or Babylon in Mesopotamia as a breeding centre for the Cat People of Sirius to create their own accelerated hybrid race, one half of which became the Jews and the other half the Arabs. Arabs have the big crooked noses because of their Siriusian fathers.


That is why ancient Syria was called Assyria, which meant the Syria on Earth.

The Siriusians do not take lightly to the all-out genocidal attacks on the Arab peoples by the New World Order, apparently, and have considered pre-emptive space invasion of America and Britain to stop this, but apparently, both the Andromedans and the Reptilians, as well as the Moth Men, will not allow this for reasons of their own as already described.


So, one would assume that Sirius dwells in a state of ambiguity and frustration toward the Earth.

As for the people of Sirius B, who are apparently a Fish People, they have themselves been long overseers and genetic engineers who originally sponsored the dolphin races development on the Moon (when it occupied the Earth Orbit alone as a living planet) and later the implanting of genetically designed Squid people from Sirius B in Earth's oceans as the Great Old Ones of the Cthulu Mythos. This primordial underwater race are what the Book of Dzyan has called "Water Men, Terrible and Bad."

There are no human races on this planet who are not from implanted ape-people from elsewhere combined with cross-breeds from nearby star systems.


Earth-based Anthropological so-called "scientific theories of the origins of the human race" are just ignorant crap with very little going for it. Anyone able to process cosmic information knows this. Even our Yetis and Big-Foots are lower human races that resulted from cross breeding of early implanted Ape stock from elsewhere with the local gorillas or animal apes indigenous to Earth that were being reared as food for the Reptilians.


Yetis and Big-Foots are thus evolutionary downgrades, shameful progeny of the Neanderthal Race. It is also a fact that there is still a surviving colony of actual Neanderthals in remote regions of Alaska and many people of Alaska are aware of this, though most others they talk to refuse to "believe" it, which is probably best for the survival of those poor Neanderthals. I suppose the Illuminati would like to give them implants and do blood sacrifices with them too.

Are there secret colonies on Earth of recent Oriental migrants from the planet Mars as recently reported?


Certainly. Some of them have even performed as the often reported "Oriental" Men-In-Black. Do you remember when it was reported in the news that NASA had picked up television signals from the Face on Mars depicting vast numbers of Martians freezing and starving to death when Mars was taken out to its present orbit?


At that time, there was the formation of a typical Illuminati ruling class of technological bureaucrats who had built underground survival cities for themselves, just as the same type on Earth who are now dug into their underground survival cities on the Earth they will try to retire to when they begin the horrible genocidal wars on the surface for killing us all.


Ironically, these same Illuminati of the Earth also built themselves a visible "alternative three" survival city on Mars with Martian help!


Thus the bloody-minded bad guys of Earth are in cahoots with the bloody-minded bad guys of Mars. And they are all virtual puppets of Reptilian bad guys as depicted by Icke. But, in the end, things may not work out that well for all these Illuminati necrophiliacs. There is a Law of Karma that says that everyone in the Universe will sooner or later have done to them what they have been doing to others, in which case there will be "nowhere to run to and nowhere to hide".

What is happening on the Earth right now is the endgame of a cruel, anti-evolutionary genetic project with the best of intentions in its formulation and the worst of intentions in its joint execution.

This entire phony Apocalypse is nothing but an ugly testimony to rotten Intergalactic Politics. And as for the vast majority who will never elect to learn this cosmic information, they will die in immense numbers as the sacrificial sheep they are.


New World Order propaganda and police-state "terrorisms" will lead them over the cliff as planned, and they will even bleat out in offended normalcy to articles such as this one, which are of course "crank conspiracy theories". They will all clutch their Crosses or their computers, shaking their fists at anyone who tries to tell them what is really going on in regard to the planet Earth.


As for the stupid Muslims, they will still keep letting themselves be recruited by the CIA through Al Qaeda to serve as witless shock troops for acts of American, British and European self-terrorism to speed-up martial law and police-state control, just as Vladimir Putin uses Chechnian "rebels" to bomb Russian apartment complexes and theatres.

Can anyone expect or hope for a rescue from the Universe or a benign invasion that will take out the bad Reptilians, Illuminati and Andromedan Aryan Hitler sponsoring manipulators?


Well, there is always hope of course, however remote and tragically absent it has been so far. Maybe there is a truly Good God out there somewhere who has just been asleep at the wheel and will wake up and sort all this out before it goes too far. Let us pray to an effective Good All-Powerful Deity to please wake up and do something brilliantly nice for the Earth.


In the meantime, we have to personally navigate a predatorial universe and need to learn a certain proficiency in non-bloodthirsty Nagual Sorcery and Kundalini Yoga, just as Adam Shiva did thousands of years ago at Mount Kailas.


Perhaps a few lone individuals can learn a balance of technology and yoga, just as Shankara, the Peacemaker once learned. As for me, I am still trying to arrange for transport off the planet, for it is a fact that so far I have not found anyone who can process cosmic information, so I find it hard to see what my personal presence here is actually accomplishing. Human beings do not want cosmic truth. They just want to make points from their little earthbound egos about their beliefs and disbeliefs, their cognitive madness, their learning disabilities.


In the meantime, the majority who entertain this kind of stuff will try to get by with the incomplete and almost useless revelations of people like David Icke and Jeff Rense, who are both performing a great service, but who are still rather ignorant and haven't got a clue in certain significant areas of cosmic information. So everything keeps going 'round and 'round in circles among the pitiful millions who go to the Icke and Rense websites.


As for the Illuminati, they just lick their chops at how easy it is to discredit Icke over his Reptilian Shapeshifters theory, which is unfortunately all-too-real in some aspects. It is easy to keep the hypnotized TV lobotomized people away from such formulated revelations.


One can easily see the Queen of England or Prince Charles saying to one of their blood sacrifice victims,

"Now do you believe in David Icke's Website? Ha, ha, ha - it is indeed too late for you!" Or, "You should have paid more attention to the movie Eyes Wide Shut or you would not be here today!"

What? Someone is nervously whimpering that they want to take all this further?


Well, child, start meditating on the Big Picture and seek more cosmic information than you normally do. Stop being so God-damn complacent! Search for Truth and nothing but Total Truth.


You may have a slight chance of rescue.




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