by Grant Cameron
From a paper presented in at

the Crashed Retrieval Conference
Las Vegas November 16, 2003

from PresidentialUFO Website

Before considering the available evidence about crashed saucer material and the White House, it is important to view why the role of the president is so important.

It has long been rumored that the real hard evidence such as crash retrieval materials are in the hands of the military. The president is the civilian head of the military, and thus should be receiving on his desk the best material that has been gathered by the military.

If the critical crash material is not held by the military, but by some agency of the government such as the National Security Agency or CIA, the president should still receive the best available material, as he is the head of the Executive branch that employs most employees of the government.

Most importantly, it is important to view the role of the president in any review of crashed saucer evidence, because the president is the ultimate authority. Only when the president stands up and says, "Some UFOs are not of this world" will the cover-up end. The presidentís word is final and cannot be overruled. It is therefore important to see what he knows on the subject, or at least what statements or actions he has taken.

Many believe that once elected, the president is suddenly spoken to by God and suddenly knows everything there is about the ultimate UFO evidence such as crashes. This is quite far from the truth. Once sworn in a president is dependant on cabinet officers to present to him any information he might obtain. All the information from the past administration has been removed and the filing cabinets are empty.

An example is President Clinton, who at the time of his 1993 inauguration, was faced with 17,000 classified documents a day being written within the U.S. government. People who think he has time to read these documents, and maintain a 16-hour grueling daily schedule of meetings, briefing, photos, state dinners, and in Bill Clintonís case dating interns, are mislead.

The presidentís knowledge comes from short briefings he gets from subordinates about things they think are important for him to know. The presidentís knowledge is therefore dependent on the ability of those below him to gather up the facts for him.

With this as background, the following are some of the stories that look at what the president might have known about the subject of crashed saucers. These few examples I have chosen, are the result of attempts to track down rumored stories, and investigate them with interviews and material from the various presidential libraries.

The following presidential stories show at times the president knows, and at time doesnít know. Summing it all up I would say that the president is told, but that the level of knowledge is not as great as the stories that have been leaked into the UFO community by U.S. intelligence. The aliens are still in control.

I think the evidence shows that the president knows the reality of the phenomena, but realizes that the government has very little control over the situation, especially when it comes to the phenomena of abductions and cattle mutilations. It is this ignorance and lack of control, which has led to a continued cover-up, while officials scramble to get better information about how to deal with these phenomena.

Our knowledge of the White House role and knowledge has been limited by two factors,

  • The lack of records in presidential libraries.

  • The president has only faced the UFO question twice during a news conference in 55 years.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

The only story that I will deal with regarding FDR is a story that is being worked on by CUFOS and the Ohio MUFON people. It involves the longest servicing State Secretary in US history Cordell Hull. Hull won the Nobel Peace Prize for the work he did towards the creation of the United Nations.

He is one of three Nobel Peace Prize winners who have been involved in UFOs. The other two are Jimmy Carter, and former Canadian Prime Minister Lester Pearson.

Hullís story is this. The daughter of his cousin, Reverend Turner Hamilton Holt, came forward a few years back to tell a story of an incident that had occurred in Washington DC in 1939. According to what the Reverend told the family his cousin Cordell Hull had taken him to the sub-basement of the Capitol building during a visit to Washington. There he viewed,

1) Four large glass jars holding 4 creatures

2) A wrecked round craft of some kind nearby

No other supporting evidence is yet available, but MUFON Ohio is still working on it.

Harry S Truman

Harry Truman was, as everyone knows was the president who held the White House at the time of the Roswell crash. Despite the importance of the crash in UFO lore there is very little evidence to be found in White House records to show that Truman had any documented involvement in the handling of the crash.

A display at the Roswell Museum has a display showing a phone call and a meeting with General Hoyt Vandenberg, who is generally acknowledged to be a key player in the Roswell event. The call and meeting were supposed to have occurred on July 9th, the day after the Roswell press release on the crash. According to White House records, however, neither occurred. Vandenburg and other possible key Roswell players did meet on July 10th, but it was only for 10 minutes and then only for the signing of an Air Force Day proclamation.

The following were present:

  • Honorable W. Stuart Symington, Assistant Secretary of War

  • Lt. General Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Acting Deputy Commander

  • Army Air Forces Major General Lauris Norstad

  • General James H. Doolittle

The White House records, however, might not be all that inclusive. Edwin Easley, for example, is shown in White House records to have never had contact with Truman. In direct contradiction to this is a statement by Easleyís daughter who stated her father had promised not to talk after making a promise to the president.

General Roger Ramey is another example of possibly incomplete White House records. White House records show that he never had contact with the president, and yet George Filer of "Filerís Files", stated that Mrs. Ramey had told him during an interview that she and her husband had met Truman and his wife on more than one occasion, and were in fact good friends.

The oral history testimony of Robert Landry, the Air Advisor to President Truman, may also help shed light on why there is no crashed saucer material, or recorded contacts with Roswell participants, in White House files.

Landry told Truman oral historians that he briefed Truman on UFOs orally every three months during his tenure (February 1948 Ė January 1953). He described himself as a go-between to the CIA. As a side light to this, Landry undoubtedly told Truman of the number of radar UFO sightings (described in a second oral history interview) he had while stationed with the 8th Army Air Force in Hawaii during World War 2.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

As I said previously, the president only knows what is told to him by those around him. He can be cut off from knowledge such as Harry Truman was while vice-president under FDR. During his whole time as vice-president he only met with the president twice, and was therefore out of the loop on almost everything that was going on.

When Truman became president he decided that the next president would not end up as president knowing nothing as he had. He set up a series of briefing to be given to the president-elect that would have him ready to govern when sworn in. This is a practice that continues up to the present.

Truman helped brief Eisenhower on many subjects he would need to govern. One of those briefings is the rumored UFO briefing given to Ike in November 1952. This briefing has become famous because of the MJ-12 document mailed to Jamie Shandera in 1984. As my time is limited and others are talking about this document I will not deal with it.

I will say, however, that I have spent a lot of time in the past couple months looking at the concept of "if presidentís gets UFO briefing and what they are told." I will discuss later other examples which show the importance of such briefings.

Now to perhaps the most well known of the presidential UFO stories. This story is the visit of Eisenhower to Palm Springs in February 1954. It was during that visit that the press discovered Ike had disappeared. Panic broke out and one reporter almost got a story on the wire stating that Ike had died of a heart attack.

Ikeís press secretary James Hagerty gained control of the situation saying Ike was at the dentist after having broken a cap eating chicken. Ike reappeared the next morning at church and all was forgotten.

All of the 1950s stories state that Ike had gone to nearby Edwards Air Force Base, and there met with aliens who landed at the base. Ike met with the aliens, heard their message, and thereby decided the world was not ready for this type of information. The story further states it was at this point Ike ordered the real cover-up to start.

In the late 70s and early 80s, when dead aliens became the rage, the story of Ikeís visit to Edwards turned into a visit to see dead alien bodies. Although no 1950 story mentions dead aliens there is actually some evidence to indicate that he may in fact have gone to Edwards to see alien bodies.

A month before Ike made his trip to Palm Springs, the APRO Bulletin published a headline story which stated "A.F. Men Examine UFO: Object Found Near California Oregon Border." Prominent radio commentator Frank Edwards, who broke the story, stated that the object had been moved to a "West Coast US airfield."

An interesting sidelight to this story is the fact that one of the air force men reported to be going to the airfield to investigate the object was none other than J. Allen Hynek.

Finally, related to Eisenhower, is the testimony of Brigadier General Steven Lovekin who stated that he had been shown small UFO wreckage pieces, and that Ike was fully aware of the facts. Lovekin had served with the White House Army Signal Corps. In a conversation with me Lovekin stated that Eisenhower knew what was going on and that Lovekin himself had witnessed Eisenhower talking about UFOs while at Camp David.

Lyndon B. Johnson

During a recent visit to the Lyndon Johnson library in Austin Texas, I spent a week looking at the UFO connection to the 1965 power blackout in the northeast, and the role of the Johnson White House in the crash of an object in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania.

Based on information supplied by Kecksburg expert Stan Gordon and researcher Leslie Kean I was looking for information that would support stories, which showed the involvement of such groups as NASA (who have now agreed to turn over 3 dozen pages of documents they have always claimed they donít have) and the Office of Emergency Planning at the crash site.

My library research involved checking the presidentís movements and contacts between him and his top advisors with the information Stan Gordon had collected related to the crash.

At the time of Kecksburg crash President Johnson was at his White House ranch in Austin, Texas. A careful review of the evidence showed some interesting parallels to what Gordon had discovered about groups reported at the crash scene. These included:

  • James Webb, the head of NASA arrived at the ranch at 9:50 the morning after the crash.

  • All members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff arrived the morning after the crash.

  • The Governor of Pennsylvania arrived at the ranch in afternoon.

On Sunday night, three days after the crash Johnson arrived back at the White House. The next afternoon, Johnson met off the record with Buford Ellington. Ellington was the head of the Office of Emergency Planning, which is inside the Executive Office of the President. This was one of the groups that appeared to have been involved in the Kecksburg crash.

One of the key people under Lionel Ellington was USAF Col. J. Leo Bourassa. He headed up the "Special Facilities Division" within the Office of Emergency Planning. He is the person mentioned in the Blue Book file dealing with the Kecksburg crash.

While at the Johnson library I was looking for files on Bourassa and on the "Special facilities Division" to see how it fit into the Kecksburg crash. What I learned about Bourassa while at the library is that he had also been heavily involved in the 1965 blackout of New York City. In fact, he wrote a report to Ellington detailing his findings. Bourassaís findings hinted at the possible role of UFOs in the blackout.

From the November 23, 1965 Bourassa report we read,

"The lack of specific information at the time, plus the state of confusion that existed in the Northeast U.S., the fact that sabotage, enemy action, and unknown phenomena were all considered possibilitiesÖ"

It was not until I got home that I figured out who J. Leo Bourassa was, and why this might be significant to his involvement in the Kecksburg crash. It turns out that Bourassa was the head of Mount Weather, the nuclear attack proof bunker outside Washington D.C., where the president and top government leaders are taken in case of nuclear attack.

In fact, on September 11 when the Trade Towers were hit, the top 15 government leaders were rounded up by the secret service and taken there, while Cheney directed things in the bunker under the White House.

Bourassa, who at Mount Weather had instant access to the Joint Chiefs of Staff Command center, all the military services, fire departments, NORAD, and other key agencies, was involved in the Kecksburg recovery and may actually have been directing the proper units to the site behind the scenes.

Aerial photographs of Mount Weather show the presidential heliport where the president is dropped off. The tower that directs in the presidentís flight is known as "bluegrass tower." In the Kecksburg Blue Book file right after J. Leo Bourassaís name you will find (Code blue grass). Another connection to the code "bluegrass" is a paranormal CIA project started in 1955, which I havenít confirmed yet.

Another person who adds evidence for this role of Mount Weather in UFOs was Brigadier-General Steven Lovekin who testified for the Briefings held by CSETI for Congressmen and others in April 1997. He stated,

"I was fortunate enough to travel around Washington DC area, and I was fortunate enough to speak to one individual who was a government employee. He was not military. I only knew him as Frank, and I first met him at Mount Weather Virginia, Winchester, which is the place many of you might know where the president in case of attack. He told me at that time, the first time that I saw him, because he knew I was interested in this subject matter, that this place also had facilities to track these UFOs."

Finally, I should mention a final note on the Special Facilities Division. In a 1996 story former USAF physicist Robert Collins posted a chart and a letter to the Internet following the release of "Independence Day."

As a part of that posting, Collins made the following interesting comment.

"The following has been uncovered over the years of research. MJ-12 had a "cover" under which it operated and that cover was reportedly 'The Office of Emergency Preparedness, Special Facilities Division.'"

I followed up on this possible role of the Special Facilities Division in the crash at Kecksburg during a recent trip to the National Archives in Washington but was unable to come up with a single piece of paper on the unit after reviewing almost every box of files from the Office of Emergency Planning.

Richard Nixon

The only Nixon story I wish to deal with in this presentation is the story about President Nixon giving Jackie Gleason access to dead alien bodies. Three separate people claim to have been told the story by Nixon. (Bill Knell, Larry Warren and Beverly Gleason)

The key witness of the three was Beverly Gleason, the second wife of the comedy superstar. We have proof that she wrote a version of the story for the National Enquirer in 1983 four years before Gleasonís death. It was a story that Beverly said made Jackie very angry.

The gist of the story is that Gleason was friends with Nixon. He lived in Miami, Florida near Nixonís southern White House at Key Biscayne. Gleason saw the bodies late one night at Homestead Air Force Base in 1973, which was close to both menís homes. It was also the base where Nixon flew in on his 92 trips to the southern White House.

There is very little supporting evidence other than what Beverly Gleason and the other two witnesses claimed Gleason told them about the event. In only the last few months Mrs. Gleason has reconfirmed the story she told so many years ago as being true.

Gerald Ford

Gerald Ford as most people know was involved in the big flap of UFO sightings in Michigan in the mid-sixties. He helped to initiate a congressional look at the UFO problem.

The only things I wish to bring up about Ford is to play a clip which shows how quickly and dramatically opinions can change once a person enters the White House. Listen to him talk about UFOs before he became president. From the March 26, 1966 "Face The Nation" show the following question and answer.

Q: Mr. Ford, what about flying saucers? Weíve had some in Michigan in the past week. Do you really believe in flying saucers Ė youíve called for a congressional investigation?

Ford: Dave, weíve had several incidents in Michigan in the last week Ė incidents that many reliable good citizens felt were sufficient to justify some action by our government and not the kind of flippant answer given by the Air Force where the passed it off as some "swamp gas."

And in addition there are other incidents that happen from time to time Ė reported by people who I think are basically fully sincere and honest. It seems to me that this mystery which has been around the country with all these various sightings does require that the congress take a good look at it. They should bring up these witnesses from the Air Force and NASA Ė have them interrogated by the members of a House of Senate committee. Let them put their records on the line, and let the people who have seen these unidentified flying objects come and testify. I think the American people would be more assured that there were, or were not, if an effective public hearing were held."

Ford did nothing on the UFO front once he became president or after. It naturally leads to the question of whether there is a big briefing given which changes all presidentsí minds about releasing confirming evidence of UFOs.

Jimmy Carter

It has always been questioned whether Jimmy Carter was told much about evidence such as crashed saucers because he had run his campaign against the Washington insiders. He also got into trouble a couple of times with the U.S. military such as when he cut the defense budget, cancelled the B-1 bomber, leaked the stealth fighter secret.

The evidence now seems to indicate Carter was told and may actually have been told about the crashed saucers.

Now, as background for those of you who did not know Jimmy Carter had seen a UFO, here is his version of the event. He has spoken of this sighting more times than he lusted after women.

"There were about 20 of us standing outside of a little restaurant, I believe, or high school lunch room and a kind of green light appeared in the western sky. This was right after sundown. It got brighter and brighter, and eventually it disappeared. It didnít have a solid substance to it. It was just a very peculiar looking light. None of us could understand what it was. I never made fun of other people who have seen things of that kindÖ"

This admission of a sighting, and a promise Carter made during the campaign to release all UFO information, led to a deluge of 9,000 UFO letters into the White House on UFOs. Here is a picture from within the Carter archives showing the letters.

What most people donít know about the Carter promise is that there was an exception, which I believe relates directly to the crashed saucer subject being discussed here today. Carter made an exception saying he would not release UFO records with national security implications. Here is what he said,

"I donít believe in keeping information like that secret, but there may be some aspects of the UFO information, with which I am not familiar which might be related to some secret experiments that we were doing that involve national security Ė a new weapons system. I surely wouldnít release that, but if it was something removed from our national security, then I as president would go ahead and release it. I see nothing wrong with that."

In a related story, we have the story of the George Bush UFO briefing of President-elect Carter. According to Marcia Smith, a researcher at the Library of Congress, when Carter asked for the files, then CIA Director Bush said Carter did not have the need to know - that being president was not sufficient "need to know." He would have to go to Congress and get the requested UFO documents declassified. The incident and the constant rumors about George H.W. Bushís involvement in UFOs led me to make Bush a part of my "UFO Most Wanted" deck.

An even more important story comes from prominent civil rights attorney Daniel Sheehan. He was called in by Marcia Smith as a consultant on two studies she was preparing for President Jimmy Carter. One study was on UFOs, and the second was on extraterrestrial intelligence. Sheehan is famous for his legal work on the Pentagon papers, the Karen Silkwood case, Iran-Contra, and several other important cases.

Sheehanís story is that he had gained access to the classified Blue Book files, through the efforts of Marcia Smith. In a vault in the basement of the Madison Building in Washington, D.C., Sheehan found pictures of a crashed flying saucer. This is information that he reported back to Smith. Smith, in turn, would have undoubtedly have related this discovery to the president in her study. Here is Sheehanís account

"Back in 1977 when I was asked to participate as a special consultant to the Library of Congress Research Group analysis for President Carter, I was given access to The Project Blue Book files Ė the classified sections of them in preparation for a seminar I was asked to present to the top 50 scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California in the SETI program. (on the religious implications of extraterrestrial contact) In that context I was allowed to review the classified second of the Blue Book project.


In that section I came across absolutely clear pictures, photographs of a UFO that was on the ground. It had apparently crashed and it was stuck in the side of an embankment. There was snow all around in the photograph, and there were United States Air Force personnel in the photograph measuring this particular craft. There were photographs of them. You could see in a number of these photographs. There were actually close up photos of different perspectives of the vehicle. They actually had insignia on the side of the vehicle. They had taken close-up pictures of these.


So when I saw this in the context that I had been allowed in this room downstairs in the new building of the Library of Congress. It hadnít even been opened yet. This was a new building. They had a big special room downstairs. There were Air Force guards at the door. When I actually saw these photographs in the files, I said,

"Well now that I have seen this, and I know that the United States Air Force has these photographs Ė that theyíve got this vehicle. Theyíve obviously got it. Here are the photographs."

Further evidence that Carter was briefed and told of UFOs and crashed saucers come from a leaked document that was put out by Bill Moore in the late 1980s. It purports to be notes related to a UFO briefing given to Carter on June 14, 1977. As this is a very complex issue, and this is a very short lecture I will leave out discussion of it. It is one of a series of UFO briefing rumors I am working on.

The most important evidence that Jimmy Carter may have been told of crashed saucers, and chose not to release it, comes from a 1995 interview with Shirley MacLaine on the Larry King show. In a call-in question, Florida UFO researcher Art Greenfield asked about a claim that was made a couple weeks before by actor Nicholas Cage. In that claim Shirley MacLaine had told him that Jimmy Carter had been shown a crashed saucer and bodies. Here is the question and Shirley MacLaineís reply. Keep in mind that Nicholas Cage stands by his claim.

Larry King: "Cocoa Florida with Shirley MacLaine, hello.

Art Greenfield: "Hello, Good evening Larry and Shirley, About two weeks ago, Nicholas Cage was on the Letterman Show and said Shirley had told him that President Carter had told her he had seen recovered alien spacecraft and aliens in a hanger. Can you tell me exactly what President Carter said?"

Shirley MacLaine: "He didn't tell me that, but he told me many times that when I first wrote "Out On A Limb" that he would support me, that it was true, that there were crafts, that he believed there were occupants, why should we be the only people in the universe. He wanted to shine the sunshine laws on intelligence, to expose it, to see how the people would react, but he didn't and wouldn't and couldn't as he explained to me."

Ronald Reagan

Ronald Reagan was a president who was interested in the paranormal. Any number of stories could be told about his comments on the White House ghost, or the fact that he claimed his father spoke to him during his funeral. The Reagan White House actually had people hired to keep Reagan away from school children asking questions after speeches because, as Marlin Fitzwater said, "The goddamnest things would come out of his mouth." Reagan had two UFO sightings.

There are a couple quick crashed saucer related stories that I would like to share. The first centers on the visit of Steven Spielberg to the White House in June 1982 to screen ET Ė The Extraterrestrial to Reagan and 36 other people.

The story of ET is actually the fictionalized version of the live alien story that has been circulated by U.S. intelligence inside the UFO community many times over the last 55 years. As the story goes a live alien was recovered from a crash in the late 1940s, and it died in captivity in 1952.

Reagan sat beside Spielberg during the screening. According to the story that Spielberg told to film producer Jamie Shandera near the end of the screening Reagan leaned over to Spielberg and stated, "I bet there arenít six people in this whole room who know how true this all is." Spielberg was shocked by the statement but was unable to get future details from the president as Reagan left for bed as soon as it was over.

A couple months after seeing ET Ė The Extraterrestrial - President Reagan made an appearance at the old Roswell Army Air Base. There in front of the west hanger where the bodies and craft pasts from the Roswell crash were rumored to have been held for a short period before being shipped to WPAFB, Reagan made a campaign speech for Senator Harrison Schmitt then running for re-election. In case you are wondering, Reagan did mention ET in the speech.

As a side note to this Vice President Dick Cheney also showed up at the Roswell base to make a speech in 1992. Cheney has long been rumored to be an inside player on the critical information such as crashed saucers, so I have put him in my "UFO Most Wanted" deck as the King of Clubs.

Another Reagan story is the involvement and knowledge of Frank Carlucci, a key person in the military industrial complex, and Reaganís former national security advisor. One of Steve Greerís disclosure witnesses tells of Carlucci being a key figure in a Top Secret air show at Norton Air Force Base in 1988, where an alien reproduction vehicle was shown off.

Carlucci is also in my "UFO Most Wanted" deck, holding one of the highest cards.

Finally on Reagan, let me quickly discuss the role of your present Secretary of State Colin Powell. Powell was Reaganís last National Security advisor. He told presidential historian Lou Cannon that one of his roles in the Reagan White House was to keep the alien references out of Reaganís speeches. He stated he worked hard to keep the alien invasion remarks out lest people think there actually was an alien invasion.

Powell stated that whenever Reagan brought up aliens in meetings, he would roll his keys and whisper to his colleagues "Here comes the little green men again."

Powell stated further that the concept of Star Wars was an idea that Reagan got from the 1951 movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still." Now billions are being spent on the idea.

Bill Clinton

Clinton, like Jimmy Carter, had problems with the military. He, like Jimmy Carter, had also run as a Washington outsider against the Washington insiders. He referred to them as the "F***king Washington crowd"

He should, therefore, not have been surprised when the Washington insiders, who told the UFO secrets, chose not to play ball with Clinton.

Clinton did many things, which upset the military such appearing to dodge the Vietnam War, and making a promise to put gays in the military.

It was these kind of things that have led to the idea that Clinton may have been cut out of the UFO situation. One of the stories that has been told to support this idea is a story told by Dr. Steven Greer about the late White House reporter Sarah McClendon, and her question to Clinton about UFOs. Here is what Greer said on the Art Bell show.

"You know Bill Clinton leaned over and told Sarah McClendon, who hosted us at the National Press Club on May 9th Ė this is a story I havenít told, and Iím going to tell you now. She told me this. Bill Clinton leaned over to her and said, because she brought up this issue to Bill Clinton saying, "Why donít you do something about what Dr. Greer and this group are trying to do?" He bent over and he said, "Sarah, thereís a secret government within the government, and I donít control it."

What I wish to discuss today about the Clinton presidency is the Clinton connection to the Roswell story. The Clinton Roswell crash story started just after Clinton entered the White House in 1993. Billionaire Laurance Rockefeller had seen a documentary on Roswell. He was amazed by what he saw. He decided it was time to go to the president and get him to declassify all UFO files, despite warnings from researchers such as Bud Hopkins who were telling him this is not how it worked.

Rockefellerís presidential effort was cut of at the pass by Bill Clintonís science advisor Dr. Jack Gibbons, a self acclaimed UFO skeptic. Gibbons handled Rockefellerís questions and concerns related to declassifying the UFO files from 1993 to 1996.

Gibbons told Rockefeller that the request to declassify all UFO files would be impossible if the cover-up was as widespread as Rockefeller was claiming. Gibbons proposed taking one case and trying to get it declassified. They would then have a pattern to follow.

Rockefeller thought about it, and said that this one case idea would be fine. He was choosing the Roswell case. Thus began a move to get the facts on Roswell. The USAF started their study on what really happened in 1947.

Bill and Hillary Clinton are most well known for their interest in UFOs, and their efforts to get to the bottom of the Roswell crash. Looking back at the 1,000 pages of UFO material that was released to me by the Clinton White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, it appears that Hillary may have been dealing with the UFO issue for the president.

The OSTP files reveal that much of the Rockefeller effort to declassify the Roswell case was being passed through Hillary Clintonís office in the West Wing of the White House.

In a November 1, 1995 letter from Rockefellerís lawyer Henry Diamond to Dr. Gibbons, Diamond discussed a draft letter to the president on UFO disclosure that he felt it was now time for the president to see. Further Diamond talked about how Mrs. Clinton and her staff had been helping Laurance Rockefeller to edit the UFO letter to the president.

Laurance Rockefeller, head of the UFO Disclosure Initiative to Clinton White House

walks with rumored UFO Insider Dick Cheney.


In a second letter written by Laurance Rockefeller to Dr. Gibbons, Rockefeller stated,

"You indicated that you will keep the First Ladyís office informed and we shall as well."

As I have said President Clinton was very interested in the Roswell crash case. It was even known that he had a book on Roswell in his private library. Some of his top officials, however, claimed to be ignorant of Roswell. One such official was Anthony Lake who was speechless when asked a question about Roswell on the Diane Rehm Washington DC talk show. Diane Rehm was forced to go to commercial to bail him out.

In a second appearance on the show Lake talked about Roswell. He made the claim that he as National Security Advisor to the president was "out of the loop."

"Just one minute. I would like to thank you for saving, if not my life at least some embarrassment when I once did this (show). I think it was the second caller who called in and asked me about Roswell Air Base, and there was this stunned blank look on my face. I had no idea what he was talking about. You said very generously "Itís time to take a break."


Over the break you explained to me that we might or might not be keeping an alien at Roswell Air Force Base. I had never before been let into this conspiracy, even as National Security advisor, so I didnít know what to say. I tried to prove a negative afterwards that there is no alien being held there. What I should have said is that in fact the alien does not look anything like the alien in Independence Day Ė the movie. Anyway I want to thank you for stepping in."

Anyway, in response to the push by the White House the USAF Headquarters released their report on the Roswell crash in late 1995. It was titled "The Roswell Report: Fact vs. Fiction in the New Mexico Desert." It concluded that there was nothing to the alien spaceship theory.

President Clinton was not amused. In a speech on November 30, 1995 he answered back to the USAF. It was a speech given in Belfast Northern Ireland in front of 80,000 people, and I can assure you after a couple weeks at the Reagan Library studying how presidential speeches are put together, the reference to Roswell was intentional. Nothing gets in a presidential speech that is not there for a specific reason.

There had been a letter writing competition in Northern Ireland. School children wrote letters to the visiting U.S. president and the two winning letter writers were on the stage with Clinton during his speech. Neither of their letters, however, was read. Instead, Clinton answered a letter from Ryan who was asking about Roswell. This is what Clinton stated,

"I got a letter from 13-year-old Ryan from Belfast. Now, Ryan, if you're out in the crowd tonight, here's the answer to your question. No, as far as I know, an alien spacecraft did not crash in Roswell, New Mexico, in 1947."

A couple days following this speech the Air Force published a news story on the release of the USAF Roswell report. They quoted the above Clinton statement stating that he had therefore agreed with the USAF conclusion. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

As with any argument, it is only as strong as the facts one wishes to leave out. Here is the very next line of what Clinton said in the speech. It was a clear shot across the bow of the Air Force stating that he wanted more answers.

"And, Ryan, if the United States Air Force did recover alien bodies, they didn't tell me about it, either, and I want to know."

So in 1997, the USAF decided the screw the president with yet another Roswell report, this one called "The Roswell Report: Case Closed." Answering the presidentís order that he wanted to know about the bodies, the Air Force spent much of the report dreaming up the bizarre notion that dummies dropped in 1953 explained why people in 1947 were reporting bodies in connection with the Roswell crash.

George W. Bush

My final story is a key story dealing with the role in the inside workings of the UFO story as it applies to Vice President Dick Cheney. Cheney has held many key government positions, has been tied into the military industrial complex for years, and has been the focal point of many stories dealing with Area 51 and crashed saucers.

In April 2001, just after entering the White House I had a chance to question Cheney on UFOs. He was on the Diane Rehm talk show announcing that the U.S. had just recovered a plane from China that the Chinese had shot down claiming to be a spy plane. Cheney was in a victorious mood, until the questions started. I was first up with the UFO question and all the rest of the questions were on Halliburton. I donít think he has appeared on an open-line talk show since.

The question I asked him was the key question of briefings. Because of his background I wanted to know if he had been involved in anything official dealing with the UFO subject, defined by the question of whether anyone had every walked in his office and given him a briefing. The Q&A went as follows,

Question: Good morning. Mr. Cheney, I have a question. Since a statement made by George Bush last July there has been a vicious rumor in the UFO community that you have been "read-in" to the UFO program. My question to you is, in any of your government jobs have you ever been briefed on the subject of UFOs, and if you have when was it and what were you told?

Cheney: Well, if I had been briefed on that, I am sure it would have been classified, and I couldnít talk about it.

Host question: Is there an investigation going on within this administration Mr. Vice President with regards to UFOs?

Cheney: UmÖ I have not come across the subject since Iíve been back Ė I guess itís January 20th. Iíve been in a lot of meetings but I donít recall one on UFOs.

Cheney has always been considered to be a smart man, but he slipped up on this answer. This is probably because he was not expecting the question.

The government has always stated that all UFO material has been released, and there is no cover-up. Cheney however clearly stated that the subject was "probably classified.í If it is classified, there are documents. If there are documents the government has not released them, and we have been lied to. There is a cover-up.

I hope my presidential tales have added to your knowledge of what is going on.