Westchester Camp Office of Central Research #3
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Alien Life Forms





This document is the alleged result of the actions of one or more scientists creating a covert, unauthorized notebook documenting their involvement with an Above Top Secret government program. Government publications and information obtained by the use of public tax monies cannot be subject to copyright. This document is released into the public domain for all citizens of the United States of America.





  1. The Invisible Government

  2. Facts About Aliens On Earth - Code: Omnidata

  3. Cattle Mutilations

  4. The Antarian Connection - Code: Omnicord

  5. Crop Circles Phenomena - Code: Sec

  6. The Dulce Base - Code: J.B. Ill

  7. Some Kinds Of Alien Life Forms We Know About (An Anthropological Analysis)

  8. Alien Technology

  9. U.S. Government Secret Technology

  10. Alien Abductions

  11. Inculcation Devices And The Practice Of Manipulation Of The Mind - Code: Nar

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