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The purpose of this article is to examine the suggestion that the current wave of UFO activity that began in 1947 with Kenneth Arnolds sighting over the Cascade Mountains was deliberately caused by a series of magickal workings carried out by occultists. Over fifty years later, the UFO wave is still being actively encouraged by certain secret societies intent on using extraterrestrial knowledge to steer the course of human evolution.

The name Aleister Crowley is synonymous with secret societies and occult workings. Revered in occult circles as the master of occult matters his name still evokes vehement horror in the minds of some, who regard him as the anti Christ personified. A master self-publicist and anti-establishmentarian, he adopted the magical number 666 as his own and positively embraced "The Beast" label the largely ignorant British press gave him in response to this.

What has a Hermetic magician and high ranking member of several secret societies (The Freemasons, Golden Dawn, Order of the Silver Star, Thelma and O.T.O) have to do with extraterrestrials, you may ask.

The answer lies in the rather interesting drawing that Crowley made in 1918. It shows an alien intelligence that he came into contact with during a series of invocations called the Amalantrah workings that he carried out in New York over a three month period in 1918. Crowley was in the practice of sketching the beings that he encountered during his evocations to add to the detailed written records that he kept of all his magickal workings.

The Amalantrah working was part of what Crowley termed ‘The Great Work,' the intentional cultivation of spiritual growth. According to Crowley part of the great work involved "the establishment of contact with non-human intelligences" - in other words, beings that were not of this world -- or what we would term extraterrestrials.

The purpose of the Amalantrah invocations, by Crowley's own admission, was to open an interdimensional portal that would allow him access to beings from other dimensions. One of the beings that came through this portal, the one Crowley sketched was named Lam. Lam it should be noted is regarded by occultists as a generic entity rather than an individual being. The drawing seems to bear a startling resemblance to the popular conception of a Gray.

The picture of Lam itself can certainly be considered genuine as it has a verifiable history. Crowley actually included the portrait of Lam in his 'Dead Souls exhibition' held in Greenwich Village, New York, in 1919. It was also used as an illustration to H.P. Blavatsky’s book The Voice of the Silence (below image) around the same time.

Beneath the picture Blavatsky wrote:

"Lam is the Tibetan word for Way or Path, and LAMA is He who Goeth, the specific title of the Gods of Egypt, the Treader of the Path, in Buddhistic phraseology."

When the Amalantrah working were complete, Crowley ensured that the portal he had used to grant Lam access to our world was sealed.

The original drawing of Lam was given to Kenneth Grant, one of Crowley’s brightest students and eventual successor as head of O.T.O in 1945. Grants interest in the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) phenomena is long-standing and his position as head of O.T.O has enabled him to pursue and develop this interest among he membership of his organization.

In 1955 Grant announced the discovery of a trans-plutonian planet called Isis. It was at this time that he established an order called the New Isis Lodge OTO for the purpose of contacting higher intelligences.

The story goes that in the late 1980s, Grant allegedly received "messages" that led to him conclude that Crowley's portrait of Lam could be used to provide a focus point for the extraterrestrial energy that had originally been invoked in 1918. Why it took Grant so long to realize this is unclear, as using such objects as a point of focus is not uncommon in occult circles. Possibly it was the scale of the activity that Grant realized needed to be increased to allow the potential of Lam was to be fully realized.

To promote and regulate use of the portrait amongst his societies members, Grant wrote a text called the Lam Statement. The purpose of the Lam statement was to,

"regularize the mode of rapport and construct a magical formula for establishing communication with Lam."

This coincided with Grant's creation of a second subdivision of the O.T.O -- The Cult of Lam. The invocation of Lam or the beings we know as Grays was thus officially endorsed by O.T.O. Despite the fact that Crowley had been meticulous in his sealing of the portal. In 1918, when occultists invoked Lam, Lam entered through the portal that he created. How is this possible? To answer that question we have to examine the activities of two other well known occultists.

Two of Crowley’s unofficial 'students' during his final years were L. Ron Hubbard, who later founded the Scientology movement, and the charismatic Jack Parsons who founded the Jet Propulsion Laboratories. The pair of them studied Crowley's work at length, especially in relation to the interdimensional portal that Crowley had created using his extensive occult knowledge.

Crowley was concerned at what he saw as the pair's recklessness when dealing with higher energies. Having spent a lifetime mastering his interaction with supernatural forces, he considered them overconfident and inexperienced and told them as much, finally ceasing all communication with them. Neither man would be deterred and Hubbard and Parsons proceeded to work with the dormant portal that Crowley had left almost 30 years earlier.

Thus in 1946, they began what is known in occult circles as the Babalon workings. The intention was to use "sex magick" to create a "child" in the spiritual realms. They would then "call down" the spiritual baby and direct it into the womb of a female volunteer (thought to be Marjorie Cameron, whom Parsons later married) where it would manifest as "human" after the usual nine month period of gestation. When born, this child would incarnate the forces of Babalon -- the Scarlet woman of Revelations which in occult circles symbolizes the dawning of the Age of Horus, the new age. The Babalon working not only reopened the portal, it also increased its intensity and made it highly unstable. The Babalon workings were well documented and many say seem to highlight Parson's and Hubbard's inability to close the portal that they had reopened and which seemed to have slipped from their control.

It's interesting to consider the time frame between Hubbard and Parsons reopening the interdimensional portal or what we could easily term a stargate and the wave of extraterrestrial activity and UFO sightings that began with the Kenneth Arnold's sighting of nine "flying silver disks" over the cascade Mountains in June 1947, not long after the Roswell incident, were it was alleged that aliens --quite possibly Grays-- had crashed in a flying saucer. UFO activity has been steady since then. It could well be (although we can't say for sure) that these extraterrestrial visitors are accessing the planet through this reopened and highly unstable portal.

An interesting point is that both the Amalantrah workings and the Babalon workings were conducted in America which seems to be the place that attracts the most interest from the Grays, suggesting that the site of the workings themselves provides a focus point or a marker of some description for the Greys.

The Cult of Lam still continues to encourage its members to invoke Lam.

Kenneth Grant has been quoted as saying,

"Lam is a Great Old One whose archetype is recognizable in accounts of UFO occupants."

The Lam (or Greys) continue to be invoked by the cult of Lam and encouraged to interact with humanity in order to further the spiritual and conscious development of mankind. On the subject of invoking Lam, Grant says,

"To gaze into the eyes of this entity is to invite potent contact. One feels an immediate sensation of lightness, of weightlessness, and then a sensation of falling...of being sucked into a vortex...."

This sounds very similar to witness testimony provided by contactees who have encountered Grays.

The Stargate or stellar rift between time and space, created by Crowley’s Amalantrah Working, created a portal through which Lam and other extra-cosmic influences can enter the known universe. Although Crowley himself was careful to seal this portal on the completion of the working, subsequent magical operations have served to reopen the portal and leave it in a state whereby extraterrestrial beings can use it to access our world.


Whether or not this is actually true, it is clear that many in occult circles do believe that this to be the case and that the being known as Lam is in fact a Gray. It is the intention of a certain occultists to encourage the Grays' interaction with mankind, anticipating that they hold the key to the spiritual evolution of humanity.