by Andrew Hennessey

from EyePod Website





A spook once said at the meeting of a society allegedly pledged to compare philosophy, religion and science that relativism was the enemy. Yet it is only by the power of analogy that we can reshape our world.

I wish to assert that our solar system is a mini model, a microcosm of the greater superstructure in the bigger cosmos.


It is also an analogy for the relative numbers and distribution of biological form that shows mankind as a special study of great importance to insectoid evolution.

Insectoid numbers and diversity on planet earth relative to man are overwhelming, but the models for insectoid consciousness are collective and hive, whereas the consciousness of man tends to be solo or binary.

The upward surge of insectoid evolution as it collects and collates and stores and computes its collective logistics produces the logic of the totalitarian hive.


Devoid of the passions of human biology, such mating relationships are specialized and also permanently redundant as a modus operandii – being governed by the Queen and other natural rhythms and factors.

The human race has been studied as a model for insectoid evolution since the passions of the Fall of Atlantis.


The evolutionary step in consciousness from hive interdependent to individually motivated though is a step that not all insectoid life wishes to take. Variously because of what goes wrong in the crimes of unreason in human sociology.

Beings whom we call 'the greys' – an umbrella term for many hundreds of political and species efforts have been charting and measuring the artificial model of humanity on the planets surface for millennia.

At first policing the prisoners of the Fall after the atlan wars – e.g. called 'the Grigori' in the book of Enoch – and serving to heal the many broken spirits on behalf of the Anunnaki/reptilian soul group.





This fact commemorated in many works throughout time – e.g. Grimms; Teutonic Mythology of 1901CE or the Reverend Robert Kirk's 1697CE Secret Commonwealth of Elves Fauns and Faeries, or in the many instances of carvings and other archaeological artifacts.


More recent fictions concerning the 20th century e.g. 1947 CE treaty failure etc were put in place only to give the intelligent middle classes someone to blame for the lack of star travel.


The planets surface though is a locked down hospital/prison with most inmates in states of amnesia and skill-less incapacity.

With agreements made by all who participated – life to life and the lives beyond within and between times – we all – including the insectoids require an opportunity to evolve.


Working with the unhealthy human spirit and the diseased powermongers as they play their role out in a bad version of Disneyland – all the crimes and criminality of human passion, all the sick temptations we can imagine are studied to provide an account of the worst nightmares of spiritual disease that can befall the binary logic of human choice.


These feats of biologic are all recorded and studied so that the evolutionary choices of insectoid souls can be informed of the obvious errors between themselves and God.





Here they can also practice the Christian message.


Our worst nightmares and our greatest hopes can be magnified by our prison warders/hospital doctors for the humans in this artificial simulation called the Earth's surface.

Humans who have made great errors and mistakes have signed up here to be patients or inmates with the baby toys and baby technologies of this important nursery.

We have our own contingent of helpers and spiritual partners and friends who are attempting to support us through the artificial limitations of life on earth.

No-one is born without their choice and no-one experiences what they have not allowed for by their choices.

Here the dark side of the galaxy is allowed to wander – and those who wish to make the choices can go with them or test themselves against the dark.

The great effort of Christian Saints and Angels in a very Catholic way stand ready to welcome and guide the growing spirits of humankind and insectoid life home via the way of Christ.

Love others as you would love yourself.

The one great cascade of life force conveyed in the society of sharing, giving and commune is an indication of how great and how compatible the insectoid experiment is with the life of Christ and the will of God.

The first shall be last, and the last shall be first – it may well be then that the Wedding of the Lamb will receive trillions of late guests – all suitably clothed.

There will be thousands of insectoid forms hostile to such evolution – but evidence suggests that benevolent interaction with some of the insectoid species here that really count – have uncovered a vast Empire and technological web and concourse of Beings all striving for social and personal perfection.


They take human form and live with us – they suffer with us and they have lived through our temporary human acts since the days when we had thousands of years of memory and skills to call upon.


They will be our future human partners and friends.


Their choice is the spiritual and social choice – the way of nurture and the way of God. Governments want the inmate zombies to be afraid of them … but beyond our human limitations and fears is a time for choice – do we want to work with the light or do we want to solicit the many dark agencies allowed here to go off with them.

Our thoughts and motives and prayers are obvious and transparent to all.

The study on earth, once concluded shortly, will provide much of the evolutionary data needed for the relatively naοve insectoid soul aspiring to individual strength and binary relationships.


This data provides insights that are stronger than the hive could simulate.


Some of us may be recycled prisoners and criminals – some may be hospital patients – some of us may be surfing with superpowers on a power trip – but all of us have the choice to be either social as defined by Christ or desolate.

These are the times and lessons of choice that need never come to the insectoid aspirants thanks to our ongoing contribution to both our own growth and the evolution of trillions of human-like souls.


Learning from the mistakes of what is sexual but not discarding the unique color of what is masculine and feminine – truer forms of sexual commitment can be evolved here for the future.


In the tales of the Gfed – Christ was relegated to a part of a contribution – but for certain the real insectoid Empire that is the driving force behind the computations of planet earth for at least 20.000 years who teamed up with the Fallen and the Els soulgroup have promised a Christian future to all.

It was Christ who said in Mark that,

'anyone who does the will of God, that person is my brother and sister and mother.'

The truth of Christ – is that He gave us the formulae that would regenerate and heal us and create matter out of energy and love. Such a truth – bypasses the logic of dark bubbling clone vats forever, though many insectoid Beings wish to live in a degenerate cycle.

That is their choice.

From our 1697CE Rev Kirk's accounts we know that the Beings in charge of our hospital can generate bodies around their sparks. Not the same order of beings as the others who have come here to harvest the darkness.





By looking at the following cosmology model – we must apply the well known adage – as above so below – it's a truth that the insectoid Empire pursuing human evolution [rather than its biology] has portals to and footholds in the other cosmii – and is a huge Empire because it has found the logic of nurture to be the greatest and best choice for all who agreed to be part of it.


This is a time for choices – the evolutionary tree beckons us further – light is beckoning to us – but such light is not denied to any soul that wants to partake of it.





Our sun and planets conform to harmonic principles that are somewhat similar to atomic behavior.

Of course the establishment has sat on harmonic principles for centuries not wishing the human race to escape.


The big Masonic motto 'order and chaos' the 33rd degree is a dead giveaway that chaos science is the second ordering principle in the Cosmos – for as we have known for millennia and not told – order emerges for free out of chaos causing fusion and free lunches.


Also at the heart of the matter amongst the transitional elements of a transitional planet in a tertiary cluster of recycled stardust there emerged life almost spontaneously by the non-Darwinic law of Emergence – a gift of chaos – a free lunch.


The ease of emergence of self-assembling DNA has been wholly or partially modelled by; Goodwin, Kauffman and Langton. e.g. [] 'self assembling autocatalytic polymers'.

In our solar system, the nine or twelve planets circle the Sun at harmonic intervals with their distribution of elements tending to be the most diverse in the centre of the chain of planets at planet Earth, non-metallic to the exterior fringe, heavier metallic towards the star, and mirror in many ways the periodic table of elements.


Complexity and Life is always in the middle – at the heart of all energy or chemical interactions.

In the central transitional elements of the periodic table of chemical elements, exactly where Earth is in this analogy, complex interactions in both our biochemistry and the chemical elements of our solar system can be sustained by a self-regulating equilibrium.


On the one side the entropy we know – on the other side the free emergence that we are banned from knowing. In the centre of the traditional periodic table of chemistry's square arrangement of chemical elements are the transitional elements, and also iron and carbon upon which facilitative platform biological life is based.

In the centre of the solar system we have planet Earth home to biological carbon and iron based life taking up diverse chemical themes whilst noble gases accrue in Jupiter and Saturn and the more metallic planets are parked closer to the sun.


By a law of mass and ratios it is no random chance that the planets are so aligned, for as the elements of chemistry have harmonic signatures, distributions and properties, so have the planetary orbits and the tendencies of the planetary geology.


Our solar system therefore looks like the periodic table of chemistry – I posit, but it doesn't stop there, for so does the galaxy.

The new 2005 chemical galaxy periodic table conforming to Newland's 1884 Law of Octaves shows the elements arranged by harmonic intervals spiralling out from the centre like the archetypal spiral galaxy each lined up at different harmonics.


It was Rae Tomes in 1992 who spotted from calculations in redshift that the stars and galaxies move apart from one another at harmonic intervals.

The cosmos therefore is a harmonic based chaos system.


'Order and Chaos' the watchword of a secret society pledged to stifle the truth. Chaos structures such as the vortex – a spiral weather system performing harmonic mathematics in scales as small as the subatomic ether to as large as the supercluster show that the cosmos is based on the rules of harmony and chaos.

The chaos spiral or vortex of the 'chemical galaxy' could very well be the model for the archetypal atom which can facilitate no more than an octet of eight electrons in a shell [Pauli Exclusion Principle].

Every where we look in the microcosm, we can begin to see the macrocosm – very much 'as above, so below'. Another free gift of chaos is free energy or emergence.


Also noted as a rewarming after the Big Bang and a rewarming after quantum particles tear away from one another, the Unruh Effect illustrates that the chaos law of emergence supplies the material we can see with the substance of the ether that we cannot. When we tear away the particle or mass - the top of the fire hydrant from its locality we release the powers that supply it.


Particles are watery harmonic 3D swirls in the turbulence of ether –they are not isolated billiard balls and when they are scooped out, nature abhors a vacuum and fills it for free. [Unruh Effect]


Such fluid and particulate turbulence have been noted in the flamelike properties of electromagnetic discharges. For as fire burns in air and oxygen following air turbulence – so too is the effect of etheric turbulence on travelling particles in an electromagnetic discharge – producing fire in the atmosphere of the ether.

Chaos and turbulence models at all scales show that the universe is unified with itself and is a chaos and fluid system operating on harmonic principles.

From the many diverse analogies that can be derived from 'as above, so below' I would like to make the assertion that the superstructure of our own cosmic bubble in the greater cosmic foam conforms to the structural analogy of the solar system. In particular, our solar system.

Superclusters tend to form helices and spirals like the harmonic ingredients of DNA so to take the analogy of the solar system further, let superclusters in the cosmos be equivalent to biological life on planet earth.

An arithmetic array that subtracts rows and columns of recycling 1-13 that comprise all possible harmonic intervals on the scale produces helical DNA patterns called 'the loom of Maya'. Helices are common to harmonics and harmonics are common to the ether and particles.

In this analogy, each biological lifeform is a supercluster on the planets surface.

The structure, geography and distribution of biological life on planet Earth can be used as an analogy like this because the Earth itself is an effect of a harmonic distribution in both a physical and chemical sense.

By also using an anthropocentric analogy we can further suggest that some rainforest canopies of biology/DNA – our superclusters - have sandwich layers of primary and secondary supercluster elements and properties, whilst some have tertiary qualities and lifeforms like the elements of the milky way and our own cluster.


We can say that intelligent as we know it life is anthropoid and it is a tertiary product.

We can assert that anthropoid life is relatively rare in comparison to e.g. phylum insecta.

  • It may be for instance in Cosmic life that the insectoid formula is prevalent more than the anthropomorphic.

  • In nature in Earth, this formula holds, whilst bacterial and viral life is in even greater abundance.

  • It would follow that anthropomorphic life and relativity is rare in our cosmic bubble and perhaps other bubbles too. By using the structural model of the Earth as our bubble and the distribution of DNA like the helical patterns of the superclusters themselves we can predict that they tend to be distributed around a big planetary sphere or bubble in which is dense low frequency material.

There will be some 'biological' life-bearing/constellations and clusters inside the geology and core of the supercluster bubble, but these may not be life as we know it. Perhaps taking the inference of a dark underworld in need of light or energy.


With superclusters arraigned around the periphery of the cosmic bubble on the surface of the sphere, there would be a central sun, the light of God holding our planet cosmic bubble in place, and almost certainly side by side in a harmonic pattern would be a whole solar system of adjacent planes or planet bubbles to which we are adjoined.


Perhaps some containing supercluster forms and biology and life as we would recognize it.

This analogy would suggest that the Cosmos and the Cosmic foam is a vast place held together by the bright lifegiving love of God – at the very least the physical lifeforce that drives the ecosystem of superclusters and is in it and which binds every form together in the light.

Using the organic analogy further, knowing what we know about the suns output and global warming – it may be that the life force of the beings in the supercluster coated bubble will be driven to the challenge of growth and spiritual and material evolution in some future epoch – to collaborate to travel the vast distances between the next cosmic portal and bubble beyond the little set of bubbles in our local solar system cosmos.