by William F. Hamilton III

May 11, 2005

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I was enthralled as a teenager to read the story of George Adamski who rode out to Desert Center, California on November 20, 1952 to meet a visitor from the planet Venus, an event attested to by six witnesses who signed a notarized statement.

Biologists believe that human life is a product of the long evolutionary processes that are unique to Earth. They consider it extremely unlikely that we would someday encounter human forms from another planet.


This popular view has prevailed to the degree that most scientists reject the stories of the contacteés. They also point out that other planets in our own solar system do not have atmospheres conducive to human life as we know it. Venus has a hothouse atmosphere and it bears down on the Venusian surface at a pressure 90 times greater than earth’s atmosphere at sea level.

George Adamski had described his meeting with a man at Desert Center and remarking that the flesh of his hand was as smooth as a baby’s, but firm and warm. His hands were slender with long tapering fingers. He was only five feet six inches in height and looked like he weighed about 135 pounds.


Adamski estimated his age at 28. He had a round face with an extremely high forehead; large, but calm gray-green eyes, slightly aslant at the outer corners with slightly higher cheek bones than an Occidental; a finely chiseled average size mouth with beautiful white teeth that shone... skin coloring that is an even, medium-colored suntan... and it did not look like he ever had to shave for there was no more hair on his face than a child’s.


His hair was sandy in color and hung in beautiful waves to his shoulders. His clothing was a one-piece garment... it’s color was chocolate brown... a band about eight inches in width circled his waste... it was definitely a woven material... there was a sheen about the whole garment... saw no zippers, buttons, buckles, fasteners, or pockets of any kind... nor seams as our garments show.


He wore no ring or ornament of any kind.



Adamski meets Orthon

near Desert Center, California on November 20, 1952


Contrast Adamski’s description with that given by Travis Walton when he was abducted in 1975.


Travis saw a human being, a man about six feet two inches tall. He was muscular and was evenly proportioned. He wore a tight-fitting bright blue suit of material that looked like soft velour. He had course, sandy-blond hair of medium length. He had a dark complexion, like a deep, even tan. He had no beard or mustache. In fact, a stubble or dark shadows of whiskers were not even visible.

Contacteé Orfeo Angelluci saw a beautiful man with extremely large, dark and expressive eyes and noble features. He was wearing a kind of uniform, bluish in color, perfectly tailored and tightly fitted to the outline of his body. But it was apparently without seams, buttons, pockets, trimmings, or design of any sort.

Howard Menger describes a beautiful woman he met sitting on a rock. She had on a uniform which had a shimmering, shiny texture... the clothing had no buttons, fasteners, or seams that he could discern.



Howard recreates scene with space woman

Venusian Friend according to Howard Menger


Human extraterrestrials have been reported in Mexico, South America, and Europe as well.


All of them have demonstrated extraordinary telepathic abilities. The uniforms they wear, first described by the contacteés, are similar to those described by abductees in a later era. Some of these visitors reportedly blend in with us and could not be readily identified if they wore our clothing and make-up. This implies that they have a genetic kinship with earth humans and have evolved under similar biochemical and biophysical conditions to those found on earth.


Their actual origin is unknown, but if they are from other planets or dimensions, then their existence is a challenge to our scientific dogma.




Sernia was from Mars!

Sernia was from Mars.


She lived on Earth in the California city of Santa Monica in the 1950s, the era of flying saucers and contacteés. Every year the curious and the believers flocked to a place in the Southern California desert known as Giant Rock.




In 1958 I went to Giant Rock with John McCoy and Rick Williamson to meet with George Van Tassel. Rick and John were embarking for Phoenix on the lecture circuit and it gave me an opportunity, before they left, to converse with the contacteés.


Van, as his friends called him, was an impressive man with a strong personal presence. I found him exceedingly intelligent with a down-to-earth devil-may-care attitude. Van was born in Jefferson, Ohio in 1910. After leaving high school, he worked 4 years as a flight mechanic for airlines at Chicago and Cleveland.


In 1930, he came to California and was employed by Douglas Aircraft at Santa Monica for eight and half years. He left Douglas and went to work with Howard Hughes in 1941. Connected with flight-testing for Mr. Hughes in the desert near Barstow, he acquired a desire for the peace and quiet of the great open spaces.


After two and half years with Mr. Hughes, he went to Lockheed Aircraft in Burbank for four and half years flight test work. While there he came to a decision to live in the peace of the desert, after almost 20 years of aircraft experience.

Van leased an abandoned airport at Giant Rock in 1947 and by 1951 had gathered together a small group who had a sincere interest in the greater secrets of life and the desire to understand phenomena that could not be explained by mundane science. Van found that he could go into a trance and contact beings from other life levels. A group of these beings were using a technological means of communication, a Tensor Beam of high frequency that produced audio and visual output in the brain.


If this beam were not carefully focused, it would cause a burning sensation in different parts of his body. Van called this method of communication "channeling" as he said it was like tuning in a television channel to decode the electromagnetic signal. This was somewhat unlike what people call channeling today.


Entities with names like Ashtar or Deska announced that they were operators of the spacecraft we saw in our skies that we called by the ridiculous appellation "flying saucers."





In 1952, it was beyond belief that someone could actually be communicating with the operators of the flying disks. Witnesses who even reported seeing one were suspect.


Even today many would consider Van Tassel a little loony.



Giant Rock

Van reports that on August 24th, 1953, during the night of a full moon, a scout ship with the same configuration as that photographed by George Adamski came to a halt eight feet off the ground out on the landing strip at around 2 AM while he was sleeping outdoors in a sleeping bag.


He awoke in an instant and lit a cigarette. When he sat up, he could see a man standing about six feet away from the foot of his bed. This was not uncommon in the desert as people had car trouble frequently on the dusty desert roads. The glowing scout ship hovered about one hundred yards beyond the man.

The man addressed Van Tassel saying,

"My name is Solgonda. I would be pleased to show you our craft."

Van tried to wake his wife, but the man seemed to have her under some kind of mental control, a situation commonly reported years later by abductees.


Solgonda escorted Van to the ship.


Van stepped on a glowing spot on the sand and rose slowly into the air through an entry hatch on the bottom of the 36-foot scout craft. Many contacteés and abductees have noted this lifting beam. The lighting inside the scout had no source such as a light bulb, yet everything in the cab of the craft was evenly illuminated. Van saw three other men standing by controls and all were about five feet seven inches in height.


Solgonda conducted Van on a tour of the small craft. One apparatus had transparent tubes filled with colored liquids that would continuously change levels. Van was also shown the magnetic motor and counter-revolving rotors that produced propulsion for the scout. The scout evidently carried a battery because it had to be charged periodically for its brief mission on Earth. Twenty minutes later, Van was back at his bedside.


During the time Van was with Solgonda, Solgonda demonstrated the amazing ability to tune-in to his thoughts and voice replies to his mental questions. Van had a queasy sensation in his stomach after this tour and asked Solgonda if he would be okay. Solgonda replied that he would, then tapped a crystalline device around his neck and promptly vanished. A moment later the craft rose into the air and took off in a northerly direction.

Two days later Van checked the spot with a compass where the ship had hovered. When walking into the spot, the compass needle deflected 10 degrees to the east, and when walking out of the spot, it deflected 5 degrees to the west.

Van’s son-in-law, Dan Boone, lived on the Giant Rock property. He was awakened at 1:55 AM that same morning by the pulsing hum of a generator, but found that he could not rise from the sleeping bag as some force seemed to prevent him from moving.

Dan Boone had many contacts of his own, but would not tell the public. He confided a few of his experiences to me, but the one I remember the most was the one where he met two men and two women at a Yucca Valley liquor store. They were asking directions to Giant Rock. Dan overheard them and offered to lead them out there.


When the four arrived, Van was preparing to start one of his Saturday night meetings in the hollowed-out room under Giant Rock. The leader of the group of four was a tall, dark handsome man who called himself Venudo.


Venudo sat on an ottoman near Van and Dan. The others sat on a couch across the room. About thirty others were present sitting around the room. Venudo produced a device that was hanging around his neck and tapped it just as Solgonda had done. He instantly disappeared. There was light pouring through the window from outside powered by a gasoline generator.


In a minute Venudo was again visible. Dan asked him to repeat his performance. He did so, but this time Dan reached out with his hand and could feel Venudo’s shoulder, but still could not see what he was touching.


These witnesses had just seen a demonstration of alien magic!

Van Tassel’s daughter, Saundra Boone, was a down-to-earth person who reported only what she saw when she was a teenager and her father received space visitors at Giant Rock. She told me in a private interview that she had observed two of these visitors up close. One was a tall man and the other was a woman of exquisite beauty (Sernia from Mars who may have also been present as one of two women with Venudo).


She took five photos of these people with her camera. I was excited at the prospect that she may still have the photos, but this excitement was quenched when I learned that she could no longer find them among her possessions. Though others had showed me intriguing photos of these visitors I was hoping to have at least one more comparison. None of the contacteés have ever offered a copy of these photos and very few have ever seen some of these remarkable photos. This sure did not help build a case for the contacteés.


I did eventually see the photos that Saundra snapped of Sernia and her protector.



Two photos of Valiant Thor, Don, and Jill (all from Venus)
Photographed at Menger’s Spacecraft Convention

in Highbridge, New Jersey in the 1950s.

Val Thor said to have contacted Dr. Frank Stranges.

Stranges said they live inside of Venus.


Valiant Thor was also photographed at a Giant Rock Spacecraft convention in California in the early 1960s by John Blaylock.


Three slides showed him posing with sunglasses, blue jeans, and a western hat; with his back to the eastern mountains and a disc in the far eastern sky aligned with the top of his head; and surrounded by some curious people where Val appears to only be a pillar of light!


Now, how did he do that?


Unfortunately, I had borrowed this slide collection from John Blaylock who had entrusted them to my care for a limited time when they were stolen in 1973 along with other UFO photos I had in those days as well as many of my books I had never recovered. It took years before John got over it and forgave me for being so careless as to not secure these valuable 35 mm slides.

Sernia was living among the people of Santa Monica, California when the unthinkable happened and she was accidentally struck by a car. Taken to a hospital to mend her injuries, she became fearful that lab tests and blood samples would reveal that she was no ordinary human.


Luckily, her protector, another one of her kind I am sure, effected her escape from the hospital before nurses could collect samples. He helped heal her and they both attended an early spacecraft convention at Giant Rock.


Many people who attended these conventions, especially those held between 1955 and 1960 reported encounters with these human visitors from other planets in our solar system! They reputedly live underground in the interior regions of the rocky worlds where they are protected from hostile surface conditions that came about long ago from war and natural causes. The earth alone is abode to humans living on the skin of the planet subject to the vicissitudes of weather and natural catastrophes.

This information below summarizes some new ideas about the Martians:

“Recently, a newer idea is poking its head about. This theory comes primarily from remote viewing data, contactees and channelers. This idea or story is a bit more detailed but may be total nonsense since we don’t have any way of verifying any facts. Nevertheless, the story goes that long ago Mars was inhabited. Not by man, but by what you might call our space brothers or cousins, very human-like but still very different.


At some point, a very large body, perhaps a large asteroid or comet, passes too closely to Mars. The object doesn’t hit Mars, but passes close enough to rip away part of its atmosphere, making it unstable. The people of Mars are frantic to find a solution to the problem and seek refuge in constructed, underground dwellings.


At some point aid arrives in the form of another alien race with technology to transport survivors to the nearest hospitable planet. In most accounts, it is the Greys that are the aliens that come to aid. So a large percentage of the people were brought to Earth and given a second chance. Because Earth was already inhabited by early man and to not disrupt the natural evolution, the people of Mars use knowledge gained from their experience on their own planet, to build underground dwellings here on Earth.


It’s believed by some that they will remain hidden until man reaches a stage when he is ready for the knowledge of their existence. Many believe that in the past, it would have been very dangerous for any being of another planet to announce its presents. Even today it would probably be dangerous.


We are still very primitive as a society. We have not risen above the need for violence and wars. Some ask that if we can’t even get along with each other, how will we ever accept beings from another world? The problem with this second theory, if there is any truth to it at all, is that by the time we have reached a point to where we could cohabitate with another species in a beneficial manner, we will have destroyed Earth through greed and ignorance.

Whether there are Martians living in secret on Earth or not, many believe that we will face huge problems in the coming years with pollution, overpopulation, the depletion of natural resources, nuclear waste, natural disasters, etc... There are many legends such as that of Atlantis, which speak of a race of beings with advanced technology, that came from the stars.


Some even view the face on mars and what look like possible pyramids on Mars, as evidence to support the idea that life once existed on Mars and at some point must have at least visited Earth.”

These older brothers of ours have been in the solar system for untold eons being part of a wave of colonization that has swept across our galaxy millions of years ago. Very few come out openly as they did in the contacteé era as this world has grown more threatening to them and their only safety is to keep secret if among us.


Perhaps if our world becomes safe again in the future, they will emerge to greet us as long lost cosmic cousins who have lost our way.



Skeptical Views

Isabel Davis who, in 1957, was an officer of Civilian Saucer Intelligence of New York, once wrote a scathing critique of the contactee’s claims entitled, "Meet the Extraterrestrials."


One criticism that she levels at the spacemen in the contactee’s stories is that they never provide unequivocal proof. And, of course, they claim to originate from planets that scientists know harbor conditions hostile to any kind of life, much less humanoid life.


The main criticism of Adamski’s claims is that his visitors claimed to have come from Venus, Mars, and Saturn.

The early contacteés described meeting human extraterrestrials wherever their point of origin. These human visitors had very symmetrical features; their skin was clear and translucent; their fingers were more flexible than ours; and their irises had different hues and colors than those seen on earth. They are never reported to be fat, thin, or ugly.


Their hair, teeth, nails, and eyes were all without defect. It’s as if they perfected control over their genetic breeding and produced healthier and longer living specimens than terrestrial humans.

Once in 1960, a young contacteé named Paul took a photo out of his wallet allegedly showing a picture of a woman from another planet. She appeared to fit the description given by many contacteés. Her eyes were the most electric blue I had ever seen.

One of the most affective of the contacteés was Orfeo Angelluci. Orfeo became my friend. Van Tassel had always stimulated my mind, but Orfeo had touched a deeper level of my being. Orfeo had answers to the flying saucer mystery that embraced all of mankind within its scope. He often met with a visitor he called, "Neptune" as the name had some meaning for him. Neptune had told Orfeo that he was functioning in dimensions unknown to our world.


Orfeo was astonished once to notice that Neptune’s uniform looked like it wavered as if seen through rippling water and its color did not remain solid and uniform, but changed in spots. One of the precocious revelations that Orfeo revealed in his book was that the flying disks that he had seen were a product of organic technology, that they were grown in chemical baths and all systems were grown into their seamless structure. Orfeo bore a large share of ridicule from the disbelievers.

Another, little-known California contacteé of the fifties was Calvin Girvin. Calvin reported many contacts with a human saucer pilot named Cryxtan. Calvin also reported going aboard one of the scout ships. Calvin was also in the Air Force and was interrogated by the AF Office of Special Investigation. Last heard from, he was living somewhere in Hollywood.

From time to time present-day abductees report an encounter with Nordic-looking alien beings that bear a resemblance to the ones described by the contacteés of the fifties. Recently, a coffee shop friend found out that I was a field investigator and was eager to tell me of the odd events that had entered his life when he was a pre-teen.


Like the old-timers, he claimed that a man from Mars came to visit him, and, one day, took him for a ride to the planet Mars where they entered an opening in the ground. A shaft descended five miles toward the planet’s interior where he encountered the inhabitants of an ancient underground Martian civilization.

The contacteé experience has its own characteristics. Some of these characteristics are shared with the abductee experience, but most are unique to a contacteé scenario. Most Ufologists of the nineties have been led to believe that the contacteés were charlatans out to spread religious philosophies, and this has proven a stumbling block to any proposed scientific investigation of the contactee’s claims.

A typical contacteé scenario usually proceeds in this fashion:

1) The contacteé has an urge or impulse that he or she perceives to be coming from an outside source and this urge seems to direct them to some remote location. There is an air of expectancy.

2) The contacteé is usually approached by a human being wearing a one-piece uniform that has disembarked from a flying saucer. The human can access the contactee’s mind with telepathy. The visitors do not display any difficulty with English or any other spoken language.

3) Either the meeting terminates or the contacteé is taken on a tour of the ship or a ride to a mothership.

4) The contacteé does not experience a loss of time or lapse of memory.

5) The contacteé is usually given a message or project to accomplish. One of the common themes of the messages given to the early contacteés is that we are upsetting the balance of nature.

Many Ufologists who study abductee (or, using the newer term - experiencer) cases generally accept that there were no legitimate contacteés and that there is no precedence for the abductee scenario.

Objections to the case for the contacteés are:

1) The contacteé doesn’t have any first-hand eyewitnesses. Although true of the vast proportion of abductees as well, it was felt that the contacteé should have someone else that would attest to the reality of the experience. As we have related here, George Adamski, for one, had six eyewitnesses to his first contact.

2) The early contacteés claimed that the visitors came from planets in our local solar system such as Mars and Venus. Space probes have proven that other planets in our system could not sustain life as we know it. It might be possible that humans with advanced technology could build protected habitats on or under the surface of neighboring planets, but they would not have originated there.


Other possibilities include coming from a different frequency/density/dimension of the other planet in our system, but the visitors did not always explicitly state this as their origin. Perhaps they were deceiving the contacteés or the contacteés colluded with the visitors to protect their identity and origin from enemies also contacting earth humans.


Otherwise, we are left with the conclusion that the contacteés fabricated this part of their story or their whole story. This last conclusion is, of course, the one that wins the most votes among researchers.

3) One of the primary objections to the contacteé was the apparent zeal with which they spread quasi-religious messages. This was disturbingly cult-like. The feedback of adulation and attention given the contacteé may distort whatever legitimate experience he/she may have had.

4) The contacteés were not very cooperative with researchers; extensively ridiculed, they were not interested in providing proof of their experiences to still another skeptical inquirer.

5) One of the biggest objections to the contacteé experience is that the visitors were reported looking human and able to pass undetected amongst us if dressed in our clothing. Humans were a product of earth’s evolutionary development and could not possibly arise on other worlds.


Yet, reports of human entities from UFOs will not go away. We still hear of encounters with them from the new experiencers. The existence of humans originating from an extraterrestrial or extra dimensional civilization is a comforting thought to our aloneness in the universe.

I have now seen about a half-dozen photos of these extraterrestrial humans in my lifetime and, except for their extraordinary beauty, they could easily pass unrecognized among us and I believe I briefly have entertained them in short encounters I have had since the 1950s.


No one looking at these photos, such as the ones of Sernia, will ever believe that these are other than terrestrial humans and will doubt such evidence as they have doubted the photos take by contacteé Billy Meier.


It is OK by me for them to doubt, guffaw, and ridicule the very existence of these wonderful people for I cannot prove anything to those who are skeptical. Neither do I blame them for being skeptical. However, I am not alone in knowing they really exist.


Perhaps someday everyone will know.




Planetary Facts and Analysis




Venus/Earth Comparison


Bulk parameters

                                   Venus          Earth     Ratio (Venus/Earth)
Mass (1024 kg)                      4.8685         5.9736         0.815 
Volume (1010 km3)                  92.843        108.321          0.857
Equatorial radius (km)              6051.8         6378.1          0.949     
Polar radius (km)                  6051.8         6356.8          0.952
Volumetric mean radius (km)        6051.8         6371.0          0.950
Ellipticity (Flattening)            0.000          0.00335        0.0  
Mean density (kg/m3)               5243           5515            0.951 
Surface gravity (eq.) (m/s2)        8.87           9.80           0.905 
Surface acceleration (eq.) (m/s2)   8.87           9.78           0.907 
Escape velocity (km/s)             10.36          11.19           0.926
GM (x 106 km3/s2)                   0.3249         0.3986         0.815
Bond albedo                         0.750          0.306          2.45
Visual geometric albedo             0.65           0.367          1.77  
Visual magnitude V(1,0)            -4.40          -3.86             -
Solar irradiance (W/m2)            2613.9         1367.6          1.911
Black-body temperature (K)          231.7          254.3          0.911 
Topographic range (km)               15             20            0.750 
Moment of inertia (I/MR2)           0.33           0.3308         0.998
J2 (x 10-6)                         4.458       1082.63           0.004  
Number of natural satellites          0              1
Planetary ring system                No             No

Venus Atmosphere

Surface pressure: 92 bars  
Surface density: ~65. kg/m3
Scale height: 15.9 km
Total mass of atmosphere:  ~4.8 x 1020 kg
Average temperature: 737 K (464 C)
Diurnal temperature range: ~0 
Wind speeds: 0.3 to 1.0 m/s (surface)
Mean molecular weight: 43.45 g/mole
Atmospheric composition (near surface, by volume): 
    Major:       96.5% Carbon Dioxide (CO2), 3.5% Nitrogen (N2) 
    Minor (ppm): Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) - 150; Argon (Ar) - 70; Water (H2O) - 20;


Mars/Earth Comparison


Bulk parameters

                                   Mars           Earth     Ratio (Mars/Earth)
Mass (1024 kg)                     0.64185         5.9736         0.107
Volume (1010 km3)                 16.318         108.321          0.151  
Equatorial radius (km)              3397           6378.1          0.533
Polar radius (km)                  3375           6356.8          0.531
Volumetric mean radius (km)        3390           6371.0          0.532
Core radius (km)                   1700           3485            0.488
Ellipticity (Flattening)           0.00648         0.00335        1.93
Mean density (kg/m3)               3933           5515            0.713 
Surface gravity (m/s2)             3.71            9.80           0.379
Surface acceleration (m/s2)        3.69            9.78           0.377
Escape velocity (km/s)             5.03           11.19           0.450 
GM (x 106 km3/s2)                  0.04283         0.3986         0.107
Bond albedo                        0.250           0.306          0.817
Visual geometric albedo            0.150           0.367          0.409
Visual magnitude V(1,0)           -1.52           -3.86             -
Solar irradiance (W/m2)          589.2          1367.6            0.431
Black-body temperature (K)       210.1           254.3            0.826
Topographic range (km)               30             20            1.500
Moment of inertia (I/MR2)          0.366           0.3308         1.106
J2 (x 10-6)                     1960.45         1082.63           1.811 
Number of natural satellites          2              1
Planetary ring system                No             No

Martian Atmosphere

Surface pressure:  6.36 mb at mean radius (variable from 4.0 to 8.7 mb depending on season)  
                   [6.9 mb to 9 mb (Viking 1 Lander site)]
Surface density: ~0.020 kg/m3
Scale height:  11.1 km
Total mass of atmosphere: ~2.5 x 1016 kg
Average temperature:  ~210 K (-63 C)
Diurnal temperature range: 184 K to 242 K (-89 to -31 C) (Viking 1 Lander site)
Wind speeds:  2-7 m/s (summer), 5-10 m/s (fall), 17-30 m/s (dust storm) (Viking Lander sites)
Mean molecular weight: 43.34 g/mole 
Atmospheric composition (by volume): 
    Major      : Carbon Dioxide (CO2) - 95.32% ; Nitrogen (N2) - 2.7%
                 Argon (Ar) - 1.6%; Oxygen (O2) - 0.13%; Carbon Monoxide (CO) - 0.08% 
    Minor (ppm): Water (H2O) - 210; Nitrogen Oxide (NO) - 100; Neon (Ne) - 2.5;
                 Hydrogen-Deuterium-Oxygen (HDO) - 0.85; Krypton (Kr) - 0.3; 
           Xenon (Xe) - 0.08
Component   Volume%   mmHg     Molecular Mass
CO2          96.5     627.25         43.999
N2            3.5      22.75         28.013
Component   Volume%   mmHg     Molecular Mass
CO2        95.32    270.89         43.999
N2          2.7    7.66            28.013




The atmospheric pressure on the surface of a planet should be a product of the gravitational force of the planet and the weight and height of a column of air.


Venus and Mars have virtually identical atmospheric compositions by volume percentage yet the atmosphere on Venus has a height of 15.9 km vs 11.1 for Mars whereas the atmosphere of earth is about 8.5 km.


The gravitational force on Venus is only about 90% of the earth’s gravity and Mars is only about 38% of earth gravity, yet the atmospheric pressure on Venus is listed as 92 bars (Earth is 1 bar) and the atmospheric pressure on Mars is only about 6.36 millibars or .00636 bars!


What accounts for the huge magnitude difference of the different planetary atmospheres?


We will explore this mystery further in trying to determine if we indeed have all the facts about our neighboring planets.